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Construction Solutions, LLC is a specialty residential and commercial building products company. The founder was a successful contractor who saw a need to design and build creative yet practical dryer vent solutions for the building trades. Built by the trades for the trades, our dryer vent boxes reflect the field knowledge, using input from trade contractors working directly with our products, that makes them thoughtfully designed and highly practical. All of our dryer vent boxes are designed to show customers there is a better way! To date, Construction Solutions dryer vent products are used by many of the most prominent residential homebuilders and subcontractors in America. These companies count on our experience, dependability and innovation to support their growing businesses. Our work is centered on providing customers with thoughtful, well planned and field tested product solutions.


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DBX1424 Metal Dryer Vent Enclosures image

DBX1424 Metal Dryer Vent Enclosures

The DBX1424 Dryer Vent Box with snap on trim ring is powder coated white, designed to work with pedestal and stackable dryers. The 14" wide by 24" tall, 22 gauge metal box and ring is designed to fit into a 2x6 framed wall. The DBX1424 has inside dimensions that are 3 1/2 inches taller than any other manufactured dryer vent box. Thereby, accommodating all pedestal heights. This dryer vent box is designed to be used with or without the trim ring.
DBX1000 Plastic Dryer Vent Box image

DBX1000 Plastic Dryer Vent Box

The DBX1000 Dryer Vent Box with snap on trim ring. Made of High Impact Polystyrene. The DBX1000 dryer vent box comes in two sizes 4" (For a 2x4 wall) or a 6" size. (For a 2x6 wall) This dryer vent box can also be used to down vent, just turn the box upside down and your done. The DBX1000 comes with a snap on trim ring which helps elimate repairs and saves you time.
DBX1000M Metal Dryer Vent Box image

DBX1000M Metal Dryer Vent Box

The DBX1000M-4 has been evaluated and meets the 1 hour firewall requirement, see installation instructions.
DBX900 Dryer Vent Box-For manufactured housing image

DBX900 Dryer Vent Box-For manufactured housing

The DBX900 Dryer Vent Box. The DBX900 was designed specifically for down venting the dryer vent in manufactured housing. The DBX900 dryer vent box is for 2x3 or 2x4 wall framing. The DBX900 does not have a separate trim ring.

Last Update: 2019-03-12