Specialty Doors was formed in 1996 by a group of seasoned door professionals. Our common goal was to provide fast, friendly, “old fashioned” service on a one to one basis. We welcome all to call us with any types of door questions and if we can’t help you with our products, we will tell you who can.

Our guarantee is iron clad. If you compare “apples to apples” no one beats our Guaranteed lowest price, period. We pride ourselves in our ability to save our customers time and money. Give us a try and thank you for your interest


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Barn Door Hardware

At Specialty Doors, we handle all types of barn door hardware and sliding door hardware for doors from 400 lbs to 5000 lbs. Industrial strap hinges in either ball or disc bearing are available in lengths up to 36"

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The Klassik model is the base system. It can be used universally for door panels of all types, regardless of the material. Klassik is suitable for door panels from 8 to 50 mm thick. The maximum door panel weight is 135kg.
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The Supra system has been especially developed for all doors that do not allow a threaded joint or any other hardware on the door leaf surface. Supra is mounted onto the top of the door leaf, which is the perfect solution for mirror doors, for example. The door leaf thickness should range from ca. 20 to 80 mm.
Duplex image


The Duplex model was specially developed for guiding large and heavy door panels. It can be used universally for door panels of all types, regardless of the material. Duplex is suitable for door panels from 8 to 50 mm thick. The maximum door weight is 250 kg.
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The Duplex-S model is an expansion of the "Supra" model. The Duplex-S was developed for door panels that cannot have screws on the surface. It is suitable for panels from 20 to 80mm thick made of metal and wood.
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Terra Sliding Door Hardware

The Terra sliding door system has clearly visible rollers and a running rail installed on the floor. It is thus the floor that supports the whole load of the door leaf so that all other installation parts carry less static weight. The Terra system is suitable for situations in which the ceiling cannot take loads and does not support the fastening of common running rail systems.
Spider image


The flagship of our premium edition, the Spider system, stands out due to its distinctive retro design as well as its sophisticated technique. All pieces are milled with excellent workmanship and then polished or grinded by hand. Due to its three glass point holders, this system can carry heavy door leaves like the Klassik system, with a maximum of stability. Let yourself be inspired by this ex-pressive design and fine technical finesse!
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Its purposely-kept simple design and the elegance of its harmonic forms make the Purist unique, from a technical point of view as well. Thanks to its special construction which does not have any visible screw joints, grooves, edges or housings, the Purist is an excellent choice for installations that have to be cleaned frequently, for example for reasons of hygiene. This system offers a maximum of flexibility with its flush glass point holders and its covered wall fastenings that are adjustable in all directions.
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This system stands out for its unique MWE cutting-edge design. It is the only system where the rollers are embedded in a housing. The running rail and all accessories are manufactured from flat steel profile that underlines its sharp-edged look.

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ABP Stainless Steel Hardware

There are 5 sliding door systems for glass and wood doors available to satisfy your designing needs: Flatec I, Flatec II, Unotec, Duetec and Tritec.

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Tubular Track Hardware image

Tubular Track Hardware - Baldur
Rob Roy

Systems includes track, two trolleys, bottom guide post, and mounting hardware.

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Flat Track Hardware

Our specialized door hardware website, is dedicated to providing expert support on those hard to find barn door hinges, latches, and Pemko door hardware accessories. This site has been developed specifically to answer those hardware and accessories questions that are difficult to get experienced guidance on.

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Bottom Rolling Hardware

This system allows our customers to purchase glass of their choosing locally and create a frameless partition system without vertical frames. Most any variety of glass, resin, wood or composite panel construction are compatible with this system.

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Acoustic Doors

Specialty doors offers sound retarding doors complete with the proper seals, threshold, and frame for various acoustical applications. Our sound doors have been used for such applications as movie theaters, schools, industrial facilities, recording rooms and more.
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Portable Partitions

Specialty Doors is one of the leading distributors for a variety of portable and movable partition systems, otherwise known as space or room dividers. So if your need is to create temporary rooms, or if you have a requirement for meeting or conference rooms, need a backdrop for special occasions or trade show, please Call Us at 866-815-8151.
Elephant Doors – Sliding Acoustical Doors image

Elephant Doors – Sliding Acoustical Doors

Large acoustical sliding doors are sometime called "Stage Doors" or "Elephant Doors". These are used when a swinging hinged door is not practical because of its size, but the sound needs to be controlled. We have sold these systems all over the world and continue to do regular quoting. The vast majority are electrically operated due to their size.

The most common sizes run around 18' x 20' or higher.
While acoustical doors are not completely soundproof, with the proper design for your space and the use of proper hardware, you can eliminate most of the noise that you are currently losing through your doors. There are also many great acoustical products such as hardware and seals that help you get the most out of specialty acoustical doors.
AD Systems Doors image

AD Systems Doors

AD Systems Doors (formerly Aurora Doors) are the first packaged, acoustical sliding door system available today. The applications are endless with the most popular being home theaters, clinics, home offices, and commercial spaces.
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Accordion Doors

We offer wood and vinyl accordion doors at the lowest prices guaranteed! Our large accordion doors selection offers you the ability to find the right accordion door solution for your needs. Contact us today for pricing and quick delivery!
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Operable Walls

Operable Walls, Folding Partitions and Demountable Walls have many applications.

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Library Ladders image

Library Ladders

Our stainless steel ladders are made under the skilled hands of German Artisans and will provide your home or work area with a creative and functional ladder that you won't find anywhere else.
Bronze Gate Hardware image

Bronze Gate Hardware

Bronze Ring Turn Drop Bar and Slide Bolts.

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Gate Operators

Specialty Doors specializes in gates and controls. We offer a full line of solutions for your automatic gate needs.
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Security /Counter Shutters

Rolling shutters are designed and engineered to meet and exceed the most stringent building codes in the USA. All the components of rolling shutters are designed, fabricated and installed to provide smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation. They are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of the windows and doors, and are available in a variety of designer colors to complement any design.
Bookcase Doors image

Bookcase Doors

Also known as hidden doors or secret doors, our bookcase doors offer a smart, space-saving option for everything from closets, pantries and wall safes in homes, to private areas and divided rooms in schools, banks and offices.

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