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Since 1963, FläktGroup SEMCO has pioneered products and services that improve indoor environments. Today, we are a worldwide innovator of desiccant-based products and systems able to recover energy, increase ventilation, and control humidity. We are also among the world's largest fabricators of energy-efficient spiral pipe and fittings, acoustical enclosures, and sound attenuators, all manufactured in America.

You need solutions and support: we provide both. Customers worldwide have come to rely upon FläktGroup SEMCO for proven technologies and service.

FläktGroup SEMCO's Pledge:

  • Innovative technologies
  • A willingness to listen and understand before offering solutions
  • Application engineering
  • Flexibility in making our schedules fit client schedules
  • A lifelong commitment to our clients' service and support

FläktGroup SEMCO is wholly owned by the FläktGroup.


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Fire Rated Panels image

Fire Rated Panels - FR-PANL™

Introducing the FR-PANL™ Fire Rated panel, a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)-certified acoustical/thermal panel for HVAC system and power generating enclosure, plenum, ductwork and structural wall barrier applications.

The SEMCO FR-PANL™ is the industry's only certified fire protection panel that's also building code-compliant for use in structural, acoustical and thermal applications.
Modular Duct Panels image

Modular Duct Panels - MD-PANL

An MD-PANL Modular Duct System using acoustical panels is much easier and more affordable than making double wall rectangular duct in the field. It is the most efficient and affordable means of installing large double wall rectangular duct extending beyond a plenum or housing.

SEMCO's MD-PANL Modular Duct Systems are designed with an integrated structure which eliminates much of the expensive structural steel and fabrication labor required when fabricating large field-built dual wall duct. This, combined with the "no screws" tongue-and-groove joint, factory engineered details and complete assembly drawings, provides a complete and affordable pre-engineered "System."
Acoustic Thermal Panels image

Acoustic Thermal Panels - AT-PANL

SEMCO AT-PANL Acoustic/Thermal Panel Systems include 2", 4", 6", and 8" thickness, in a wide range of materials and performances. We also offer a No-Thru-Metal panel system.

The Acoustic/Thermal enclosures have a multitude of applications. Not just for the standard built up air handling units we all think of, but also applications such as; clean rooms, jet engine test cells, extended plenums, material handling enclosures, supply/return chase plenums, mixing plenums, and more.
Industrial Panels image

Industrial Panels - IN-PANL

SEMCO IN-PANL Industrial Panel Systems keep your construction project on a Fast Track for completion. When industrial equipment pollutes the environment with loud noise, SEMCO industrial panels and barrier walls will help you meet industry guidelines and regulations.

Our team of noise control experts will customize SEMCO products from concept to fabrication, addressing the impact of all the phases of the project. SEMCO sound absorbers include a complete line of rectangular, round, and oval duct silencers, plus plenum silencers for control of airborne noise. SEMCO equipment enclosure panels are designed for superior acoustical, structural and thermal performance.
Antimicrobial Coating image

Antimicrobial Coating - AVRON46

Concerns about mold and mildew growth in HVAC systems have increased significantly. The addition of antimicrobial protection has not been a cost-effective option for the industry, UNTIL NOW! AVRON46® makes antimicrobial protection so affordable that it is becoming the industry standard.

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ASCENDANT is a conventional cooling, active desiccant hybrid system, performance optimized to deliver and control low dew point air while minimizing energy input. A highly efficient system, ASCENDANT delivers low dew points (down to 20 degrees F) while minimizing the tons of cooling input. ASCENDANT operates with 25% to 50% less energy cost than conventional refrigeration-based dehumidification systems.

The ASCENDANT Series is ideal for hospital operating rooms, archival and dry storage, hotel/condo buildings, and other applications requiring low dew point temperatures and supply air humidity levels as low as 15 grains. ASCENDANT operates without the need for exhaust heat recovery, a feature making it ideal for applications requiring 100-percent outdoor air when exhaust air is unavailable for collection. ASCENDANT affirms SEMCO's goal of delivering the best indoor air quality and performance, while maximizing energy efficiency.
EP Series image

EP Series

SEMCO's EP Series offers the ultimate performance in the transfer of total energy (both latent and sensible). It is available as both a single (EP) or dual (EPD) wheel system. Pre-engineered and factory assembled, the EP Series system also provides the air handling capability for the building's exhaust and supply air. The system can be selected to precondition outdoor air going to other conventional air handling systems or as an integrated system that provides total space conditioning with additional heating and cooling options available. The airflow range of the EP/EPD system is 2000 to 70,000 cfm.

The heart of this system is a technologically advanced True 3A desiccant wheel. In addition to providing superior performance, the wheel's 3A molecular sieve-desiccant coating is selective in what it adsorbs from an exhaust air stream. The desiccant rejects airborne contaminants while it transfers water vapor, thus providing total energy transfer from the exhaust to the supply air stream. Selectivity allows True 3A to be used in critical applications, including recovery from contaminated air streams.
eQ Series image

eQ Series

The SEMCO eQ Series is available with an airflow range of 1,500 to 15,000 CFM. However, this is not your average energy recovery unit. The eQ boasts features that assure maximum benefits and savings for its users.

Each eQ is equipped with a SEMCO 3A enthalpy recovery wheel which provides high latent recovery balanced with pressure drop. This allows for a reduced chiller/boiler plant size and a lower connected load.
FV Series image

FV Series

The function of an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is to continuously provide the code required quantity of outdoor air during occupancy, with uncompromised quality and in an energy efficient manner. AHRI explains the importance of incorporating an ERV to reduce the workload on your HVAC system, saving energy and money.
Pinnacle Series image

Pinnacle Series

The Pinnacle manages 100% of a building's ventilation and indoor humidity load in a single package, responding to varying conditions on demand. It cools, heats, or dehumidifies as required, providing a steady stream of optimally pre-conditioned, high quality, comfortable air.

The Pinnacle economically provides high quantities of outdoor air while simultaneously controlling indoor humidity levels. It accomplishes this by dehumidifying the supply air to very low dew points in an energy-efficient manner, without the use of a regeneration heating source. Outdoor air is continuously delivered to the occupied space while simultaneously controlling humidity levels at the conditions recommended by ASHRAE, even at part-load conditions.

Utilizing the strengths of total energy recovery, conventional cooling technology, and a new class of desiccant product, the passive dehumidification wheel, the Pinnacle provides the best possible outdoor air preconditioning system.
Econet image


Econet is designed to improve indoor air quality while lowering your energy costs. The components of the SEMCO Econet System are combined to provide a more reliable and efficient Air Handling Unit (AHU) Heat recovery, heating and cooling air integrated to form a common circuit resulting in a more compact ventilation unit.

Unlike traditional run around coil units, Econet uses minimal components for air transfer, resulting in a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution to your air quality needs.
  • One common circuit for the heating supply, resulting in a more compact unit and minimized pressure loss
  • Energy efficient flexible cooling system
  • High recovery rate for Contant or Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems
  • Ideal for renewable energy such as ground water for cooling and waste energy for heating

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FV TS Preconditioner image

FV TS Preconditioner

The SEMCO FV-TS Series of outdoor air pre-conditioners has been specifically designed to reduce the energy required to heat or cool outdoor air by up to 80 percent. The FV-TS pre-conditioner allows the HVAC system to effectively and economically accommodate the three-to-four-fold increase in outdoor air quantities that is recommended by ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. This unique capability allows both new and existing buildings to benefit from a healthy indoor environment.

An FV-TS pre-conditioner will significantly reduce the operating cost of the HVAC system of a facility designed in accordance with the ASHRAE IAQ standard. It will also improve humidity control when combined with unitary heating and cooling equipment. Because the FV-TS preconditions the incoming air to the packaged equipment, the required refrigeration capacity may be reduced by as much as 50 percent. Thus, the cost of the pre-conditioner and its installation are typically offset by the reduced size of the conventional HVAC system.

In existing facilities, retrofitting the HVAC system with an FV-TS pre-conditioner allows the outdoor air quantity to be increased significantly without raising energy costs, losing humidity control, or changing the size of the current HVAC unit.
SynergyPLUS™ (SP) Energy Recovery Module image

SynergyPLUS™ (SP) Energy Recovery Module

The SEMCO SynergyPLUS™ (SP) Energy Recovery Module of outdoor air preconditioners has been specifically designed to reduce the energy required to cool or heat the outdoor air by as much as 80 percent. The SP module also allows the Trane Precedent' roof top air-conditioner system to effectively and economically accommodate the three-to-four fold increase in outdoor air quantities, which is recommended by the ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. This unique capability allows both new and existing buildings to benefit from healthy indoor environments.
Economizer image


Economizer is designed to enhance the SEMCO FV-T and SP enthalpy recovery modules built exclusively for Trane. Reference enthalpy control, plus dewpoint control and lower fan power consumption is an investment in indoor air quality and energy savings.

The SEMCO Economizer is a step ahead of the competition by combining a high-efficiency ERV with an advanced integrated economizer capability in compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 - 2013. All models are designed with true 100% outdoor economizer airflow capability, the lowest overall fan energy, and the highest total energy wheel efficiency to improve system EERs and minimize installed cooling/heating/humidification capacities. Each model also contains advanced controls interlocking compressors with economizer modulation, advanced differential enthalpy control for optimum energy savings and space humidity control.

The Economizer features low-leak dampers (<3 CFM/sq. ft), proper separation of intake and exhaust, and the lowest fan energy in the industry. With SEMCO Economizer and an FV-T, or SP enthalpy recovery ventilation system, you will reduce operating costs while improving indoor air quality.
FV T Recovery Module image

FV T Recovery Module

The SEMCO FV-T Recovery Module of outdoor air Preconditioners has been specifically designed to reduce the energy required to cool or heat the outdoor air by as much as 80%. The FV-T Preconditioner also allows the Trane Voyager' roof top air conditioner system to effectively and economically accommodate the three-to-four- fold increase in outdoor air quantities, which is recommended by the ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. This unique capability allows both new and existing buildings to benefit from healthy indoor environments.

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IQHC Active image

IQHC Active

IQHC is an intelligently designed active chilled beam that has the highest industry cooling capacity with the lowest air and water pressure drop. It is manufactured and distributed in the USA.
LYRA II image


LYRA II is a chilled beam cassette offering a very low noise level combined with high flexibility and high cooling capacity. We are serious about the noise level - Less than 20 dB sound level for a single cassette installation and less than 25 dB sound level with 3 LYRA II in the same room!

LYRA II diffuses air in 4 directions. This gives a high cooling capacity as well as a high level of comfort. Like all SEMCO active chilled beams, it provides comfort with low air velocities in the room by mixing the supply air with the ambient air. With SEMCO chilled beams system, you will also reduce your investment and operating costs.
WEGA II image


The WEGA II chilled beam is an active chilled beam system for ventilation, cooling and heating. This diffusion system offers comfort and flexibility thanks to the Flow Pattern Control combined with adjustable induction. The pressure independent advanced function gives even more flexibility adding a Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) function to the system. The air diffusion follows building occupancy and makes the HVAC system highly efficient. WEGA II is pressure independent and makes the system suitable for many duct work system types.
NOVA II image


The NOVA II chilled beam is an active chilled beam system for ventilation, cooling and heating. This diffusion system offers comfort and flexibility thanks to the Flow Pattern Control combined with adjustable induction. The pressure independent advanced function gives even more flexibility adding a Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) function to the system. The air diffusion follows building occupancy and makes the HVAC system highly efficient. NOVA II is pressure independent and makes the system suitable for many duct work system types. NOVA II is an aesthetic exposed Chilled beam giving full flexibility for your building layout for today and tomorrow.
Flexicool® IQSA image

Flexicool® IQSA

The Flexicool® IQSA chilled beam is an integrated system for ventilation, cooling and heating, fulfilling most needs for indoor climate. These supply air beams are designed to manage high cooling effects that, because of good mixing with room air, provide comfort and low air velocities in the occupied zone. IQSA, with a covered top side, can be used for straight and slanting duct and water connections. The beam is designed for ceiling mounting and its dimensions are suited for 12" wide ceiling panels. The chilled beam is equipped with adjusting rails, comfort control, for the adjustment of air flow, cooling effect and flow pattern. The simple adjustment of flow pattern makes it possible to adapt to changing conditions in the room.
QPVA Passive image

QPVA Passive

The QPVA passive chilled beam provides for the cooling in a room. QPVA (width 570 mm) is a broad passive chilled beam. Passive chilled beams are either ceiling installed, in which case they lie flush with the suspended ceiling, or free space installed without ceiling. QPVA is available in lengths 4 feet to 13.75 feet at 2 foot intervals. In installations with passive chilled beams the air is supplied by means of separate supply air valves. Ceiling installation or free space installation.
Silencia image


Silencia is designed for use in hotel bedrooms, individual hospital wards and cellular offices. It ensures high quality indoor air with a very low noise level. It provides high cooling capacity through optimal utilization of its cooling coil already while the air pressure and airflows are low.

Brings comfort thanks to low and silent diffusion:
  • Low noise level
  • Flexibility
  • Comfortable indoor air climate
NEUTON Pump Module image

NEUTON Pump Module

NEUTON is the HVAC industry's first smart, plug-and-play controlled chilled beam pump module (CCBPM) for reducing chilled beam system installation and operational costs. NEUTON eliminates the perceived disadvantages of and common objections to a chilled beam system.

NEUTON is a factory-built and pre-tested CCBPM package complete with its own powered integrated direct digital controller, chilled and hot water connections, valves, variable-speed electronically commutated motor (ECM) pumps, smart sensors, and other unique features. The device provides active condensation control effectively addressing one of the key design concerns regarding active chilled beams.

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True 3A image

True 3A

The SEMCO True 3A Wheel has the industry's highest recovery performance (AHRI Certified) and Recovery Efficiency Ratios (RER). Anti-corrosion, anti-microbial anti-stick face coatings are standard. This wheel is supported by an improved extruded aluminum structural hub, spokes and rim system. True 3A is available singly, in self-contained conditioning units, or as retrofits of existing wheels.
UWC and UWCH image


The SEMCO Unitary Wheel Cassette (UWC) Series, a sensible and latent energy recovery aluminum desiccant wheel, is designed and packaged as the HVAC industry's first drop-in replacement for polymer desiccant wheels in most unitary ERV brands.
Fusion image


he Fusion Series, with airflow capacities ranging from 1,000 CFM to 70,000 CFM, pre-cools and dehumidifies the outdoor air during the cooling season and preheats and humidifies the outdoor air during the heating season. As a result, the outdoor air quantity can be increased from 5 to 20 cfm per person without increasing energy costs.
Fusion 3A image

Fusion 3A

The SEMCO Fusion 3A wheel has been developed to optimize total recovery performance and wheel pressure loss, while limiting desiccant contaminant carry-over in a manner consistent with other 3A molecular sieve wheels. The Fusion 3A has been designed for projects where limiting contaminant transfer is desired but achieving competitive bidding is considered more important.
SMCC image


ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, defines the minimum outdoor air ventilation rates required to achieve acceptable indoor air quality. This standard, which is referenced in part or whole by all building codes in the United States, recommends that outdoor air quantities be increased from 5 cfm per person to 20 cfm per person (in an office environment) to avoid adverse health effects. Although most owners, architects and engineers recognize the benefits of bringing in more outdoor air, many are concerned about the impact on equipment and operating costs.

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Spiral Duct image

Spiral Duct

SEMCO spiral round and flat-oval duct systems provide you with the advantages of automation and mass production without the expense of investing in the required equipment. These products can be custom built for your project or can be purchased through a stocking distributor in your area for common diameters and lengths. Either way, you get a high quality manufactured product with the ability to create custom parts as needed to support your project.
Industrial Duct image

Industrial Duct

The transfer and collection of particulate matter through a duct system often requires unique design parameters. We offer many of the fittings necessary to prevent clogging or congestion in industrial duct systems as standard. In addition, we will work with you to customize and produce products to satisfy any of your special design requirements.
Manifold Duct image

Manifold Duct

SEMCO manifolded ducts are pre-assembled duct and tap fittings custom built for you to allow you to install duct with fittings that are pressure tight with fewer field joints and without the hassle of a field-build installation requiring the additional laborious task of sealing the manifold.
Velocity Gasketed Duct image

Velocity Gasketed Duct

If you want to save time and money while installing a duct system that offers cleaner joint connections without the visual distractions of tape or sealer, you need Velocity' self-sealing gasketed joint system. You will be amazed at the ease of installation of the single blade technology. The perfect choice for both concealed, exposed and architecturally exposed applications.

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Rectangular and Round Silencers image

Rectangular and Round Silencers

SEMCO also offers a wide-range of acoustic silencers engineered and independently tested to fit your application. Our silencers are designed to reduce noise primarily in heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems.

Silencer models are specifically designed to reduce noise in specific octave bands or across a wide range of noise levels. They are available in either a rectangular or round configuration, including straight flow models. They come in a wide range of performances and materials, and are available for either exterior or interior applications.
Media Free Silencers image

Media Free Silencers

SEMCO has developed a line of media free silencers that are designed to provide broadband attenuation without the use of fiberfill media. The absence of fiberfill media eliminates the concern of fiber erosion or microbial growth in the air stream. The moderate pressure loss makes these silencers suitable for all sensitive applications in systems operating at higher velocities. Sensitive applications requiring a contaminate free environment include hospitals, pharmaceuticals, electronics and clean rooms. We also offer a media free fume hood exhaust systems specifically designed to eliminate the environmental dangers associated with chemical fume absorption.
Specialty Silencers image

Specialty Silencers

SEMCO specialty silencers provide maximum performance for unique applications. Elbow silencers are available to provide maximum attenuation for projects with spatial limitations. The return grille silencer is designed for use between a return air stream and an occupied space and is available in standard and nonstandard sizes to accommodate many applications. Discharge/intake silencers are engineered to work with vane axia

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As SEMCO continues to be a leader and innovator in the enthalpy recovery wheel industry, we are pleased about the validation of its many years of performance in a format that is so widely accepted. Through consistent and methodical practice, SEMCO works diligently to provide the right solution to its client's needs while maximizing system performance, energy savings, and optimizing indoor air quality.

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