Founded in 1978, Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights is a worldwide leader in high-performance daylighting. Our mission is to harness the power of the sun to maximize the cost-effective energy savings of daylighting.

In 2011, Sunoptics joined forces with Acuity Brands to combine daylighting, electric luminaires and advanced lighting controls to offer the industry's most complete set of sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

For a number of years, Sunoptics and Acuity Brand's Lighting Controls & Design products have been available in an integrated solution that enhances the value of prismatic skylighting solutions.

Sunoptics leverages unique design, materials and construction to optimize lighting performance through prismatic lenses. These lenses provide maximum light transmittance while maintaining 100% diffusion, which eliminates undesirable hot spots, glare and UV damage to the daylighted space.

Sunoptics manufactures all of it's own plastic with it's state-of-the-art extrusion equipment. This provides us the ability to control the light transmission capability of our plastics while maintaining the highest level of product quality in the industry. No other skylight manufacturer has this capability. Our state-of-the-art Photometric Lab as well as a multitude of third party testing confirms real-world performance of all our products.

Sunoptics High Performance Prismatic Skylights have been installed in several hundred million square feet of buildings worldwide. These skylights have the potential of replacing over 500 megawatts of electrical lighting energy during a utilities' peak load hours. According to a recent study by Heschong Mahone Group, Inc., a leading expert in daylighting engineering and design, if the U.S. retrofitted all existing buildings that it makes sense to daylight, the potential peak load reduction would equal 20,000 megawatts. That's like replacing the energy produced by more than 40 coal fire energy plants.


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Signature Series Skylights image

Signature Series Skylights - SIG

The Sunoptics Signature Series is our highest performing skylight. Through is patented design featuring prismatic optics, Signature captures more light at low-light levels than any other passive skylight on the market today. It provides glare-free, UV-damage free, full-spectrum natural light. Signature series is for use in open ceiling applications such as retail, warehouses, manufacturing, and areas with higher mounting heights. Optimize your energy savings by pairing the Signature Series skylights with Acuity LED lighting and lighting controls to reduce your energy costs on lighting by 80-90%.
Pyramid Lens Skylight image

Pyramid Lens Skylight - PY

For use in exposed architectural applications for clean, smooth lines or in retrofit applications for reuse of existing roof curbs.
Double Hip Lens Skylight image

Double Hip Lens Skylight - DHP

For use in exposed architectural applications for clean, smooth lines or in retrofit applications for reuse of existing roof curbs.
Sunoptics Multi-Lite Skylight image

Sunoptics Multi-Lite Skylight - MLT

Custom architectural skylight with multiple lenses in high performance lens configuration designed for monumental applications up to 9' wide and to any length.
Military Grade Skylight image

Military Grade Skylight - MLTG

The Sunoptics Military Grade skylight has the strength to meet the highest performance requirements to be used in DoD projects per Chapter 10. This includes the ability to install at any government buildings that are required to conform to Chapter 10 with the highest level of protection.
ProDome Budget-Friendly Prismatic Skylight image

ProDome Budget-Friendly Prismatic Skylight - PDome

ProDome™ Skylights from Sunoptics® leverage unique design and construction featuring prismatic lenses to deliver glare-free quality daylighting. Whether to comply with daylighting architectural specifications or support facility-driven needs to reduce energy costs, ProDome Skylights offer you the right solution to fit within the project budget.

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Smoke Vents image

Smoke Vents - SVT

Industrial Smoke Vents are ideal for use in industrial and commercial buildings where emergency smoke evacuation requirements are needed. Sunoptics has multiple smoke vent models and certifications available for your smoke vent needs. The Sunoptics UL Listed Smoke Vents are available with snow load ratings of 10 and 30 pounds per square foot while the Sunoptics FM Approved Smoke vents are available with a snow load rating of 10 pounds per square foot.

{{}} {{this.hide}} SLFTL Tubular Daylighting System

Tunable-White LED Tubular Daylighting System image

Tunable-White LED Tubular Daylighting System - LightFlex™

LightFlex™ LED is the industry's first commercial daylighting system with integrated tunable-white LED and lighting controls - providing natural light, electric light, or a combination of both via the same luminaire.

For ultimate energy savings, the integrated daylighting sensor and nLight® controls system work seamlessly together so the LEDs can supplement daylighting coming through the tubular daylighting system when more light is needed.

Lightflex™ LED tunable white is perfect in indoor applications such as classrooms, offices and conference rooms as it allows the LED light color temperature to be adjusted by the user, supporting circadian rhythm and tasks such as reading, meeting, teaching and more.

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Tubular Skylights image

Tubular Skylights

The LightFlex' daylighting system from Sunoptics brings natural light into finished ceiling applications like offices, schools and stores that don™t have direct access to the roof.

Naturally Smart. Remarkably Simple.

For improved comfort, performance and well-being, reduced energy consumption and high-quality illumination at the lowest watts-per-square-foot. Consider the benefits of daylight:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased sales
  • Improved student performance
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Employee retention

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Curbs image


Sunoptics offers a full line of structural and insulated wood and metal curb options for your roof assembly. Our Structural Curb Option eliminates the need for interior structural reinforcement for new construction assembly. All curb options come standard with our Safety Security Grid designed to bring your product in full compliance with OSHA 1926.502 as well as OSHA 1910 standards.
Skylight Mounting System for R-Panel Metal Roofs image

Skylight Mounting System for R-Panel Metal Roofs - EZY Curb™

EZY Curb™ EZYSA provides easy one-for-one replacement of existing fiberglass panels on R-Panel metal roofs.

The EZY Curb™ system is a modular curb system that can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional curb-based systems. For additional labor savings, it can be installed by a roofer versus a specialized metal mechanic.

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Curb Topper Series image

Curb Topper Series - CT

For use in applications where building code mandates require more stringent U-Value and/or Solar Heat Gain (SHGC) values.
Sunoptics Skylight Louvers image

Sunoptics Skylight Louvers - LRV

Motorized Light Control Louvers for use in conjuction with Acuity Brands Lighting Controls for applications where complete control of daylight is desired.
Sunoptics Skylight Clip On Guards image

Sunoptics Skylight Clip On Guards

Sunoptics Safety and Security Clip on Guard is designed for new and retrofit applications and for both metal and wood curbs. Curb top design provides lifetime OSHA compliant fall protection with or without a dome.
ESFP (External Skylight Fall Protection) image

ESFP (External Skylight Fall Protection)

ESFP screens are an alternative to our standard curb integrated fall protection screens. The exterior mounting location will eliminate the direct view of the fall protection screens from the vantage point below the skylight.

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Industrial image


Warehouses and manufacturing applications are idea environments for using Sunoptics high-performance prismatic skylights along with LED lighting and lighting controls from Acuity Brands. Daylighting just 4% to 5% of the industrial floor area allows the electric lights to be shut off during 70% to 80% of the daylight hours.
Retail image


In the retail environment, Sunoptics Prismatic Skylights serve a dual purpose. Daylighting helps control operating costs by reducing electricity use while simultaneously providing full-spectrum natural light with CRIs of nearly 100. There is no better way to display merchandise than incorporating glare-free, diffuse full-spectrum natural light. Only Acuity Brands can offer you a holistic daylighting system for retail environments featuring skylights, LED lighting and lighting controls.
Education image


Daylighting is an effective method for reducing energy costs and providing a better lighting environment that supports learning. Consider using daylighting in classrooms, libraries, corridors, community learning areas an gymnasiums. When you daylight a classroom with an Acuity Brands daylighting system you can have the lights off 70% to 80% of the time.
Commercial Office image

Commercial Office

Daylighting is a great way to bring natural lighting into open-ceiling and suspended ceiling office applications where limited side-lighting is common. Sunoptics commercial or tubular skylights are ideal solutions for open-office, small-office, conference rooms, training centers, atriums, and break-rooms. As part of an Acuity Brands daylighting system, you can easily integrate Sunoptics daylighting with Acuity Brands LED lighting and integrated controls to maximize energy savings.

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Residential Skylights image

Residential Skylights - RES

The Sunoptics Skylights are an energy efficient way to properly illuminate the interior of your home. The Manually Venting option allows the added benefit of natural air ventilation. Sunoptics prismatic designs provide up to 50 percent more light than traditional white bubble skylights while also providing 100 percent diffusion to eliminate hot spots while providing glare-free natural light for more hours per day. The superior frame provides moisture protection redundancy and a fully insulated thermal break that encapsulates the underside of the frame to greatly reduce condensation concerns. Add value and visual comfort to your home by utilizing high performance prismatic skylights from Sunoptics.

Residential, for excessive roof pitch application

  • Triple glazed and ready for installation
  • Fixed skylight
  • Available in a Bronze or Mill Finish

Residential Accessories image

Residential Accessories

Sunoptics offers a full line of Structural and insulated wood and metal curb options for your roof assembly. Our Structural Curb Option eliminates the need for interior structural reinforcement for new construction assembly. All curb options come standard with our Safety Security Grid designed to bring your product in full compliance with OSHA 1926.502 as well as OSHA 1910 standards.

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Find supporting tools and documents for Sunoptics solutions.

Design Resources

Access design resources for all your commercial, industrial, retail and education applications.
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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Third Party Testing

Learn more about our third party testing.

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Electri-Flex Company image

Electri-Flex Company

For Electri-Flex Company, a leader in electrical conduit design and manufacturing, a new plant in Roselle, IL, would represent as much as a 60% increase in company production and 25 new jobs in the Roselle community.
Akins Ford Dealership image

Akins Ford Dealership

The Akins cousins weren™t necessarily trying to go green when they brought the light of day into their Georgia auto dealership. New skylights were just one of several technologies included in an energy system overhaul designed for one simple purpose: reducing the utility bills.
Florida Distributing image

Florida Distributing

Seeing is Believing for One Orlando Daylighting Customer.
Alvin Junior High School image

Alvin Junior High School

Daylighting Brightens a Science Classroom at Alvin Junior High School.
Butler Builders (Nissan Facility) image

Butler Builders (Nissan Facility)

Butler Builders have installed more than 10,000 SunLite Strip units.
Wilson Elementary image

Wilson Elementary

Eneref Institute examines the benefits of lighting controls with natural interior daylight in classrooms.
Karndean Warehouse image

Karndean Warehouse

Eneref Institute examines how a holistic approach to lighting improves morale and performance in a warehouse facility.

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