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Decorative Metal  

Perforated metal from Diamond Manufacturing has so many decorative properties, exploring the choices is imagination in action.


Imagine the possibilities in light fixtures, for example, where the qualities of perforated metal really shine. While enhancing heat dissipation, perforated metal offers abundant aesthetic opportunities, creating patterns of light to suit the mood and setting, and enhancing a range of styles - from traditional to contemporary.


Office staples such as waste receptacles and reception desks benefit from perforated metal's decorative qualities - from patterns and shapes that create a light, airy feel to a high “structure-to-weight" ratio that builds a visual rhythm that will be appreciated by artists and end-users alike.


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Perforated Sheet  

Because of their versatility and ease in handling, perforated sheets are the most common form of perforated material and can be supplied either as flat, fabricated, and/or finished product.


Typically produced from coil, perforated sheets can be produced in widths up to 60″ and in any length (typically under 250″ for shipping purposes). Supplied either fully perforated or with margins and/or blank areas, perforated sheets can be produced to meet your design and production requirements.


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Perforated Ceiling  

A sound solution to the constant ambient noises that surround us and the harsh mechanization of modern life, Diamond Manufacturing's perforated acoustical ceiling panels offer a range of advantages to environments affected by sound.


Not only do they effectively absorb sound, protecting hearing and health, our highly efficient ceiling panels are also visually effective tools that are decorative in pattern and design, easy to maintain, have a strong contemporary “industrial" look, and function from above by hiding unsightly wires and piping.


Highly functional and visually appealing, acoustical ceiling panels of perforated metal really do make sound sense.


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Perforated Metal Screen  

Diamond Manufacturing's perforated metal screens are built for your most demanding airflow and screening applications. These hard-working tools provide the necessary components to:


  • Enhance airflow in computer enclosures
  • Build-in efficiency in clothes washers and dryers
  • Control and size materials in grain dryers and similar applications
  • Enhance the efficiency of HVAC grilles and enclosures
  • Direct airflow in aftermarket car grilles


When it comes to engineered solutions to screening problems, Diamond perforated metal screens stand up to the challenge.


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Perforated Wall  

Perforated metal wall panels are smart, efficient choices for architectural solutions requiring sound abatement, enhanced airflow, higher-strength to weight, durability, beauty and versatility.


Strong and functional, with lightweight features, perforated metal panels are used by designers to make more of less:


  • High strength-to-weight qualities make perforated panels a first choice for elevators
  • Perforated metal wall panels offer aesthetic, acoustic and airflow properties invaluable in phone booths
  • Office dividers benefit from perforated metal's enhanced sound absorption, higher strength-to-weight, and magnetic qualities
  • Strength and durability make perforated metal panels ideal for pegboards


There is hardly a more versatile and efficient material for enclosures than strong, light, beautiful perforated metal - the panel system of choice.


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Architectural Metal  

The structural and aesthetic benefits of perforated metal give architects, engineers and designers a multitude of options to explore. High design and functional utility converge with the “form-follows-function" qualities of perforated architectural metal.


Examples of creative uses of perforated metals include sunscreens that filter and control light; cabinet door in-fills that provide strength without undue weight; railing in-fills that add structure while reducing mass; column covers that enhance aesthetics and deliver many design options; radiator covers that protect while at the same time enhancing airflow and energy efficiency…and many more.


Architects enjoy unbound opportunities when perforated metal is the medium of choice - with high profile, modern design options.

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Perforated Coil  

Ideal for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with automated production operations, perforated coils enable faster production by reducing handling of sheet material.


Supplied either fully perforated or as paneled sections either with or without precisely placed locator holes, perforated coil up to 60″ wide can be produced in 16 gauge and thinner material to meet your design and production requirements.


For more information on perforated coil tolerances and options, CLICK HERE.


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Perforated Tube  

Primarily used in automotive and filtration applications, perforated tubes are often subject to design requirements, stringent inspections, and competitive pricing. With this in mind, we developed a proprietary system that is so unique it not only can produce practically any pattern, but also the tightest tolerance perforated tubes available on the market, and do so at a price that is competitive with traditional perforated tube production methods.


Completely perforated or with blank areas, one hole size or a variety of them, straight or flared ends, perforated tubes can be made up to 6 inches in diameter and 30 inches in length in any metal type or thickness.


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Pierced Metal Products  

In addition to perforating, Diamond manufactures two types of pierced metal products, both of which are patented: PLASTICORE™, a single-sided piercing and GASKETCORE™, a double-sided piercing. Generally, these products are used in conjunction with customer-applied materials to provide strength and stability to the finished units.


GASKETCORE™ or PLASTICORE™ can be supplied in sheet, coil, or part form to best suit your manufacturing process. To discuss potential applications, request a quote, place an order, or receive a sample of either material type, contact our Customer Service Department.

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Developed for use in heat shields, PLASTICORE™ is a single-sided pierced metal product that provides additional strength and heat resistance to molded plastic parts.


When PLASTICORE™ is placed in a mold with its tangs facing upward, plastic injected into the mold seeps through the openings and forms around the tangs, creating plastic flanges or “buttons".


Embedded within the material while it is in a molten state, PLASTICORE™ protects and strengthens plastic and composite materials, enabling parts to withstand greater amounts of stress. In fact, parts that have been made with PLASTICORE™ yield excellent results in gravelometer tests.


PLASTICORE™ is available in rust preventive .004″ and if volume warrants .006″ thick stainless steel type 304 with a maximum width of 39.4″. It can also be produced in either .006″ - .012″ thick carbon steel or aluminum with a maximum width of 24″.


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Developed for use in gaskets, GASKETCORE™ is a double-sided pierced metal product that is an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic adhesives commonly found in the center of gaskets.


GASKETCORE™ uses specially designed tangs that penetrate the material's outer surface and fold back on the base material, securely gripping to gaskets and other soft materials when pressed together. GASKETCORE replaces the use of adhesives by virtue of the tangs that attach the metal to gasket material when activated under pressure.


GASKETCORE™ is available in single- or double-sided material and is typically applied under the force of calendar rolls. GASKETCORE™ is available in rust preventive .004″ thick stainless steel type 304 with a maximum width of 39.4″. It can also be produced in .006″ - .012″ thick carbon steel with a maximum width of 24″.

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Green Architecture and Design  

What is the ultimate green material for design and construction?


Blending functionality and recyclability, perforated metal has numerous advantages when it comes to green design and construction. Manufactured from up to 100 percent post-consumer steel or aluminum, perforated metal is a sustainable and recyclable resource that minimizes resource depletion.


  • It can be recycled easily
  • Is made with recycled content
  • Minimizes the impact on the environment
  • Reduces energy use
  • Dissipates heat
  • Enhances air flow
  • Promotes sustainability


Architects, designers, contractors and engineers can all benefit from the user-friendly and Earth-friendly solutions that perforated metal offers. Its aesthetic and unique properties are a green light to create, enhance and explore new solutions, while enjoying a multitude of environmental, functional and aesthetic benefits.


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Perforated Patterns  

There are over 2000 different perforated patterns that Diamond can produce - all of which fall into one of six basic categories. The available perf patterns and information specific to each category, including formulas for determining the percent open area (%OA) and holes per square inch (HPSI), are contained within their respective section.





60 degree
45 degree





round staggered
round straight
square straight






R-17 Tile Cane



round orbit
doubled checkered
square orbit
hex orbit


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