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The Original
In 1987 Harmonic Environments® originated the concept of high-quality, custom indoor waterfalls. The quest to introduce natural elements to enhance the spaces in which we live and work resulted in the first of its kind custom, splash-free indoor waterfall.

Harmonic Environments continues to influence the way people interact with and enjoy their surroundings. Our innovative design solutions have long attracted the attention of the world's premier architects and interior designers, but it is our commitment to excellence, guaranteed workmanship, and exceptional service that has kept Harmonic Environments at the forefront of the industry it created.

Each Harmonic Environments waterfall is custom crafted from the finest materials and fabricated to the exact specifications of the client. The result is a blend of beauty and precision that truly does transform and enhance its environment.

Working with Us
As Harmonic Environments has grown over the years we have remained dedicated to providing a personal level of attention and care that only an exclusive boutique can. We would love to talk with you about how we may be able help to you with your upcoming project. Give us a call at (772) 223-9011.

Harmonic Waterfalls  

As water drifts through its Harmonic Mesh™ material, the extraordinary effect of luminous water suspended in air is created. The soothing sound of water gently traveling over this unique surface completes the experience. The Harmonic Cascade waterfall is like no other.

With its dazzling signature patterns, radiant illumination systems and custom designed water purification, this state-of-the-art, architectural water feature is sure to enhance any environment. Perfect for creating large-scale, breathtaking focal points or calming private spaces, the Harmonic CascadeA,A's seamless single panels can be crafted to complement any design.

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With only one glance at their inspiring displays of motion, light and color you realize that AeroPanels can take your design to new heights.

AeroPanels offer you new and unique ways to bring the magical properties of water into your environment. A sleek, low-profile and low-maintenance design means they can be easily integrated into almost any space, alcove, or even into custom designed furniture and built-ins.

AeroPanels offer a host of unique features beyond their amazing aesthetics. Because they are completely enclosed, AeroPanels are the cleanest and safest water feature available - a perfect solution for hospitals, healthcare facilities, or any environment where the highest level of cleanliness is desired. Fresh water conservation is at the heart of one of the standout features of these exclusive systems. Every custom AeroPanel is engineered to minimize evaporative loss and eliminate excessive water usage.

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The Translucence Series® waterfall allows the designer to define space as never before. These built-in architectural walls of water and glass display spectacular translucent patterns of cascading water while providing a little privacy in a very special way. The result is a splendid, bright and open environment, that is unparalleled in its richness of sight and sound.
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The Harmonic Environments Waterplace® is a built-in architectural water feature. Its sleek, integrated design brings with it an air of sophistication to any interior or exterior space, while its very presence promotes a feeling of well-being and relaxation
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The hallmark of Harmonic Panels™ is their design versatility. Perfect for interiors and exteriors, where dazzling patterns dance on their expertly crafted surfaces and gentle sounds of natural flowing water enliven their surroundings.

Finished with natural stone, glass, copper, or other materials, Harmonic Panels' can create tranquil and welcoming environments. Ideal for offices, residences, spas and showrooms, the selections of sizes, colors and textures allow you to customize these free-standing water features for any setting.

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Harmonic Fountains  

Harmonic Environments custom designs, fabricates and installs all types of indoor & outdoor fountains. From traditional fountains and pools to interactive programmable water and light shows, our Engineering & Design Team has created water features of every scale and style including:

  • Interactive & Sequenced Fountains
  • Water & Lighting Shows
  • Dry Deck Fountains
  • Sculptural Fountains Rain Curtains
  • Large Scale Water Features

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Harmonic Illumination Systems  

The beauty of a Harmonic Environments waterfall is guaranteed to enhance any space, but introducing light & color takes an amazing design feature to new heights. It's like magic!

Pick a color. Any color.
Each illumination system is fully programmable, allowing you the flexibility to change the look & feel of the water feature and its environment. Using the optional Apple iPad® controller or wall-mounted contoller, you can easily create any ambiance, mood or effect with the touch of a finger. Bathe your surroundings with a soft glow, a brilliant sunset, or a breath-taking light show.

Designed to Perfection
Because every water feature is unique, the Harmonic Illumination System' is tailor-made for each application. Every component is planned and positioned to accentuate the signature Harmonic Environments® water pattern, adding incredible depth and dimension to the water feature. In addition to lighting the feature itself, complementary environmental lighting can convey the perfect atmosphere throughout any space.

Spectacular & Energy Efficient
It's hard to believe when you experience the vibrant color and deep saturation, but it's true! Working closely with the leaders in commercial architectural lighting, Harmonic Environments delivers the brightest, most energy efficient, and long lasting LED lighting available.

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Harmonic Environments  

Harmonic Environments has always been environmentally conscious, helping like-minded designers and architects by implementing eco-friendly materials, methods and best practices into all of our products. Some of our ecological initiatives include the following:

  • Energy efficient NEMA premium rated dry pumps
  • High efficiency submersible pumps
  • Products require no harsh chemicals for sanitation
  • 75% post-consumer recycled stainless steel
  • Environmentally safe Agion anti-microbial coating
  • Green Seal certified maintenance supplies
  • PVC & lead-free plumbing
  • Energy efficient LED lighting
  • Harmonic Environments Green CSI specifications
  • Excellent durability & reuse potential

We can also offer additional solutions to contribute LEED Points for your planned water feature.

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ZonePure& System  

With literally hundreds of installations in the world's premier hotels, hospitals, restaurants and residences, Harmonic Environments waterfalls have proven to maintain the industry's highest level of water purification and cleanliness standards.

Included With Every Water Feature

Clean, safe water is absolutely essential. This is why Harmonic Environments includes its exclusive ZonePure® System in every water feature. Originally developed to meet the critical safety needs of healthcare facilities, the ZonePure system is guaranteed to provide and maintain safe, pure, and clean water in every water feature.

ZonePure® Systems are designed to:

  • Purify incoming water
  • Continuously sanitize the system
  • Reduce overall maintenance
  • Designed for Healthcare

Harmonic Environments® water features have been successfully operating in hospitals, cancer centers and other healthcare facilities for 25 years with a 100% perfect safety record.

Because every installation is unique, each ZonePure System is custom engineered for optimal performance, meeting and generally exceeding the requirements of the healthcare facility in which it is installed. ZonePure can be even further enhanced to include any number or type of redundant components to assure failsafe infection control.

Technology & Care

The ZonePure System for your water feature will utilize a variety of proven technologies and methods to guarantee its complete safety. While the system will be designed to be as automated as possible, all water features do require some maintenance. The ZonePure System is designed specifically to simplify and minimize maintenance of your water feature.

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Project Gallery  

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