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Whether you need decentralized wastewater collection, treatment systems, or both, Orenco has your answer.


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Residential Wastewater Systems image

Residential Wastewater Systems

Gravity Septic Solutions
On many sites, gravity can convey filtered wastewater to a drainfield, with no need for pumping.

Pumping Systems
On other sites, a pumping system conveys filtered effluent, either to a drainfield or to additional components in the system.

Advanced Treatment Systems
On difficult or environmentally sensitive sites, an advanced or secondary wastewater treatment system treats the effluent to very high levels.
Commercial Wastewater Systems image

Commercial Wastewater Systems - AdvanTex®

Orenco™s AdvanTex™ Treatment Systems provide affordable, scalable wastewater solutions for businesses of all sizes. From campgrounds and resorts to restaurants and wineries, our technologies are used worldwide by businesses that need low-maintenance solutions to their individual wastewater needs. And our updated AdvanTex Design Criteria is an excellent resource for designers and engineers who create custom wastewater treatment systems for commercial projects.
Municipal Sewers and Treatment image

Municipal Sewers and Treatment - AdvanTex®

Orenco Sewers™
Orenco Sewers collect raw sewage in a watertight, underground tank. Only filtered effluent is discharged to the treatment system.

Municipal Treatment
AdvanTex Treatment Systems use an engineered textile media and treat wastewater to meet strict permit limits.
Mobile Wastewater Treatment image

Mobile Wastewater Treatment - AdvanTex®

A Portable, Fully-Plumbed Wastewater Treatment System
For more than a decade, Orenco™s AdvanTex® technology has provided a reliable, energy-efficient alternative for wastewater treatment in some of the world™s most remote places. The AdvanTex AX-Mobile™ is Orenco™s most portable treatment plant yet. Think of it as a ™mini™ onsite treatment facility, ready to go wherever you need it.
Wastewater Reuse Systems image

Wastewater Reuse Systems - AdvanTex®

Orenco™s AdvanTex™ Treatment Systems consistently produce clear effluent that™s suitable for a variety of reuse applications (governed by local regulations).

Treating the entire waste stream is the most efficient approach to reuse. AdvanTex® Treatment Systems use natural processes to meet strict permit limits.

If you need a greywater system, AdvanTex® products can help recycle water from showers, sinks, and laundry facilities (subject to local regulations).

Orenco® Stormwater Catch Basins provide a durable, cost-effective alternative to a concrete or steel basin.
Orenco Sewers™ and Treatment image

Orenco Sewers™ and Treatment

Since 1981, Orenco has been helping developers design, build, and maintain economical, reliable effluent sewers.

Orenco Sewers
Orenco Sewers collect raw sewage in a watertight, underground tank. Only filtered effluent is discharged to the treatment system.

Community Treatment
AdvanTex® Treatment Systems use an engineered textile media and treat wastewater to meet strict permit limits.

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Pump Vaults and Packages  image

Pump Vaults and Packages - Biotube®

Biotube™ Pump Packages manufactured by Orenco™ are complete, integrated pump packages for pumping effluent from single or double compartment septic tanks, dosing tanks, or pump basins. Orenco™s patented Biotube vault technology filters up to two-thirds of solids so that only liquid from the ™clear zone™ between the tank or basin™s scum and sludge layers is pumped. This reduces biological loading and clogging of downstream components, which saves money in O&M and helps extend the lives of drainfields and other downstream components.
Control Panels  image

Control Panels - MVP-Series, Vericomm, AdvanTex®

Orenco™s controls are carefully engineered, built with name-brand components, and competitively priced. They™re built in a UL-certified 508A/698A shop and follow CE standards for European markets. All Orenco™ controls are warranted for three full years.
Pumps  image


Orenco™ high-head effluent pumps are designed for pumping screened effluent with low counts of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in onsite wastewater systems. They are used to pump effluent from septic tanks or dosing tanks to AdvanTex™ filters, other packed bed filters, aerobic units, mounds, effluent sewer lines, drip irrigation systems, lagoons, and gravity or pressurized drainfields.
Effluent Filters  image

Effluent Filters - Biotube®

Orenco™ Effluent Filters prevent the discharge of large solids from a tank, improving effluent quality and extending drainfield life. Effluent flows from the ™clear zone™ inside of the septic tank into the Biotube™ filter through the filter™s vertical holes. Large suspended solids in the effluent are retained in the filter™s interior space, where organic material can be further broken down. Orenco Biotube Effluent Filters have 5-10 times more flow area than competing effluent filters, so they don™t need to be cleaned as often, reducing maintenance time and cost. Orenco offers a number of effluent filters for a wide range of residential and commercial wastewater applications.
Access Risers  image

Access Risers

Orenco™ PVC Access Risers provide access to tanks and components in water and wastewater systems. They can be cast into the tops of concrete tanks, bonded to a concrete or fiberglass tank with epoxy, or bolted down to a concrete tank with an adapter and bolt-down kit. In addition to providing risers, Orenco also offers riser accessories, including grade rings, grade ring inserts, and riser-to-lid adapters, as well as tools for cutting risers squarely and cutting grommet holes.
Access Lids  image

Access Lids

Orenco™ DuraFiber' Access Lids and FL-Series Fiberglass Lids and Caps provide a secure, strong, and uniform covering for risers, pump basins, valve boxes, and tank hatches. All are available with gaskets to help provide watertight seals. In addition to providing access lids, Orenco also offers lid accessories such as tools for drilling bolt holes, as well as lid-mounting hardware.
Tanks and Basins  image

Tanks and Basins

Fiberglass tanks manufactured by Orenco™ are watertight, lightweight, durable tanks optimized for use in onsite wastewater collection and treatment systems for residential, multi-family, or commercial applications, as well as for community-wide effluent sewer systems. Orenco fiberglass tanks provide primary wastewater treatment, reducing wastewater contaminants by 65-70%.
Float Switches and Assemblies  image

Float Switches and Assemblies

Orenco™ float switches are used to signal liquid level positions for alarm and pump control applications. Float switch housings are impact-resistant, noncorrosive PVC plastic for use in liquids up to 140™ F (60™ C). Float switch cords are flexible, two-conductor SJOW with a water-resistant neoprene coating. Float switch assemblies can be mounted in pump vaults, effluent screens, pump basins, and risers. All models are UL-listed and CSA-certified for use in water or sewage. For information on ordering float switch assemblies that are designed to work with specific models of Orenco Controls™ standard control panels, contact your Distributor or Orenco.
Alarms image


Alarm panels manufactured by Orenco™ provide ™stand alone™ visible and audible alarm notifications of undesirable liquid levels inside of tanks. They are typically used to indicate a high liquid-level condition in a system that does not use a discharge pump. Inputs are typically provided by a single float switch. Alarm panels are also used as remote alarms in water, wastewater, and other systems.
Splice Boxes  image

Splice Boxes

Orenco™ Splice Boxes are used to house spliced wire connections between an electrical control panel and equipment, such as effluent pumps and float switches. Internal and external splice boxes are available. Accessories such as cord grips and waterproof wire nuts provide watertight clamping of float switch cords and positive electrical connections in splices.
Unions and Valves  image

Unions and Valves

Orenco™ offers a wide assortment of miscellaneous products for general onsite use, including unions and valves, orifice shields, and valve boxes.

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Wastewater and Greywater Treatment Systems image

Wastewater and Greywater Treatment Systems - AdvanTex®

Orenco designs and manufactures advanced wastewater treatment products for all decentralized wastewater applications, from single homes to whole communities. Currently, more than 30,000 AdvanTex textile filter units are treating residential, commercial, and municipal wastewater, all over the world.

Our patented AdvanTex Treatment System is a compact and efficient recirculating packed-bed filter. Packed-bed filters have proven to be a highly reliable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance technology. However, unlike other packed-bed filters - ones that use sand, peat, foam, or other materials for the treatment media - AdvanTex uses a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-maintain textile fabric.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems were honored by the Water Environment Federation with a 2011 ™Innovative Technology Award™ and by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with a 2011 ™Sustainable Community Award.™ Because they are such an environmentally sound product, AdvanTex Treatment Systems help developers earn LEED credits. And the Energy Trust of Oregon provides rebates for AdvanTex Treatment Systems because they are so energy-efficient.

AdvanTex Treatment Systems are also very easy to live with. They™re quiet and emit minimal odors. Plus, our residential and commercial-sized units have a very low profile, so they blend right into the landscaping.

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Standard Control Panels image

Standard Control Panels

Our standard panel designs were developed during our long history of building controls for wastewater systems.
Alarms & Monitors image

Alarms & Monitors

Alarms give an audible and visual alert for detecting application limits, such as a high tank level. They can also be used as remote alarms for control panels. Alarms can be used in series to provide sequenced systems. Available options include indoor or outdoor rating, automatic or manual reset mode, and low voltage or 115 VAC operation.
Custom Control Panels image

Custom Control Panels

Controls for Multiple Markets. Orenco Controls engineers custom control panels with extremely high standards of quality and reliability, designed specifically to minimize production costs and time.
Controls for Any Application image

Controls for Any Application

The Right Controls, Whatever Your Application
However our control panels are used, we provide our clients with a custom-engineered, plug-and-play package that's preprogrammed and easy to use. The categories below illustrate some of the ways customers are using our products. If you have a controls application beyond the categories we list here, just let us know.

Our engineers can help put together the functions and features your specific application requires. We can even combine operations for multiple applications into a single control panel! Then, Orenco's Composites Division can provide a strong, durable shelter to house them.

We love a challenge and when it comes to custom controls, our prices and turnaround times are tough to beat. Contact us to find out how we can meet your needs.
TCOM Viewer image

TCOM Viewer

TCOM Viewer is a software interface between Windows PCs and Orenco™s TCOM remote telemetry control panels. The interface stores configurations for multiple sites, has a simplified ™double-click to select™ mouse interface for menu items, and offers new screen color choices for better visibility. Sites can be sorted by factory identification number or by operator-designated panel name.

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DuraFiber™ Buildings image

DuraFiber™ Buildings

Orenco Composites has taken the fiberglass technology developed for our wastewater markets and created high-quality, durable buildings and shelters.
Basins & Wet Wells image

Basins & Wet Wells

Orenco Composites manufactures everything from simple basins with plumbing and electrical penetrations to complete basins and wet wells that are plumbed and valved.
Enclosures image


Orenco Composites offers multiple enclosure models and sizes, from mid-sized cabinets to our larger, dual-door valve enclosures. These corrosion-resistant enclosures provide the ultimate protection for your equipment.
Fiberglass Rectangular Tanks image

Fiberglass Rectangular Tanks

Orenco Composites™ rectangular tanks are strong, durable vessels that can be used in a number of settings and industries.
Tank Covers image

Tank Covers

Orenco Composites builds hundreds of custom fiberglass components every year. We™re particularly skilled at building industrial and municipal tank covers using closed-molded construction, integral foam core with insulation values from R18-R60, integrated hatches and covers, and multiple installation designs.

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