At TYPAR Geosynthetics, we create performance based replacements for building staples like stone, sand and asphalt. Our products are lighter and easier to install than their mineral counterparts, reducing materials required, waste created and the need for heavy construction equipment. With product and research facilities in Nashville, Tennessee, we've built upon 40 years of experience to extend our range of materials to provide protection, reinforcement, drainage, filtration and separation options to design and construction professionals.

From permeable driveway surfaces, tree root-friendly barriers that protect underground structures or a reinforcement wall system that holds back flood waters, TYPAR Geosynthetics can meet application requirements and improve your projects life cycle.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Porous Plastic Pavers

Porous Plastic Pavers image

Porous Plastic Pavers

TYPAR Geosynthetics provides sustainable porous paving solutions to replace traditional impervious surfaces. Made of recycled materials, our durable solutions provide high infiltration rates for improved catchment, storage, and infiltration during intense rain events. Please click below for gravel surfaces.
Porous Paving Grids image

Porous Paving Grids - BodPave™ 85

Application Function

TYPAR BodPave 85 porous pavers are a ground reinforcement paving grid system manufactured from recycled HDPE plastic. TYPAR BodPave 85 porous grass pavers / paving grids inter-connect with each other to provide a very strong stable surface capable of withstanding heavy vehicle loads. The porous paving grids can be filled with gravel, grass or a soil / rootzone to provide a gravel or a natural grass surface. Applications include regularly trafficked areas (pedestrian and vehicles), overflow grass parking lots, golf cart paths, grass fire truck lanes, wheelchair / handicap paths and grass driveways. TYPAR BodPave 85 permeable pavers can be installed with either a grass or gravel filled surface depending on the application required.
TYPAVE™ 25 Flexible Porous Paving image

TYPAVE™ 25 Flexible Porous Paving

Ideal Sustainable Solution for Grass and Gravel Surface Applications.

TYPAVE™ 25 by Typar is a new US manufactured porous paver made from recycled plastic material to meet LEED credits. The plastic paver is engineered to provide a reinforced surface for H25 loading while allowing for the beatification of a grass surface.

TYPAVE™ 25 paver™s structure is constructed with Quick-Snap integral joints between sections creating a strong monolithic structure that can be staked into the ground removing the chance for shear or slip.

The shipping mechanism was designed into this product fitting perfectly on a 48 x 48 pallet with double stacking to make the most efficient shipping reducing both the cost and carbon foot print . Once installed the porous plastic paver performs the reinforcing structure for fire access lanes, drive lanes and parking lots while keeping the aesthetics of grass. With the open cell structure, TYPAVE™ creates a permeable reinforced surface suitable for traffic while allowing water to permeate into the sub-soil beneath.

{{}} {{this.hide}} TYPAR Geotextiles

TYPAR® Geotextiles Fabric image

TYPAR® Geotextiles Fabric

Made in the USA, TYPAR Geotextiles boast over 40 years of proven performance in separation, stabilization, and filtration applications. The continuous filament, thermally bonded design provides a higher strength:weight ratio than standard non-woven construction fabrics and maintains consistent permeability rates regardless of soil type or compaction. TYPAR Geotextile's unique characteristics make it the ideal solution for road reinforcement, industrial yard stabilization, subsurface drain applications, erosion control, landfill separation, mulch underlayment, and septic system projects.
TYPAR Civil Geotextiles image

TYPAR Civil Geotextiles

Application Function
Separation, Stabilization, Filtration, Drainage, Erosion Control

TYPAR® geotextiles create a layer of separation that develops a graded aggregate filter layer in the subgrade soil to maintain separation and eliminate the risk of soil mixing or '™pumping'™. TYPAR promotes development of such filter layers due to its unique bonded fibers that create a pathway resembling a well-graded aggregate filter. TYPAR provides an effective filter structure since it has both high permeability, which will not change under compaction, and the ability to retain soil particles adjacent to it, minimizing the piping of subgrade soils and reducing fine particles from crossing the filtration layer.
AASHTO Geotextile image

AASHTO Geotextile

Application Function
Filtration / Drainage, Separation, Stabilization, Erosion Control

TYPAR® C-Class construction geotextiles are value engineered to provide optimum strength, uniformity and durability characteristics for AASHTO M-288 applications. TYPAR C-Class fabrics combine over 40 years of nonwoven manufacturing technology and experience into one product line, providing the ideal solution for stabilization, separation, drainage and erosion control projects.
TYPAR Landscape Fabric image

TYPAR Landscape Fabric

Application Function

TYPAR® Landscape Fabric is a unique, lightweight landscape fabric that blocks weeds while letting water and nutrients in. Made from a unique, spun bonded textile, TYPAR Landscape fabric is lightweight and easy to install. The fabric comes in smooth rolls and does not tear, fray or puncture easily but is easily trimmed with a utility knife or shears. No special equipment required.

{{}} {{this.hide}} TYPAR Geocomposites

TYPAR Geocomposites image

TYPAR Geocomposites

TYPAR Geocomposites are used in the transportation and collection of rainwater, groundwater and other liquids such as gases and leachates. Typically used in civil engineering and construction applications, TYPAR Geocomposites are increasingly used as effective, economic alternatives to traditional granular solutions.

TYPAR Geocomposites are value engineered to address specific applications, utilizing the optimal features of a variety of geonets, membranes and geotextiles.
TYPAR Geocomposite Drains image

TYPAR Geocomposite Drains

Application Function
Filtration / Drainage, Separation

TYPAR Geocomposite drains are made by bonding membranes, nets and geotextiles in a variety of combinations to create alternatives to conventional solutions. The membrane layers provides a barrier function that prevents the passage of mosts gases and liquids. Nets collect gases and liqueds that are passed to convention poionts and the geotextiles allow gases and liquest pass to the net core whithout allowing soil particles to clog the core.
TYPAR Frost Blanket image

TYPAR Frost Blanket

Application Function
Filtration / Drainage, Separation

TYPAR Frost Blanket is a built-for-purpose geocomposite that mitigates the effects of frost heave. TYPAR Frost Blanket reduces potential damage due to the frost heave by creating a capillary break the prevents the rise of groundwater.
TYPAR Salt Barrier image

TYPAR Salt Barrier

Application Function
Filtration / Drainage, Separation

TYPAR Salt Barrier geocomposite was developed to preserve the viability of the upper layers of soil for use in landscaping and planting projects. Traditionally, in regions with saline groundwater, a 12 inch layer of crushed stone is requred to intercept the capillary rise of saline groundwaters.

TYPAR Salt Barrier replaces the layer of crushed stone, reducing the need to deplete primary resources and high transportation costs.

{{}} {{this.hide}} TYPAR Geocells

Typar® Geocells image

Typar® Geocells

TYPAR GeoCell and GeoCell GS panels utilize the strength and permeability of geotextile fabric to create a three dimensional confinement system. The cellular design allows for custom sizes, configuration and adaptability to a variety of terrains. The hydraulic properties are influenced by the type and compaction of the fill material.
TYPAR GeoCell - Load Support image

TYPAR GeoCell - Load Support

Application Function

The TYPAR GeoCell GS cellular confinement system utilizes the strength and permeability of TYPAR Geotextiles to create a 3-Dimensional cellular confinement system. Manufactured from dark grey PP/PE bicomponent fiber geotextile, the cell walls are permeable to water, air and nutrients, increasing stability and vegetative performance. The TYPAR GeoCell GS system ships in compacted panel form and expands into a honeycomb formation to the desired shape and dimension on-site. The unique, lightweight, flexible material conforms to surface variations to improve ease of installation while resisting impact damage. A variety of infill materials, including native soils and recycled aggregates, may be used to reduce waste material and overall construction costs.
TYPAR Geocell - Slope Protection image

TYPAR Geocell - Slope Protection

Application Function
Stabilization, Erosion Control

The TYPAR Geocell GS cellular confinement system utilizes the strength and permeability of TYPAR Geotextiles to create a 3-Dimensional cellular confinement system. Manufactured from dark grey PP/PE bicomponent fiber geotextile, the cell walls are permeable to water, air and nutrients, increasing stability and vegetative performance. The TYPAR GeoCell GS system ships in compacted panel form and expands into a honeycomb formation to the desired shape and dimension on-site. The unique, lightweight, flexible material conforms to surface variations to improve ease of installation while resisting impact damage. A variety of infill materials, including native soils and recycled aggregates, may be used to reduce waste material and overall construction costs.
TYPAR Geocell - Flood Control image

TYPAR Geocell - Flood Control

Application Function

Sandbags are often used in flood fighting, but TYPAR® GeoCells have a number of advantages over them. Filling sandbags is labor-intensive and, because workers tire, devastating choices often must be made as to which areas to protect. TYPAR® GeoCells require much less labor than filling and stacking sandbags because earthmoving machinery can fill the cells with sand rapidly. In addition, TYPAR® GeoCells are built as a vertical wall, while sandbags must be stacked in a pyramidal fashion, with a much larger footprint and more sand required.
TYPAR Geocell - Gun Range image

TYPAR Geocell - Gun Range

Application Function

TYPAR Geocell is an all-textile cellular containment system used to build structures from sand, earth and other local materials. When filled with earth and sand, a TYPAR Geocell wall contains no metal or plastic parts, making it ideal for use by gun clubs for firing range walls where ricochet hazards need to be reduced or eliminated.
Erosion and Sediment Control Geocells image

Erosion and Sediment Control Geocells

Application Function
Stabilization, Erosion Control, Filtration / Drainage

The heavy-duty geotextile fabric construction of a TYPAR® GeoCells unit adapts to the terrain while offering excellent structural strength and durability. In fact, the easy-to-construct cellular confinement system is well suited for irregular terrain, such as slopes, to reduce erosion and promote vegetation. Mulch or fill from the site can be used. Water filters through while fill material and soil particles are retained by the geotextile. If erosion or sediment control ceases to be a problem, TYPAR® GeoCells can be emptied and used again.
TYPAR Geocells - Mining Containment image

TYPAR Geocells - Mining Containment

Application Function
Protection, Erosion Control, Filtration / Drainage

The growing demand for domestic fuel production has led to increased activities in fracking and clean coal production resulting in more stringent regulation on slurry and wastewater byproducts to protect against spills and contamination. TYPAR GeoCells offer a proven secondary confinement solution to create higher containment walls that reduce the overall footprint of the containment site, while employing the option of recycling local fill material. Reducing the site'™s footprint is essential in mining areas with elevation changes and topographic relief to minimize cost and environmental impacts. Utilizing our cellular confinement technology can dramatically reduce the cut and fill needed to level the site, and improve the project return on investment. Proven through the Army Corp of Engineers Environmental Research and Development Center and military applications, TYPAR GeoCells can be trusted to contain 100% of waste materials during a catastrophic failure of the primary tank.
Defencell - Military and Security image

Defencell - Military and Security - Defencell™

Application Function

The DefenCell™ barrier system provides personnel and infrastructure protection in Military, Security and Environmental applications. Lightweight, man portable and non-metallic with a small logistical footprint, it is available in various flexible and modular configurations from individual positions up to complete forward bases and can be deployed rapidly, with or without engineering support.

In both military and security applications it affords protection from small arms fire right up to VBIEDs and artillery. In the environmental sphere, DefenCell™'s proven geocell technology makes it ideal for flood protection and ground stablization.

{{}} {{this.hide}} TYPAR Ground Reinforcement Mesh

Ground Reinforcement Mesh image

Ground Reinforcement Mesh

TYPAR ground reinforcement meshes protect and reinforce surfaces from inevitable wear resulting from vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Installed directly onto existing surfaces, our products help reduce soil compaction, rutting, wear and the destruction of vegetated surfaces.
Grass Reinforcement Mesh image

Grass Reinforcement Mesh - GrassProtecta™

Application Function

GrassProtecta™ grass reinforcement mesh is a thick plastic mesh supplied on a roll that is installed directly onto existing grass to protect, reinforce and stabilize the grass against damage caused by traffic (pedestrians and vehicles.) Grass protection mesh protects grass that is prone to wear, rutting and muddy surfaces. GrassProtecta reinforces the grass for vehicle traffic (car and trucks) or for pedestrian paths and walkways. TYPAR Geosynthetic's GrassProtecta plastic mesh reinforcement has an oscillated mesh structure which is designed to increase grip and reduce slip.
Turf Reinforcement Mesh image

Turf Reinforcement Mesh - TurfProtecta

Application Function

TYPAR Turfprotecta turf reinforcement mesh is an extruded plastic mesh for the protection, stabilization and reinforcement of grass and turf for pedestrian, light vehicle and occasionally trafficked applications. Turf reinforcement mesh stabilizes the grass by allowing the grass to interlock with the plastic mesh structure creating a strong reinforced grassed surface. TurfProtecta grass protection mesh is ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle use, overflow car parking lots and airport taxi-ways.
GrassCarpet™ Grass Protection image

GrassCarpet™ Grass Protection

Application Function
Protection, Stabilization

TYPAR GrassCarpet™ temporary grass protection matting is a strong nonwoven needle-punch geotextile bonded to our heavy duty grass protection mesh. TYPAR GrassCarpet can be installed in two different manners to provide temporary grass protection for outdoor events.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Pipe Protection / Underground Marking

HD Rockshield Mesh image

HD Rockshield Mesh - ProtectaMesh™

Application Function
Protection | Warning / Detection

ProtectaMesh™ HD rockshield mesh, manufactured by TYPAR, is a heavy duty pipeline mesh that protects pipeline coatings from rock backfill. ProtectaMesh HD rocksheild is essential for projects installed in rocky terrain, offering high compression strength and resistance to destruction during and after the backfill process.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Root Barrier Geotextile

Root Barrier Geotextile image

Root Barrier Geotextile

TYPAR Hardscapes and landscapes are a big investment and traditional methods of protecting them have meant repeatedly spending time, effort and money. A one-time installation of TYPAR root barrier solutions means years of security from roots or weeds growing where they'™re not wanted. Constant maintenance is a thing of the past with these easy-to-use systems, allowing you to spend your time and budget in other areas.
Biobarrier Root Control image

Biobarrier Root Control - Bio Barrier®

Application Function
Separation | Protection

Hardscapes and landscapes are a big investment, and traditional methods of protecting them have meant repeatedly spending time, effort and money. But a one-time installation of BioBarrier Root Control System or BioBarrier Weed Control System means years of security from roots or weeds growing where they'™re not wanted.

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Tubex Tree Shelters image

Tubex Tree Shelters

Tubex Treeshelters are an important tool when attempting to establish difficult to grow tree seedlings on challenging sites. Developed in the United Kingdom in 1979, land managers in over 25 countries around the world are using millions of Tubex treeshelters to protect their valuable tree seedlings. The twin-walled, solid, translucent, tubes provide maximum protection from animal browse damage, wind, chemical sprays and equipment. In addition, the greenhouse environment created by the shelter promotes seedling growth.
Tubex Shrub Shelters image

Tubex Shrub Shelters

The Tubex Shrubshelter range is a strong, wider diameter treeshelter, designed to accommodate large and multi-stemmed planting stock. Tubex Shrubshelters will improve survival rates by protecting plants from rabbits, mice and voles. Growth rates may be less rapid than when using narrower diameter treeshelters.
VisPore Tree Mats image

VisPore Tree Mats

Treessentials Company protects more tree seedlings than anyone in the country. After years of experience and several million seedlings we have learned a few important lessons. When you plant a seedling it becomes the most vulnerable root in the area. Your success rate improves exponentially when your trees reach 4 feet in height. Next to protecting your hardwood tree seedling with a Tubex treeshelter, controlling grass competition and providing nutrition to the roots is your best assurance of fast, healthy growth.
Oak Stakes image

Oak Stakes

  • Naturally rot-resistant, white oak heartwood
  • Dimensions: 1-inch x 1-inch pencil point on one end
  • Stake lengths 24, 35, 47 and 58 inches
Seedling Nutrition image

Seedling Nutrition - Right Start®

Right Start® Fertilizer Packets are specifically formulated for severely disturbed planting sites. They have been added to tree planting treatments in thousands of acres of road bed deactivation, mine land reclamation and other disturbed site applications with phenomenal success. The balanced, controlled release fertilizer is complimented with Bio-stimulants that assist the plant with nutrient assimilation in lieu of adequate microbial activity common to these types of disturbed sites. The increased root mass created by this planting treatment has been shown to produce a dramatic improvement in survival and plant vigor for five years or longer.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Vineyard Products

Clipper Grow Tubes image

Clipper Grow Tubes

The Treessentials Clipper Grow Tube is designed to be the most versatile product on the market. The twin wall open construction has large pre-punched holes that allow for easy installation and adpt to the widest number of trellis systems. Clipper's strong, flexible and lightweight design provides outstanding structural integrity to protect your vines and make them accessible for inspection and pruning.
T-Bands image


  • No girdling.

  • Fast installation
  • Tying and training
  • Reusable
  • Won't fall off with mechanical harvesting
  • Natural, UV protected rubber (same material as a car tire)
Bird Netting image

Bird Netting

The protection of valuable crops from the damage caused by birds has now become a factor in crop management and control. Birds can deplete the crop tonnage dramatically. Bird pecked fruit can lead to oxidation and bacterial infection, which will compromise the quality of the fruit giving rise to volatile acidity in the wine. Bird control can be one of the most critical control factors in grape growing. Netting is the most effective bird control solution in the vineyard today. Netting is lightweight, making handling easier when installing and removing. It allows light and air to filter through so there is little shading during the ripening process. The unrestricted air movement ensures that diseases to the wine canopy do not occur.

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