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Camp Logan Cement Works, Inc. is one of the largest producers of precast concrete step treads in the United States.

Our precast cement steps fit both wood and steel stringers. We offer bolt-on and weld-on precast step treads.

We have been producing precast treads for over forty years. We have shipped our precast treads all over the United States. We have production facilities in Houston, Texas, and Pearland, Texas. We keep plenty of precast cement steps in stock. Let Camp Logan Cement Works quote your next job


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Precast Treads

• Precast Treads will not rust, rot or crack
• Our Precast Treads are tested for strength by independent laboratories
• Our Precast Treads have one of the strongest warranties in the industry
• Each step is hand made, with the highest quality and craftsmanship
• Our Precast Treads are durable
• Treads will maintain their look and finish

With Our Precast Treads you are ready for traffic as soon as you put them up, No waiting next day for cure time.
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Closed Riser Steel Treads

Camp Logan closed risers are subjected to a through cleaning and zinc phosphate pretreatment. And they undergo an extensive and proven multi-step powder coating process, including a polyester powder coating to provide a beautiful scratch and scuff resistant, anti-rust-free surface.
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Why Camp Logan Treads?

• We Keep a large inventory of Precast Treads
• Know installers in most states
• Our Precast Treads are ready to ship via common carrier
• Or we can ship with our truck
• We have forty years of experience manufacturing precast step treads
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• Our Precast Treads are easy to install
• Line up the bolts that are encased in the tread with the 2 holes in the angle on the stringer. Place the 3/8" nuts (provided by Camp Logan) on the bolts and tighten.
• Our Precast Treads are easy to replace

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• Precast Treads Used in apartment complexes
• Precast Treads Can bolt into steel/wood stringers
• With Precast Treads No pan, no rust
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Hotels & Motels

• Precast Treads also works well in commercial projects
• Precast Treads are safe and strong
• Precast Treads also look good inside
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• Precast Treads work well in Residential Projects
• Precast Treads are easy to take out and put in
• With Precast Treads replace with 4 bolts and you're done
• Our Precast Treads have a standard bolt pattern
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Parking Garages

• Precast Treads work well in Parking Garages
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Interior Steps for High Rises

• A cheaper alternative to the other way
• Easy installation

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Standard 6 Ft. Carstops
2 Ft. - 7 Ft. Carstops
BFT Carstops
Truck Stops image

Truck Stops

8 Ft. Truck Stop. 500 lbs.
Air Conditioning Pads image

Air Conditioning Pads

We manufacture two types of a/c pads. One is solid concrete the other has styrofoam in the mix and is about 30% lighter.

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