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Bullet Guard Corporation's 40+ years of experience have made us an industry leader in bulletproof barrier systems. We use this experience to understand our customer's security requirements and help them make the right choices for their particular security needs. From standard transaction windows to completely customized projects, Bullet Guard has the right people for the project no matter how large or small it is.

Our products are widely used in courtrooms, government and corporate offices, banks, embassies, pharmacies, police departments, c-stores, gas stations, check cashing stores, fast food restaurants, drive-up windows, ticket counters, and any place where ballistic and attack-resistant security is required.

Bullet Guard Corporation's dedicated employees are truly innovative and will help guide your project from the initial sales call, through design and review, and into production and installation. Excellence in customer service is the key to our success.


Bulletproof & Bullet Resistant Doors  

Bullet Guard offers four main types of ballistic doors with a variety of bullet-resistant frame options.

  • Solid core doors made with a wood core and rated fiberglass, available in protection levels 1 – 8

  • All Clear doors made with acrylic or polycarbonate in levels 1 – 3

  • Full lite and half lite doors made from aluminum or steel in levels 1 – 8

  • Hollow metal doors in levels 1 – 8

We offer bullet-resistant doors and frames manufactured to UL-752 standards, from level 1 through level 8. These doors can withstand a variety of different ballistic attacks, ranging from medium-powered small arms up to high-powered rifles having 7.62 mm ammunition.

Solid Core Doors
Solid core doors are made with a wood core and ballistic-rated fiberglass. They are available with or without view windows and can be installed with hollow metal frames (ideal for finished openings) or a telescoping frame (ideal for unfinished openings).

All Clear Doors
All clear doors are made from acrylic or polycarbonate tested to UL 752 levels 1 – 3. Levels 1 and 2 are available uncoated or coated with an abrasion-resistant layer which helps protect against solvents, weather, and UV light.

Full Lite and Half Lite Doors
Full lite or half lite doors are made from aluminum or steel and available in levels 1-8.

Hollow Metal Doors
Hollow metal doors come in levels 1-8 and can be made with a variety of window options. These doors are also offered in a double-door configuration to secure larger entries.

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Bandit Barriers  

Bandit barriers offer a way to incorporate customized protection and access control for teller lines in banks or convenience stores. Based on perceived threat levels, we can manufacture a simple transaction window or a complete site-specific barrier suitable for installation in any teller line. We can also provide bullet-resistant modular lobby enclosures to protect employees who may have their desks in the lobby area.

What Are Bandit Barriers?
Bandit barriers are manufactured using clear, bullet-resistant materials that enhance or add to the security infrastructure of a building. It physically separates the area in front of a counter to provide a secure space for protecting employees and other valuables. Bandit barriers are commonly used in banks, convenience stores, and other places with transaction window counters that require ballistic protection services.

Various materials are used in the manufacturing of bandit barriers that range in protection levels against multiple kinds of attacks. Bullet Guard provides bandit barriers catered to the level of protection needed in your facility. Customers don’t always need top-of-the-line protection systems; therefore, we offer lower-level protection systems to give you peace of mind at a lower cost.

Bandit Barrier Advantages & Benefits
Including bandit barriers into your infrastructure offers many advantages, including:

  • Deter robberies. The statistics show that banks with bandit barriers see fewer robberies. According to statistics from the FBI, bank robberies accounted for 2.1% of all robberies in the U.S. a decade ago. Today, they account for 1.8%, and there is a lower average value in bank robberies.

  • Reduce the need for armed guards. Armed guards can create a more hostile environment and can unnecessarily escalate a situation. Bandit barriers are much less intimidating for non-threats but just as effective for real threats. Using bandit barriers saves you money in the long run when compared to hiring armed guards.

  • Creates a safer environment that increases productivity. Employees who do not have the added stress and anxiety of worrying about their safety at work will be more productive. The protective physical barrier from the unpredictable public adds a sense of security to employees working on the front line.

  • Protects assets and lives. Bandit barriers not only protect the lives of employees, they also protect physical assets such as cash, jewelry, or guns.

Understanding all threats involved with your business will help determine a protection plan that is best for you and your business’s needs.

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Custom Bullet-Resistant Enclosures  

Transportation booths are designed to withstand high traffic without sacrificing safety or functionality. Ballisticly designed ports and passers allow users to securely process transactions and effectively communicate while staying safe.

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In this case, “shack” might be a bit of an understatement! Our ballistically rated guard shacks’ strategic design makes managing access easy and secure.

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We’re taking protecting nature to a whole new level. Customized guard booths for parks and other natural environments blend into the surroundings without losing ballistic security required in high-traffic areas.

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Protecting our public servants is more important than ever. Bullet Guard designs and fabricates high-end security booths that provide a high level of visibility, sound transmission, and of course, security.

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Secure interior enclosures are critical in healthcare facilities. Choose from existing designs or collaborate with Bullet Guard designers to create something especially for your facility.

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Protect your frontline personnel with ballistic security booths. Booths are designed to mitigate risk without compromising essential tasks, like cash exchange or visitor check ins.

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Bulletproof entryways are a common addition to many buildings, especially in academic settings. Increase protection and manage access without damaging existing architecture.

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Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? That’s no problem. Custom projects are our bread and butter.
Our team of experienced designers and engineers are ready to speak with you about your unique needs and how we can help. Already working from a spec sheet? Great! We can get your project up and running in no time.

Plus, all of our ballistic guard booths are fabricated in our factory and can be delivered or installed on-site by our trained crew. This hands-on approach results in superior quality control and limited disruption at the job site, saving you time, money, and stress.

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Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Panels  

When you need to protect what matters most, you can trust bulletproof fiberglass to withstand ballistic impact.
Also referred to as bullet-resistant or ballistic fiberglass, these panels are made of reinforced structural polyester laminate and can withstand extreme impact.

Ballistic fiberglass panels can be used anywhere there is the potential for an assault. Businesses and facilities like financial institutions, courtrooms, police stations, prisons, convenience stores, check-cashing businesses, and more use bullet-resistant panels to safeguard against intrusion and ballistic attacks.

How Our Bulletproof Fiberglass Panels Keep You Safe
Our bulletproof fiberglass panels are made from a combination of fiberglass and resin. Panels are cured using heat and pressure, creating an incredibly strong woven material. When fired upon, this material “catches” a bullet by absorbing its energy within the tightly-woven layers. The result is a controlled event with no spalling or penetration through to the secure side.

Common Applications for Ballistic Panels
Where there’s a threat, there’s an application for bulletproof fiberglass. Reinforce virtually any area, including, but not limited to:

  • Booths and entry vestibules

  • Reception areas

  • Conference rooms

  • Podiums and desks

  • Countertops

  • Walls

  • Safe rooms and panic rooms

Want to reinforce existing areas? No problem. In addition to new construction projects, we can retrofit ballistic panels to blend perfectly with your space and your aesthetics.

Ballistic Fiberglass Is Available in a Variety of Strengths
Our selection of bulletproof fiberglass panels protects against impact from a bullet, blast, or forced entry. Products are tested according to UL-752 and ASTM E 119 standards.

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Bullet-Resistant Windows & Transaction Windows  

Bullet-resistant transaction windows help protect service workers in face-to-face industries from ballistic threats. While “bullet-resistant” is the usual industry term, you may also hear ballistic windows described as “bulletproof.” Both terms refer to the same thing—transparent material designed to resist the penetration of bullets.

Typically made from acrylic or polycarbonate, bullet-resistant windows can be manufactured in a variety of configurations and protection levels. Special optical qualities, UV protection, and thermal resistance can also be added to meet specific application needs. Whether you need ballistic glass windows for a government facility or bulletproof sliding windows for a convenience store, the experts at Bullet Guard can help you choose the best option for your next project.

Bullet Guard Transaction Windows
Our bullet-resistant transaction windows are available in two standard sizes: 24” by 36” and 30” by 36”. Adhering to UL-752 standards, we manufacture windows suitable for applications in financial institutions, check cashing counters, pharmacies, fast food services counters, government, and more.

Transaction Windows with Voice Ports
For enabling natural sound transmission without the use of amplified intercoms, our transaction windows feature rectangular, circular, arched, horizontal, or vertical voice ports. We also specialize in manufacturing transaction windows with voice surround options.

Our standard transaction windows are available with U-channels, stainless steel recessed deal trays, and plastic laminate or stainless steel countertops. The U-channels are available in 1”, 1 3/8”, 1 1/4”, and 3 1/4” thicknesses for accommodating glazing materials such as polycarbonate, glass-clad polycarbonate, acrylic, or laminated glass.

Sliding Transaction Window

Bullet-resistant sliding windows are suitable for installation in high-traffic areas including law, government, or medical facilities. Our sliding windows are available in protection levels 1 through 3.

Custom Transaction Systems
We can fabricate custom transaction windows in sizes of up to 8’ by 5’ with different types of aluminum, slip steel, or telescoping steel frame systems. Upon request, we can also provide custom storefront systems that separate teller lines from public access. Other system components could include architectural armor for below the counter, teller hood protection for an added layer of security, and accessories like currency trays and package passers.

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Accessories & Components  

No bullet-resistant barrier system is complete without accessories to enhance appearance and functionality.

Deal Trays
For added security requirements, we offer deal trays for use in combination with our other security products such as the transaction windows and the security enclosures. These trays are made from stainless steel and come in stock sizes of 10” x 12” and 10” x 16”. Two types of stainless steel deal trays are available, one is the recessed deal tray with a 1 1/2” depth recess, and the other is a 2 1/4” high surface mount deal tray.

Besides the standard sizes, we can also produce customized sizes to suit your specific needs.

Package Exchanges
Package exchanges are provided in standard and non-standard models for specific product handling in banking, fast food, convenient stores, post offices, cash vaults, and other similar applications. We stock four different standard models in widths ranging from 12” to 22 “and heights from 14” to 16.” Transparent materials in UL-752 levels 1-3 and opaque materials in UL-level-8 are used to make these exchanges. Custom package exchange units can be provided with aluminum frames and double interlocking doors wherein the custom interlocking device allows only one door to be open at a time. Optional stainless steel cladding can be provided as well.

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Acrylic Cleaners  

Bullet-resistant acrylics are like very fine furniture. If properly maintained, this product will remain sparkling clear and serviceable for many years. We supply an approved anti-static acrylic cleaner and special cloth with the Bullet Guard label.

This is a special acrylic cleaner with an anti-static agent to help repel dust and dirt particles from being attracted to or clinging to the plastic.

This is a special acrylic polish with an anti-static agent to help repel dust and dirt particles from being attracted to or clinging to the plastic.

Polishing Cloth
This is a special cloth for the cleaning of plastic. Its special weave allows the plastics to be wiped without smearing. It will last for many cleanings and can be washed.

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Bullet Guard has been manufacturing bullet-resistant products since 1976 and we have always put our customers’ needs first. Our decades of experience allow us to provide only the most innovative solutions for bank security today. Whether you need a new window or door system installed or want to upgrade your older glass, Bullet Guard provides an affordable solution no matter how complex your specifications may be.

Bullet-Resistant Glass for Banks & Financial Centers
Because banks have cash and valuables on site, they are prime targets for crime and robberies. Banks can benefit from protective countertop technologies, specialty doors, and bullet-resistant windows. Bullet-resistant glass can help protect a financial institution’s assets as well as those who are working there.

Although no material is completely “bulletproof”, bullet-resistant glass can usually withstand many ballistic rounds without shattering or spalling. These materials may be utilized to secure the entire institution against nighttime break-ins or when an outside hazard exists. Employees who work in customer service areas benefit from their use as they provide a protective barrier in the customer care zone while also allowing for smooth interactions.

Bank teller security glazing or bandit barriers are utilized to provide a defensive barrier between personnel at financial institutions and their customers. It’s usually made of 1 ¼” to 1 ⅜” transparent acrylic sheet or laminated polycarbonate that can handle ballistic impact and forced entry. Bulletproof glass can help keep tellers and other employees safe.

Bulletproof Windows & Doors for Banks & Financial Centers
Bulletproof glass and doors for banks are essential. Financial institutions must defend themselves against a variety of hazardous situations, including theft and violence against employees. They may be used to seal off the whole institution in order to prevent break-ins after hours or while there is an external threat.

They can also provide protection for workers who operate in contact-facing roles by providing a safe barrier in the consumer service region while still allowing for seamless communications. They may also shield individuals when there is an emergency or lockdown situation inside.

Transaction Windows & Doors at Bullet Guard Corporation
Bulletproof and bullet-resistant doors and windows are one crucial way to provide additional safety to a building. At Bullet Guard, we offer bullet-resistant doors that are available in various levels of protection, so you can easily find something that suits your needs. These bullet-resistant products are designed to allow quick installation in banks in comparison to ballistic-rated steel. A bank can be provided with either one of these products or can choose to install both types of bullet-resistant products on their premises.

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We are proud to partner with law enforcement agencies across the country to provide them with the bulletproof and bullet-resistant windows and doors they need to keep their employees safe. With over 40 years of experience in the bulletproof barrier systems industry, Bullet Guard has the knowledge and expertise to help secure any police station interior using the latest in bulletproof technology. Regardless of how big or small your project is, we can work with you to determine your security needs and deliver the appropriate solution.

Bulletproof Glass for Police Stations
Due to the nature of police stations, threats are always a risk. People in high-stress situations can panic and respond in a way that puts officers, visitors, and other staff in danger. Because of this possibility, it’s crucial to secure police station lobbies with custom bulletproof barriers to boost safety and security.

Bulletproof glass is composed of three main designs: glass-clad polycarbonate, solid acrylic, and polycarbonate laminate. Glass-clad polycarbonate is made up of a polycarbonate sheet sandwiched between two sheets of glass. The polycarbonate provides additional support for the glass while offering a stronger barrier than the glass alone.

Polycarbonate and acrylic are available in various blends and formulas, and they are manufactured in a wide range of thicknesses to suit different impact resistance requirements. Two of our most popular polycarbonate plastics include Hygard™ and Lexgard™.

When developing a bulletproof system for police stations, it’s important to do the following:

  • Use Level 3 bulletproof polycarbonate for interior applications and glass-clad polycarbonate for exterior applications

  • Secure the front entrance and vestibule area with automatic locking mechanisms and bullet-resistant doors

  • Rather than securing every window, focus on securing potential weak spots within heavy traffic areas of the police station

  • Incorporate a barrier system around the dispatch areas and front lobby to protect on-duty officers

Bullet-Resistant Doors for Police Stations
Police stations are exposed to potentially violent individuals on a day-to-day basis. To keep police officers and other staff safe, it’s important for these facilities to incorporate bulletproof barrier systems. At Bullet Guard, we offer custom and ready-to-ship bulletproof and bullet-resistant doors that offer additional safety for police stations. These doors are available in a range of sizes and protection levels, enabling you to choose the type of door that works best for your facility.

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Designing a police station for ballistic security? Strategic additions can take existing features and make them even more secure and effective.

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Bullet Guard’s ballistic barrier product offerings include bulletproof doors, windows, barriers, frames, enclosures, accessories, and fiberglass panels.

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Designing a ballistically-rated bank barrier is often a complex endeavor. In this blog, our team breaks down the essentials.

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Ballistic barriers are effective physical security assets when properly designed. Learn how advance planning and forethought can ensure a perfect fit.

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When planning any project, the fine details can sometimes be overshadowed by the larger picture. People may be so focused on providing the appropriate amount of protection that they may forget to consider the necessities of daily operations.

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