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Bird Control Systems and Avian Control Solutions  

Avian Flyaway's Avian Averting System is based on the Pavlovian theory of behavior modification. Imagine an entire flock of birds simply flying away! Behavior modification techniques train birds to avoid your property, eliminating nesting and roosting sites.

  • Safe, Harmless, Permanent and Scalable to Any Surface
  • Engineered for Efficiency with Spring Tension Design
  • Simply the Best and Most Effective Pigeon Control Solution
  • Lasts Longer, "Proven to Last Many Times Longer!"
  • Costs Less
  • Looks Better
  • Over 90% of Installs Last 20+ Years!" (1988-2015)
  • In 2015, NEW 4X Reinforced Insulator, Lasts 30+ Years!!

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ShadeMatch: System is Permanently Welded to Non-Corrosive Metal Base

1. Factory Welded onto Color Finished Base

2. ShadeMatched to Surface

3. Adhesive Fastened

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AFI's Customized Aesthetic Excellence: Low Visibility Exclusion continues AFI's tradition of aesthetic excellence, while satisfying the custom wishes and architectural visions of our exclusive clientele. The hybrid approach combines the best electric barrier with the best exclusion barriers, designed and installed by the best team in the bird control industry. Only Air Insulated Electric Barrier lasts more than a few years; 90% of installs last 20+ years.

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Get Rid of Birds Once and For All; Your Open Air Bird Flocks will Fly Away and Stay Away.

Open air restaurant patio nuisance birds and soaring birds are puzzled by Grid Systems when they are properly arranged in staggered fields. The birds are confused because their vision is split into two separate fields of sight. The bird's only defense is flight, and they will not fly into areas they are not certain they can successfully exit.

The grids may be large for commercial roofs or ponds, or they may be smaller for food service areas. Lake and pond systems may be combined with bird net for multiple avian species. Every day all across the US, Avian FlyAway solves complex problems with innovative custom designed solutions! We are "the bird relocation experts!"

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  • The Only Migratory Bird Control Service with remarkable results!

  • 25 years of experience, we relocate pest birds safely and effectively

  • We know what works and when to use it, satisfaction guaranteed

  • Municipalities, Universities, Hospitals, Office Bldgs., Hotels, Shopping, High Rise Condos, Power Plants, Chemical Plants, etc.

  • Not Appropriate for Pigeons ans House Sparrows nesting on structures. Other Services are available for those problems.

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  • The Only Chemical Plant Bird Control Service with SUSTAINABLE RESULTS!

  • 2017 Overall Safety and Performance Award from BP America in Houston / CBRE IISN

  • 25 years of experience, we manage flocking birds safely and effectively

  • We know what works and when to use it, satisfaction guaranteed

  • Completely effective methods, customized to your environment, fogging not required

  • Chemical Plants, Power Plants, Refineries etc.

  • Grackles, Starlings, Vultures, Buzzards, Cowbirds, Blackbirds, Etc.
  • SAFETY FOCUS, OSHA BASIC PLUS, Random Testing, Background Checks, TWIC, DISA, ISNETWORLD, Avetta, Etc.

  • No Attention Getting Migratory Flock Kills! No Pesticides, No Toxic Chemicals

  • Fed Stat: "EACH CALENDAR YEAR, you must attempt to control depredation by (grackles, cowbirds, blackbirds, and crows) using NONLETHAL methods before you may use lethal control."

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

Frequently Asked Questions  

Avian Averting System®

Is AFI's Electric Barrier America's best bird proofing and bird deterrent solution?

Yes, our Avian Averting System is scalable to almost any application, and it is is dollar for dollar the most effective and efficient bird control system available. It is more effective, costs less, lasts longer, and looks better. It is the culmination of over 20 years experience specializing in guaranteed bird deterrent installations. We are bird deterrent and control specialists, installing and guaranteeing our system all over North America. With this knowledge, AFI uniquely knows what will work and what will last in every US environment and climate.

Is The Electric Barrier System Ecologically Sound?

Yes. The System does not use any chemicals or mechanical flight obstructions which might harm or kill the problem birds. We bird proof your building safely and harmlessly.

How effective is the System?
Turn it on Thursday - no birds on Friday! Pigeon relocation results are guaranteed as long as system is operating. Our bird control system is clearly the most effective permanent bird deterrent available.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews


We are trusted by some of the most respected companies in America, We'll show you why.

Rated 5 based on 1 product reviews

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