VACUUBRAND provides VACUU·LAN® local vacuum networks for STEM laboratories. VACUU·LAN local vacuum networks are a lab-by- lab alternative to central vacuum systems that offer numerous benefits to scientists and engineers working with the system, facility owners and maintenance personnel, and lab designers. Our brief video shows how VACUU·LAN networks are built to provide deep, stable vacuum to users, minimize maintenance, and reduce power consumption by 50-90% as compared to other vacuum solutions.

VACUU·LAN networks take a modular approach to providing exactly the vacuum needed using a whisper-quiet, in-lab pump to support user groups. This scalable approach can be implemented one lab bench at a time, or scaled up to support an entire lab building. These vacuum systems are also flexible and adaptable to the ever-evolving demands of STEM laboratories. To learn more, read our case studies and white papers or take a look at our series of AIA- and GBCI-approved lunch and learns. If you’d like to consider VACUU·LAN networks in your next project, please contact us for assistance in specifying the best system for your clients.

VACUUBRAND works with project teams throughout the project cycle to ensure client satisfaction. During the programming phase, we support design professionals to interpret clients’ vacuum system needs and priorities. In design development, we assist architects and engineers in specifying the appropriate materials and developing plumbing routings for the vacuum system. During construction, we work closely with sub-contractors to ensure that the equipment is properly installed and works as intended. And post-occupancy we provide comprehensive owner training and on-going support.


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VACUU·LAN® Vacuum Networks for Laboratories

VACUULAN® Local Vacuum Networks provide better quality vacuum than can be achieved from building-wide utilities, while at the same time being a sustainable, low maintenance, reliable solution to your clients vacuum system needs. Our extensive case studies and white papers offer some great examples of cases where VACUULAN networks have been implemented to achieve these benefits. Please contact us for assistance in specifying the best system for your clients.

Performance benefits:
  • Deep, stable vacuum
  • Reduces interference and cross-contamination
  • Isolates sensitive applications

Sustainability benefits:
  • 50-90% energy savings
  • Massive water savings
  • No waste sealing fluids as with other pumps

Project benefits:
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Economical no over-building
  • Great for new construction, renovations, or retrofits

Operational benefits:
  • Adaptable to changing needs
  • Reliable, low maintenance, low operating costs

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VACUUBRAND Technical Support

For assistance with VACUULAN® networks, please contact our team of vacuum experts. We are ready to help make your project successful by working with lab programmers, designers, specifiers, clients, and contractors.

How to reach us:
Phone: 1-888- 882-6730

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Environmental stewardship is a VACUUBRAND priority. Our dry pumps eliminate waste oil and save energy compared against competitive pumps. Our controllers and gauges are mercury- and cadmium-free. Our pumps can capture nearly 100% of chemical waste vapors without using refrigerants - helping to reduce emissions from lab buildings. In our manufacturing operations, we reclaim and recycle nearly all manufacturing lubricants as well as 32 classes of production waste materials. We also capture rainwater, reclaim waste heat for process and space heating use, maximize the use of natural light, and use low-waste, recyclable packaging. You can read more about our commitment to sustainability at our corporate website.

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Free Lab Vacuum Reference

"Laboratory Vacuum: Background & Reference for Lab Planners, Designers, Architects & Engineers'" is a 27-page introduction to vacuum for science facilities. The non-commercial booklet introduces the subject of vacuum and its often-confusing measurement units; the operations for which vacuum is used in labs; the different vacuum requirements of various scientific disciplines; common technologies used to supply vacuum; and additional considerations in planning the vacuum supply for new construction and renovation projects. Booklet includes a lab programming checklist for specifying vacuum in science labs. Please email request to

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