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Mill Steel Framing (MSF), formerly Steel Structural Products, is a sister company of Mill Steel Company, one of the nation's largest distributors of flat-rolled carbon steel. MSF offers a variety of high quality, code-compliant, and Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA) certified metal framing products for commercial and residential construction. Our full line of products includes ProStud and ProTRAK, drywall studs, connectors, a variety of accessories, and USG Shaft Wall Systems.

We are dedicated to providing excellent service, quality products, and reliable delivery. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, with regional processing and distribution facilities in Jeffersonville, IN, Birmingham, AL, and Houston, TX. Mill Steel Framing is able to provide quick turnaround on all your framing needs with stock readily available for immediate shipment and a dedicated carrier fleet.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Cold Rolled Channel (CRC)

Cold Rolled Channel (CRC) image

Cold Rolled Channel (CRC)

Mill Steel Framing cold rolled channel (CRC) is used as bridging in steel frame walls to resist stud rotation and bending. CRC is passed through stud punch outs, typically at 48" O.C., and is attached to studs using bridging clips or welds.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Drywall Furring Channel

Drywall Furring Channel image

Drywall Furring Channel

Mill Steel Framing Furring Channels are hat-shaped framing accessories used to furr out masonry walls and ceiling assemblies. For concrete and masonry walls, MSF furring channel will be installed vertically. Gypsum board panels are attached using screw fasteners. Furring channels can also be used in drop ceiling applications.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Flat Strapping

Flat Strapping image

Flat Strapping

Mill Steel Framing flat strapping provides backing support for attachment of cabinets, shelves, handrails and fixtures to metal framed walls. Flat strapping is also used as bridging, as a tension component for load bearing metal framing, as diagonal bracing to prevent racking, and as bracing to resist stud rotation.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} ProSTUD® Drywall Framing System

ProSTUD® Drywall Framing System image

ProSTUD® Drywall Framing System


Gauge equivalent drywall framing must meet the minimum performance requirements of conventional drywall framing as defined by the Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA). The industry's “EQ" product of choice, ProSTUD,® employs roll-forming and steel-making technology, exceeding the performance of conventional drywall framing for allowable moment and screw connection strength. When comparing drywall framing systems, it is important to keep in mind Life Safety, System Performance and Connections. The ProSTUD® Drywall Framing System provides peace of mind for all three important functions by providing the right selection of products and product data for every application.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} ProTRAK® Drywall Framing

ProTRAK® Drywall Framing image

ProTRAK® Drywall Framing


  • Web Widths: 1-5/8," 2-1/2," 3-1/2," 3-5/8," 4," 5-1/2," and 6"

  • Legs: 1," 1-1/4," 1-1/2," 2," 2-1/2," and 3"


  • ProTRAK®

    25 / 15mil (25ga EQ) 50ksi

  • ProTRAK®

    20 / 18mil (20ga EQ) 50ksi

  • ProTRAK®

    30MIL 33ksi

  • ProTRAK®

    33MIL 33ksi

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Resilient Channel (RC-1)

Resilient Channel (RC-1) image

Resilient Channel (RC-1)

Mill Steel Framing Resilient Channel (RC-1) provides an economical and efficient method of achieving reduced sound transmission through ceilings and partition wall assemblies. RC-1 can be applied over wood and steel framing to suspend gypsum wallboard 1/2" from framing, effectively reducing sound waves. RC-1 is available in 18 mil 25 gauge thickness only, yield strength is 33 (KSI). Standard length is 12'.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Slotted Slip Track

Slotted Slip Track image

Slotted Slip Track

Mill Steel Framing Slotted Slip Track is manufactured to provide head of wall integrity during vertical building movement. Slotted track provides wall integrity from wind and seismic movement, and expansion and contraction due to temperature differentials. Slotted track is positively secured at the head of the wall and will absorb up to 1" of vertical deflection. This one-piece head of wall system provides reduced costs in labor and materials and is used in both exterior curtain wall and interior non-load bearing applications. MSF slotted slip track conforms to all ASTM requirements, has been code tested by Intertek, and is available in a variety of sizes and gauges.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Structural Framing

Structural Stud and  Joist image

Structural Stud and Joist


Studs are a general purpose framing component used in a number of applications including exterior curtain walls, load bearing walls, headers and floor and roof joists.

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Structural Track

Track is used as a closure to stud and joist ends as well as framing components to heads and sills. Note: 10' is the standard length. Custom lengths available upon request.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} USG Shaft Wall System

USG Shaft Wall System image

USG Shaft Wall System

Mill Steel Framing is a licensed manufacturer of the USG Shaft Wall system. USG Shaft Wall Systems are non-load-bearing gypsum wall partition assemblies constructed from outside the shaft at each floor. Shafts are enclosed early in construction, and the walls are finished later, along with interior partitions. Installation is quick and easy, using components and application procedures familiar to drywall contractors. This system installs faster than other multilayer gypsum panel systems because it is installed from one side, leaving the shaft free of scaffolding. The assemblies are constructed of gypsum liner panels friction-fitted into C-H studs in a progressive manner, with gypsum panels, gypsum fiber panels or cement board applied to the face.

Use USG Shaft Wall Systems to construct elevator shafts, mechanical shafts, stairwells, air return shafts and horizontal membranes. These shafts are vital for vertical communication, power, water, fresh air, exhaust and a means of egress.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Utility Angles

Utility Angles image

Utility Angles

Mill Steel Framing utility angles are used for a variety of connections, bridging, and reinforcement applications in metal stud framing. Utility angles are available in non-structural and heavy-gauges, and in a variety of leg sizes. Standard length is 10'.

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{{}} {{this.hide}} Z-Furring Channel

Z-Furring Channel image

Z-Furring Channel

Mill Steel Framing Z-furring provides a safe and economical way to attach rigid insulation, gypsum wall panels, or plaster to masonry and poured concrete walls. Z-furring is installed vertically using a 1 1/4" wide flange provided for easy screw attachment to the masonry wall, while a 3/4" flange holds the substrate in place. Z-furring can also be used to support mineral and fiberglass insulation batts.

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Last Update: 2021-03-04