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For over a quarter of a century The Williams Brothers Corporation has been manufacturing fire hose and extinguisher cabinets.

"Our company manufactures a wide range of products and associated parts, service parts cabinets for G.M., flammable liquid storage cabinets, access doors and more. I am very proud of what our small Canadian company has been able to accomplish over the years. Proud because it didn't come easily. It took a lot of work, a lot of sweat, and with small monetary rewards but immense gratification. ULC storage cabinets, ULC extinguishers, UL fire rated access doors, Warnock Hersey, Yes, I'm proud, damn proud. Because we're doing it and we're doing in Canada-against all odds."

Bill Williams


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Valve Cabinets

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Elite Fire Hose Cabinets

Durable, attractive & precision built - Williams Brothers Elite cabinets are an ideal choice for virtually any architectural specification. A wide variety of standard & custom sizes, as well as finishes, make this cabinet the industry standard
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Fire Safety Plan Box

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Hump Racks & Trays

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