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RoofScreen Mfg. is a specialty manufacturing company that produces pre-engineered bolt-together screen wall systems designed to conceal air conditioners and other unsightly equipment on rooftops of commercial and industrial buildings.


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Photo Gallery

Pictures of equipment screens and other cool rooftop products.
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Project Gallery

Check out some of our recently completed projects.

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RoofScreen System

A RoofScreen may be something added to a building to enhance aesthetics, or even make an architectural statement. Or, it could be a plain faade on the back of an old warehouse to satisfy a city ordinance requiring rooftop equipment to be screened.

Whatever your reason is for needing rooftop screening enclosures, don't take a chance on a make it up as you go installation. Trust a well thought out system designed by seasoned construction and roofing professionals. We know what we're doing, and we're not just saying that. We back that claim up with wet stamped engineering and a 20 year warranty!
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Roof Attachments

If you avoid roof penetrations like the plague, you're in good company. People are afraid of roof penetrations because of a long history of shoddy work and poor design in the industry, which makes them leak. But let's face it, roof penetrations are necessary and that's where RoofScreen™ can help you.

Trust our track record of fifty thousand successful roof attachments without a leak. We came out of the roofing and construction business so we get it. That's why we developed and patented a roof penetration system that works for architects, building owners, contractors and roofers.
Equipment Supports image

Equipment Supports

Our leak proof attachment system provides an excellent method of attaching any type of rooftop equipment. Air conditioners, ductwork, piping, satellite dishes, electrical panels and more can be safely and securely mounted to the structure.
Steel Tube Framing image

Steel Tube Framing

We've made it easy to build just about any type of structure with this modular, adjustable steel framing system. Of course RoofScreen tubes and connector fittings are perfect for building a great rooftop equipment screen. But these robust tubes and connectors are also perfect for other uses like rooftop equipment platforms, wall braces and solar racking systems, just to name a few. Really, anything you can think up can be built out of these parts. One of our customers even built a boat dock using this system (if you're interested, you can see pictures in the Design Ideas section of our Photo Gallery,).

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Flat Panels

Flat face panels provide a smooth clean look with minimal shadow lines. These panels are available in plain or textured finishes and are an excellent choice for an equipment screen when the desired effect is to blend with other flat surfaces in the building's architecture.

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Ribbed Panels image

Ribbed Panels

Ribbed panels are inexpensive and very strong, making them excellent choices for applications where they must span over open framing like a roof screen. The rib depth provides rigidity, prevents oil canning, and allows longer spans. The deeper the ribs, the stronger the panel and farther it can span.

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Textured Panels image

Textured Panels

Textured panels provide a much softer look which blends well with stucco or concrete structures. Pre-textured panels are available, or install unpainted flat face panels and field apply the textured finish.
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Adding a decorative trim to a panel can be an effective way to enhance the aesthetics of your project. RoofScreen offers many shapes and styles of trims to choose from.

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Acoustical Panels

Loud and noisy air conditioners can be a real problem. It's noise pollution and most neighbors don't take to kindly to it. That's why we developed this super sound absorptive panel system. Whether you are designing a new equipment roof screen, or trying to quiet down a noisy backup generator, this panel assembly will get the job done.

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SoundGuard™ Acoustic Panel System image

SoundGuard™ Acoustic Panel System - SoundGuard™

The SoundGuard Acoustic Panel System is a 4" thick sound attenuating barrier assembly designed for aesthetics as well as noise control. The outward facing panels of the system can be any desired material allowing uniformity of color, texture and profile with other elements of the building.
  • Any style of face panel can be used.
  • Mineral rock wool absorptive filler.
  • Stainless steel perforated liner panel.
  • Tested to NRC 1.10 and STC 32.
  • 20 year warranty.

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Angled Louver L10 image

Angled Louver L10 - VisionGuard™

VisionGuard™ Angled Louvers are inverted 45 straight blade louvers designed for architectural and vision proofing applications where a traditional angled louver aesthetic is desired. The continuous blade design with concealed snap-in retainer clips eliminates the need for unsightly vertical mullions.

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Slatted Louver L20 image

Slatted Louver L20

For projects where a slatted or lattice style effect is desired, the VisionGuard Slatted Louver System is ideal. They blades are 6" wide and the gap between blades can be specified to any distance desired. As with all VisionGuard Louvers, the blades are continuous without the requirement for vertical frame mullions.

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Curved Louvers L30 image

Curved Louvers L30 - VisionGuard™

The VisionGuard™ Curved Louvers are similar to the Slatted version but the face of each blade is curved to provide a more decorative style. The spacing between blades can be adjusted to any distance desired to allow more, or less view through the blades. The continous blades without vertical mullions produces a very streamlined visual effect.

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Solar Racks image

Solar Racks - Silverback Solar® Racking

This is no tinker toy racking system. It's not one of those roof-compromising ballasted systems either. It's a heavy duty, serious PV racking system developed by people who understand structures and waterproofing. That's why we named it Silverback: big, strong, sturdy.

Whether your roof is wide open without obstructions, or cluttered with all kinds of equipment, Silverback Solar® Racking is a great choice. Our high strength designs allow you to put solar on commercial roofs most people would walk away from. High parapet walls, HVAC equipment and other roof clutter won't kill your project if you use Silverback. Elevated frames that span over equipment and get above shadows make it possible. Our patented roof attachment system makes it water tight.

{{}} {{this.hide}} DryCap™ Sleeper Cap System

DryCap™ Sleeper Cap System image

DryCap™ Sleeper Cap System - DryCap™

DryCap™ is a watertight, structural sleeper cap system designed to cover wood or steel sleepers and curb rails on commercial roofs. Equipment can be mounted and attached to the T-slots on the DryCap without penetrating the watertight barrier.
  • Solves the problem of fasteners causing leaks in traditional sheet metal sleeper caps.
  • Can be ordered to any length, or cut to fit in the field.
  • Mounts over 4x sleepers with room for roofing materials on each side.
  • Mount any kind of equipment like pipes, HVAC or roof screens without penetrating the watertight barrier.

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XBolt™ Blind Anchor image

XBolt™ Blind Anchor - XBolt™

The XBolt™ Blind Anchor is different than any toggle or molly bolt on the market. The all steel, super heavy duty bolt is designed for structural applications where those other wimpy anchors just won't cut it.
  • All steel construction
  • Zinc plated finish
  • 3/8" Grade 5 threaded bolt
  • Internal sleeve (collet) to center bolt and prevent movement
  • Solid high strength steel Tee Nut
  • Requires 7/8" pilot hole
  • Works on substrate thicknesses ranging from 1 3/4" to 6"

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Full project specific structural calculations and AutoCAD layouts are provided with each project.
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We get it. You want products that are easy to install and not only make your job less frustrating, but help you to actually make a profit. The last thing you need is to be struggling with lots of parts and hardware, trying to figure out what goes where. RoofScreen was born out of the construction and roofing industry. We know what it's like to be on a roof. That's why we designed our systems with simplicity, and back them up with detailed step by step installation guides.

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It doesn't make sense for you to spend time figuring out how to design and lay out a roof screen. Especially if it's something you only do occasionally. But we do it every day, so let us take that burden off of you. With no obligation, we will provide you with a complete roof plan layout and details in AutoCAD format plug and play.

More good reasons to take us up on our offer for free design services:
  • We're all about value engineering.
  • A properly designed system eliminates RFIs and conflicts during the bidding process.
  • Protect yourself and control the quality of the project with a tight spec and accurate drawings.

Last Update: 2018-01-25