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Kemper System is the worldwide leader, innovator and manufacturer of the highest quality, cold liquid-applied, fully reinforced waterproofing and roofing membranes in the industry. Architects, engineers, roofing consultants, quality contractors and building owners have come to trust Kemper System when only the best will do.

For over 50 years, Kemper System waterproofing, roofing and surfacing products have been protecting some of the world's most important landmarks and valuable properties. With offices in 10 countries, Kemper System membranes protect over 2 billion square feet of surfaces under the most adverse conditions.

From the top of the Empire State Building to Buckingham Palace to the Alaskan Pipeline, when there is a critical waterproofing, roofing and surfacing challenge, Kemper System delivers the solution.


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Kemperol Reflect 2K FR - Roofing System image

Kemperol Reflect 2K FR - Roofing System

Kemperol® Reflect 2K FR is a cold liquid-applied, fully reinforced, highly reflective, fire-rated Cool Roof resin system. The system can help improve building energy efficiency, contribute to the reduction of the urban heat island effect, increase efficiency of solar panels, exceed the LEED V2009 and LEED V4 requirements, and comply with other cool roof codes. Engineered and introduced in Germany, the system is now made in the USA.
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Kemperol 2K-PUR - Waterproofing and Roofing System image

Kemperol 2K-PUR - Waterproofing and Roofing System

Kemperol 2K-PUR is a solvent-free, fleece-reinforced and liquid-applied waterproofing system based on polyurethane resin. The odor-free product can be used universally on roof decks, roof gardens, plazas, balconies, terraces and also for indoor areas such as bath rooms, catering kitchens and plant rooms.

It is the ideal waterproofing system for sensitive areas such as nurseries, hospitals, schools or senior citizens' homes. It is not only a solvent-free product, but 80% of the polyalcohols (resins) are obtained from renewable raw materials. Kemperol 2K-PUR is root and rot resistant according to FLL testing and offers a proven performance for 25 years.

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Kemperdur TC - Surfacing System image

Kemperdur TC - Surfacing System

The universal, solvent-free traffic coating Kemperdur TC is a solvent-free, polyurethane-based surfacing system. This liquid, self-leveling material is suitable for use as a long-lasting protective wearing coating on all interior and exterior concrete surfaces. And the surface is ready to walk on after just four hours.

Kemperdur TC produces not only multifunctional surfaces, they can be decorative too. Parking decks, driveways, inner courtyards and ramps are just as ideal for this treatment as are balconies, terraces and walkways. Since the multifunctional Kemperdur TC does not contain any solvents it is especially recommended for interior parking decks.
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Kemperol AC Speed FR - Roofing/Waterproofing System image

Kemperol AC Speed FR - Roofing/Waterproofing System

KEMPEROL® AC Speed FR is a quick-curing, cold liquid-applied Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) waterproofing resin that can allow same-day application. The membrane is fully reinforced with a needle-punched polyester fleece that provides exceptional durability for exposed or buried roofing & waterproofing applications. The resin is available in two standard colors, gray or a highly reflective white with an SRI of 108.

For roofing applications, KEMPEROL® AC Speed FR system can be applied exposed, direct-to-deck, over an insulated assembly, or recover an existing membrane. The self-flashing membrane is ideal for inverted roof applications as there are no seams or termination bars used.

When used for waterproofing, the membrane can be covered with tile, paver, pavement, growing media and other types of approved overburden. Optional KEMPERDUR® AC Traffic Coating allows for additional surfacing of balconies, terraces, walkways and parking decks with the quick-cure performance.
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Kemperol 022 - Waterproofing System image

Kemperol 022 - Waterproofing System

Kemperol® 022 is a two-component, cold-liquid applied, reinforced, solvent free, high performance seamless and self-terminating liquid synthetic waterproofing membrane that can be applied in a single layer application.

Kemperol 022 waterproofing membrane is suitable for interior waterproofing applications and can be applied to walls and floors with direct or indirect load and floor drainage. It is ideal for residential and commercial shower pans, bathrooms, water features, kitchens, mechanical rooms and any other wet room areas that require tile application.
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Air Barrier image

Air Barrier - Wall Guardian®

Wall Guardian You can protect your wall with the best single-component, water based, fluid applied air barrier product available. Wall Guardian FW-100A meet IECC 2009 standards.

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Liquid Applied, Elastomeric Roofing image

Liquid Applied, Elastomeric Roofing - Roof Guardian

Roof Guardian Technologies (RGT), which has been on the market for over 15 years, is an energy Star Rated, EPA, VOC compliant, liquid applied, elastomeric system for use in restoring and prolonging the life of not only metal roofs, but also smooth surfaced BUR, polymer modified asphalt and single ply roof systems.
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Radiant Attic Barrier image

Radiant Attic Barrier - Heatbloc

HEATBLOC radiant attic barrier is formulated to be sprayed on the underside of the roof deck, rafters, ridge and gable ends. Applying a thin, even coat to these surfaces creates an effective radiant barrier that will stop 80% or more of the potential radiant energy transfer into the attic.
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Single Component Construction Sealants image

Single Component Construction Sealants - GreatSeal

GreatSeal is a line of single component construction sealants designed for use on roofing, doors & windows, masonry, and siding. These premium sealants are 100% solids, no solvents low VOC's and is specially formulated for application in damp, dry or cold job-site conditions at temperatures down to 40 degrees F. GreatSeal sealants adhere to the majority of construction surfaces without the need for a primer.

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COELAN - Coating Systems image

COELAN - Coating Systems

COELAN Coating Systems are specifically designed unreinforced multi-layer systems to meet the waterproofing needs for foot traffic and vehicular traffic surfaces. The key elements of each system are the Primers, Base, and Finish coats. Each plays a uniquely engineered role in the waterproofing and long-term performance of the COELAN Coating System.
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COELAN - Balcony System image

COELAN - Balcony System

The COELAN Balcony System is an unreinforced multi-layer coating system engineered for non-skid pedestrian traffic on Balconies, Walkways, Terraces, Entries, Stairwells, and Pedestrian Bridges. In addition, the COELAN Balcony System can be used for interior floor solutions for surfaces that may require additional protection such as mechanical rooms, laundry rooms, locker rooms, industrial floors, and other areas where moisture protection is a concern. The COELAN Balcony System offers standard colors of Gray or Tan with several other stock and non-stock color options available to add some architectural flair to your non-skid waterproofing needs.
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COELAN - Parking System image

COELAN - Parking System

The COELAN Parking System offers a variety of Primers to prepare cast-in-place or pre-cast concrete surfaces based on the existing condition. The COELAN Parking System standard assembly is suitable for almost any parking garage, driveway, passenger drop-off area, or loading dock. The COELAN Heavy-Duty Parking System offers additional UV protection and rapid cure to get the facility back in operation as soon as possible. Consider a hybrid using the Heavy-Duty system on your top/exposed level, while using the Standard System on the lower/shaded levels. COELAN Parking Systems readily accept lane striping and other traffic markings and are available in standard colors of Gray or Tan.
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COELAN - Hot Rubberized Asphalt Systems image

COELAN - Hot Rubberized Asphalt Systems

COELAN Hot Rubberized Asphalt Systems are industry proven solutions for roofing and waterproofing. Designed to be covered with overburden such as plaza decks or vegetative roofs, COELAN Hot Rubberized Asphalt Systems also offer surface finishes with granulated cap sheets or Liquid Flashing Systems to provided that 'finished' look.

COELAN Hot Rubberized Asphalt Systems are constructed in place on the project site, then finished based on the project needs. COELAN Hot Rubberized Asphalt Systems are designed to be placed only on structural concrete roof decks, foundation walls, and other structure concrete architectural elements. The basic assembly consists of reinforced COELAN Hot Rubberized Asphalt covered with a smooth or granulated COELAN Protection Course. Flashings can be accomplished with a reinforced COELAN Neoprene Flashing or using the KEMPER SYSTEM Cold-Liquid Applied Membrane.

While some installations may have toppings slabs or other wearing surfaces installed, COELAN offers specific partners for common overburden systems of patio pavers and vegetative roofs. In addition, COELAN offers insulation and drainage systems that are typically desired in these assemblies.

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Green Roofs image

Green Roofs

Green roofs are considered an integral part of a sustainable building strategy. Kemper System offers a single-source warranty for green roof assemblies comprised of liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, insulation, drain mat, retention mat, filter sheet, growing media and in some instances, the plantings as well.

Kemper SystemIs monolithic, seamless, rot and root resistant membranes can accommodate virtually any roof landscaping design offering long-term peace-of-mind solutions for extensive landscaped green roof overburdens.
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Eco-Roofs image


The Kemper System Eco-Roof is a unique assembly that includes liquid-applied waterproofing membrane and a state-of-the-art media tray system. It provides a monolithic design incorporating the functions of drainage, filtration, retention and irrigation within one component.

With its ability to receive up to 2 feet of soil, growing media design options for extensive or intensive applications are greatly expanded. A Kemper System Eco-Roof roof acts as a thermal blanket to the buildingIs roof and reduces energy costs for both heating and cooling.
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Plazas | IRMA image

Plazas | IRMA

Kemper System membranes fully adhere to the substrate and are permanently resilient, even under extreme climatic conditions. They are resistant to ice and standing water while offering a proven long-term solution of plaza waterproofing. Kemper System offers plaza deck and below grade waterproofing systems with single-source warranties available. Kemperol waterproofing membranes are compatible with:
  • Paver systems
  • Concrete overburden assemblies
  • Fountains and planters
  • Precast concrete paver/stair systems
  • Tile in a mortar setting bed
  • Bricks/pavers in a sand or sand/asphalt bed
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New Roof Assemblies image

New Roof Assemblies

Kemper System membranes can be installed on any new roof with direct application to plywood, concrete and metal. Kemper System products consist of up to 80% renewable resources including recycled fibers, making them an ideal, environmentally-safe solution. In addition Kemper System's odor- and solvent-free products eliminate environmental issues with building occupants.

Due to its tenacious bond strength and seamless performance properties, Kemper products are ideal for flashing any difficult architectural element or configuration. Kemper System membranes also are unaffected by ponding water and ice conditions, ideal for dead level decks. They can be used in conjunction with a wide range of built-up roof and insulation assemblies.

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Roof Deck Waterproofing image

Roof Deck Waterproofing

Kemperol membranes can be applied for complete edge-to-edge roof installations and are compatible with standard roof assemblies while eliminating the need for pitch pockets. The membranes are ideal for base flashing transitions and ponding water areas. Kemper System roofing membranes are suitable for direct application to plywood, concrete and metal substrates.
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Existing Roof Recovery image

Existing Roof Recovery

Kemper System membranes offer the ideal solution for the recovery of existing roofs where removal of and the logistics associated with the existing assembly presents costly challenges. They adhere to virtually any substrate and compensate for movements in the structure caused by thermal expansion/contraction of different materials. Residual moisture in the structure can dry out, due to the membrane's vapour diffusion properties. Application of Kemper System membrane from edge-to-edge brings a peace-of-mind solution and long term protection of the building.
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Metal Roofs image

Metal Roofs

Kemper System's reinforced liquid-applied roofing membranes have been installed when traditional roof membranes fail to meet project demands. They withstand substrate expansion/contraction and fully adhere to seams and transitions. Kemper System membranes are permanently resilient and resistant to ice and ponding water. In addition, they preserve the architectural appearance of metal roofs and are an excellent alternative to metal roof replacement.
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Historic Restoration image

Historic Restoration

When paired with limestone, sandstone, terra cotta and other cast stone ornamental elements, Kemper System waterproofing membrane provides a perfect complement along with excellent water absorption prevention. Kemper System products can be installed as through-wall flashing to restore virtually any architectural element and substrate.

In addition, the waterproofing membrane withstands the dimensional changes associated with dissimilar materials and offers excellent protection for cornices, ledges and water tables without compromising aesthetics. Kemper's aggregate surfacing and colored quartz blend with transparent finish can flawlessly Imitate and preserve the original look of the building or structure)
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Fountains | Planters image

Fountains | Planters

Kemper System provides complete protection for fountains and planters which endure constant water submersion and exposure including the flashing of irrigation systems. They form a monolithic, seamless membrane that fully adheres to the surface. Kemper System waterproofing membranes are compatible with stone, pavers, concrete or tiles and offer a variety of design options. They are rot and root resistant and withstand bio-deterioration making them an ideal solution for waterproofing fountains & planters.
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Balconies | Terraces image

Balconies | Terraces

Kemper System offers odor-free waterproofing and surfacing systems with a wide range of options for functionality and aesthetics. Aggregate surfacing and colored quartz blend with transparent finish is ideal for balconies and terraces.

Kemper System's products are cold-liquid applied, thus eliminating the need of torches and kettles. In addition, Kemper System products consist of up to 80% renewable resources along with recycled fibers making them an ideal, environmentally-safe solution.
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Gutterways | Flashings image

Gutterways | Flashings

Kemper System monolithic waterproofing membranes adhere over the entire surface and eliminate the need for pitch pockets, term bars, fasteners and adhesives, providing extreme bond strength and seamless performance properties.

Kemper System is ideal for flashing any difficult architectural element or configuration. Our membranes also are unaffected by ponding water and ice conditions while remaining permanently resilient to compensate for movements in the structure due to thermal expansion of different materials. Where the competitorIs systems typically fail; Kemper System ensures long-term protection at all transitions, penetrations and terminations.
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Interior Applications image

Interior Applications

Kemper System offers odor-free and solvent-free membranes which are ideal for critical interior applications including spas, private bathrooms, kitchens and plant rooms. Kemper System products consist of up to 80% renewable resources along with recycled fibers making them an ideal environmentally-safe solution. Our membranes are compatible with ceramic or terra cotta tiles and can be coated with Kemper surfacing systems offering a variety of design options.
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Industrial Applications image

Industrial Applications

Kemper System waterproofing membranes adhere to the substrate over the entire surface, thus ensuring long-term protection at all transitions, penetrations and terminations. They eliminate mechanical fixings and withstand wind uplift without additional layers. Kemper System's protective membranes are resistant to UV-radiation and a wide range of chemicals.
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Parking Decks image

Parking Decks

Long-term durability makes Kemper System the surfacing system of choice for a wide range of traffic-bearing surfacing applications. Kemper System's aggregate surfacing with odor-free epoxy and urethane or MMA-based colored top coat provides enhanced durability and traction.
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