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Seves Glass Block is the world's leading manufacturer of glass block for interior design and architectural applications.

Seves Glass Block's sucess is defined by one clear objective: to maximize the potential of glass blocks by transforming them from a marginal, traditional construction element into an artistic expression of light and space.

From the start, Seves Glass Block aimed to change traditional production rules and ideas regarding glass blocks, which were previously considered "poor" building materials used only in cases of lack of light. Seves Glass Block introduced to the humble glass block highly advanced experience and technology thus enhancing its pureness, brilliance, transparency, and resistence, the single most beneficial components of the product.

Then, it went one step further by adding an exclusive characteristic, once reserved only for the most sophisticated glasses: colour.

An improved process of production rationalization modified and enlarged the entire product line with models and complementary modules to make customized solutions.


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Imperial Line  image

Imperial Line

Fully versatile glass blocks designed for vertical structures in awide variety of formats and thicknesses, to increase maximum flexibility with wall compositions.Realize vertical structures that are lighter, thinner, more structurally stable, and solid. Create angles, curves, or finished jambs and/ or heads.
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Contemporary: Pure & Solid Glass Blocks image

Contemporary: Pure & Solid Glass Blocks

Pure and solid glass block offers design possibilities limited only by an architect's imagination and vision.The Vistabrik glass block increases the amount of natural daylight while providing security. The Vetropieno Line offers three colors to add atmosphere to interiors.
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Imperial Line  image

Imperial Line

A range of glass blocks in a variety of formats and thicknesses offer designers maximum flexibility in wall composition. Realize vertical structures that are lighter, thinner, more structurally stable, and solid. Full of personality, Basic Imperial glass blocks are perfect for special projects in which character, warmth, and originality are the main attractions.
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Basic Line - Smooth & Wave image

Basic Line - Smooth & Wave

The Transparent range - with smooth and wave glass design - is ideal for all the applications where the product is chosen prevalently for its characteristic function: the passage of light. To complete the range, special pieces are available: linear, curved and corner wall end blocks.
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Basic Line  image

Basic Line

Playful, dancing shapes, forms that arrange and rearrange themselves suggestively: discover a variety of designs to realize highly diverse and personalized ambiences with effects like striking identifying marks, symbols, and geometries that determine the flow and direction of light.
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Coloured: Soft Shades image

Coloured: Soft Shades

A selection of 7 gentle tints of color: Azur, Pink, Green, Grey, Blue, Brown and Turquoise in wave glass design, designed to add elegance and delicate light effects. Basic Soft Shades glass blocks have three different finishings to adapt to all light diffusion requirements.
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Strong Shades: Matty image

Strong Shades: Matty

4 bold tints that emit a timeless elegance in the matt transparent version: Matty glass blocks offer new design possibilities for internal walls. Ink injected coloured glass block designed for internal use only and available in classic formats with wave glass design.
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Strong Shades: Brilly image

Strong Shades: Brilly

The Brilly range is available in 9 bright colours in the wave glass design and with the transparent finishing. Choose from yellow, orange, red, blue, bronze, green, ruby, violet and turquoise to bring any design to life. Recommended for interior applications, Brilly range give a great color to liven up any dark room with a splash of color.
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Pegasus image


Smooth and wave glass design with invisible joints, allowing a continuous 'all glass™ wall that emits brightness and light in all environments. A variegated range of colours, shapes, glass designs and finishes for every need and aesthetic taste. Ideal for interior and exterior applications as well as stylish and creative architectural designs.
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Pegasus Metallised image

Pegasus Metallised

Pegasus Metallised is the glass block to use to create walls that are extraordinarily light and aesthetically refined. Ideal for striking interiors and exteriors, the metallised range is available in smooth and wave glass designs and in a rich variety of colours that, thanks to metallisation, acquire special brightness and luminosity.
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Mendini Collection image

Mendini Collection

A new generation of building elements for interiors: the Mendini Collection in 16 colors, from the boldest one to black and white, both in different degrees of transparency, has been designed to enable glass blocks to generate chromatic and figurative arrangements. With smooth glass design and metallised edges, it is the ideal solutions to create impressive interior walls, full of personality and color.
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New Colour Collection image

New Colour Collection

The New Colour Collection provides endless ways to explore interior design through colour. Vibrant colors, wave glass design and metallised edges: a collection created to define interior spaces with the power of its bold tones, brilliant shades and light effects.
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Doric Q19 image

Doric Q19

The first three dimensional glass design inspired by the motif of the famous columns of the Greek temples. DORIC unites classic and modern styles into one exclusive design element, ideal for creating dramatic linear patterns and optical illusions that play upon the depths of space.
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Other Formats and Thicknesses image

Other Formats and Thicknesses

Glass block designed for vertical structures in different formats and thicknesses to increase flexibility and versatility with wall compositions. Create structurally more solid and stable walls with 1919/10 glass blocks, or lighter and thinner walls with 1919/5. Mix and match the big formats with 1111/8, available in different glass designs and finishings.
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Orbis image


The ideal solution for adding style, character and originality to residential and commercial applications: floors, sidewalks, skywalks, underground spaces, pedestrian bridges and courtyards.
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Photovoltaic  image


Photovoltaic transforms the already eco-friendly glass block into a new building instrument, ideal for lighting exterior applications while conserving energy. The energy accumulated via the solar panel is stored in the high capacity battery, and used to power the LEDs during the night once the external luminosity drops below 30lux.
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Smart Home Applications image

Smart Home Applications

Designed for living, Smart Home helps people experience architecture through light, color, movement, and space. Glass block is the natural solution for increasing privacy without sacrificing an environment's natural light ' elegant, refined, and timeless. Discover how to fully express your creativity by using light, space, transparency and colour as you prefer.
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Smart Architecture Applications image

Smart Architecture Applications

Both matter and the material of architects, natural light, and its proper management, continues to influence the future of design, the wellbeing of individuals, and the environment. Discover how to make wow architecture possible.
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Last Update: 2020-10-13