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Accessibility and the ADA - 2010 Standard for Room Identification Signs


Nova Polymers, Inc., is the Sign Industries leader in manufacturing Photopolymer materials for the Architectural sign industry, and is proud to support Green building initiatives and environmental graphic design.

With over 10 years of experience, Nova provides the highest level of quality and reliability obtainable in the industry today. Through our continuing efforts to support the Architectural and Professional Design community, Nova has provided progressive product development and extensive product testing resulting in reliable solutions that allow for creativity, product integrity and most importantly; ADA Compliance.

All Nova Polymer materials are manufactured in the United States and pass through numerous test methods to ensure product integrity.


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ADA 2010 Standard for Room Identification Signs

This course will educate the attendee about all current US And International ADA/Accessibility requirements (including the 2010 Standard (SAD) as it relates to room identification signs, and will provide education about the technical characteristics (geared toward helping specifiers) concerning the most commonly used material (photopolymer) for Accessible/ADA compliant signage.

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Interior Photopolymers - NovAcryl® ECR™

Nova has partnered with 3form® to develop one of the most creative solutions ever introduced to the Architectural Signage industry.

This solution bonds Nova''s clear photopolymer layer (found in the industry leading NovAcryl) to 3forms® Varia™ Series base material. 3forms® patented EcoResin; which has up to 40% recycled content, compliments Nova''s already diverse line of green solutions.

As the name implies, the choices of Varia™ resin panels are as diverse as your imagination. By allowing you to custom-select the color, pattern, texture, interlayer and finish of your material, Nova''s Varia™ series photopolymer solution transforms into the perfect medium for your architectural applications.

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Interior Photopolymers - NovAcryl® PT Series™

The industries leading photopolymer sign material.

The photopolymer layer of Novacryl is a moisture resistant, interior grade nylon material with a Durometer hardness rating of 80 Shore D. The clear PETG base of all NovAcryl sheets contains a co-extruded UV inhibitor to block unwanted light contamination. All NovAcryl sheets come with a high-tack back liner to prevent scratching.

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Interior Photopolymers - NovAcryl® LP™

The introduction of NovaLP can change the way you design your next tactile project. From wood grains to marbles and granites; LP patterns have you covered.

We now bond Nova''s popular high resolution clear photopolymer to over a hundred standard patterned laminate substrates from trusted names like Formica, Pionite and Wilsonart. All patterns are available in 1/8'" thickness and a sheet size of 19'" x 25'".

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Interior Photopolymers - NovAcryl Permaglow 150

NovAcryl Permaglow 150 is the ideal solution for safety and egress signage concerns, as well as environmental concerns about energy savings and CO2 emissions. Permaglow 150 absorbs ambient light during the day and provides photo-luminescent emergency guidance at night. At night time, or in the event of a power outage, the photo-luminescent material instantly emits light without any electrical power. NovAcryl Permaglow 150 ensures orderly egress to and inside stairwells and exits, clearly identifies fire extinguishers and emergency aids, and illuminates fire escape and evacuation routes.

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Interior Photopolymers - NovAcryl AL Series

AL consists of the same moisture resistant nylon based photopolymer layer as found on NovAcryl. Clear adhesive layer allows for a brushed aluminum face appearance.

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Exterior Photopolymers - NovAcryl® NovEx

NovEx consists of a water proof synthetic rubber photopolymer layer that is exterior rated immediately upon initial exposure. Durometer hardness rating of 90 Shore D.

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Photopolymer Processors image

Photopolymer Processors - Orbital X

This all-in-one unit processes water-washable photopolymer Sign material. The Orbital X is a newly designed, stack-style processor featuring an orbital washout, exposure section, a three drawer dryer and a post exposure section. Any of these features can be assembled to customize the platemaking system.
Hot Stamping Machines image

Hot Stamping Machines

The KOBO TC-Series hot stamp machines instantly apply color and metallic effects to painted or unpainted raised ADA compliant photopolymer graphics. No cleanup or chemistry required. These units are heavy duty cast construction.
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High Quality film negatives are a critical component in the creation of a photopolymer sign.
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Software - Workflow Manager™

WorkFlow Manager™ is a new software package that streamlines photopolymer sign production to save time and money.

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