Sales & Customer Service

The Multilink Sales and Customer Service Teams are comprised of hardworking individuals who are fully dedicated to taking care of all of your telecommunication needs. We strive to ensure that you leave with exactly what you are looking for and accomplishing it in a timely fashion. For over 35 years Multilink has been an innovator and leader in telecommunications industry. We carry that same mantra over to our Sales and Customer Service staff. Our teams are constantly attending classes, seminars, and being trained in the latest technology trends by certified independent experts and we are fully capable of answering all of your telecommunication questions and concerns. It is our goal to direct you towards the best possible solution and product on the market today.


Multilink offers a vast range of engineering skills and expertise necessary to support our customerís needs. Our engineering staff has a proven record of working with our customers and to come up with innovative designs & application oriented engineered products with cost effective solutions. Multilinkís expert engineering team co-ordinates all aspects of engineering from a concept through preliminary design, analysis, post processing & final design optimization to ensure the highest quality of design.

Multilink maintains the state of the art CAD/CAM technologies. Our wide variety of CAD capabilities has always been an added value to our customers. Also, these design tools offer the engineers a luxury to reverse engineer various existing products from samples or drawings as the case may be. The design software also drastically reduces the need for a prototype for form fit and function verification thereby reducing our manufacturing costs. Additionally, the reduced need for prototyping substantially shortens the time-span between concept and finished production units.

Multilink maintains a very good protocol of interacting with the customer during the process of design. This helps in the process of designing a customized product for the customerís unique application. An E-drawing (3D CAD model- Self executable) can be sent out for review and approval before the product proceeds to manufacturing. The end user can take measurements off an E-Drawing file, rotate it, hide parts for better viewing etc. This provides an excellent opportunity for a detailed design review.

The engineering team is heavily involved in an on hands exercise in several areas from manufacturing shop floor to the engineering test labs. We feel that this is necessary for a successful transition of a design from concept stage through prototyping and testing.

We would welcome an opportunity to prove our expertise and capabilities to work with you and provide the product you need.


Multilink, Inc. has established our Quality Program based on the ISO 9000 Series Quality System Standards. By doing so, our Quality Management System (QMS), is adaptable to changing needs and priorities, evaluates program and process inputs, and continuously directs value-added activities to deliver superior quality products and, strive to continually improve the overall effectiveness of our Quality System.

Multilink, promotes a quality-in-all-we-do philosophy with total company effort through innovation, commitment to continuous improvement, and teamwork, to meet or exceed the customersí expectations every day.

We accomplish this through our; Performance Based Management, Customer Satisfaction Program, Auditing, Continuous Improvement Processes, and Six Sigma Program. Multilinkís commitment to the Quality Program has provided for the training and certification of eight (8), of our associates with the Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Which allows us the ability to implement multiple, continuous process improvements projects.


{{}} {{this.hide}} CATV UPS Backup Power

CATV UPS Backup Power image

CATV UPS Backup Power

Outdoor UPS power sources and weather resistant enclosures providing reliable isolated regulated power for CATV/HFC applications. High efficiency backup power processing featuring synchronous rectification ensuring cool operating temperatures and longer battery runtime. CableLabs certified DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 status monitoring complying with ANSI/SCTE 25-3-2005 standards provides universal monitoring capability.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Fiber Distribution Hubs

Fiber Distribution Hubs image

Fiber Distribution Hubs

Multilink's Fiber Distribution Hubs are setting the standard for cross-connect configurations, configurable splitting, plug and play technologies and many other fiber architects. Our line of FDH cabinets can be ground mounted, pole mounted, and wall mounted. Customized cabinets are available and are designed in house by our highly talented engineering department. All FDH cabinets are designed to meet Telcordia and NEMA specifications.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Fiber Connectivity

Fiber Connectivity image

Fiber Connectivity

The Multilink Surelight family of connectivity solutions brings you one step closer to making end to end connections. Surelight makes it simpler, faster, and more reliable to install and use in the field. The Surelight lineup includes Field Installable Connectors, Connectors, IP Connectors, Mechanical Splice and Splice Sleeves, Tool Kits, Fan out Kits, Fan outs, Furcation Tubing, Adapters, Cleaning Kits, Microscopes, and Alcohol Wipes.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Fiber Optic Assembly

Fiber Optic Assembly image

Fiber Optic Assembly

How do you stand out from other Fiber Optic Assembly suppliers? By configuring your jumpers online and simply sending a RFQ. Our team is standing by to offer fast accurate quotes and initiate our quick ship program. Multilink's Surelight Connectivity Solutions incorporate Telcordia compliant components and meet or exceed GR326-CORE specifications. Our manufacturing process includes using bend insensitive fiber cable and endface geometry testing. From singlemode to multimode, our online fiber configurator offers a unique way for fast and accurate turn around, allowing more productivity in a day.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Cable image

Fiber Optic Cable

Multilink's Fiber Optic Cable and our manufacturing process meet all Telcordia and Six Sigma standards and use the major USA manufacturers fiber optic cable. SpeedFlex' comes in multiple configurations and color, along with different fiber counts. Multilink's Drop Cable can also be pre connectorized. MicroFlex can also be configured with SpeedFlex' or Drop Cable and pre installed in Micro Duct.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Fiber Tap Series

Fiber Tap Series image

Fiber Tap Series

Multilink's forward thinking Fiber Tap system has revolutionized the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) implementation process. This system simplifies design, installation, and maintenance of plant for your cutting edge FTTH system. The Fiber Tap system utilizes the ability to connectorize, splice, split, and distribute in one system. Connectorization can be furnished on most cable styles. This allows for numerous construction types to be accommodated from aerial, duct, or direct burry. Cable midspan / splicing access allows for large or long cable sizes to be utilized. With the capacity to facilitate passive splitting in our Multi-taps you are able to do OSP splitting as a plug and play solution. We utilize multi count OSP connectors for you to take connectorization one layer deeper within your networks. This elevates splicing costs for distribution fiber. Once our system is installed the fully sealed and re-enterable housings facilitate the ease of field installation and maintenance. Our single fiber connectors are field installable for adaptive network changes. Multilink's Fiber Tap system creates an ideal FTTH solution for any network.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Indoor / Outdoor Enclosures

Indoor / Outdoor Enclosures image

Indoor / Outdoor Enclosures

Multilink engineers and manufactures Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU), Plastic Demarcation Enclosures, Environmentally Controlled Enclosures, Backhaul 12RU, Ground / Wall / Pole Mount, OTN Cabinets, and custom specification solutions. Products are available in plastic, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials. Our enclosures integrate wiring and electronic components with Six Sigma quality standards.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Patch & Splice Modules

Patch & Splice Modules image

Patch & Splice Modules

Multilink's Patch / Splice Modules are manufactured in house and are built to Telcordia and our Six Sigma standards. Our Fiber Deployment Module (FDM) kit is flexible for upgrading or adding to existing wall and rack mount configurations. Our CT-X Cassettes can be used in our competitors wall and rack mounts and can be loaded to your specifications. All products are capable of being custom tailored to your specifications.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Pre-Terminated Loaded Units

Pre-Terminated Loaded Units image

Pre-Terminated Loaded Units

Multilink is a leader in pre-terminated wall and rack mount fiber distribution enclosures. Multilink's variable plethora of wall and rack mount enclosures are manufactured in our sheet metal fabrication plants in the USA. We are able to maintain a greater value of added support to pre-terminated and loaded products as well as maintaining our quick ship program for our popular moving units, ensuring a fast turnaround. In addition, Multilink supports, practices, and meets the high level of Telcordia Six Sigma standards in all of our products.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Raceway Molding

Raceway Molding image

Raceway Molding

What is truly unique about Multilink's Raceway Molding system, with an emphasis on Architectural Plastic and Steel Molding, is that they are designed and built specifically for fiber optic cable. This is the reason why Multilink is the first choice by the top 5 telecommunication operators when purchasing molding for both their outside and inside plant. Some of our unique moldings are the Downspout Raceway System and our newly patented MicroMolding. Our Raceway Molding systems are fast, simple, easy, and re-enterable. They are made to comply with UL listed specifications.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Rack / Wall Mount

Rack / Wall Mount image

Rack / Wall Mount

Engineered and built to market standards and value. Multilink's family of rack and wall mount distribution enclosures offer the full gamut of connectivity solutions ranging from High Density Enclosure architect for Data Centers, installations for standard connectivity of Wall and Rack Mounts, and Wireless Media Distribution Enclosures (WMD). Our Rack and Wall Mounts provide solutions for both low volume and high volume applications. Our fast ship program on select items can ensure timely logistics of our offerings to your doorstep.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Fiber Optic Closures

Fiber Optic Closures

Multilink's Starfighter line of closures offer in-line splice closures as well as dome closures. The Starfighter line is capable of accommodating 12-288 count single fiber splices or a mass ribbon count of 1,152. It can be configured with a multi-grommet sealing system that allows for fast solutions with multi sized cable diameters. The Starfighter family can reach 110% of all your FTTX Solutions.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Traffic/DOT/ITS

Traffic/DOT/ITS image


Multilink is your source for a complete array of products for the DOT/ITS market. Multilink designs and manufactures an extensive product line of high-quality aluminum and stainless steel traffic control cabinets, Uninterruptable Power Supplies and LED Illuminated Street Signs and Lane Use Control and Blank - Out Signs

{{}} {{this.hide}} Sno-Shoe Slack Storage Devices

Sno-Shoe Slack Storage Devices image

Sno-Shoe Slack Storage Devices

The Multilink Plastic Sno-Shoe has been designed with two purposes in mind. The first is to store additional lengths of fiber along the strand for later use. The second is to act as a safeguard, protecting the minimum bend radius of the fiber optic cable while establishing proper installation practices. The Multilink Plastic Sno-Shoe is a durable and cost effective tool for storing fiber optic cable in the air!

{{}} {{this.hide}} Cable Identification Products

Cable Identification Products image

Cable Identification Products - MULTITAG™

The Multilink, Inc. MULTITAG™ was designed with the installer's problems and needs in mind. The uniquely patented design surrounds the cable with both the body and hasp, making the tag virtually tamperproof!

{{}} {{this.hide}} Splitters

Splitters image


Multilink's splitters are terminated to meet the industry's leading standards. Featuring a low insertion loss in a compact design. Screw down adapters ensure a proper connection to maintain performance. Every splitter is built to be Telcordia compliant, ensuring high reliability. All splitters can come pre-terminated, making for easy plug and play installations. They're ideal for many applications including FTTX Deployments, PON Networks, CATV Links, and Optical Signal Distribution.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Accessories & Maintenance

Accessories & Maintenance image

Accessories & Maintenance

Emergency restoration and plant outages make for an unhappy camper/customer. Multilink offers a plethora of products from our Gel Seal' re-enterable compound to accessories for customizing and enhancing all of our markets products.

Last Update: 2017-10-12