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VACUUBRAND’s VACUU·LAN® vacuum network technology—local area networks for vacuum—offers a cost-effective alternative to central vacuum systems and individual pumps in science buildings. This modular vacuum technology provides vacuum to multiple workstations in a lab from a single, whisper-quiet pump, and has become the standard approach to lab vacuum supply in Europe since first installed twenty years ago.

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VACUU·LAN® vacuum networks are ideal for renovations and new construction, and are especially well-suited to multidisciplinary buildings, flexible labs and “green” construction. Installations can be right-sized to current needs, and adapt as needs change. The approach reduces energy demand for vacuum by as much as 90 percent, lowers operating and maintenance costs, provides higher performance vacuum for scientists, and eliminates cross-contamination risk between labs.

VACUU·LAN® local vacuum technology is preferred by:

Scientists – for its ability to provide deep, reliable vacuum to bench and fume hood vacuum ports while minimizing interference from adjacent users. The multi-user approach reduces equipment costs and saves bench space. Programmable vacuum control of bench ports is an option.

Architects/Engineers/Designers – for the flexibility to right-size the vacuum supply to known needs, without sacrificing long-term building adaptability. The in-lab installation eliminates the space and labor demands of building-wide tubing runs. And the quiet pump operation eliminates the need for sound-proof pump cabinets.

Owners – For the economy and flexibility of VACUU*LAN (registered) networks compared with oversized central vacuum systems, and because on-demand vacuum production lowers energy and maintenance costs. Networks can be moved or reconfigured quickly. Net: right-sized at the start, and low cost long-term.

Contractors – for the speed and simplicity of VACUU•LAN® installation, without welding, soldering or brazing, in a fraction of the time of building-wide systems. VACUU•LAN® vacuum networks can even be pre-installed in casework, so that on-site connections can literally be accomplished in minutes

VACUUBRAND high-performance vacuum pumps and systems have been used in research laboratories, industrial applications, and in custom OEM applications for over 50 years. The company takes great pride in its history of environmentally sensitive operations, and was the first company in the industry to earn ISO 14001 certification.

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VACUU·LAN® Vacuum Networks for Laboratories

VACUULAN® local vacuum networks are a lab-by-lab approach to scientific vacuum systems that saves energy, bench space and maintenance. A single under-bench pump can support the whole lab. These modular vacuum networks are located entirely within each lab, and replace central lab vacuum systems (CVS) and individual vacuum pumps in new labs or renovations.

What's the appeal?
  • 70-90 percent energy savings vs. CVS
  • Huge water savings vs. aspirators
  • Better vacuum quality than CVS
  • No inter-lab cross-contamination like CVS
  • Right-sized installation for sustainability
  • Adaptable as needs change
  • Reduced water and air pollution
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Suited for renovations and new construction
  • Proven worldwide for over 20 years

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VACUUBRAND Technical Support

For assistance in determining needs, design layout and specifications, call 1-888-882-6730, or email:

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Environmental protection is a VACUUBRAND priority. VACUUBRAND dry pumps eliminate waste oil and save energy compared with many competitive pumps. Our controllers and gauges are mercury-free and cadmium-free, and our pumps can capture nearly 100 percent of waste solvent vapor, without refrigerants, helping to reduce lab building emissions. In our operations, we reclaim and recycle virtually all manufacturing lubricants, and 32 classes of production waste materials; capture rainwater waste factory heat for process and building use; use natural light to minimize electrical consumption; and rely on low-waste, recyclable packaging.

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Free Lab Vacuum Reference

"Laboratory Vacuum: Background & Reference for Lab Planners, Designers, Architects & Engineers" is a 27-page introduction to vacuum for science facilities. The non-commercial booklet introduces the subject of vacuum and its often-confusing measurement units; the operations for which vacuum is used in labs; the different vacuum requirements of various scientific disciplines; common technologies used to supply vacuum; and additional considerations in planning the vacuum supply for new construction and renovation projects. Booklet includes a lab programming checklist for specifying vacuum in science labs. Please email request to

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