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Cement Board Fabricators is dedicated to distributing the highest caliber of fiber cementitious products within the North America at reasonable prices and in a timely manner, while providing each individual with constant and reliable customer support.


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NEW - Fiber Cement Cladding Sheets - SILBONIT™

SILBONIT™ fiber cement cladding sheets are used for many external and internal purposes. SILBONIT™ cladding sheets are the obvious choice for a cost-effective and low maintenance facade that not only exhibit a unique beauty, but also help protect against fluctuating temperatures helping to reduce energy costs. The sheets require no regular maintenance to uphold their strengths, qualities or functions.

The sheets are manufactured in 49-1/4" x 96" and 49-1/4" x 120" sizes and come in thickness of 5/16" for both exterior and interior applications. You can also utilize our cutting service to produce the custom sizes you need and minimize dust production at the construction site.

SILBONIT is an asbestos free flat sheet, double compressed, stabilized in an autoclave, and reinforced with mineralized cellulose fibers. Color pigments are added during the manufacturing process making SILBONIT™ an integrally colored material.

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Breathable Membrane System for Roofs and Walls - VaproShield®

Cement Board Fabricators distributes VaproShield® for roofs and walls. RevealShield SA Self-Adhered a black UV stable, highly vapor permeable Water Resistive Barrier (WRB) Air Barrier (AB) sheet membrane. RevealShield SA is the most technologically advanced product as well as the most efficient application for open joint rain screen cladding system on the market.
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Commercial Projects

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