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Beautiful Railings Begin With Wagner Architectural Systems

Building on a 165 year legacy, Wagner is the go-to resource for metal fabricating and architectural railing expertise. More than just a manufacturer and worldwide supplier, our niche focus and local market knowledge enable us to innovate so we can better adapt to customer needs.

Accommodating to work with, Wagner lives to collaborate. Our customers rely on us to provide the best possible solution for any installation. Responsive to answering calls and quick to solve problems, we remain an active partner throughout projects and in building long-lasting relationships. As proud and knowledgeable metal workers, we’re passionate about helping our customers find a better, faster, and higher overall value solution. As the experts in code requirements, we work with you to help ensure your specifications and installations meet or exceed them, worldwide.


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Glass Railing - PanelGrip®

The Wagner PanelGrip System utilizes a unique locking mechanism of high-strength Aluminum and PVC Isolators combined with a specially designed Aluminum Brase Shoe Moulding.

When assembled with tempered or laminated tempered glass of the appropriate size, PanelGrip enables the installer to fabricate a structural Glass Railing System with significant reductions in labor and freight costs over standard wet glaze options.

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PanelGrip® Installation Guide
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Railing Collection - Legato™

The Legato™ Railing Options accommodate guard, stair or ramp applications for a range of glass thicknesses. The Glass infill is secured via glass mounting hardware. These options are available in an assortment of post shapes and glass mounting designs, offering surface, embedded and fascia post mounting options with mid, end and corner post configurations.

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LED Lighting - Lumenpod® 28

  • Lumenpod 28 illuminates with an asymmetric or symmetric distribution from NADIR.
  • Designed, engineered and made in the USA
  • Integrated retention spring, stays with the pod, not in the rail
  • Cast 316 stainless steel face, for an unmatched, flush presence
      o Innovative, one-piece patented design o Suitable for curved handrail applications o No threading required, secure, innovative push-in installation
  • NO additional in-rail electronic components, DC conversion is on-board
  • Outstanding asymmetric cutoff with a unique rectilinear pattern with superior uniformity
  • Wide symmetric rectilinear pattern prevents scalloping at the far edge of the output
  • All Lumenpod 28s come with standard 0-10V dimming circuitry

Lumenrail® Downloads and Technical Resources
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LED Lighted Railing image

LED Lighted Railing - Lumenrail®

  • LED Lighted Railing.
  • Warm White or Neutral White.
  • Mechanical, Non-Weld Connections.
  • Multiple Infill Options.
  • Glass Panels.
  • Ultra-Tec® Cable Railing.
  • Archimesh'' Stainless Steel Woven Wire
  • Wildlife Amber™

Lumenrail® Downloads and Technical Resources
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Custom Bike Racks

As specialists in pipe and tube bending, we can custom bend your bike rack based on your own personal design. Send us your custom bike rack designs or choose from those shown on our website. Custom racks can be made to meet your specific requirements at competitive prices.

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For Glass & Cable Railing

Mailing Address:
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10600 West Brown Deer Road
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Call: Toll Free: 888-243-6914

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The Wagner Companies has actively been working toward implementing more green business practices since 2004, when we first participated in the State's Focus on Energy program. As a result, we have upgraded to more energy-efficient lighting; and hot-water boiler and air compressor systems. We also offer products and components that qualify for LEED credits.

Wagner's Accomplishments in Sustainability:
1. We diverted 100% of our wood waste from going into a landfill. Previously disposing of it in a dumpster, which lead to an inefficient use of space and expensive hauling fees, we now recycle it through a company called JMB Logistics. The recycled wood is now used to make mulch and animal bedding, or it can even be picked up by local consumers, free of charge.
2. We eliminated our foam packaging system and switched to an air pouch system. We now use a lot less material in our packaging processes. The pouches are made from 95% pre-consumer recycled content and can be recycled at any retail grocery store. This switch saved us money while also reducing material in landfills by 912 cubic-feet annually.
3. On the outside of our building, we replaced all metal halide and high-pressure sodium lights with LED's, reducing our energy consumption by 27,725 kilowatt hours annually. This simple switch decreased air pollution and environmental damage of carbon dioxide by 41,588 pounds, sulfur dioxide by 69,314 grams and nitrogen oxides by 160,807 grams. Removing those quantities of pollutants has the same effect on the environment as planting 5 acres of trees!

Environmental Sustainability Statement

Last Update: 2018-05-23