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Contech Engineered Solutions provides site solutions for engineers, contractors, architects, and owners. Our portfolio includes bridges, drainage, erosion control, retaining wall, sanitary sewer, and stormwater management products. Through cost-effective engineered solutions, we help build, support, and sustain land development projects while protecting the environment.

Our reputation as an industry leader comes from world-class design, manufacturing, sourcing, and distribution. Through our industry-leading sales, marketing, and engineering organizations, we maintain a competitive advantage and sustain relationships throughout the site development ecosystem, including land owners, regulators, contractors, and specifiers.

Headquartered in West Chester, Ohio, we have over 1,400 employees and 60 facilities strategically located across North America. Our footprint spans every major U.S. city and all 50 states, allowing us to provide unmatched customer support.


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Technical Guides

Everything you need in one place - design guides, standard details, approvals, specifications, installation and maintenance guides - it's all here.

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Plate Bridges and Structures image

Plate Bridges and Structures

Easy installation and proven durability with a variety of shapes, sizes and treatments for spans from 5 ft to 45 ft. Contech Engineered Solution's steel and aluminum structural plate offerings have a long history of strength, durability and economy. These structures meet a wide range of site-specific challenges with a variety of sizes and shapes available. They offer unique design elements, including sloped ends, beveled cuts and elbows. Many are specifically suited for rehabilitation due to fast installation and extensive technical support. Contech aluminum and steel structural plate products are designed for rapid assembly and low installation costs for small bridges, culverts, underpasses, enclosures, tunnels, and more. Over 45,000 structural plate products have been installed worldwide.


Fast, Easy, Low-Cost Installation with Proven Durability. MULTI-PLATE structures, consisting of field bolted galvanized steel plates, have a long history of strength, durability and economy. The structures offer high combined live and dead loads and are well-suited for deep cover applications.
Aluminum Box Culvert image

Aluminum Box Culvert

Practical, Cost-Effective Solution for Small Bridge Replacement. Aluminum Box Culverts are a practical and cost-effective solution for small bridge replacement. The wide-span, low-rise shapes are lightweight as well as fast and easy to install. Spans to 35 feet.
Aluminum Structural Plate image

Aluminum Structural Plate

Lightweight for Easy Installation. Aluminum Structural Plate provides all the advantages of steel MULTI-PLATE and its light weight adds to the ease of installation compared to other structures. It weighs 1/50 as much as reinforced concrete pipe, reducing assembly and equipment costs and allowing for easy handling of long preassembled structures.


Large Span and Flexible Design-The Most Widely Used Long-Span System in History. SUPER-SPAN structures utilize MULTI-PLATE plates and special features that allow for a large family of shapes. With spans up to 50 feet, SUPER-SPAN structures are some of the most widely accepted long-span, corrugated steel bridge structures in the world.
BridgeCor® Structural Plate image

BridgeCor® Structural Plate

Redefining standard bridge design for increased durability. The 15" x 5.5" advanced profile allows designers to convert traditional bridges into more economical buried bridges by clear spanning up to 65'. This corrugation is already widely accepted by AASHTO and the international engineering community.
Precast Bridges and Structures image

Precast Bridges and Structures

Easy installation and proven durability with a variety of shapes, sizes and treatments for spans from 5 ft to 102 ft. The inherent strength, durability, cost-savings, and rapid installation of precast concrete bridges have made them the premier bridge technology in the world. Prefabricated, modular concrete bridges require less material than cast-in-place structures, for a lower initial cost. Off-site fabrication ensures tight adherence to specs, less on-site work, and quality control of modular units. Installation is fast - usually within days, compared to the weeks or even months required for cast-in-place construction. This minimizes road closings and detours. Precast concrete eliminates the costly maintenance of exposed bridge decks and bridge deck icing. Prefabricated bridge components ensure a long life cycle and low life cycle costs, requiring virtually no maintenance.
CON/SPAN® O-Series® image

CON/SPAN® O-Series®

The most optimized shape in the industry. CON/SPAN's innovative, economical design stands apart from any other system. Its distinctive arch action which utilizes fast, set-in-place construction, has been optimized, providing the ideal blend of hydraulic efficiency and structural capacity.
EXPRESS® Foundations image

EXPRESS® Foundations

The speed of precast with the economy of cast-in-place. EXPRESS Foundations provide ease and speed of installation while alleviating hazardous working conditions. Its trapezoidal foundation reduces wingwall concrete quantities, and the pick weights and sizes can be customized to your equipment - providing substantial cost savings.
BEBO® Bridge Concrete Arch System image

BEBO® Bridge Concrete Arch System

The BEBO Bridge Concrete Arch System is a combination of cast-in-place concrete footings, precast arch elements, headwalls, and wingwalls. The system uses the fundamentals of soil-structure interaction to achieve superior strength and stability. The results are the largest precast arch spans in the world.
CON/SPAN® Bridge Systems  image

CON/SPAN® Bridge Systems

Accelerated Bridge Construction World Leading Precast Modular Bridge. CON/SPAN's innovative, economical design stands apart from any other system. Its distinctive arch action utilizes fast, set-in-place construction; and your design and installation is backed by extensive technical support.
Truss Bridges and Structures image

Truss Bridges and Structures

Strong, safe and durable vehicular and pedestrian truss bridges in a wide variety of bridge styles to clear span from 20 feet to 300 feet and more.

Our prefabricated truss bridges are durable and aesthetic solutions. Modular, prefabricated construction means fast installation and substantial cost savings. A truss bridge is typically erected and installed in one to three days, without the need for field welding. Contech truss bridges feature timeless bridge design and construction that is customized and manufactured to your specifications. Our truss manufacturing facilities are AISC Major Bridge Certified with fracture critical and sophisticated paint coating certification. A variety of styles, finishes, decking and rail options are available for every project, including unlimited customized options.
Continental® Pedestrian Truss image

Continental® Pedestrian Truss

Innovative Designs, Rapid Installation. Continental pedestrian truss structures range from basic structures to unique custom solutions. With clear spans to 250 feet and more, Continental bridges are ideal for crossings over highways, railroad tracks, rivers and wetlands.
Steadfast® Vehicular Truss Bridges image

Steadfast® Vehicular Truss Bridges

Durable, Affordable and Aesthetic. With more than 15,000 installations throughout the U.S. since 1936, Steadfast offers a wide range of custom designed, prefabricated steel vehicular truss bridges. Our vehicular bridges have been installed in shopping centers, malls, hotels, residential developments, corporate facilities, golf courses and parks.
EXPRESS® Continental Pedestrian Bridge image

EXPRESS® Continental Pedestrian Bridge

Speed, Quality and Value. The EXPRESS Continental bridge is a pre-engineered pedestrian steel truss bridge designed for owners, engineers and contractors who know "time is money." This standardized truss system provides stamped drawings within three business days after receipt of order and a bridge in six to eight weeks, significantly reducing construction time.

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Stormwater Solutions image

Stormwater Solutions

No one knows post-construction stormwater management like Contech. For more than two decades we have been helping engineers, contractors, and developers satisfy stormwater mitigation requirements on land development projects across North America.

Regardless of your project's objectives and constraints, our team of Stormwater Design Engineers, Regulatory Managers and local Stormwater Consultants are here to provide you with expert advice and assistance. If your goal is to eliminate or detain runoff, you can rely on Contech for a wide range of subsurface infiltration, detention, and rainwater harvesting solutions. If treatment is needed, our landscape based bioretention or subsurface filtration designs can fit into virtually any site and can be tailored to address specific pollutants.

At every stage of your project, count on Contech to provide engineering services including:
  • Regulatory guidance and permitting assistance
  • Preliminary standard details and/or site specific final CAD drawings and specifications
  • Low Impact Development design assistance
  • Engineering calculations for hydraulics/hydrology, rainwater harvesting, and detention/retention
  • Review of preliminary site design, feasibility screening, and layout assistance
  • Value Engineering - cost estimates and options analysis
  • Pre-construction support, project scheduling, and contractor coordination
  • Installation and construction support
  • Maintenance support
  • The result - an efficient design process, the right product, more land space savings, and faster permitting.
Filterra® Bioretention image

Filterra® Bioretention

Filterra is similar to bioretention in its function and application, but has been optimized for high volume/flow treatment and high pollutant removal. Its small footprint allows it to be used on highly developed sites such as landscaped areas, parking lots and streetscapes. Filterra is exceedingly adaptable and can be used alone or in combination with other BMPs.
Stormwater Treatment image

Stormwater Treatment

Removing pollutants from stormwater runoff is an important component of any stormwater management plan. Stormwater pollution - sediment, trash and debris, nutrients, and metals - is one of the leading causes of water quality impairment we are facing today. There are numerous technologies available for treating runoff - and the right system for your site should be selected based on your local requirements, your target pollutant, and specific site characteristics. As no two projects are the same, there is no one size fits all answer.

Our treatment projects are flexible and customizable - and are effective as either conventional end-of-pipe BMPs (best management practice) or small-scale decentralized IMPs (integrated management practices) in a low impact development (LID) design.

Filters can help you remove the most challenging pollutants from stormwater, including nutrients like phosphorus. There are many variables to consider when designing a stormwater filtration system. It's critical to use a balanced approach that incorporates hydraulics, longevity, and performance.

Hydrodynamic separators were the initial underground water quality devices developed 20 years ago. We've been there since the beginning - and our systems are widely accepted for effective solids removal. Especially efficient on gross solids, trash and debris, they are an optimal choice for pretreatment systems.
StormFilter® Stormwater Treatment image

StormFilter® Stormwater Treatment

The StormFilter stormwater treatment system uses rechargeable, self-cleaning, media-filled cartridges to absorb and retain the most challenging pollutants from stormwater runoff including total suspended solids, hydrocarbons, nutrients, metals, and other common pollutants. StormFilter performance has been verified by the State of Washington Department of Ecology and New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, as well as numerous other stormwater regulatory agencies.
CDS® Stormwater Treatment image

CDS® Stormwater Treatment

The CDS hydrodynamic separator uses swirl concentration and continuous deflective separation to screen, separate and trap trash, debris, sediment, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. CDS captures and retains 100% of floatables and neutrally buoyant debris 2.4mm or larger, effectively removes sediment, and is the only non-blocking screening technology available in a stormwater treatment device.
Advanced Sediment Capture Technology image

Advanced Sediment Capture Technology - The Cascade Separatorâ„¢

The Cascade Separator is the newest innovation in stormwater treatment from Contech. The Cascade Separator was developed by Contech's stormwater experts using advanced modeling tools and Contech's industry leading stormwater laboratory.

This innovative hydrodynamic separator excels at sediment capture and retention while also removing hydrocarbons, trash, and debris from stormwater runoff. What makes the Cascade Separator unique is the use of opposing vortices that enhance particle settling and a unique skirt design that allows for sediment transport into the sump while reducing turbulence and resuspension of previously captured material. These two factors allow the Cascade Separator to treat high flow rates in a small footprint, resulting in an efficient and economical solution for any site.

Jellyfish® Stormwater Treatment image

Jellyfish® Stormwater Treatment

The Jellyfish Filter is a stormwater quality treatment technology featuring high flow pretreatment and membrane filtration in a compact stand-alone system. Jellyfish removes floatables, trash, oil, debris, TSS, fine silt-sized particles, and a high percentage of particulate-bound pollutants; including phosphorus, nitrogen, metals and hydrocarbons. The Jellyfish Filter has been tested in the field and laboratory, and is performance verified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, as well as numerous other stormwater regulatory agencies.
Vortechs® Stormwater Treatment image

Vortechs® Stormwater Treatment

Vortechs is a hydrodynamic separator that combines swirl concentration and flow controls into a shallow treatment unit that traps and retains trash, debris, sediment, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. Vortechs removes sediment down to 50 microns and is the ideal solution for projects that require a shallow treatment device due to groundwater, utility or bedrock constraints.
StormRax™ Racks and Debris Cages image

StormRax™ Racks and Debris Cages

The StormRax™ line of structural plastic trash racks and debris cages are used to prevent floating and particulate debris from clogging stormwater outlet control structures. StormRax trash racks and debris cages are available in numerous sizes and shapes to accommodate nearly every type of application.
VortClarex® image


The VortClarex system is an oil/water separator that utilizes coalescing media to efficiently remove freely dispersed oil and other liquid pollutants from urban runoff and industrial discharges. The VortClarex is specifically designed for those sites where removal of oil and grease is the greatest concern and where oil and grease effluent targets are specified.
Oil Stop Valve image

Oil Stop Valve

The Oil Stop Valve protects waterways from oil or petroleum spills. The passive spill stop valve detects accumulations of oil and activates a valve that positively stops the flow of stormwater and oil upstream from the valve.
CMP Stormwater Detention and Infiltration image

CMP Stormwater Detention and Infiltration

Contech's corrugated metal pipe's (CMP) stormwater detention and infiltration systems store stormwater exceeding a site's allowable discharge rate and releases it slowly over time. Systems can be sized and shaped to meet site-specific needs, and are available fully or partially perforated.
ChamberMaxx® Stormwater Chamber System image

ChamberMaxx® Stormwater Chamber System

The ChamberMaxx corrugated, open-bottom plastic infiltration chamber system allows you to meet stormwater runoff reduction requirements and maximize available land space by providing economic infiltration below grade. ChamberMaxx maximizes storage volume in a small footprint, and its low profile shape is ideal for sites with shallow footprints.
CON/SPAN® Concrete Detention and Infiltration image

CON/SPAN® Concrete Detention and Infiltration

CON/SPAN is a modular, precast concrete arch system designed to provide economical, large volume stormwater detention or infiltration below grade. CON/SPAN's distinctive arch top and vertical side walls maximize storage volume while providing enhanced structural integrity.
Terre Arch™ Concrete Detention and Infiltration image

Terre Arch™ Concrete Detention and Infiltration

Terre Arch is a modular, multi-chambered, precast concrete stormwater storage system engineered for underground installation. Terre Arch's strength, storage capacity, and fast installation make it the most economical concrete system available.
DuroMaxx® Stormwater Detention and Infiltration image

DuroMaxx® Stormwater Detention and Infiltration

DuroMaxx steel-reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) pipe combines steel and polyethylene (PE) to make an exceptionally strong and durable pipe for stormwater detention and infiltration applications. DuroMaxx is unique as it has fewer joints to assemble on site, can be made watertight, and can be used in applications with corrosive soils.
DuroMaxx Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns image

DuroMaxx Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns

DuroMaxx Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns are constructed of DuroMaxx Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) for a strong and durable storage solution. DuroMaxx cisterns are available in sizes up to 120 inches in diameter and 48 foot lengths. DuroMaxx cisterns are leak tested and labeled with the UPC seal to ensure a reliable long term storage solution. Contech hydrodynamic separator and filtration products provide pretreatment for stormwater prior to storage to provide the best water quality and reduced maintenance costs for the most demanding rainwater harvesting applications.

Stormwater Flow Controls image

Stormwater Flow Controls

Stormwater flow controls are non-mechanical devices used to control stormwater flows entering or exiting stormwater treatment or detention systems to a designed rate, such as the water quality flow rate. The use of these devices is an integral part of any stormwater management system.
Vortex Valves image

Vortex Valves

The Vortex Valve is an exceptional solution to engineers looking to precisely control the discharge flow rate from stormwater drainage, detention, and infiltration systems. The Contech Vortex Valve control flows by hydraulic effect without requiring moving parts.
StormGate™ High Flow Bypass Structure image

StormGate™ High Flow Bypass Structure

High stormwater flows can reduce the effectiveness of water quality facilities by re-suspending sediments and flushing captured floatables. StormGate addresses this by only allowing flows up to the water quality design flow to enter the water quality facility and bypasses the flows greater than the design flow around the treatment facility.

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Pipe and Drainage Systems for Culverts, Sanitary and Storm Sewers, and Rehabilitation image

Pipe and Drainage Systems for Culverts, Sanitary and Storm Sewers, and Rehabilitation

Contech helps engineers and contractors tackle a full range of applications with a variety of pipe material, thicknesses, corrugations, and coatings. Each of our solutions are designed for specific service life requirements, hydraulics, corrosion resistance, stiffness, and ease of handling and installation.

Our team of engineering and manufacturing professionals are here to provide expert guidance and advice at every stage of your project from concept to installation, including:
  • Regulatory guidance and permitting assistance
  • Preliminary standard details and site specific final CAD drawings and specifications
  • Engineering calculations for hydraulics
  • Value engineering - cost estimates and options analysis
  • Pre-construction support, project scheduling, and contractor coordination
  • Installation and construction support
Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) image

Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP)

The "Go To" Product for Pipe and Drainage System Applications.

With its low cost, a wide variety of diameters, layout configurations, and materials, no other material can match CMP's versatility and flexibility in design. CMP is the "go to" material for the majority of pipe and drainage system applications including storm sewers, culverts, and stormwater detention and infiltration systems.

With a variety of CMP products, Contech offers engineers and contractors flexibility in designing drainage solutions to best fit their projects' exact requirements.

CMP Benefits Include
  • Predictable service life - capable of 100+ years
  • Various pipe coatings and materials to accommodate site-specific needs and extend service life
  • Variety - Wide range of gages, corrugations, and shapes in diameters ranging from 12" - 144"
  • Structural Integrity - with the strength and integrity of steel-soil structure interactions, CMP offers unparalleled strength
  • Customizable - a variety of fittings, tees and elbows allow CMP to match most layout configurations
  • Can be designed for heavy loading and high maximum height of cover requirements
  • Available locally; quick turnaround time
HEL-COR® CMP Pipe image


HEL-COR is Contech's standard corrugated metal pipe (CMP) that can provide a service life of over 100 years. HEL-COR is available in a large variety of materials, coatings, and sizes to meet site specific needs, and HEL-COR's continuous locked seams and annular corrugated ends allow for a variety of standard couplings to be used.
Smooth Cor™ CMP Pipe image

Smooth Cor™ CMP Pipe

Smooth Cor is a CMP pipe with a hydraulically smooth steel liner coated with polymer coating. This combination makes Smooth Cor Pipe the economical and performance alternative to reinforced concrete pipe in difficult situations such as weak soils, poor subsurface drainage conditions, steep slopes, and high fills.
ULTRA FLO® Pipe image


ULTRA FLO is a CMP pipe with a smooth interior that is the industry alternative to reinforced concrete pipe. The smooth interior improves hydraulic capacity while the exterior box ribs provide structural strength. ULTRA FLO weighs less than 10% of reinforced concrete pipe and comes in longer lengths, greatly reducing handling and installation costs.
Slotted Drain™ image

Slotted Drain™

Slotted Drain pipe removes sheet flow from streets, highways, and parking lots without multiple grades or water channeling devices. The result is an aesthetically pleasing inlet that is safer and easier to install and maintain.
CORLIX® Aluminum Pipe image

CORLIX® Aluminum Pipe

CORLIX corrugated aluminum pipe is the ideal pipe for municipal storm sewers, underground stormwater detention systems or any standard drainage project that must withstand alkali soils and erosive environments.
MOBILE PIPE® Modular Mill image

MOBILE PIPE® Modular Mill

Contech Engineered Solutions' MOBILE PIPE® modular mill can be delivered to remote site locations on trucks and assembled on-site for fast and cost effective on-site steel pipe manufacturing. The MOBILE PIPE modular mill is designed to be a self-supporting factory that can be quickly deployed and put into production. Once on-site, pipe manufacturing progresses quickly enough to allow pipe installation within four hours.
Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe image

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe

Contech's broad array of PVC pipe solutions assure the proper flow characteristics and optimum combination of strength, hydraulics, stiffness, joint integrity, and economy for sanitary and gravity storm sewer applications. PVC pipe offers excellent resistance to conventional corrosion and abrasion. PVC pipe not threatened by environmental stress cracking due to under loading or localized tensile stress, and provides soil/water tight joints. It is also lightweight, making it easier and more economical to install. Contech has been providing high performance, superior quality PVC pipe for gravity sewer projects since the early 1960s, with millions of feet installed across the country.
A-2000™ Pipe image

A-2000™ Pipe

With a 100+ year service life, A-2000 withstands corrosive attack from both acidic and alkaline soils, is unaffected by chemicals found in normal sewage, and is a cost-effective alternative to other pipe products.
A2™ Liner Pipe image

A2™ Liner Pipe

Proven trenchless installation to slip line existing sewer lines without the disruptions associated with open trenching.
Solid Wall PVC Pipe image

Solid Wall PVC Pipe

Solid Wall PVC pipe provides hydraulic efficiency, corrosion and chemical resistance, and watertight joints for sanitary sewer, drainage, and underdrain applications.


A semi-rigid gravity sewer pipe that provides 200 psi minimum pipe stiffness and unparalleled deflection.
Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) Pipe image

Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) Pipe

The strength of steel with the durability of plastic. SRPE is a next generation pipe that provides strength, long term service, and durability. It's the ideal combination of materials that makes SRPE exceptional. Eighty (80) ksi steel reinforcing provides the strength; pressure rated high-density polyethylene resin provides the durability. The combination of materials results in an extraordinarily strong and durable pipe that sets a new industry standard.

SRPE pipe is designed with a smooth inner wall for outstanding hydraulic capacity and provides the properties you can count on for long-term service and performance in the most demanding environments.
DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) Pipe image

DuroMaxx® Steel Reinforced Polyethylene (SRPE) Pipe

DuroMaxx steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) pipe combines the strength of steel with the durability of plastic, resulting in an extraordinarily strong and durable pipe. DuroMaxx meets the long-term structural demands of the most difficult sanitary sewer, storm sewer, irrigation, stormwater detention, and wastewater projects.
SPR™ PE image


SPR™ PE is a trenchless, spiral-wound, steel reinforced HDPE product used to restore the reliability and integrity of aging sewers, storm sewers, and culverts in a jointless fashion without excessive site disruption.

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Retaining Walls image

Retaining Walls

Help ground stand its ground. From concrete, segmental retaining wall systems to economical steel, Contech is a leading source of aesthetically and structurally superior retaining walls solutions. From a residential landscape to the most extreme land development projects, we offer a number of unique solutions to help you fortify infrastructure, securing soil and grade change reinforcement.
Metal Walls image

Metal Walls

Contech offers economical and effective steel retaining walls that are easy to install in difficult or restrictive conditions with a lower initial cost. Our products offer a long service life in a variety of applications.
Anchor Wall™ image

Anchor Wall™

Shoreline Protection System. The Contech ANCHOR WALL system is the first all-steel approach to construction of shoreline walls. It gives you all the components needed to design for structural adequacy and efficiency. Compared to conventional bulkheads, ANCHOR WALL offers unique economies and aesthetics.
Bin-Wall™ image


Gravity-Type Retaining Walls. Contech Bin-Walls are a system of adjoining closed faced bins that are each 10-feet wide. They are composed of sturdy, lightweight steel members that are easily bolted together at the job site. Backfilled with reasonable care, they transform the soil mass into an economical gravity-type retaining wall.

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Hard Armor image

Hard Armor

Doing the seemingly impossible is an everyday job. With erosion control systems for any need in any application, Contech Engineered Solutions delivers a range of effective, efficient solutions. Our engineered systems provide performance-tested solutions for a wide variety of applications including channel lining, shoreline protection, dam crests and spillways, energy dissipation, pipeline and cable protection, bridge and abutment protection, boat ramps, low water crossings, outfall protection, wave attack protection and more.
ArmorFlex® image


ArmorFlex is a flexible, interlocking matrix of cellular concrete blocks of uniform size, shape, and weight used for hard armor erosion control. ArmorFlex blocks have specific tested hydraulic capacities and are laced longitudinally with revetment cables to provide ease-of-handling and rapid installation.
ArmorLoc® image


ArmorLoc concrete interlocking blocks are designed to control erosion. The ArmorLoc system provides easy and economical installation when equipment is not feasible. ArmorLoc is installed manually over site-specific filter fabric on a prepared surface.
A-Jacks® image


A-Jacks are concrete armor units designed to interlock into a flexible, highly permeable matrix. The ability of the A-Jacks system to dissipate energy and resist the erosive forces of flowing water allows it to protect against scour and erosion.
ArmorWedge® image


ArmorWedge is a concrete step overlay protection system for embankment dams and spillways that are subject to high forces associated with overtopping flow. Even at high flow levels the ArmorWedge system remains stable. An effective drainage system is essential to the design of the overlay.
ArmorMax® image


ArmorMax® Anchored Reinforced Vegetation System is the most advanced flexible armoring technology available. Consisting of our woven three-dimensional High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat with X3® fiber technology and earth percussion anchors, you can count on the ArmorMax system to hold its ground

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Bridge Plank image

Bridge Plank

Cost-Effective Installation for Deck Rehab/ New Construction. Contech Bridge Plank is used for re-decking bridges and for new construction, either to replace deteriorated wood or concrete decks on otherwise structurally sound bridges, or as a high-strength continuous bridge deck surface for new bridges.
HEL-COR® Pile-Shell image

HEL-COR® Pile-Shell

Offering the Industry's Best Strength to Weight Ratio. Light-gage corrugated steel pile shell has been a popular and dependable foundation system since its development. Contech HEL-COR Pile Shell has been used in soils of all kinds where medium-capacity friction or end-bearing piles are required.
Liner Plate image

Liner Plate

Full Length Corrugations & Lapped Joints for More Effective Stiffness & Ring Compression. Contech 2-flange Liner Plate provides optimum shaft stability and protection when constructing new utility tunnels, relining structures under highways and railroads and lining vertical shafts.
Metric Sheeting image

Metric Sheeting

A Unique Steel Sheeting with the Industry's Best Strength to Weight Ratio. Cold-formed Contech Metric Sheeting serves where heavy hot-rolled sheeting is impractical & where other materials are structurally inadequate. Metric Sheeting's unique profile gives it a higher degree of stiffness.
Rail Collector Pans image

Rail Collector Pans

Contech Collector Pans™ are an ideal solution for controlling soil contamination at rail sites. These all-steel pans and drains are easily installed on existing or new tracks to catch wastes such as spilled or leaking fuel, oils and chemicals, and other harmful pollutants

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