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For more than 40 years, Royal has been committed to designing products that reflect our standards of excellence while enhancing your home, and thus your neighborhood. Our quality products offer durable, low maintenance features that deliver lasting beauty and enduring value. We offer many color choices and options so you can pick the hues that make you happy. After all, your home is an outward reflection of you. And that's a great feeling to come home to year after year.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Aluminum Siding & Accessories

Aluminum Siding image

Aluminum Siding - Cedar Renditions™

Cedar Renditions is aluminum siding, trims and accessories - available in complementary woodgrain patterns and solid colours

Top Features:

  • Look of real woodgrain Virtually maintenance free Moisture proof
  • Easy to install Non-flammable
  • LEED compliant and 100% recyclable Made from 99% recycled content 25-year prorated limited warranty

Available Profiles and Accessories:

  • Design Series 6" and 4" Siding D4 and D4D
  • V-Groove Soffit
  • 6" Traditional Fascia
  • Outside Corner Post Trim Coil
  • J-Trim
  • Starter Strip

Aluminum Accessoriess image

Aluminum Accessoriess - Cedar Renditions™ Accessories

Aluminum Accessoriess
Royal corner posts and trim represent the finishing pieces. Many of our accessories come in colors that accent any AlumiPro® siding you choose to complete your exterior.
Aluminum Soffits image

Aluminum Soffits - Cedar Renditions™ Soffits

Aluminum Soffits
Complete your home with the protective, ventilating and designboosting AlumiPro Soffits. We have the best choice on the market - featuring vented or plain, three panel or four panel.

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Simulated Wood Trim image

Simulated Wood Trim - Royal S4S Trimboard™

Royal S4S Trimboard™
Royal S4S Trimboard'' can be used in countless ways to trim a home and add long-lasting beauty and value. Its smooth, durable, 4-sided finish resists dirt buildup, while its 'true square' edges provide cleaner installation. Reversible Royal S4S Trimboard comes ready to install, is paintable and is backed by a lifetime never rot warranty.
Simulated Wood Trim Sheet Stock image

Simulated Wood Trim Sheet Stock - Royal Trimboard®

Royal Trimboard® Sheet Stock
Available in 4' x 8' to 4' x 20' sheets, Royal Trimboard® sheet stock can be cut to any width or cut into custom shapes or designs. Royal Trimboard sheet stock mills and miters easily with standard tools, leaving clean, precise edges. Its consistent high density provides a uniform appearance from sheet to sheet. Homeowners will appreciate the fact that sheet stock is paintable, resists moisture and mold and is backed by a lifetime never rot guarantee.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Cellular PVC Siding and Simulated Wood Trim

Cellular PVC Siding and Simulated Wood Trim image

Cellular PVC Siding and Simulated Wood Trim - Celect®

Cellular PVC Siding
Celect® Cellular Exteriors products are made from an innovative moisture-resistant cellular technology. All boards feature Celect's interlocking seam system and an anti-gravity lock feature for unparalleled horizontal and vertical integrity.

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Polypropylene Shake & Shingles image

Polypropylene Shake & Shingles - Portsmouth™

Polypropylene Shake & Shingles
Portsmouth™ Shake & Shingles give you beautiful form and function plus real color, texture and shape options. Available in Double 7", 8' Single 7" Shingles, Hand-Split, Perfection, Staggered Edge and Half Round styles.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Vinyl Siding Insulated

Vinyl Insulated Siding image

Vinyl Insulated Siding - Haven®

Vinyl Insulated Siding
Haven® insulated siding combines the looks of real wood and the energy efficiency of industry-leading insulation technology. EPS insulation reduces the flow of hot and cold air through wall cavities, and locked-tight TXL™ Lamination distinguishes itself by how uniformly it holds siding and insulation together for a seamless, flat fit. Available in D6, D7, D45D and Board & Batten profiles.

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Vinyl High Performance Siding image

Vinyl High Performance Siding - Royal® Woodland

Vinyl High Performance Siding
Royal® Woodland siding, available D45, D45D and Board & Batten profiles, has an extensive color palette of 28 UV-resistant colors. Plus, Woodland is available in longer-length 16-foot panels that decrease seams and provide dramatic shadow lines.
Vinyl Premium Siding image

Vinyl Premium Siding - Royal® Estate

Vinyl Premium Siding
Royal® Estate siding combines real woodgrain presence with low maintenance and a wide range of UV- resistance colors that match virtually any home. It withstands hurricane force winds and is available in D4, D45D, D5D and Colonial Beaded.
Vinyl Solid Siding image

Vinyl Solid Siding - Royal® Residential

Vinyl Solid Siding
Our Residential siding"s low-gloss wood grain looks like natural wood. Its roll-top nail hem resists hurricaneforce winds and Residential's Double Lifetime Warranty includes hail protection. Available in D4, D45, D45D and Triple 3 profiles. What's not to love?
Vinyl Quality Siding image

Vinyl Quality Siding - Royal® Crest

Vinyl Quality Siding
Siding should do two important things: defy wear and tear and reflect your taste. Royal Crest siding does both. It exceeds industry standards in durability, color retention and warranty protection. Plus it comes in a broad variety of textures and designs - D4, D4D, D5, D5D, D4, D45D Vertical and 8".
Vinyl Agricultural Quality Siding image

Vinyl Agricultural Quality Siding - Agripanel (Available in Canada Only)

Vinyl Agricultural Quality Siding
Our Agripanel system is specifically designed for farm applications and it virtually eliminates maintenance. D4 Vertical, Double 5 Vertical and Triple 4 Vertical profiles can be found in our Agripanel product line.

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Soffits image

Soffits - Designer Beaded -Triple 3, Triple 4 , Double 5

The attractive low-gloss woodgrain, brush and matte finishes of our soffits complement any architectural style. Our high performance soffits provide excellent airflow while helping keep out insects and rodents.
Mounts - Electrical Receptacle -Coach Cover, Standard Mount, Mini Mount, Recessed Mini Mount, Large Standard Mount, Meterbase Mount, Flush Mount, Recessed Split Mount and Recessed Cover image

Mounts - Electrical Receptacle -Coach Cover, Standard Mount, Mini Mount, Recessed Mini Mount, Large Standard Mount, Meterbase Mount, Flush Mount, Recessed Split Mount and Recessed Cover

Our electrical and standard mounts are the perfect size for light fixtures, faucets, electrical meters, house numbers and a variety of other exterior elements that need a stage to shine on.
Gable Vents  image

Gable Vents

Our gable vents are designed to keep temperature control and attic ventilation top of mind. They come in a variety of popular sizes and colors to match any gable design. Choose from octagon, round, square, vertical, half round and round top, or use our kit to create your own shape.
Utility Vents - Exhaust Vents & Covers image

Utility Vents - Exhaust Vents & Covers

Our utility exhaust vents and covers are every bit as easy to install, colorful, durable and maintenance free as our gable vents. So you can count on them to fit perfectly with virtually every kind of siding.

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Trim Visualizer image

Trim Visualizer

Choose the right trim and fulfill your home exterior's design potential. Finish the design conversation you started with your siding. Simply start with the right tool.
Window Trim image

Window Trim - Window Lineals, Window Casings, Window Crown Moulding

Our pre-finished window trim - including lineals, casings and crown mouldings - does a perfect job framing and showcasing without rotting or letting drafts and moisture into the home.
Corner Trim image

Corner Trim

Our foam backed designer window casings and outside corner posts provide excellent rigidity and impact resistance and come in a wide selection colors.
Shutters image

Shutters - Louvered Panel, Raised Panel, Board & Batten

Royal Exterior Shutters look great, wear long and do an uncanny impersonation of wood. What they don't impersonate is falling apart in the face of persistent sun, weather, years and family life. So yes, they look pretty but do so much more than that - from versatile home style matching to UV protecting to easy installing.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Virtual Remodeler Design Tool

Virtual Remodeler Designer Tool image

Virtual Remodeler Designer Tool

HomePlay™ by Royal®
Ever wonder what your home would look in another color or with new siding? How about new windows? Now you can explore new looks on your own home with HomePlay™ by Royal®. Choose from various home styles or upload a photo of your own home (requires login). Visualize how beautiful, low-maintenance products from Royal can enhance your home today!

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