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Tile Tech is a leading manufacturer of Roof Pavers, Porcelain Pavers, IPE Wood Deck Tiles & Adjustable Pedestal Systems. Our complete product lines transforms any roof deck, pool decks, rooftop terraces, plazas, green roofs, walkways, driveways, courtyards or patios into beautiful usable spaces in both high-traffic commercial and high-end residential applications. They can be sand set, mortar set or installed on pedestals over waterproof roofs or decks. Tile Tech Deck Support Pedestals hold and elevate numerous decking surface materials such as IPE Wood Tiles, concrete pavers, porcelain pavers, stone tiles and decks on joist systems. Tile Tech pedestal systems offer all-in-one flexibility for installation, future maintenance and/or dismantling. Tile Tech products are sustainable - offering LEED credits, recycled content and FSC approval. Matching accessories such as stair treads, pool copings, risers & ADA accessories such as Detectable Warning & ADA Truncated Domes pavers & tiles are also available.


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Architectural Pavers image

Architectural Pavers

Architectural pavers are the ideal solution to most paving needs either on roof deck or on grade for both commercial & residential applications. We strive to meet the needs of all our architects & specifiers by combining superior strength of 8000 psi and our ability to produce custom mix designs & colors.

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Roof Pavers

Tile Tech roof pavers & adjustable pedestal system offers a solution for all roofing & waterproofing needs from standard Roof Ballast and Walkway, to Architectural Plazas and Green Roofs converting them into functional & attractive spaces.

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Adjustable Pedestal Systems image

Adjustable Pedestal Systems - Hybrid Pedestal™, Uni-Just™, Stak-Cap™

Our new patented Hybrid Pedestal™ System consists of 6 standard components and off-the-shelf, 4.215" diameter SDR-35 PVC pipe. The PVC pipe allows the pedestal system to vary in height up to 22+ inches and is cut to the desired height using 12" chop saw and also features a built in screw adjustment with a self leveling head for fine height & slope compensation.

Adjustable Pedestal - LOW Height image

Adjustable Pedestal - LOW Height

Allow for minor height adjustments from 1/2" up to 2" and can compensate for slopes of 0% to 3% by aligning the built-in slope compensator of one cap relative to another. Simple, easy and affordable!

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Porcelain Pavers

Tile Tech Porcelain Pavers are comprised of a 2-cm / 3/4" single layer of load-bearing porcelain designed for use in conjunction with raised pedestals and support pad systems as well as other dry installation and traditional fixing methods allowing total flexibility in design applications."Cool-Roof" colors are also available to meet high SRI values and LEED points within the porcelain series.
Porcelain Pavers image

Porcelain Pavers - Porce-Stone™

Tile Tech's range of Stone Effect offers the beauty and aesthetics of stone, without the maintenance and upkeep required for natural stone materials. Completely nonporous, they will not stain and require no sealing & will remain looking as good as the day they were installed! Extremely high slip resistance for all finishes, ensures a safe floor area wet or dry. "Cool-Roof" colors are also available to meet high SRI values and LEED points within the porcelain series.

Porcelain Pavers image

Porcelain Pavers - Porce-Rustica™

Tile Tech's range of Rustic-Wood Effect features not only simulated timber plank finishes but also a unique range of simulated weathered wood finishes which replicates the appearance and features of natural reclaimed wood but without the disadvantages of fading, twisting, warping, decay, and poor fire resistance inherent in natural wood.
Porcelain Pavers image

Porcelain Pavers - Porce-Plank™

Tile Tech's range of Wood-Plank Effect high-tech alternative to both natural and composite wood & timber decking products. The fusion of porcelain paver technology with the natural characteristics of timber, has produced a material with all the benefits and beauty of timber without the disadvantages; Porce-Plank' is fire proof; needs no maintenance; will not stain; will not change colors or fade; and is extremely resistant to abrasion -offering massive over-life savings.

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Wood Deck Tiles

As elegant in function as they are in appearance, Tile Tech IPE™ Wood Tiles let you bring the natural beauty of exotic hardwood to any environment. IP™ Wood paving tiles are designed for constructing raised wood decks over exterior surfaces such as rooftops, terraces and plazas, in both residential and commercial applications.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Cool-Roof™ Series Pavers

Cool-Roof™ Series Pavers image

Cool-Roof™ Series Pavers

Our Cool-Roof™ pavers utilize a high reflective value and low emissivity rate resulting in a high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) value; Tile Tech Cool-Roof™ pavers have a minimum SRI value of 78. This high SRI value allows you to meet the needs for LEED certified projects when used on your roof and balconies and can also be installed on pedestals for a complete roofing system.

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Paver Tray - Wind Uplift & Safety image

Paver Tray - Wind Uplift & Safety

High wind and severe site conditions require an outstanding paver system. Tile Tech has developed the Hex-Tray™ system, which is an engineered system used in conjunction with our porcelain roof pavers & adjustable pedestals on top of roof decks to prevent wind-uplift while also providing added safety in case of breakage of pavers. Our patented system is designed especially for the most severe conditions, which require an elevated roof paver pedestal system.

Paver Tray - Snowmelt image

Paver Tray - Snowmelt

Tile Tech Hex-Tray™ SNOWMELT system is the most economical, versatile and easiest to install system for snow-free surface for pedestal supported pavers laid on elevated rooftop decks, terraces, plazas or walkways in both commercial or residential applications. Our snow melting system can be used with both ELECTRIC and HYDRONIC heating system and engineered to be used in conjunction with our porcelain roof deck pavers & adjustable pedestals and works by simply of running insulated electrical heating cables or hydronic pex tubing along channels on top of the aluminum heat plates which installed under the paving slabs. Additional wind-uplift prevention mechanism is also available for the snow melting system.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Turf-Tray™

Turf-Tray™ - Rooftop Artificial Grass image

Turf-Tray™ - Rooftop Artificial Grass

Our Turf-Tray™ system is an engineered system used in conjunction with our artificial turf & adjustable pedestals for elevated and level rooftop decks. Using synthetic turf in roof deck applications allows you to enjoy the look, feel and function of natural grass without the weight of soil or the extensive maintenance required to keep natural grass looking good. You are also able to avoid the inevitable bugs and weeds that come with having soil and natural grass on your roof. This growing trend provides visual beauty to multi-level homes, high rise condominiums and balconies that want the "green look" and feel of natural grass.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Plant-Tray™

Plant-Tray™ Modular Green Roof image

Plant-Tray™ Modular Green Roof

Our Plant-Tray™ system, otherwise know as MODULAR live roof or green roof system, is a engineered system used in conjunction with our adjustable pedestals on top of roof decks, plaza decks & terraces and can integrate seamlessly with our elevated paver and wood deck tiles products resulting in a stunning and versatile GREEN rooftop deck.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Granite-Tech™ Series Pavers

Granite-Tech™ Series Pavers image

Granite-Tech™ Series Pavers

Granite-Tech™ pavers are produced under extreme hydraulic pressure by bonding crushed granite & limestone together within a color cement matrix duplicating the forces of nature. The pavers are then ground to expose the beauty of the natural granite chips and can be honed or shot blasted resulting in a granite-like, slip resistant & high strength paver.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Stamp-Tech™ Series Pavers

Stamp-Tech™ Series Pavers image

Stamp-Tech™ Series Pavers

Stamp-Tech™ pavers can be manufactured in wide range of surface designs and sizes in addition to endless colors & aggregate mixes. Stamp-Tech™ Slate pavers have been designed to reproduce the texture, color and appearance of natural slate & its irregular top surface was developed from actual sections of stone.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Stair Treads™ & Pool Coping Pavers

Stair Treads™ & Pool Coping Pavers  image

Stair Treads™ & Pool Coping Pavers

In addition to various other complimentary products, we also manufacture various sizes & profiles of reinforced pool copings, stair treads and rises to match any of our paver series.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Detectable-Warning' Pavers

Truncated Domes & Detectable Warning Pavers image

Truncated Domes & Detectable Warning Pavers - ADA Detectable Warning

Our detectable warning pavers are manufactured in several sizes and colors to suit various design requirements and conform to all ADA Codes. Projects will benefit from its high 8,000psi strength and are used in railway platforms, curb ramps and handicap ramps. Custom color and aggregate mixes are available upon special request at no additional cost.

Last Update: 2019-12-06