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Atlantis Rail Models - Mixing Wood with Steel
Atlantis Rail is a revolutionary approach to conventional railing systems. The long lasting quality and non-corrosiveness of type 316 stainless steel allows us to add value and durability to your railings. This innovative collection of low maintenance railings offers unobstructed views capable of fitting any indoor or outdoor design situation. Enjoy the streamlined look of our four unique Atlantis Rail models with infill options of cable railing, balusters and glass panels. These models mix traditional wood or optional vinyl with the clean, modern look of stainless steel.

SunRail(TM) Systems - Complete Stainless Steel Railing Systems
For a completely stainless steel railing system, Atlantis Rail offers the SunRail(TM) systems. These modular systems allow for easy installation while achieving a custom look. The SunRail(TM) models are available with infill options of cable railing, balusters and glass panels, as well as, ADA compliant handicap railing systems. The streamlined look of these systems provides the enjoyment of unobstructed views without compromising the structural integrity. With the choice between a highly polished or brushed finish, these stainless steel railing systems blend nicely with every decor.

Advanced Patented Technology
The cable infill is attached to the posts using patented RailEasy(TM) tensioners which secure the wire with simple hand tools. Featuring mechanical swaging capabilities, these tensioners allow installers to cut cable on site, removing the hassle of pre-measuring and the cost of miscalculations. With a slotted base that angles up to 45 degrees , these tensioners are ideal for stair applications.

Finish any railing project off with MicroStar(TM) LED lighting to illuminate the architectural features. These super bright white lights are ideal for accenting indoor or outdoor railing applications. The small size and easy installation allows for endless design possibilities. Brighten up any railing system by placing MicroStars(TM) underneath the top railing.


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New - Cable Railing with Powder-Coated Aluminum Posts image

New - Cable Railing with Powder-Coated Aluminum Posts - NOVA II System

The NOVA II System features powder-coated aluminum posts, handrails and foot rails and horizontal cable infill. The cable infill utilizes HandiSwage' fittings with 1/8" cable. The NOVA II Cable Railing with Aluminum Posts System is offered in black, white and bronze color options.

The HandiSwage™ cable infill features a line of stainless steel hand swage fittings and 1/8" cable, making it one of the simplest and most economical cable railing systems available.
Stainless Steel Railing image

Stainless Steel Railing - SunRail™ Nautilus

The SunRail™ Nautilus System is a completely stainless steel cable railing system with an optional stainless steel bottom rail.
Stainless Steel Cable Railing image

Stainless Steel Cable Railing - RailEasy™ Nautilus

The RailEasy™ Nautilus design combines the view enhancing look of stainless steel cable railing and our polished or brushed stainless steel rails.
Cable Railing image

Cable Railing - RailEasy™ Cable Railing

The RailEasy™ cable railing system combines the natural beauty of wood with the streamlined look of patented RailEasy'' tensioners and cable.

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Baluster Railing image

Baluster Railing - RailEasy™ Mariner

The RailEasy™ Mariner vertical stainless steel railing system is an easy answer to vertical railing requirements. It is a great application for interior and exterior railing and is ideal for heavy duty commercial applications.

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Stainless Steel Glass Railings image

Stainless Steel Glass Railings - SunRail™

The SunRail™ Glass system includes stainless steel tubing that frames glass infill which is attached with glass panel connectors to offer unobstructed views while providing a wind barrier.
Stainless Steel Glass Railings image

Stainless Steel Glass Railings - RailEasy™

The RailEasy™ Glass System combines the modern look of a stainless steel top and bottom rail and glass infill with your wood or vinyl posts.

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Handicap Railings image

Handicap Railings - SunRail™ AccessEasy™

The SunRail'' AccessEasy'' railing system is ADA compliant and made from corrosion resistant marine grade stainless steel. The patented, modular components allow for the quick and accurate production of railings for any size project.

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LED Lighting image

LED Lighting - MicroStar™

MicroStar™ LED lighting is available in 12v and each light draws only .02 amps. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use to provide sufficient levels of light to illuminate railing features.

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Railing Components image

Railing Components - RailEasy™ Tensioners

Stainless Railing Components. RailEasy™ Cable Railing Components.

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