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Our company is a consolidation of three of the oldest, largest, and most well-respected names in the flexible moulding industry: Flex Trim, Carter Millwork, and Ultra-Flex Moulding. Our parent company, Carter Millwork, Inc., is a second-generation family owned business headquartered in Lexington, North Carolina. We have a very "hands on" management team, with a conservative operating style. We carefully manage our growth and believe the worst mistake a company can make is to extend a promise to a customer (new or old) and be unable honor that commitment. Therefore, our goal is simple: we do not want to be the "biggest" flexible moulding supplier (although we are), just simply the "best."

Intricate mouldings that arch effortlessly over doorways and windows. Customizable and affordable accents that conform to rounded walls and surfaces. If it can be imagined, Carter Millwork can produce it.Founded in 1996, Carter Millwork grew rapidly from a small, two-person company into the largest flexible moulding manufacturer in the country. In 2008, we acquired Flex Trim, which allowed us to significantly expand our product lines and capabilities and made us the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of exible moulding.

Our company has prospered because we listen to the needs of our customers and seek e ective solutions to their project concerns.

At Carter Millwork, we pride ourselves on crafting superior flexible moulding and in providing clients with the highest level of support and responsiveness. Our goal is to make ordering and installing our products easy and stress-free.


Carter Millwork products are made of polyurethane material, a strong, long-lasting and cost-effective alternative to wood and polyester. Each piece of our moulding is individually inspected to ensure compliance to our exacting quality standards.

There are many reasons to choose Carter Millwork products:

  • More than 50,000 profiles available (largest selection of profiles of any flex moulding manufacturer in the country)
  • An extensive selection of in-stock items available for immediate shipment
  • Unlimited custom capabilities from historic replicas to contemporary designs
  • Polyurethane non-shrink product for compatibility to any moulding profile
  • Impervious to moisture - interior or exterior use
  • Paintable or stainable - cuts like wood
  • Fastest custom order turnaround in the industry
  • Stock products shipped within 24 hours - five days on custom orders
  • Up to 70% cheaper than comparable radiused wood molding

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    Profile Search

    Whether a job calls for a unique style or optimum consistency, flexible polyurethane moulding is the right choice. It can turn an ordinary room into a space that's memorable and make architectural challenges easy.

    In many instances flexible moulding is a better choice than wood. It offers the grains and beauty of wood but will not rot, swell or deteriorate over time. It is an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor use.

    Flexible moulding is cheaper and quicker to produce than comparable radius wood moulding. The cost is generally 70 percent less than machined wood millwork.

    All Carter Millwork products are paint grade and many can be stained. Our molds pick up the grain of the original wood so that our product exactly matches your sample.

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    Material Info

    Flex Trim
    Flex Trim is our original flexible moulding product. It is a unique polymer resin blend and is the ideal solution for most standard flexible moulding applications. Although it is less expensive than ZzzzFLEX, Flex Trim still exceeds the performance of our competitors' "high end" products.

    ZzzzFLEX is our premium product and is state-of-the-art in flexible moulding technology. No other flexible moulding on the market is stronger, more durable of stains better than ZzzzFLEX. ZzzzFLEX is an elastomer composite developed for the most demanding and complex radius applications. It offers flexibility that is unsurpassed by any other flexible moulding and is the ideal solution for cold weather climates because it is more pliable. Use ZzzzFLEX for small intricate patterns and tight curvatures, or when only the best will do.

    Ultra-Flex is a syntactic polyurethane compound with a cellular composition structure similar to wood. One of the main advantages of this material is that it 40-50% lighter than other flexible moulding formulations, yet retains the necessary strength and durability that customers have come to expect. It is an ideal solution for very large moulding profiles and the light weight also saves on freight costs. Unlike other fl exible moulding materials, Ultra-Flex is PRE-PRIMED for superior painting and staining and is "back sanded" for better glue adhesion. It works great for both interior and exterior applications and has outstanding performance in cold and hot climates. MANUFACTURED ONLY IN OUR UTAH FACILITY but available nationwide.

    Machinable S4S
    Our Ultra-Flex compound can be machined with all conventional woodworking machinery and will not dull expensive carbide knives like other flexible products. It can be used with shapers, routers and moulders to avoid the expense of custom tooling and is the ideal solution when only a small amount of STRAIGHT footage is required. Machinable S4S is available in straight lengths only and can be run in any dimension required with the following limitations:
    • Maximum of 2 inches thick, 16 inches wide, and 12 feet long.
    • Minimum of 1 / 2 inch thick, 1-3/4 inches wide, and 8 feet long
    • Stain grade patterns can not be used because the "grain" is only on the surface.
    • There are no set up charges and all S4S blanks are wide belt sanded to match millwork standards. MANUFACTURED ONLY IN OUR UTAH
    • FACILITY but available nationwide.

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    Extended Lengths with Xtrulinear®

    As the industry leader in flexible moulding, our reputation for consistent innovation has led to advancements that are unmatched. In the past, builders and consumers were limited to ordering 12' maximum lengths. However, with Xtrulinear, we are able to offer lengths ranging from 12' all the way up to 500', in one continuous piece and with the same outstanding quality as original Flex Trim. This option can eliminate the need for special orders and taking exact measurements in advance. Our flexible mouldings are able to be wound onto a spool to reduce inventory and warehouse space.

    The spools are ideal for dispensing at retail, in a warehouse, or at the job site, with virtually no waste. Just cut the length you need. For profiles and lengths that exceed the spool's capacity, the material can be coiled in a box.
    • Flex Trim Xtrulinear is the only brand not limited to 12' maximum length
    • Spooled product available
    • Perfect for every trim application
    • Eliminates joints between pieces
    • Ideal for warehouse and job-site dispense
    • No waste, cut to length

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    Stainable Product

    Our mold manufacturing technology allows us to exactly replicate stain-grade wood mouldings, corbels and appliques regardless of wood species. Any grain pattern or species characteristic will become part of the mold, which in turns becomes part of the flexible finished product. When a heavy-bodied gel stain is applied according to the manufacturers specifications, the results are amazing.

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    Flex Trim accessories include Bull nose corner blocks, Plinth Blocks, Keystones and Rosettes in a variety of sizes and styles. Accessories are available in both Flex Trim and Zzzz Flex.

    We also have many other accessories available (Cortaels, appliques, etc) so please contact us for more information.
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    Order from our Catalog

    If you would like to place an order from our catalog, please print the order form and fax it to our office. If you need help placing an order or have more questions about flexible moulding, our ordering tips and frequently asked questions are great online resources.
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    Note: Our Catalog only shows a tiny portion of the total profiles we have available. Please use the "Profile Search" button on the left to see over 10,000 additional profiles.

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