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Torxun Vehicle Access Technologies creates elegantly simple, high performance automated vehicle gate products. We accomplish this by learning from 40 years of historical experience engineering and installing gates. We strive to create visually appealing products that outperform competing products. Whether itís an operator-only installation, a complete turnkey system or a specific component we provide you a solution engineered for your exact requirements.


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Gate Operator image

Gate Operator - TORXUN Model 3

Flexibility, quiet operation, efficiency, reliability and good looks contribute to make the Torxun Model 3 a one-of-a-kind operator for discriminating architects and builders looking for a clean, reliable, solution for high profile properties.

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Quick Fold Gates image

Quick Fold Gates

Perfected over scores of installations this unique design guarantees maximum drive aisle, low noise and flexible gate designs. Order it as a complete systems designed, build and delivered-to-site. Or order the kit of Quick Fold parts and instructions and fabricate your gate locally. Quick Fold Gates can be operated with the Torxun Model 3 or other swing gate operators.

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Preformed Loops image

Preformed Loops

Torxun designed and has been producing our preformed loop for nearly 20 years. You benefit from this reliable, durable, proven, convenient design. The loops come in standard and custom sizes. They are appropriate for all road surfaces.

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Barrier Arms image

Barrier Arms

Torxun designed and produces these lightweight, cost effective barrier arms in a variety of lengths for over 15 years.
Barrier Arms Accessories image

Barrier Arms Accessories

Torxun offers two kits to compliment the Barrier Gate Arms (see above). First is the Square Arm Adapter. This heavy duty bracket bolts to a barrier arm operator. Second is the Folding Arm Assembly Kit which allows a square barrier arm to accommodate low parking garage ceilings.
Lock Guards image

Lock Guards

Torxun designed and produces this handle lock guard to simplify the fabrication and greatly improve the security and aesthetics of commercial pedestrian gates. They are easy to weld onto a new or existing gate. They can be painted to match the gate.

Last Update: 2018-02-01