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Perimeter Systems, a division of SAF (Southern Aluminum Finishing Co., Inc.) since 1990, designs, manufactures, and supplies a variety of beautiful, functional Sheet & Aluminum Extrusion products for the Architect, Design-Build, and Commercial Roofing Contractor. Indeed, it can be said our extensive product line and fabrication services can provide a Perimeter solution for virtually any imaginable commercial roof eave and commercial gutter systems need.

Our offerings include a full range of Designer Series & Industrial Commercial Gutter Systems, Designer Series Cornices & Cornice Mouldings, and thePress-Loc® Series of Gravel Stops and Copings. SAF Building Perimeter Pros bring a wealth of expertise, experience and imagination to Commercial Roofing perimeter solutions around the country and beyond. From soffits and cornices, to commercial gutter systems, the Perimeter Systems division of SAF delivers excellence and enduring performance - while ensuring consistent quality, color, and customer service.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. (SAF) is among the nation's most complete sources for aluminum finishing products and services. For over half a century, Subcontractors, Architects, Design/Build Contractors, Owners, and other Manufacturers have relied on SAF's materials expertise in: Custom Fabrication, Coils, Powder Coatings, Custom Anodizing, Paint Finishes, Prefinished Aluminum Sheet, Architectural Extrusions & Architectural Roofing Products.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SAF has manufacturing plants in Georgia, Indianapolis, Tennessee, and California.

SAF is the only service center in the country with anodizing and painting facilities, a full-time fabrication center, and an unparalleled stock of sheet and extrusions from a single source



{{}} {{this.hide}} Designer Series Cornices

Formed Aluminum Cornices image

Formed Aluminum Cornices

SAF Formed Aluminum Cornices are formed from aluminum sheet. The beautifully Formed Cornice trims, soffit, and mouldings are available in a variety of interchangeable Cornice profiles - allowing you to custom design your cornice. Most Formed Cornices are compatible with our concealed gutter & internal drains to eliminate exposed downspouts. Select one of our fifteen pre-designed cornices that have all the details worked out for you or submit your design for a Custom Cornice solution.

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Extruded Aluminum Cornices image

Extruded Aluminum Cornices

Benefits of Extruded Aluminum ArchitecturalCornices & Gutters include precise joints,crisp lines, with much greater detail. Since1990, Perimeter Systems has providedDesigner Series Cornice for churches,universities, financial institutions,municipalities, and stately homes throughoutthe United States. Now, SAF cornicemouldings by Perimeter Systems are availablein aluminum extrusions.

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Formed Mouldings image

Formed Mouldings

SAF Perimeter Systems Cornice Mouldingsare interchangeable with one another,enabling easy and elegant customizableCornice designs. These Cornice Mouldingprofiles are custom fabricated to order allowingfor custom sizes, bends, and special designrequirements. If modifications are required foryour particular application, feel free to contactan SAF Perimeter Systems Cornice &Moulding Design Pro to ensure fabricationcapability.

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Soffit Panels, Venting Trims & Accessories image

Soffit Panels, Venting Trims & Accessories

Soffits and beautifully sculptured mouldings areavailable in a variety of interchangeableprofiles. Match them with Soffit Panels in avariety of solid, full vented, or partial venteddesigns with interlocking slip joints.

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Dentils, Brackets, Flutes & Engravings image

Dentils, Brackets, Flutes & Engravings

Perimeter Systems' cornices may be adornedwith flutes, dentils and engravings. Theseadornments may also be specifically designed(custom) for your project.

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Arch & Radius Cornices image

Arch & Radius Cornices

SAF Perimeter Systems was first to introduce custom Radius Arch Cornices crafted from our proprietary, stretched-formed, extruded Designer Series Aluminum Cornice profiles. Designer Series Arch & Radius cornices are factory fabricated to ensure quick, trouble-free installation on site.
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{{}} {{this.hide}} Commercial Gutter Systems & Downspouts

Designer Series Extruded Gutters image

Designer Series Extruded Gutters

The Extruded Gutter System comes in two series, the 100 & 200 Series each with six different model configurations with custom combinations available. These systems utilize our concealed liner system with heavy duty support brackets and interior straps with our Extruded Moulding Fascia components.

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Designer Series Formed Gutters image

Designer Series Formed Gutters

Designer Series Formed Gutters comes in three Architectural Gutter Collections to complement your design intent: Traditional,Geometric & Eclectic Collections. Each collection consist of four uniquely designed profiles in a standard 6′′, 8′′ and Drain Style system. The Designer Series Gutter System is also available Customized to your design.

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SMACN Series Gutters image

SMACN Series Gutters

The SMACNA Series Gutter System is an exceptionally strong gutter product for industrial & commercial type buildings with profile features contained in the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA) Manual. Every Gutter System is unique, so SAF SMACNA Gutter profiles are custom fabricated to suit individual project needs, including: sizing,metal, & sheet thickness.

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Industrial Series Gutters image

Industrial Series Gutters

Four standard profiles available in 6", 8", 9",& 12" sizes, these commercial gutter systems are based on a heavy duty support bracket and strap assembly. The gutter sections are manufactured pre-notched and punched to receive fasteners. In addition,the gutter sections are tapered for a telescoping 1" lap joint (which is field drilled,sealed, and riveted).

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Commercial Downspouts image

Commercial Downspouts

SAF Perimeter Systems Commercial Downspouts are available in a variety of styles, metals, shapes, and sizes. Profiles include Square, Rectangular, Open Face and Round. Downspout styles include Extruded, Formed and Ornamental Rolled. Each is compatible with all SAF Designer Series and Industrial Series Gutter Systems

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Conductor Heads image

Conductor Heads

Conductor Heads, also know as LeaderHeads, Collector Heads, Collector Boxes,Scupper Boxes, Rain Collectors, Rain orRainwater Heads are a decorative featurefor roof drainage. They function to collectand funnel rain water into downspouts.Standard designs are available but SAFspecialized in customized systems.

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Concealed Gutter Drains image

Concealed Gutter Drains

Concealed Gutter Drains are available with cast iron bowls, cast flashing clamps,cast or brass leaf grates, and a anodized aluminum receiver. This type drain is assembled in the field. Cast drains are available with 2′′, 3′′, 4′′ & 6" threaded female outlets. Custom fully welded aluminum concealed drains also available.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Pediments & Entablatures

Pediment Design A & B image

Pediment Design A & B - Pediment Design A & B

Pediment Design A & B are fabricated to enhance building elements using our extruded aluminum mouldings and features models 100& 200 extruded cornice moulding on its roof's rake & eaves. Available in three standard models with the ability to customize profiles and width to the design intent.

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Entablatures image


For a classically design building, SAF offers extruded horizontal lintel Entablature systemsto accent any opening. These along with the Pediment systems are fully modular for quick and easy installation.

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Columns and Pilasters image

Columns and Pilasters

Columns and Pilasters offer striking and classical effects for our Pediments and Entablatures. We offer 3 standard styles of decorative columns. While these columns are not structural, they are designed with heavy aluminum elements for commercial applications that include retail, municipal, and educational facilities.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Coping Systems

Coping Systems image

Coping Systems

Custom fabricated Coping Systems from SAF Perimeter Systems offer customers two proven design choices. Both Press-LOC or CP Systems provide superior, maintenance-free protection for a variety of parapet wall types. For finishes, choose from 56 EZ Mix Kynar 500 standard colors, or a custom match. Standard 10' lengths are typically pitched for positive drainage to a roof deck, but pitched, flat or peaked top profiles are no problem. Each style can be fabricated in a variety of metal types & thicknesses. Additionally, 6" concealed splice plate joints allow coping to expand and contract to weather climate variations.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Gravel Stop & Fascia Systems

Gravel Stop & Fascia Systems image

Gravel Stop & Fascia Systems

Roof gravel stops are used at the roof termination on the perimeter of a structure for a variety of roof types such as EPDM Singly-Ply, Thermoplastic, Modified Bitumen and Built-Up roofing systems. These systems are designed to protect the structure from damage due to water penetration while offering superior wind uplift resistance.

  • Press-LOC - Standard Collection
  • Press-LOC - Traditional Collection
  • Press-LOC - Geometric Collection
  • Press-LOC - Eclectic Collection
  • Press-LOC - Crown Collection
  • Conventional Gravel Stops
  • Flow-Thru Gravel Stops

Our gravel stops and fascia systems come in a variety of types, styles, profiles, materials,thicknesses and finishes. Each system is customizable to give a unique and professional finish to low sloped roof edges for commercial applications.

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Fabricating for Architectural Applications image

Fabricating for Architectural Applications

Custom fabricating begins with a fundamental, professional understanding of sheet metal and panel materials as they relate to environmental factors and building applications across the country. Our metal, aluminum sheet and ACM panel fabrication designers, facilities and skilled craftsmen are second to none. We routinely produce reliable, beautiful solutions to design-build requirements for custom architectural building elements such as cornice brackets, eave decoration, and other building perimeter design elements. SAF Metal Fabrication capabilities including:

  • Forming: Press brake sizes up to 175 tons and 20′
  • Blanking
  • Punching
  • Notching
  • Drilling
  • Sawing
  • Plate rolling
  • MIG and TIG welding
  • Resistance and spot welding
  • Assembly
  • Tool design
  • Custom packaging

Send us details and we'll be pleased to create your custom fabrication.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Architectural Panels

Wet Seal (Caulked) Panels image

Wet Seal (Caulked) Panels

SAF is a manufacturer of caulked panels, also known as ‘wet', panel systems. SAF wet seal panels may be fabricated from Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM), anodized,painted aluminum and a wide ranging variety of other metals, such as zinc or stainless. SAF fabricates wet seal panels from composite materials by Reynobond®, Alpolic®,Alucobond®, or Alucoil®.

Systems available: C-3000 / M-3000 and NM500 Easy Clip System.

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E Wall Panel Extrusions image

E Wall Panel Extrusions

The SAF E Wall Panel system is fabricated from sheared flat ACM panels and an exterior extruded frame. The panels are not route-and-return panels, so fabrication goes quickly. The frame extrusions are exposed and typically spray coated in analogous or complementary color scheme for a cost-effective, modern appearance. Great for curved wall applications. Easily fabricated and installed on site.
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Dry Rain Screen Architectural Panels image

Dry Rain Screen Architectural Panels

Dry Panel, Ventilated, Pressure Equalized Rain Screen, or Rain Screen Panel Systems, including Rain Screen Curtain Wall Systems use gaskets, caulk, extrusions, painted metal strips, and combinations of these, are typically specified when a reveal is desired. These rain screens are a facade, requiring the installer to apply a weather barrier between the panel system and structural wall.

SAF offers two kinds of rainscreens: drained-back-ventiliated and pressure equalized. Both meet AAMA 509-09 rating standard. Choose SAF C4000 ACM or choose SAF M4000 RainScreen 0.125 Aluminum Panels tested for air and water resistance per ASTM 283 and 331. Also available is our C4500 Pressure Equalized Rain Screen Panel System. If installed properly, the system will comply with AAMA 508.

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Flat ACM Sheet Sales image

Flat ACM Sheet Sales

Purchase ACM Sheet direct from SAF. It may be cost-effective to fabricate your own panels from ACM (aluminum composite materials) sheet. SAF is one the leading ACM
Sales distributors in the USA, offering such national & international brands as Alpolic, Reynobond or Alucobond sheets.

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Panel Extrusions image

Panel Extrusions

Want to save time and money by fabricating your own panels ? That's fine by us! SAF is one of North America's leading metal distributors, and we offer stock length Aluminum
Panel Extrusions along with all our other Aluminum Extrusions. We can also cut Aluminum Panel Extrusions to length.

Aluminum Extrusion Orders Ship Next Day For small orders panel extrusions are normally shipped out the next day. If you order 100 lbs. or more, SAF will cover the freight. We have no minimums.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Column Covers

1000 Series Column Covers image

1000 Series Column Covers

The 1000 Series Metal Column Cover is a“butt joint" column cover that uses a keyhole effect where the bolt from the male attachment is the key. When placed through the teardrop shaped eyehole, gravity pulls the female half of the column cover down to lock it into place.These can be fabricated using any available material (ACM, MCM, aluminum, stainless,etc...)

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2000 Series Column Covers image

2000 Series Column Covers

The M-2000 Series Metal Column Cover is a“reveal joint" column cover. The sections of the column covers are bolted to an angle that is attached to the structural beam. A gap is left between the sections for bolting the columns to the angles. This gap can then be filled with caulk, filled with a channel, or left open. These can be fabricated using any available material (ACM, MCM, aluminum, stainless,etc...)

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ADAPT Column Cover Accessories image

ADAPT Column Cover Accessories

ADAPT is an SAF Product line of accessories and options for SAF column covers and wall panels. Our goal with the ADAPT line is to provide accessories that enhance product performance and/or reduce installation hassles and time with innovative features and design.
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{{}} {{this.hide}} Sunscreens, Canopies, Grilles & Louvers

Sunscreens / Sunshades image

Sunscreens / Sunshades

Fully customizable Architectural element tocontrol unwanted direct sun rays fromentering your building, but allowing naturallight.

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Canopies image


Beautifully fabricated protective coversproviding shade and shelter from the weatheror just to decorate accentuating theArchitects true design intent.

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Grilles image


Decorative window and wall coverings givingan owner or Architect the ability create amore visually interesting appearance.

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Louvers image


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{{}} {{this.hide}} Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Fabrication Services image

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

To receive a quote on a Custom Metal Fabrication, a simple fabricated shape, or metal fabrication project click HERE, sen dimensions to or fax them to 877-949-4759.

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Fast Metal Fabrication image

Fast Metal Fabrication

Fast, expert sheet metal fabrication can make the difference between project profit & loss. SAF Fabrication serves customers nationwide from state-of-the-art metal fabricating facilities in GA, IN & CA. SAF customers may qualify for our 3-Day Out!!! metal fabricating program that guarantees qualifying custom sheet metal orders for shearing and forming will ship within 3 business days, or we will extend a 10% discount on your entire metal fabrication order.
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Ornamental Trim & Brake Metal Fabrication image

Ornamental Trim & Brake Metal Fabrication

SAF Fabrication makes it easy for you to order special Ornamental Trim & Formed Brake Metal services. Simply submit a drawing and piece count of the trim components or other miscellaneous metal parts requiring metal fabrication. We will promptly respond with a quotation and an estimate of the shipping date from receipt of order with full details.
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{{}} {{this.hide}} Aluminum Sheet

5005 Aluminum Sheet image

5005 Aluminum Sheet

SAF has the largest inventory of 5005 aluminum sheet in North America and maybe the world. Pick a thickness below to see SAF's aluminum sheet size options, get a quote.
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5005 AQ Sheet Sizes image

5005 AQ Sheet Sizes

SAF has the largest selection of stock 5005 AQ (anodize quality) sheets in the nation. SAF also distributes 5005 aluminum mill finish coil and 5005 anodized coil.
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Spray Coat Aluminum Sheet image

Spray Coat Aluminum Sheet

Select from dozens of standard Kynar 500 colors. Or, SAF can also spray coat a custom color for architectural applications, such as a storefront or curtain wall.
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{{}} {{this.hide}} Aluminum Extrusions

Anodized Aluminum Extrusions image

Anodized Aluminum Extrusions

SAF offers a huge selection of standard anodized aluminum extrusions. Our large inventory of aluminum extrusions and 60 years of anodizing experience allow SAF to deliver a quality product faster than anyone in the industry. All of our extrusions are stocked in mill finish, anodized the night you order them, and shipped out the next day.

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Aluminum Panel Extrusions image

Aluminum Panel Extrusions

For more information about how to use Panel Extrusions, see our panel products overview at

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Cut-To-Length Aluminum Extrusions image

Cut-To-Length Aluminum Extrusions

SAF can deliver quality pre-cut aluminum extrusions ready for installation or further fabrication. All of our extrusions ship out the NEXT DAY, EVEN IF THEY NEED TO BE ANODIZED!!!

We have NO MINIMUM order requirements for extrusions cut from mill standard aluminum stock. This service is ideal for contractors, hobbyists, educational institutions, laboratories, research, and do-it-yourselfers.Tell us what you want and we can usually cut, pack, and ship your aluminum extrusion order via UPS.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Aluminum Coil

Aluminum Coil Anodizing Capability image

Aluminum Coil Anodizing Capability

Reliable, quality controlled Aluminum Coil Anodizing & Processing

  • Up to 0.063 gauge
  • Up to 49″ input widths
  • Color Anodizing (dyes)
  • 66″ maximum O.D., 10,000 lbs maximum coil weight

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Batch & Coil Anodizing image

Batch & Coil Anodizing

Quality control. Through the entire anodizing process, AAC members like SAF monitor the process and quality of the product. The application of electrical power and color is preprogrammed and verified on all batches and coils.
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{{}} {{this.hide}} Aluminum Anodizing

Light & Medium Bronze Anodized Finishes image

Light & Medium Bronze Anodized Finishes

Light and medium bronze anodized finishes can be a beautiful and lasting finish choice for aluminum. Specifiers often choose them because when handled correctly, they are of surpassing beauty. But because expectations can run high for these finishes, light and medium bronze can also become a nightmare for the anodizer, the specifier, and the building owner. These colors are subject to severe color variation from piece to piece.
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Current Anodizing Processes image

Current Anodizing Processes

Sulfuric Acid.The predominant anodizing process today. Coatings 0.1-1.0 mil thick formed in a 15 pct. solution, 12 asf, 18-24 volts, 70F for 10-60 min. This coating is usually organically dyed or colored with deposited metals (two-step). Offers a wide array of applications. Most anodizers use this method, although other acids are available for specialty purposes.
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{{}} {{this.hide}} Painting

Three Day Turnaround Custom Aluminum Paint Service image

Three Day Turnaround Custom Aluminum Paint Service

The SAF 3-Day-Out Paint Program now extends to Custom Painted Extrusions & Sheets within 3 days of order placement. Thanks to coordinated efforts throughout SAF, our Winston paint shop has demonstrated custom paint order fulfillment faster than anyone in the industry.
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Metallic Paint Color Variation image

Metallic Paint Color Variation

We have extensive experience with these coatings. We require you to approve our color samples in writing.

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Non-chrome conversion coating image

Non-chrome conversion coating

An SAF Conversion Coating is a proper corrosion resistant aluminum surface treatment for painting, powder coating, and adhesive bonding. Alodine, Alocromin, and Iridite are trade names sometimes applied to these coatings. These coatings are applied through an immersion process and are compatible with most aluminum alloys. Non-chrome coatings are often specified where environmental considerations are paramount.Chrome conversion coatings provide measure of corrosion resistance and can also be used as a standalone finish.

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