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Since starting business in 1985, Rulon International has become the leading manufacturer in the acoustical ceilings and walls industry. From a small warehouse in Souderton, Pennsylvania, to a state-of-the-art, 120,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility in St. Augustine, Florida, Rulon's meteoric growth is a tribute to an relentless spirit of excellence.

Over the years, Rulon's market has grown from just covering the U.S. to now including all the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Rulon International's future is closely linked to our customers success. Discriminating designers, contractors and installers can be assured we will always provide the very best products and services available, and together achieve beautiful, award-winning installations.


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Linear Open Style image

Linear Open Style

The standard module is 4 1/2″ wide, consisting of wood boards 3/4 thick by 3 3/4″ wide with a 3/4″ space between the boards. The black fiberfelt spacer is factory glued to the backside between the boards to enhance acoustical performance. A moisture resistant black hardboard ABS strip spacer is available for exterior applications. The Linear product can be provided in random lengths with tongue and groove ends or in fixed lengths.
Closed Shiplap Style image

Closed Shiplap Style

A standard closed shiplap module is 4" wide and consists of wood boards 3/4" thick by 4 1/4" wide. When assembled this produces a 1/4" overlap between boards. The closed style gives an all-wood shiplap appearance. The Linear product can be provided in random lengths with tongue and groove ends or in fixed lengths.
Panelized Linear image

Panelized Linear

If your linear ceiling includes a large area with a specific length requirement up to 10 feet, Rulon's panelized linear system is a very good choice. With panel widths as wide as 3 feet, these easy-to-install, pre-assembled panels can help reduce installation costs! Wood panels are made from solid wood or veneered boards, depending on the wood species selected and the board width specified. Rulon's standard panels are available in widths up to 3 feet and lengths up to 10 feet. Veneered boards are preferable when an exotic wood species is selected or when the board widths are larger than the standard 5 1/4" module.
Veneered Linear image

Veneered Linear

The standard module is 4 1/2" wide, consisting of wood boards 3/4 thick by 3 3/4" wide with a 3/4" space between the boards. The black fiberfelt spacer is factory glued to the backside between the boards to enhance acoustical performance. A moisture resistant black hardboard ABS strip spacer is available for exterior applications. The Linear product can be provided in random lengths with tongue and groove ends or in fixed lengths.

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Doweled Panel Grilles image

Doweled Panel Grilles

Standard Panel Grilles consist of individual wood strips assembled in 12" widths in lengths up to 10 feet. Wood strips are drilled 12" on center, beginning 5 1/2" from each end. The dowels are positioned perpendicular to the wood strips. Rulon can provide dowel clips that attach directly to 15/16 HD T-grid. Panel Grilles are 1" under an even foot length, for example, 6 ft. nominal measures 5'11" in overall length. The dowels are generally painted black to be hidden from view or can be stained to match the wood strips.
Wood-backed Panel Grilles image

Wood-backed Panel Grilles

Wooden cross members are attached to the backside of Panel Grilles to hold the wood strips in place. The Wood-backed Panel Grilles are ideal for direct attaching to walls. Standard panels are assembled in 12" widths. Custom panel widths are available. Wooden backers are 12" on center beginning 5 1/2" in from each end. Rulon can provide wood backer clips that attach directly to 15/16" HD T-Grid.
Flexible Panel Grilles image

Flexible Panel Grilles

Flexible Panel Grilles are Panel Grilles that use a flexible dowel and are attached to factory radiused 15/16" heavy-duty T-Bar carriers. Dowel clips are used to snap the Panel Grilles into place. Flexible Panel Grilles are ideal for barrel vaulted ceilings and serpentine ceiling designs. Rulon can also provide Panel Grilles with flexible backers that can be direct attached to radiused walls.
Tegular Panel Grilles image

Tegular Panel Grilles - InTEGrilles

Rulon International introduces an addition to our Panel Grille product line... InTEGrilles! InTEGrilles is an exciting new version of our Panel Grilles designed to be used in new or existing suspended grid systems. The tegular edge design of InTEGrilles allow these panels to easily fit in a 2'x 2' or 2'x 4' suspended 15/16" or 9/16" heavy-duty grid. A 2'x 6' panel is available, designed specifically for 15/16" heavy duty grid. InTEGrilles is ideal for covering large ceiling areas and is a great alternative to traditional ACT ceilings.

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Modular Style Panels image

Modular Style Panels

Modular Wood Cube panels are installed into a 15/16 inch heavy-duty T-Bar grid. The lay-in cube panel rests on the backside of the grid flange, leaving the bottom surface of the T-Bar exposed. The exposed T-Bar flange can be covered with matching wood trim. The Recessed Tegular cube panel drops into the grid helping to mask the T-Bar flange. Modular Panels are made in 2′ x 2′, 2′ x 4′ and 4′ x 4′ sizes.
Continuous Style Panels image

Continuous Style Panels

Continuous Wood Cube panels are an excellent solution for covering large ceiling areas. The panels are supported by a wood grid formed from identical main runners and cross tees that match the panel blades. The 2′ x 4′ panels drop into the wood grid assembly, creating a monolithic ceiling appearance.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Wood Ceiling Squares

Ceiling Squares image

Ceiling Squares

Rulon's Wood Squares offer beauty, warmth and a rich traditional look for ceilings. Squares are veneered panels that install easily in a standard 15/16" t-grid. Rulon Squares can be provided with lay-in, side-slot, or recessed tegular edge configurations. These high-end functional panels also allow for easy integration of lights, speakers and other ceiling components. Rulon's many Aluratone panels can be made in the easy-to-install Squares configuration for a cost-effective and beautiful acoustical ceiling.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Acoustical Wood Ceiling and Wall Panels

Acoustical Wood Ceiling and Wall Panels image

Acoustical Wood Ceiling and Wall Panels - Aluratone

Rulon Aluratone acoustical wood ceiling and wall panels combine the warmth and beauty of wood with acoustical performance. Designers can choose from a variety of acoustical characteristics and panel surfaces. Aluratone 100 are acoustical panels with slots on the panel faces and are available in a variety of slot sizes and pattern designs. Aluratone 300, 500, 900, 930 and 950 panels have grooves on the panel faces which cover perforations and allow sound to be absorbed into the panel core. The grooves come in narrow or wide spacing depending on Aluratone style. Aluratone 700 panels feature panel faces with hole perforations that are available in a variety of diameters and patterns depending on acoustical design requirements.

Rulon can provide a variety of installation hardware for ease of installation and accessibility.

Aluratone panels are designed for high end building projects where acoustical performance is required. Rulon has had many successful installations in performing arts centers, U.S. embassies around the world, office buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, libraries, museums, lecture halls and other high profile projects.
Custom Wood Veneered Panels image

Custom Wood Veneered Panels - Curvalon

Rulon's Curvalon, custom shaped wood veneered panels, are manufactured from a flexible core material. The flexible core provides a suitable surface to apply wood veneers or HPL laminates. Curvalon faces can be radiused concave or convex or made into a serpentine form. Curvalon is made into custom sized design options in linear strips, narrow panels or full size sheets up to 4' x 10'. Curvalon can be used on ceilings, walls, soffits or suspended as "acoustical reflectors". Custom sized and shaped panels can be specified to fit unusual ceiling designs resulting in a minimum of product waste. When compared to building curved panels in the field, Curvalon saves time, money, and produces a more consistent and uniform appearance from panel to panel.
Sound Controlling Acoustical Panels image

Sound Controlling Acoustical Panels - Curvatone

Rulon's Curvatone is the ultimate combination of Rulon's sound controlling Aluratone acoustical panels and the unique curving shapes of Curvalon custom shaped panels. Panel faces can either be grooved or have perforations in the form of holes or slots. Curvatone panels are designed to fit perfectly in place in the field. Curvatone panels are designed for high end building projects where acoustical performance and high esthetics are required.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Flat Veneer Ceiling and Wall Panels

Flat Veneer Ceiling and Wall Panels image

Flat Veneer Ceiling and Wall Panels

Rulon manufactures Veneered Panels in several configurations which provide design solutions for architectural walls and ceilings. A variety of wood veneers, both domestic and exotic, give the architect virtually unlimited design freedom. Our manufacturing expertise allows us to provide either flat or curved panels, finished with a factory applied clear or custom stain finish.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Accent Beams

Accent Beams image

Accent Beams

Beams are a timeless element of architectural design. Rulon's Accent Beams compliment a variety of wood ceiling styles. They are light weight and easily installed, not requiring heavy structural support framing. The specifier has a wide range of design choices. Accent Beams can be made in flat, vaulted, or radius forms, in depths and thickness to accommodate each ceiling installation. Rulon's Accent Beams are a cost effective way of enhancing a ceiling without the expense encountered with traditional field built assemblies. Structural features can be hidden inside the beams making high-end designs very affordable, due to quick and easy installation. Rulon Beams work well with other wood ceiling systems and help create an elegant and classic look. Because beams use natural wood veneers, a wide variety of wood veneer specie choices are available. Even challenging designs can be realized as you work hand in hand with our Architects and Engineers.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Suspended Canopy Ceiling Systems

Suspended Canopy Ceiling Systems image

Suspended Canopy Ceiling Systems - Endure® and Endure Woodgrain

Rulon's Endure® and Endure Woodgrain suspended canopy ceiling systems are tough, beautiful ceiling systems designed for adverse environments. For outdoor canopies in high wind prone areas, indoor swimming pools or water treatment plants, Endure and Endure Woodgrain can stand up to the harsh and corrosive chemical environments not suitable for other ceiling systems. Endure and Endure woodgrain can even give your non-corrosive indoor ceiling design a clean and modern appearance. Experience the many benefits of the virtually maintenance free Endure and Endure Woodgrain!

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Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been one of our core values. As an innovator in the wood ceiling and wall systems industry, we lead the market in environmentally responsible manufacturing.

Rulon has been an FSCĀ® Chain-of-Custody certificate holder since 1998! Our state-of-the-art headquarters and manufacturing facility was built from the ground up to reflect our environmental consciousness. Cutting-edge, water-based finishing techniques provide a durable finish and promote clean, efficient production practices.

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