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GC Products, Inc has the reputation as the premier source for architectural products in the United States. Our wide range of products such as: Glass Fiber Reinforced Cement (GFRC), Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GFRG), Access Panels, and Specialty Finishes are recognized as the highest quality in the industry. Our goal at GC Products is to provide exceptional customer service and quality products that exceed all expectations. Whether it be a residential, commercial, or industrial project we believe that our products and service will bring life to your project.

We also have many other services including custom restoration of older hard to find architecture.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Access Panels

Access Panels image

Access Panels - Stealth

GC Products manufactures Stealth, by Wind-Lock, Access Panels. Flush mounted Stealth, by Wind-Lock, Access Panels are made out of GFRG and disappear into commercial and residential ceilings. Our residential panels include an energy saving gasket that helps seal you living area from the attic. Custom sizes are available upon request.

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GFRC Columns  GFRG Columns image

GFRC Columns GFRG Columns

GC Products offer a variety of both GFRC and GFRG columns. Available in different styles, shapes, diameters, and heights, GFRC and GFRG columns are a high quality, easy to install product that will ensure the beauty of your project for years to come. Custom columns, bases, and capitals are available upon request.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Historical Restoration

Historical Restoration image

Historical Restoration

Historical Restoration work can be intricate and tedious work. GC Products'' management team has over 45 years of experience in cement and plaster restoration products. We have the ability to reproduce almost any cement or gypsum artifacts new with historical feel.

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Moldings and Trim image

Moldings and Trim

GC Products offers a variety of standard moldings. If your project demands classic plaster molding, GFRG offers an easy to install, cost effective solution. GFRC moldings are lightweight and easy to install available different textures and colors to fit any projects specifications. GC Products can offer the right trim, molding, or light cove to fit your project''s needs. Custom moldings are available upon request.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Themed Environments

Themed Environments image

Themed Environments

GC Products has the ability to provide full service design and fabrication for all your themed environment needs. From conceptual design to on site murals, we are able to provide affordable, lightweight products that will stand the test of time. From restaurants and casinos, to 3D stages settings and custom homes, GC Products Themed Environments is your one stop shop.

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Graton Casino image

Graton Casino

With a tight schedule and intricate architectural designs, GC Products provided GRG/GFRG ceiling systems and tiles, wall panels, light coves and trims. On the exterior, all the precast travertine wall caps were manufactured and supplied by GC Products.
Westin Denver International Airpoirt image

Westin Denver International Airpoirt

At The Westin, attached to the Denver International Airport, GC Products supplied various sized GRG/GFRG columns and access panels, as well as the custom ceiling located in the Sky Lobby. With column diameters ranging from 38" to 76" and up to 26' height, GC Products was able to design the columns to fit jobsite conditions and meet the tight schedule. By producing detailed shop drawings, GC Products produced a faceted custom ceiling that saved framing and manpower and installed quickly.
Samsung Headquarters image

Samsung Headquarters

Collaborating with Performance Contracting, GC Products provided architectural GRG/GFRG solutions to meet Samsung's cutting edge designs. We supplied custom GFRG skylight surrounds with an integrated light cove and column wraps. Saving the contractor time and additional framing our columns and light coves transformed a typical lobby into an award winning architectural design.
Palladio at Broadstone  image

Palladio at Broadstone

Located in Folsom, CA, Palladio at Broadstone features architectural GFRC columns, trims, sills, medallions, plinths and wainscot. Designed in an old world Italian look, GC Products was able to integrate their travertine textured architectural GFRC throughout the entire facility.

Last Update: 2018-06-07