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Garlock Safety Systems is the American pioneer in rooftop safety guard rail for the construction industry. With over 30 years of experience we have expanded our collective fall prevention from our original RailGuard 200 non-penetrating rail system to include gates that provide passageways through runs of guard rail, protection systems that guard against skylight falls, gates that guard ladder openings, gates that guard against falls from loading docks, mezzanine gates that provide for the safe transfer of materials onto elevated platforms, rooftop fall prevention anchors, fall prevention warning lines, and much more. In fact, Garlock has even developed customized fall prevention solutions for specific customer needs.
BR> Keeping people safe when the risk of fall from height is present is what Garlock Safety Systems is all about. To get a better idea of how Garlock Safety Systems can help solve your at height fall problems, please review the materials below or click on one of the links that takes to you our web site.


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LifePoint Duo™ STOP System image

LifePoint Duo™ STOP System

The LifePoint Duo is a mobile tie-off device that provides fall protection for two people: Fall Arrest for one and Fall Restraint for one, or Fall Restraint for two. LifePoint Duo works without penetrating the roof. With the handle folded back the body of the LifePoint rests securely on the roof deck to provide the fall resistance needed to protect two people. The ratcheted handle lifts the body of the unit up onto its wheels allowing it to be moved as needed.
RailGuard GC image

RailGuard GC

Designed specifically for the general construction industry for rugged durability and ease of installation. An OHSA Compliant passive fall protection solution for construction of high-rises, Elevator shafts, and other fall hazards existing during construction.
Rollback Safety Bay Gate image

Rollback Safety Bay Gate

Designed to fit within standard and custom racking systems and protect elevated access points for material loading and unloading. Easy-to-use and install. Protects without hindering productivity. Two-gate system means one gate is always closed and OSHA compliant fall protection is in place.
Slab Grabber Perimeter Clamp image

Slab Grabber Perimeter Clamp

The Slab Grabber Clamp is the latest from Garlock Safety Systems for Perimeter Fall Protection. The clamp system complies with OSHA standards and provides a fast, safe solution for new construction slab or deck applications.

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Non-Penetrating Safety Guardrail System image

Non-Penetrating Safety Guardrail System - Railguard 200

The original non-penetrating guard rail system. Exceeds requirements for OSHA temporary and permanent guard rail standards. Modular system allows total flexibility. Bases and railing set-up fast anywhere. Lengths from 2" to 13.5". Custom Lengths and colors available.
Out of Sight Safety Guardrail image

Out of Sight Safety Guardrail - Invisi-Rail

The perfect solution for visible areas such as building fronts. Allows RailGuard 200 to fold out of sight when no workers are on-site. Simply fold up when workers are present.

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Customizable Perimeter Safety image

Customizable Perimeter Safety - TurboRail

The premier leading edge rail protection system with heavy-duty steel clamps, stanchions and snap on horizontal rails. Standard clamps work for low-edge roof details and parapet edges or optional Slab Grabber clamp for exposed slab edges. Systems are available up to 412-feet with steel storage boxes.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Visual Warning Line Systems

Permanent Visual Warning System image

Permanent Visual Warning System - EverLast Warning Lines

A permanent warning system with heavy-duty RailGuard base plates, plastic coated cable and your choice of plastic or metal pennants.
Visual Warning System image

Visual Warning System - Folding Warning Lines

The premier folding line system that installs in minutes to provide visual warning. Meets OSHA regulations. Add the optional cart to store and transport up to 9 folding warning line systems.
The Original Warning Line System image

The Original Warning Line System - Sentinel Warning Lines

The original warning line system with flat bases and 100-feet of flagged line.
Customizable Perimeter Safety image

Customizable Perimeter Safety - TurboCable Fall Protection System

A leading edge cable system with heavy-duty steel clamps and stanchions. Uses the same clamp and stanchion components as the TurboRail system for maximum interchangeability. Systems are available up to 540-feet with steel storage boxes.
Customizable Perimeter Safety image

Customizable Perimeter Safety - Perimeter Clamp System

OSHA compliant leading edge system that can be used on both flat edge surfaces and parapet walls. (2x4's not included).

{{}} {{this.hide}} Permanent Rail

Permanent Mount Railings image

Permanent Mount Railings - Railguard 200

RailGuard 200 Safety Guardrail can be mounted to just about any vertical or horizontal surface and offer permanent protection to fall hazard areas with a minimum footprint. Standard railings in 5', 7 1/2' and 10' lengths powder coated in safety yellow with multiple mounting options (floor and wall). Railings are 1-5/8" diameter and weigh 23-28 lbs. per section. Custom colors also available.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Roof Hatch Protection

Roof Hatch Protection image

Roof Hatch Protection - HatchProtector

The Garlock HatchProtector is designed to install quickly and mounts directly to the roof hatch maintaining rooftop water integrity. The unique design of the HatchProtector also protects hatch integrity with a compression fit. No drilling necessary. 5 standard sizes are available to fit almost any hatch. Choose from either yellow powdercoated or galvanized coating for protection from the elements.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Roof Access

Ladder Access Protection image

Ladder Access Protection - LadderGuard

Fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to create a safety egress and ingress zone to guard roof top ladder access starting 6 ft. from leading edge.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Skylight Guarding

Skylight Protection image

Skylight Protection - SkyDome

OSHA compliant, set-in-place, non-penetrating solution. Standard and custom sizes. Permanent or temporary solution. Color options available.
Skylight Protection image

Skylight Protection - ScreenGuard

Provides cost-effective OSHA compliant fall protection. Secures to the skylight frame with compression fit- no penetrating fasteners, adhesive or straps. Galvanized screen resists corrosion.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Safety Gate Systems

SentryGuard Gates image

SentryGuard Gates

Fall prevention gate to protect open loading docks, mezzanines and more. Two models: Single opening and Split opening. Single opening is designed for hazards up to 12 ft wide. Easy operation and OSHA compliant. Optional air-powered Cantilever Gate lifting utilizes existing 50 psi air-supply and 120-volt current with controls and strobe activation light. Split opening is ideal for wider hazards and low ceiling heights.
Mezzanine Safety Gates image

Mezzanine Safety Gates - LedgeGuard

Protects elevated access points for material loading and unloading. Easy-to-use, easy-to- install. Protects without affecting productivity. Two-gate system means one gate is always closed and OSHA compliant fall protection is in place.
Self Closing Swing Gate image

Self Closing Swing Gate - VersaGate

OSHA compliant gate that protects workers from stairway and ladder falls. Two-piece gate for adjustability with 4 adjustable sizes to 48 inches. Spring loaded hinge provides self-closing feature.
Freestanding Swing Gates image

Freestanding Swing Gates

Gates from 4' to 12' wide used in conjunction with RailGuard 200 systems. Meets all OSHA standards. Available in powder coat or galvanized finished.

Last Update: 2019-12-02