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Founded by Art Hird back in 1975, Advantage Gate Products began as licensed independent contractors specializing in the sales and installation of gates and control products.

From our contracting roots we learned first-hand that well-made products work better and last longer. They may not be the lowest cost, but they are the best value.

We knew it just made good sense to use the highest quality components in our designs and installations. And when they didn’t exist in the marketplace, we started fabricating some of the components in-house.

When we create new products like the X-3 Advantage or the Quick-Fold Gate System we guarantee improved performance, increased reliability, faster installation, and lower lifetime maintenance costs. Because we’re still all about giving our customers the best value.

We’re proud to affirm that many of the innovative products we sell are designed, engineered, and manufactured right here in Northern California.


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X3 Gate Operator image

X3 Gate Operator

The innovative design of the X3 and the X Series in general is that they allow the motor and the controls to be built directly into the gate mounting hinge post.

By actually building the motor and controls into the gate mounting post you are offered a degree of security not possible in conventional installations.
X2 Gate Operating System image

X2 Gate Operating System

Set the post, hang your swing gate, hook-up the electrical... AND YOU'RE DONE.

That's right, complete installation in less than a day. The time saving, smooth quiet operation and "hidden" components are the preferred choice of architects and homeowners alike.

The Advantage Gate Products X2 Advantage Vehicle Gate System is the only completely self-contained commercial swing gate operator on the market today.

Within the secure housing of the X2 are extra heavy duty gate hinges, a powerful hydraulic gate motor, a custom hydraulic pump and the latest in electronic controls.
QuickFold Vehicle Gate System image

QuickFold Vehicle Gate System

These gates will go where other swing gates or overhead gates could not. The concept behind the QuickFold Folding Gate System is similar to that of a folding closet door. Why choose folding? Folding gates provide a much more compact installation that requires only about half as much room to actually 'swing' the gate. A folding gate is very quiet and requires much less maintenance than typical overhead gates, and this means lower maintenance costs. Our folding gates do not use springs, ensuring better security and less down time. Architects love the QuickFold Vehicle Gate System because of the almost limitless design elements that can be incorporated into the gates
Lever Set Lock Guards image

Lever Set Lock Guards

The Advantage Gate Products Lock Guard is designed to protect a pedestrian gate lever set from being compromised from outside the gate.

Since the "Americans with Disabilities Act" was enacted, the use of level locks is required. We recommend that the Lock Guard be used in conjunction with expanded metal mesh (or similar type product) to adequately protect all metal pedestrian walk gates. This simple product offers access control and good looks at an incredible price.

Constructed from 16 gauge paint-able galvanized (G60) metal, we finish our lock guards with a zinc chromate to replicate the look of stainless steel and protect against rust. They can also be painted to blend with the gate itself.

The contemporary half moon design makes tampering all but impossible. The quality materials and simple engineering are designed to provide years of maintenance free service. Measures 24" long x 12" wide.
NEW! PerForm DUAL PURPOSE Preformed Loop image

NEW! PerForm DUAL PURPOSE Preformed Loop - Model 1551

The last loop you'll ever need to buy because this single loop can be used in EVERY application.

That's right! Whether you need a Preformed Loop to install on a re-bar deck, in a dirt driveway, or into a saw cut. THIS LOOP DOES IT ALL. Each loop comes with easy to understand instructions and a standard 40', 60', or 100' lead.

Custome sizes available on request
Preformed Loops image

Preformed Loops

The original preformed loop, still the only NON-SPLICED loop available today!

We use high quality 14 AWG fully annealed stranded bare copper per ASTM B-3, tightly wrapped with a premium PVC jacket and tough polyamide nylon armor THHN. The wire is then wrapped 3 times within every loop to assure the best sensitivity and detection results.

Our heavy duty, rugged yet flexible, non metallic 1/2" tubing provides maximum resistance to corrosion, moisture and abrasion. Our "open air" technology design allows for minimal vibration transfer that may lead to shortened life. This technology also allows for the expansion and contraction of the asphalt (or concrete) surroundings without compromising the loop functionality or sensitivity.

Our loops come in 8 sizes and 3 lead lengthsthat take the guesswork out of connecting with your detectors. Custom sizes and colors are available. Please contact us about your project needs and we'd be happy to assist.
Folding Gate Arm Assemblies image

Folding Gate Arm Assemblies

For those low ceilings found in parking garages, Advantage Gate Products has a "Folding Arm Assembly." A typical installation requires an "AGP PVC Gate Arm Adapter" a "Folding Arm Assembly" and a PVC arm. Much like the standard AGP Arm Adapters, the "Folding Arm Assembly" adapter is extremely durable and under normal use it will never need replacing.
Barrier Gate Arms & Adapters image

Barrier Gate Arms & Adapters

These adapters are virtually indestructible and should never need replacing.

AGP manufactures a complete line of PVC arms for barrier gate operators - a cost effective replacement for traditional arms. Our PVC gates come in a variety of stripe colors and configurations. We even offer the ability to customize arms with special messages such as "Welcome to ABC Villas" or "6' 8" Clearance."

These rugged PVC barrier arms can often be re-used after contact with a vehicle. This provides continued functioning and reduces revenue loss due to downtime. Our Gate Arm Adapter is designed to fit most gates that currently use wooden or aluminum arms.

We offer the industry's largest selection of lengths in 8', 10', 12' and 15.' For lengths greater than 10', we include our exclusive galvanized metal structural insert to increase strength, stability, serviceability and useful life. This insert is available as an upgrade to 8' and 10' arms. A 2-piece folding solution is available in 10' and 12' for facilities with lowered headroom (Folding arm assembly required and must be purchased separately).

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Who We Help

We market and sell our products through a network of Authorized Dealers across the US, Canada and Mexico. If you are a distributor of gate and access hardware and are interested in viewing our product line please contact us call 888-491-4283.

To find a local distributor contact us or call toll-free 1-888-491-4283. If you have a favorite distributor in your community, please have them contact us directly and we'd be glad to work with them to acquire our products for your use. If you have a situation that you'd like to discuss or any questions about our products we'd be glad to assist you.

Property Managers and Owners
Although our products can only be purchased by your contractor through a network of national distributors, we'd be glad to help you find the solution for your needs. Products such as the X-2 Vehicle Swing Gate System and our made-to-order Quick-Fold Gates require the installation by a certified Gate Contractor. Improper installation can cause serious injury and will void your warranty.

With detailed product knowledge and an internal drafting department, we can assist in writing your specification. We may also be able to recommend a local contractor who can help establish your budget. Since many of our products can be customized for your project, we encourage you to get in touch early in the design phase.

Last Update: 2017-12-19