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30+ Years experience in the industry

While based in Columbia, South Carolina, Summit Lockers has established an ever growing list client with sales expanding nation wide. Our company believes in maintaining positive, beneficial relationships with our clients in order to deliver the best customer service possible. From the initial sale to the the final installation, we assist our clients throughout the project.

How do we make quality products?

We utilize quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, to build the most durable lockers for our clients. Our designs are able to withstand high impact environments and the wear from everyday use. Custom designs are available from our dedicated design team. Specifications and cut sheets are available as resources.


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Phenolic lockers image

Phenolic lockers

Phenolic lockers combine the appeal of a wooden locker with low maintenance. With hygienic, easy to clean surfaces, as well as extra strength to support large locker sizes, Phenolic lockers are perfect for high traffic / high moisture areas.
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Athletic lockers

Summit's athletic lockers provide a competitive advantage by combining strength, durability, low maintenance and custom designs for Professional, College and High School Teams.
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lockers  image

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lockers

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) lockers provide a solutions for locker rooms fighting metal rust or PLAM performance issues. With a through-color panels, orange peel finish, HDPE lockers are great for high moisture areas. Numerous sizes and styles make these perfect for a variety of facilities.
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Z-Lockers provide multiple height storage options within a single locker to maximizing space. This innovative style allows professionals to hang jackets, pants and dresses on one side and shoes on the opposite side. Great for community and professional fitness centers.

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Single Unit Cubby image

Single Unit Cubby

Summit Locker's single unit cubby is best suited for large project installations. Layouts are based on our standard locker designs and dimensions making it easier during the project planning phase.
Combination Cubbies image

Combination Cubbies

Summit Lockers manufactures two styles of cubbies, single-wide units and combination cubbies. Our combination cubbies are pre-configured units with multiple openings.
Bench Cubbies image

Bench Cubbies

The Bench Cubby can be used independently or in conjunction with other cubby combinations. A sturdy design gives the Bench Cubby ample support to be used as a sitting area.

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Single Bench image

Single Bench

Our Benches are 12" wide and available in one foot lengths up to 8'. Our benches are made from 3/4" thick solid phenolic. HDPE benches are made from 1" thick solid plastic.
ADA Benches image

ADA Benches

ADA benches are 24" deep by 48" long and come with four pedestals. An ADA compliant back rest is available. Contact a Summit Lockers representitive for more information.
Bench Pedestals image

Bench Pedestals

Our benches are mounted on powder coated steel, aluminum or brushed stainless steel pedestals for high humidity environments.

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Summit Lockers works with many major lock manufacturers to meet your specific project needs. Lockers can be ordered with locks installed or prepared for local installation. Unless specified, Summit Lockers come with a stainless steel hasp bar for use with an end user supplied padlock. Please contact us for any project specific lock information.

Last Update: 2019-01-04