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Panda Windows & Doors™ focuses on engineering state-of-the-art, innovative products that unite the inside with the outside. Each door is engineered to the highest standards and custom manufactured. We offer a full range of options and finishes to appeal to even the most discerning customer. Panda Windows & Doors™ is passionate about developing products that magically transform any architectural design, from home projects to commercial endeavors.

  • Over two decades of innovative design

  • Headquarters located in fabulous Las Vegas

  • Our passion shows in every one of our products

  • Expert customer service available every step of the way

COVID 19 Update: Panda Windows and Doors is committed to protecting its' staff and customers. As an essential business, we are continuing to produce our luxury custom products in strict accordance with CDC guidelines


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TS.X0 Custom Large Panel Multi-Slide System image

TS.X0 Custom Large Panel Multi-Slide System

As Panda Windows & Doors continues to pioneer and shape the luxury door market, our latest addition reigns as the decisive champion with its groundbreaking design and unparalleled engineering. The innovative design of the TS.X0 is superior in every imaginable way: minimal view obstruction, oversized glass panels, and recessed top and bottom tracks. With its limitless potential, the TS.X0 will truly inspire a new sense to your state of mind.

Engineered for functionality and picturesque views in mind, the TS.X0 profiles are a slim 15/16" providing no compromises to you or the integrity of the system. Furthermore, recessed floor and ceiling tracks give the TS.X0 a look of infinite glass, allowing you to harness every awe-inspiring view.

Massive in size, the TS.X0 has the ability to reach up to 250 sq. ft per panel using structural glazing, and double or triple glazing based on project specifications.

For another level of luxury, a wide variety of custom options, specialty finishes, smart glass integration, and motorized operation are available. Bested by no other system on the market, the TS.X0 brings out the best of luxury and your stunning views.

In order to adapt to even the most detailed and demanding architectural designs, the TS.X0 offers an unlimited number of custom configurations. Leveraging Panda's custom craftsmanship, the system may be ordered as an operable, fixed, or radius unit. Give us a challenge and we'll be happy to exceed your expectations!

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Lift & Slide Door Systems image

Lift & Slide Door Systems

Panda Windows & Doors™ Lift & Slide Door Systems are the pinnacle of sliding door technology. Specifically engineered to achieve superior performance, weathertightness, and a smooth operation, these oversized panels are available in a range of track options.

The European inspired design provides minimal site line interference with minimal rail protrusion making them “barefoot friendly." Their expansive openings bring the outdoors in, providing a sense of freedom and more fresh air. They also offer superior sound control when closed.

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Folding Door Systems image

Folding Door Systems

Our line of Folding Doors are available in a range of colors, finishes, glazing, sizes, and materials allowing us to create the living environment of your dreams. Our Folding Doors are excellent at maximizing an opening without having to pocket the doors. They stack easily and can either swing or stack to the interior or exterior.

Designed to withstand various temperatures and climates, Panda Windows & Doors™ Folding Doors combine expert craftsmanship with a contemporary, fresh design.

These Folding Doors utilize completely integrated locking and operation mechanisms which give Panda Windows & Doors™ Folding Doors a more sleek visual appeal and a more secure long-lasting over-all product.

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Multi-Slides Door Systems image

Multi-Slides Door Systems

This attractive custom sliding door system is typically made of multiple panels. Highly engineered, the number of panels used varies based on the configuration and number of vertical sight-lines desired. Panda Windows & Doors™ Multi-Slide systems allow for a high degree of flexibility and freedom in a variety of spaces.

Choose from multiple configurations to best suit your needs. Panels can stack on one end behind each other, which creates a large opening. Panels pocket on one of both sides, which eliminates any potential viewing obstruction.

Many options are available for materials and track types with this line of door systems. All Panda Windows & Doors™ Multi-Slide systems operate on a bottom wheel set or series of sets which allow the panels to easily glide along a track system.

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PandaSelect™ Collection image

PandaSelect™ Collection

With the same commitment to clean design, premium materials, and high quality craftsmanship found in our custom product lines, Panda Windows & Doors™ PandaSelect™ collection of Multi-Slide door systems provides contemporary beauty to commercial and residential budget-driven projects.

Featuring monumental panels, the PandaSelect™ Multi-Slide door system allows for stackable or pocketed configurations with a maximum of five panels per side. With four different frame material choices, PandaSelect™ Multi-Slides complement any architectural style helping you meet the design goals and performance criteria of your project.

The Panda Windows & Doors™ PandaSelect™ collection offers our clients a range of options and materials for every type of high volume project. Along with our excellent customer service, we can guarantee your projects success.

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Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems image

Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems

Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems are multiple panel door systems which all operate along a single recessed channel track system. The tracking system used with this line allows many panels to span a large opening without having to stack the tracks which can create a large jamb width requirement.

Configurations include independent-panels which all stack together when the system is open. They may also be connected to a similar bi-fold system, however, the hanging wheel sets are then in the center of the panels to more evenly distribute the weight of the panels.

Highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, Panda Windows & Doors™ Horizontal Sliding Wall Systems can be used in a variety of applications.

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French and Pivot Doors image

French and Pivot Doors

These systems are perfect for that stunning curb appeal as main entry doors to residences and businesses that require a grand entrance in the form of a large Pivot or French Door.

A custom European French swing door line is offered with standard hinges or pivot hardware. The panels in this line are high-capacity in terms of weight and endurance which create opportunity for a large swing-door that may exceed 70 square feet using a single panel.

The operation is like that of most any other swing-doors, only this line features multi-point locking mechanisms and operates easily even when the panel is oversized and heavy. These doors are available in All Aluminum, Thermally Broken, and Aluminum/Wood Clad.

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Custom Windows image

Custom Windows

Every one of the custom windows and storefront systems Panda Windows & Doors™ manufactures is created with European inspired design. Each unit is made-to-order using the most reliable and well designed hardware available in the market today.

Options include fixed, casement (in or out-swing), hopper, awning, sliding, tilt & turn, and all are available in radius or arched for an even more custom appeal. Many special features include concealed hinges, and virtually limitless finish options including wood types. All systems are available in aluminum, thermally broken, and wood with clad interior.

Panda Windows & Doors™ custom windows and storefront systems offer the same sense of flexibility and freedom as our door system. Our products immediately transform your view into something spectacular.

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Retractable Pleated Screen Systems image

Retractable Pleated Screen Systems

We work very closely with preferred vendors to deliver high-quality screens engineered to the exact specifications of your project. Integrated retractable pleated screen systems simplify access with slide-away technology; this enables it to be used in a multitude of applications including folding doors, lift & slides, multi-slides, French Doors and windows.

Panda Windows & Doors offers complete window screens that can fit your needs and specifications. Like in all that we do, we offer custom solutions for your window screen needs that you may have never known were possible. When you choose Panda Windows & Doors, you get choices without the worry of downgrading quality.

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Custom Homes image

Custom Homes

Park City Custom Home

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Inspiration - Projects image

Inspiration - Projects

Architects consistently tell us that Panda Windows & Doors™ are the best solution for a wide variety of building needs. Our customizable options, diverse range of products, and expertise allows use to tackle any project. We excel in both the home and commercial sector, from the personal to the public, the big and the small.

Please use the gallery to find inspiration for your next design by browsing some actual Panda Windows & Doors™ architectural projects. Take a tour through the products and materials that made them possible. Our gallery is designed to inspire, inform, and educate you on how Panda Windows & Doors™ products can help you achieve your vision.

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Institutional image


Uintah Conference Center

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Luxury Apartments image

Luxury Apartments

Steele Creek

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Museums image


Aspen Art Museum

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Nightclubs and Bars image

Nightclubs and Bars

Surrender Nightclub

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Resorts and Hotels image

Resorts and Hotels

The Resort at Pelican Hill

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Restaurants image


Public House

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Shopping Centers image

Shopping Centers

Abercrombie & Fitch at Westfield Century City

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Storefronts image



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