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C.H.I. Overhead Doors is a prominent manufacturer of residential, commercial sectional and rolling steel overhead doors. C.H.I. integrates premium-quality materials with superior designs, workmanship and a strong focus on end user satisfaction. Dedicated to continuing the best customer service and dealer support in the industry, it becomes apparent why C.H.I. is referred to as "The Door To Quality."


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Planks - Accent Woodtones image

Planks - Accent Woodtones

Featuring the most advanced highest resolution finishes available, Accents Woodtones accurately portray a non-repeating wood grain to achieve the warmth, appeal, and beauty of a handcrafted wood garage door while providing the strength and durability of steel.

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Skyline Flush image

Skyline Flush

For those who prefer a more contemporary look our flush garage doors provide straight, clean lines for understated elegance.

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Sterling Garage Doors image

Sterling Garage Doors

The embodiment of minimalist design, Sterling doors uniquely combine glass and steel for an ultra-sleek profile.

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Shoreline image


The classic appearance and texture of real wood overlay doors without recurring maintenance.

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Overlay Carriage House image

Overlay Carriage House

CH.I.'s line of carriage style doors is carefully crafted, resulting in an exceptional collection of traditional doors. Whether you prefer the strength of steel, the durability of fiberglass or the beauty of rich, natural wood, you'll find the garage doors you want here with details you won't find anywhere else.

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Raised Panel image

Raised Panel

Add depth to your garage door with our raised panel design available in both short and long panel options. The raised panels start with a recessed edge, but the interior surface of each panel is brought slightly forward, adding just a hint of definition to a classic garage door design.

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Stamped Carriage House image

Stamped Carriage House

Strength and design come together to carefully craft our stamped carriage house doors Shaped from steel and embossed with a wood grain finish, this series beautifully replicates the timeless look of carriage style doors.

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Stamped Shaker image

Stamped Shaker

Clean simple lines and a minimalist design characterize our line of stamped shaker garage doors. The timeless style, expert craftsmanship, and attention to detail will create a lasting impression.

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Full-View Aluminum image

Full-View Aluminum

A dramatic statement made to fit your contemporary garage door application. Our aluminum full-view garage doors are expertly engineered of aluminum and glass that will give your home the perfect blend of industrial and ultra modern.

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Overlay Recessed Panel image

Overlay Recessed Panel

This beautiful recessed panel provides the look of traditional wood frame and panel construction, shaped from steel and embossed with a natural wood grain finish.

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High-Definition Fiberglass image

High-Definition Fiberglass

Strength and design come together to carefully craft our fiberglass garage doors Boasting graceful arches and daring details, these exceptional garage doors with glass set the stage for the rest of your home.Personalizing Options:

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Residential Buyers Guide image

Residential Buyers Guide

Every garage door has its own personality From charming to daring to modest, we've got you covered. Look through our entire line of residential garage doors to find the one you want to live with.
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Commercial Insulated Sandwich Doors image

Commercial Insulated Sandwich Doors

Regardless of your specific application CHI. offers a premium insulated door product guaranteed to deliver years of dependable operation. Our micro-grooved faces are constructed in a variety of gauges (20, 26, 28 gauge) and are available in both polyurethane (sections thermally broken) and polystyrene insulation options for those applications that demand the best in thermal efficiency and value. Standard colors and powder coating available.
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Ribbed Steel Pan & Pan-Insulated Doors image

Ribbed Steel Pan & Pan-Insulated Doors

These commercial overhead door solutions provide powerful performance and rugged reliability for a wide variety of commercial warehouse and industrial applications With a deep horizontal rib design, the 2" thick sections with tongue and groove rail are constructed from hot-dipped galvanized steel with baked-on polyester finish. Choose from 25, 24 and 20 gauge steel with optional polystyrene insulation with vinyl or steel backer.
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Aluminum Full-View Doors image

Aluminum Full-View Doors

The clean modern look combined with its flexibility durability and quality make this the perfect choice selection for your fullview needs The stile and rail design has 2" thick sections with tongue and groove rails. Aluminum rails and stiles are available clear anodized, white, or optional powder-coat colors. Various glass panels available in polycarbonate, plain, tinted or frosted. Aluminum panels are also available.
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Rolling Service Doors image

Rolling Service Doors

This noninsulated rolling door offers an exceptional value for a variety of applications including dock and material handling solutions Available in 24 gauge, flat slat profiles with a variety of standard color and powder coat options.
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Counter Shutter image

Counter Shutter

The 6500 series rollup doors offer the best in security flexibility and appeal. Coiling counter doors are available with flat slat configuration and a dual-seal bottom bar. Choose from clear anodized aluminum, painted steel, stainless steel or powder coated finishes.
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Rolling Fire Doors image

Rolling Fire Doors

CHI Guardian™ Fire Doors deliver safe, reliable, predictable, and repeatable drop testing made possible in any facility with the flip of a handle. Coiling fire doors are available with U.L. label, 3/4hr, 1-1/2hr, 3hr or 4hr rating. Choose from curved or flat slat configuration in galvanized steel slats or stainless steel (flat only) slats.
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Fire Counter Shutters image

Fire Counter Shutters

UL labeled counter fire doors are engineered for installation to approved sheet rock steel, and masonry construction for areas that require a fire listed counter door in a rated fire wall. Utilizing the same Guardian(TM) drop testing system can be specified with, 3/4hr, 1-1/2hr or 3hr UL rating (dependent upon mounting surface). Available with flat slat steel and stainless steel curtain options.
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Coiling Grilles image

Coiling Grilles

The Series 9300 lift reading rolling grille doors are designed to reduce installation time without compromising security Available in a variety of curtain options including straight brick rod patterns polycarbonate and solid or perforated aluminum to meet your specific project goals.
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Side Folding Grilles and Closures image

Side Folding Grilles and Closures

The most resourceful way to secure an opening for almost any application With virtually no width restrictions curtains can be even hundreds of feet the doors can accommodate curves and special radius. Curtain designs include rod & link patterns, solid & perforated aluminum, polycarbonate and tempered glass.
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Rubber Doors image

Rubber Doors - MaxDock™

The MaxDock™ is a low-maintenance, economical, impactable loading dock door. With no plungers, rollers, cables, or exposed torsion springs, it has low maintenance and decreases downtime. Galvanized guides and a heavy-duty rubber curtain give you durability, security, and ease of use for your loading dock. The MaxDock™ is designed to work with either manual or motorized operation. Easy to install and maintain, this loading dock door is applicable in a variety of industries. Its low-headroom design makes it an easy fit in areas where space is minimal and access is difficult. A perfect replacement to sectional doors, the MaxDock™ is built to withstand impacts and abuse in any warehouse or distribution and logistics facility.

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Rubber Doors image

Rubber Doors - MaxPro™

For those seeking a high-performance rubber door, the PerforMax™ MaxPro™ will present a perfect solution. The MaxPro™ uses RhinoMax™ Rubber, which is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and durability. The MaxPro™ commercial door includes safety features such as a direct drive springless operator with inertia brake and breakaway design. The curtain releases from the guides and is easily reset, virtually eliminating downtime and resulting in increased productivity.

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Rubber Doors image

Rubber Doors - MaxSpeed™

The PerforMax™ MaxSpeed™ combines industrial strength with high speed, giving you an unbeatable high-performance commercial door. With a direct-drive motor, springless design and heavy-duty curtain, this door is purpose-built for continuous operation. Without counterweights, tension springs, hinges, pulleys, or straps, downtime and maintenance is minimized for your operation to run smoothly. With the durable curtain, steel guides, and breakaway wind-lock system, the MaxSpeed™ is up to any challenge.

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Vinyl Doors image

Vinyl Doors - MaxClean™

The MaxClean™ high-speed vinyl door is ideal for sealing interior openings, such as within manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, distribution centers, and warehouses. This high-performance vinyl door offers an opening speed up to 60" per second to maintain air separation. The MaxClean™ is designed to withstand accidental impact by releasing the curtain from its stainless steel guides and automatically resetting to reduce downtime. This door comes standard with a slanted stainless steel hood and motor cover, light curtain, and a soft bottom edge for pedestrian safety.

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Vinyl Doors image

Vinyl Doors - MaxSeal™

The MaxSeal™ high-speed door is ideal for interior or exterior applications in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. With opening speeds of up to 48" per second, the MaxSeal™ vinyl door increases productivity while reducing energy loss. In the event of accidental impact, the door is easily reinserted into its guides, keeping downtime to a minimum.

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High Speed Doors image

High Speed Doors - MaxSteel

These high-performance steel doors are engineered and designed for the strength and durability you need, with the speed and simplicity you want. Manufactured to stringent specifications, the 8000 Series of doors are industrial products built to perform every time. We take pride in eliminating shortcuts to deliver a product both specifiers and end users can be confident in.

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Architects Tools image

Architects Tools

Whether you're an Architect, Specifier, Engineer or End User our Architectural Consultant Team is prepared & ready to be a solution provider to your project. Ensuring that the correct product is specified or detailed can save time, money and increase occupants' safety. Contact one of our team members today.

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