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Staging Concepts offers the finest in portable stage equipment including: performance stage platforms, seating riser platforms, custom applications, acoustical shells, and rigging solutions. Since 1990, Staging Concepts has provided superior product solutions for performing art centers, stadiums, arenas, hotels, convention centers, production companies, educational centers, worships areas, and more.

Our team of project managers, account managers, designers, engineers, and supporting staff continuously consult with designers and architects around the world to ensure that we are on the forefront of technology. And because our in-house design team consists of experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated engineers, we have the expertise to produce superior products with meticulous craftsmanship. Staging Concepts is committed to engineering dependable and long-lasting products to help elevate any experience.


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Stage Platforms image

Stage Platforms

Staging platforms are the cornerstone of Staging Concepts equipment line. Known for strength and durability, our staging platforms are used for a variety of events and venues. While the SC97 aluminum stage platform is reserved for those seeking weatherproof stage decks for outdoor sports venues, the SC90 is touted as one of the most durable and versatile portable stage decks in the market.
Stage Supports image

Stage Supports

Staging Concepts' platform stage supports work for a variety of custom stages and seating riser systems. Find folding, rolling, fixed, or adjustable platform supports available in multiple sizes.
Guardrails image


In addition to our standard IBC and 2-Line Guardrails, we offer decorative railing styles that serve as a safety function while adding character to any venue or space. Ideal for theatre, production or entertainment applications, the Staging Concepts Ornamental Railing Line can be specifically designed and made to match the look and feel of any project. From classic to modern and sleek guardrail designs, Staging Concept's Ornamental Railing Line includes the following: Invisirail, Gridguard and Tensiline Guardrails.
Stage Skirting image

Stage Skirting

Add Staging Concepts' Stage Skirting to your stage for a clean, polished look. Skirting is typically the first choice for dressing up a performance stage and provides a classic appearance. Our stage skirting simply clips into our patented platform extrusions using extruded plastic clips with hook Velcro for completely invisible attachment.
Closure Panels image

Closure Panels

For a semi-permanent stage or seating riser system, a closure panel is a great choice. Closure panels are made of rigid materials such as aluminum, solid hardwood or veneer, and can even be made to match the top surface decking material. Similar to attaching a stage skirt, closure panels are clipped to the side of the aluminum extrusion using the same built-in clip system. Closure panels can be easily removed with a simple T-handle tool for tear-down, or for accessing space underneath a stage. Closure panels can be highly customized to match any area of a performance space.
Chair Stops image

Chair Stops

Chair stops prevent chairs from slipping between seating riser levels.
Aisle Lighting image

Aisle Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of any performance space. Here at Staging Concepts, we are aware of that reality and we partner with a number of industry leaders to integrate lighting products into our portable staging equipment. Aisle Lighting is available on seating risers to guide patrons up and down the aisles, and to ensure safety during dimly lit performances. Click here to read a blog on our essential stage lighting.
Rolling Drum Riser image

Rolling Drum Riser

Staging Concepts' Rolling Drum Riser complements your performance stage set-up. Its understructure has dual-locking casters to keep the riser in place during your performance. When not in use, its understructure collapses for easy storage and transport. The Rolling Drum Riser is for use with our SC90 Platforms.

Seating Wagon image

Seating Wagon - Moda™

The Moda Seating Wagon incorporates a minimalist, highly-engineered design that provides a lightweight, yet sturdy seating solution for theatres and auditoriums. For busy performance venues, Moda is built with high-end casters to enable as few as two people to quickly and easily move into storage. To reduce noise, each wagon also features acoustical damping. Integral locks accessed from the top enable wagon sections to be connected together, without the use of custom tools.
The Courier™ image

The Courier™ -

A lightweight product weighing a total of 6 pounds, the Courier™ is the perfect solution for conveniently transporting and storing platforms. The Courier platform transport is safe and easy to maneuver, and there are no tools required to assemble. This compact device easily attaches to Staging Concepts' proprietary SC90 Platform aluminum rail, allowing a single user to make their stage portable without any tools or loose parts. This product is easily installed with the simple tightening of a hand knob.
Relia Beam image

Relia Beam

Staging Concepts' Relia Beam is the latest in staging understructure systems. Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum, this system is lightweight, offers few moving parts and is extremely durable. Relia Beam offers flexibility in design; it can be used to span stage openings and is also compatible with the SC9600 bridge support system.
Crowd Control Barricades image

Crowd Control Barricades

Staging Concepts' Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barricade is manufactured to withstand the most demanding circumstances of any venue. These lightweight, steel and aluminum constructed barricade sections only require two people for set up and take down. In addition, each section is equipped with the most effective, and yet the most simple, locking mechanism on the market, so that barricade walls of all sizes take only minutes to assemble. Each section can be folded compactly to fit almost any storage space. Staging Concepts' modular Crowd Control Barricades are sure to complement any performance. CLICK HERE to view more information on Steel Barricades, and CLICK HERE to view more information on Aluminum Barricades.
Storage Carts - Transport Carts image

Storage Carts - Transport Carts

These welded steel tube carts permit guardrails to hang from integral brackets for the most compact and efficient storage possible.
Stair Units image

Stair Units

Staging Concepts offers the finest stage accessories, including portable stage steps, stair units, and other items to help make your event safe and successful.
Premium Portable Seating image

Premium Portable Seating

Give your customers the exceptional experience they deserve. Our line of Clarin by Hussey Seating Premium Portable seating allows you to treat your guests to first-class comfort. Explore our line of Clarin by Hussey Seating Premium Chairs to find the perfect seating selection for your venue. Choose from the plush VIP, sleek Club and stylish Contour models.
ADA Accessible Products image

ADA Accessible Products

Many venues and events require ADA access, which is why Staging Concepts offers the finest ADA accessible systems. Made up of Staging Concepts platforms, supports and guardrails, our ADA accessible systems can be custom designed to meet the needs of any space.
VIP Drink Rail image

VIP Drink Rail

Create an enhanced VIP experience with the VIP Drink Rail! Staging Concepts' popular VIP Rail Attachment is available for use with both the 2-Line Guardrail and IBC Guardrail. The VIP Rail Attachment can be used as:
VIP Booth image

VIP Booth

Promote your venue's profile by elevating your most important guests for improved sightlines and premium experiences. Gain a return on your investment by creating VIP spaces that will ultimately improve revenues for your venue. Modular VIP booths can be customized to be flexible enough to adjust for a variety of events.
Adjustable Stage image

Adjustable Stage - Uplift™

The design of the Uplift allows you to move your platforms up and down with no manual labor or lifting. This revolutionary platform is a scissor stage that is raised and lowered with an electric drill, allowing you and your team to setup your venue quickly, efficiently, and with the least amount of effort. Most importantly, the Uplift can be designed to stop at any number of points. The Uplift can be built into custom shapes and sizes to meet the needs of your venue, eliminating any storage requirements or hours of assembly time for setup and take down. This product is compatible with all Staging Concepts' standard accessories, such as skirting, closure panels and guardrail. Made in the USA, lead-times for Uplift are short and installation is easy since the Uplift is fully supported by Staging Concepts' technicians and engineering staff. PATENT PENDING

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Seating Riser image

Seating Riser

Staging Concepts offers semi-permanent seating risers designed with versatility and ease of set-up in mind.

Without any cumbersome tools, you can easily set up our seating riser in many configurations using the same equipment, making your venue highly flexible for a variety of performances. Staging Concepts can customize a seating riser system to meet your project's particular requirements
Choral Riser image

Choral Riser

The SC Choral Riser is a mobile, durable, portable choral riser perfect for choir performances in any venue. This portable choir riser from Staging Concepts can be simply folded up and easily rolled into storage on its wheels by just one person.

SC Pro Riser image

SC Pro Riser

With towers that combine both bridging from left to right and front to back, this caster-mounted product is both long-lasting and transportable. Optional accessories include step units, handrail, guardrail, field walls and padding, camera or video platforms, and wind load anchors.

Riser Platform image

Riser Platform

The Riser Platform is a lightweight platform, suitable for seating riser applications. Like our standard SC90® Platform, the Riser Platform is constructed with an extruded aluminum frame that is combined with a sturdy 3/4″ marine tech plywood substrate with an aluminum backer that provides a Class A fire rating.

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Acoustical Shell image

Acoustical Shell - Aria™

Staging Concepts' Aria™ Acoustical Shell is the perfect solution for performing arts venues that need a portable and affordable acoustical system to match the beauty of their space.
Acoustical Shell image

Acoustical Shell - Bravado®

The unrivaled Bravado® Acoustical Shell System features elegant mobile towers and ceiling panels that collaborate to form a resounding performance space. Designed for grand spaces that require a full-stage acoustical shell system, the Bravado offers an extremely customizable design that can be perfectly crafted to meet both the visual and acoustical needs of your venue. Each tower in the system is comprised of movable panel wings that lock into place, allowing for configurations that can accommodate groups of varying sizes. Its all-aluminum, lightweight construction combined with an easy-to-use wheeled mover makes transporting and storing towers a simple and efficient process. Let the vibrant sounds resonate in your venue with a high-end acoustical shell system that enhances each performance.

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Black Box Theater image

Black Box Theater

Transform your black box theater into a versatile, multi-purpose performance space with Staging Concepts' customized flexible seating systems.
Stage Extension image

Stage Extension

Stage Extensions are a popular choice for worship centers and churches due to their ability to create a larger area out of an existing space- as well as having an ADA and Handicap Accessible area for the stage.
Multi-Configuration Pulpit Areas image

Multi-Configuration Pulpit Areas

Enhance your worship experience using products from Staging Concepts! We offer customized solutions for your worship facilities so you have a meaningful and enjoyable service. Portable stages, choral risers, seating risers, stage extensions, and drum risers can all be used for additional seating, improved acoustics, and great presentation. We also have a full line of riser accessories to ensure the safety of your congregation.
Orchestra Riser image

Orchestra Riser

Easily set the stage with our durable and lightweight Orchestra Risers. Using our platforms and supports, we can make your riser any size and height. Raise your star performers and enhance your show with confidence, knowing that your risers are made to perform.
Field Stairs image

Field Stairs

Access from the seating bowl to the arena floor or stadium field is often imperative for flexible sports venues. Staging Concepts excels at providing field stair units that are sturdy, fit the design of the space and are easy to set up and take down. We customize stair units to your specific venue and have vast experience in making sure your field stairs meet your specific needs and last a long time.
Camera Platforms image

Camera Platforms

Staging Concepts Camera Platforms/Media Risers are designed to elevate camera operators or designated press personnel for optimal sight lines. Choose from our platform, support and guardrail options to create your own customized camera platform at any size to fit perfectly in your facility or space.
Loge Boxes & Suites image

Loge Boxes & Suites

A huge part of venue sports viewing is the arrangement and setup of the stadium seating. While attending your favorite professional baseball team in the Northeast, fans may have noticed a recent concept/shift to an open-air premium hospitality suite, or Outdoor Loge Suite installed on the main concourse level.

Premium Loge suites have easy access to/from the main concourse and have been outfitted with many of the luxury amenities you would find in a standard closed air stadium suite. Amenities can include a wet bar, stainless steel appliances, flat screen televisions and granite countertops. The number of Loge suites on each of the 1st and 3rd base line range from three to five units, and can hold between eight and ten sport fans. That said those parameters can be easily modified by the client or architect to adhere to the stadium specific needs.

Lift Gate image

Lift Gate

To create maximum flexibility in a larger facility, like a stadium or arena, a section of seating can be installed as an operable lift gate to provide access to the field for large equipment. When you want to quickly change your facility from a sports venue into a concert venue, creating access for trucks, cranes and forklifts often requires a lift gate for a fast set-up and takedown. Staging Concepts can assist you by providing a seating riser that has all the components needed for a functional lift gate to be installed.
ADA Infill image

ADA Infill

Many venues and events require ADA access, which is why Staging Concepts offers ADA Infills. Made up of Staging Concepts platforms, supports and guardrails, our ADA Infills can be custom designed to meet the needs of any space. Most commonly, ADA Platform Infills are used around the seating bowl of a large arena to create ADA seating areas all around the concourse for easy access and accessibility to view the event. These platforms are spanned over the top of the fixed seating rows to create good sight lines for ADA Patrons. Click here to read more about ADA Spaces.
VIP Space image

VIP Space

From custom drink rails to premium portable seating, Staging Concepts can design a VIP deck or space that is perfect for your venue. Give your guests an unrivaled view and make their time in your facility memorable! In addition to superior design, product strength and durability, the flexibility of Staging Concepts' products make its equipment a great choice for any venue.

Pool Covers image

Pool Covers

Staging Concepts has supplied a variety of custom designed and engineered pool cover solutions to hotels, resorts, and other aquatic venues. Pool cover applications use our SC90 stage platforms, which are available in a variety of surface options, such as black or gray poly vinyl and clear or translucent acrylic. Staging Concepts' platform pool covers use a variety of supports, including aluminum pipe legs and bracing and bridge support frames. No matter what the size or shape of your pool, Staging Concepts will be able to provide you with a pool cover solution that will fit your requirements. Click here to see a few pool cover projects we've done or here to read more in-depth!
Orchestra Pill Filler image

Orchestra Pill Filler

When your performance venue requires more performance space or additional seating, consider a Staging Concepts Orchestra Pit Filler. We customize our platforms and supports to match the specific size and shape of your orchestra pit, ensuring a perfect fit for every use. Our orchestra pit fillers are easily customized to look and feel like your permanent stage, while allowing fast and easy change-overs.
Stage Traps image

Stage Traps

Our design team stands ready to match the wood finish on your existing permanent stage to your stage trap in order to create a seamless look. Our stage traps don't require tools, offering flexibility and ease of set-up and take-down. Our latest support structure, Relia System, allows for copious amounts of useable space underneath the stage.

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