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C. Sherman Johnson Company Inc. has been manufacturing stainless steel marine hardware since 1958. Johnson's continuing ability to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute a superior product has made Johnson Marine the industry's #1 supplier of Life Line Fittings. Johnson's complete line of cable fittings has served boaters all over the world.

Now architects have discovered the benefits of Johnson stainless hardware as well. From the Houston Astrodome, to the AAA Corporate Center, to the U.S. Military and private homes, Johnson Architectural Hardware is the choice of discerning professionals.


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Architectural Photo Gallery image

Architectural Photo Gallery

Photographs of cable railing projects using Johnson Architectural Hardware.

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NEW - Terminal Tuner for 1/8

NEW - Terminal Tuner for 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" Terminals

The Johnson Terminal Tuner Turnbuckle is a simple way to terminate cable with conventional threaded terminals. Installation and adjustment are a breeze with Terminal Tuners. Available complete with a threaded terminal or body only. Available with either straight or beveled ends.
NEW - Professional Tension Gauge for 1x19 Cable Railing image

NEW - Professional Tension Gauge for 1x19 Cable Railing

Johnson's new Professional Tension Gauge for 1x19 Cable Railing is designed to measure the cable tension of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" 1x19 cable. This gauge takes the guess work out of cable railing setup. Made from anodized aluminum, the gauge is easy to use and compact. A must for the tool box of anyone installing cable rails.
NEW - Stainless Spring-Loaded Door Latch image

NEW - Stainless Spring-Loaded Door Latch - Smart Catch

This unique Door Latch is a design that not only serves as a door stop, but holds the door in place against a wall. The unique foot lever releases the spring-loaded bumper and swings the door free. Two styles are available - straight or pivot, for non-parallel closing doors.

NEW - Arbor Clip

The Arbor Cip fitting allows you to attach 1/8" and 3/16" cable at 90 degree intersections for constructing garden arbors and decorative walls. Arbor Clips are constructed with a threaded hole all the way through for fastening the cable and attaching the backside to supportive wall studs.

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Terminator Turnbuckle image

Terminator Turnbuckle

So simple but so effective, the Terminator Turnbuckle is an easy choice for railings or glass shelves. 3/16" Terminators work great for railings. 1/8" Terminators work great with Johnson's Glass Shelf fittings.
Jaw Turnbuckle image

Jaw Turnbuckle

The Classic Jaw and Swage Turnbuckle is an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications. A clevis pin in the jaw attaches to eyes, tabs, or in a channel. Can be used in straight run or at an angle. Larger sizes available.
Classic Deck Toggle and Swage Turnbuckle  image

Classic Deck Toggle and Swage Turnbuckle

Our Classic Deck Toggle and Swage Turnbuckle can be mounted to any flat surface and is held in place with two tabs suitable for through bolting. The best feature of the deck toggle is that it can articulate 140 degrees.
Classic Ball End Turnbuckle image

Classic Ball End Turnbuckle

The Classic Ball End and Swage Turnbuckle is made to accept the angles of stairways. The Ball End allows the turnbuckle to integrate itself to your desired angle. The ball allows this turnbuckle to gimbal in its mount.
Classic Swage to Swage Turnbuckle image

Classic Swage to Swage Turnbuckle

Appearing in the middle of the cable, the Classic Swage to Swage Turnbuckle needs a fitting at each end to make a complete assembly. You need to use three fittings per cable run, but it makes for a distinctive look.
Decko Deck Toggle Turnbuckle image

Decko Deck Toggle Turnbuckle

Our Decko Deck Toggle and Swage Turnbuckle can be mounted to any flat surface and is held in place by two tabs suitable for through bolting. The best feature of the deck toggle is that it can articulate 140 degrees.
Decko Button Turnbuckle image

Decko Button Turnbuckle

The Decko Button and Swage Turnbuckle has a clean simple look with no jaw. It must be used on a straight run and attached in a through hole with the button on the back side of the baluster.
Jaw Smooth Line Turnbuckle image

Jaw Smooth Line Turnbuckle

The Smooth Line Turnbuckles are state-of-the-art fittings. The cable is terminated internally. One does not see a swage terminal (or threads) as on a conventional turnbuckle. The Jaw Smooth Line Turnbuckle adapts itself to a wide variety of projects. The jaw will easily attach to eyes, tabs, or in a channel.
Button Smooth LineTurnbuckle image

Button Smooth LineTurnbuckle

The Button Smooth Line Turnbuckle has the cleanest, simplest look of all the Smooth Lines. The button retains the fitting in a through hole in the baluster. The fitting is used in straight line runs.

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End Fittings image

End Fittings

Toggle Jaw
Deck Terminal
Button Terminal
Ball Terminal
Threaded Terminal
Replacement Parts image

Replacement Parts

Turnbuckle Bodies
Turnbuckle Jaws
End Caps
Mechanical Fittings image

Mechanical Fittings - STA-LOCK®

STA-LOCK® mechanical fittings offer a simple and effective way to make cable assemblies with simple hand tools. These fittings work under constant loads and variable shock loading and develop full wire strength. STA-LOCK® fittings are compatible with Johnson fittings.
Vertical Rods image

Vertical Rods

Johnson's 1/4" stainless steel vertical rods are an excellent choice for vertical railings. The 1/4" rods need to be placed every three inches to satisfy code requirements. Held in place at the top with Johnson's Button End Cap, the rod is tensioned at the bottom with 1/4" x 28 thread. A wrench flat is provided at the bottom to rotate the rod tight. The rods can be threaded directly into the railing or held with a conventional nut and washer. A steel fabricator must provide a framework and cap rail for the rods. Additional sizes available; please call for more information.

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