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VERSATEX manufactures high-quality cellular PVC trim that delivers premium aesthetics, backed by a Lifetime Warranty. VERSATEX is moisture and insect resistant, and won't rot, cup, split, rot, or decay.

VERSATEX offerings include trim and sheet products, beadboard, stealth trims, one-piece corners, vented and solid soffit systems, one-piece column wraps, mouldings, and more. Our innovations increase your trim options while adding efficiencies at the job site.

Additionally, our VERSATEXTURAL service crafts PVC into virtually anything you can imagine and draw. Our VERSATEXURAL service uses high-end cutting, fabrication, and routing equipment to create window surrounds, decorative brackets, spires, rail-systems, and more. Create something unique, or replicate a historical element to last a lifetime.

Explore the information below and visit www.versatex.com to find out how we help you TRIM SMARTER.


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VERSATEX Trimboard

VERSATEX offers a comprehensive line of trimboard sizes and thicknesses. Our dedication to quality trim products translates to consistent thickness tolerances that are half the industry norm.

VERSATEX manufacturing methods ensure dimensionally accurate boards with true 90° angles and sealed edges.

Our trimboards are offered in two finishes, Smooth Matte and Timber Ridge, allowing you to order either Smooth/Smooth or Smooth/Timber Ridge. The VERSATEX Timber Ridge finish is designed with a more natural surface texture to compliment fiber cement and cedar.

We also offer a cut-to- length and cut-to- width trim options to save you money by eliminating unnecessary waste on large jobs.
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VERSATEX Soffit System

  • The VERSATEX Soffit System improves aesthetics and reduces labor costs during installation.
  • The Stealth Frieze board feature a discrete 3/4" deep X 3/4" wide groove to accept nearly all siding products.
  • The Soffit is available in solid or vented. The vented has an 1/8" wide groove making it impossible for insects to get in.
  • The Vented Soffit features 10" of free airspace per linear foot, making it one of the most superior air flow systems in the market today.
  • These products are easy to install with the same tools and fasteners used with any wood trim.
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VERSATEX Column Wraps

VERSATEX continually introduces innovative ways to make builders' lives easier during installation. When we were asked to make covering wood posts easier while still improving aesthetics, we delivered the VERSAWRAP.

The unique design of VERSAWRAP features a product cut with pre-mitered grooves and friction fit joints. The joints are inter-locking with a unique design to allow for easy alignment and additional surface area for bonding.

Now, instead of cutting four individual joints or miters in the field, you can wrap smarter, with VERSAWRAP column wraps. No more field cutting and struggling to match seams. The VERSAWRAP line includes Classic and Raised Panel designs as a one-piece wrap with accessory options, and a four-piece Tapered design that includes Craftsman-style accessories.
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VERSATEX sheet offerings range from actual 1/4" to 1 1/2" thicknesses, all produced using state-of-the-art methods that allow us to control tolerances at half of that of the competition. The result is a consistency that allows for easier and higher quality fabrications. Like our trimboards, we also offer cut to length sheet in unit quantities.
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VERSATEX one-piece cornerboards are manufactured without leaving any cut edge or joint exposed, resulting in a stronger corner that (unlike the two-piece offerings from our competitors) gives you a sharp 90-degree angle without risk of picking up dirt. Sizes range from 4" to 10" corners to meet all your project needs.
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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} VERSATEX Beadboard

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VERSATEX Beadboard

With the widest range of Tongue-and- Groove beaded profiles in the industry, no one gives you more options than VERSATEX. From traditional T&G beadboard, to T&G sheets, to our Stealth beadboard, VERSATEX gives you design flexibility and saves you time and money during installations. Beaded sheets are also an excellent way to save time on the project and are very useful in a wainscoting application.
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VERSATEX Stealth Products

The VERSATEX Stealth Trim System allows for more aesthetically pleasing installations time after time, with the added bonus of saving time on the job. The VERSATEX Steath line includes trim, casings, corners, and skirtboard. The 3/4" pockets accommodate any siding product including fiber cement, cedar and vinyl, and our Stealth Skirtboard is the answer to meeting the manufacturer's 6" ground, asphalt, concrete or deck clearance for fiber cement sidings as well as composite and wood sidings.
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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} VERSATEX Mouldings

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VERSATEX Mouldings

The VERSATEX moulding line features 32 popular profiles, extruded to match other VERSATEX products. These profiles are a fantastic compliment to any VERSATEX project and allow you to add a unique touch. Like all our products, our mouldings require minimal maintenance and are impervious to moisture.
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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} VERSATEX'S Sustainable Goals & Objectives

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VERSATEXs Sustainable Goals & Objectives

There have been several programs instituted at Versatex that are good for the environment and the community that can be considered "GREEN" attributes.
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VERSATEX Trimboard Photo Gallery

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Technical Bulletins

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Installation Guidelines

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