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At PRL Glass Systems & Aluminum we strive to be our customer's first choice for quality products at competitive prices while maintaining fast, accurate and professional services.

A family owned business, began in 1989 with a hand full of employees, one delivery truck and dream to become a productive and profitable glass fabricator. Now 26 years later, PRL is one of the largest privately owned Glass and Metal Fabricators in the United States with over 400 employees and sales that exceed 75 million dollars annually.

PRL's strengths lie in designing and fabricating Building Entrance Systems and supplying them to the Glazing Contractor with the fastest lead times available in the Industry. Our extensive product lines include Heavy Tempered All Glass Entrance Doors, Monumental Full-Framed Clad Entry Systems and an extensive Aluminum Storefront line that includes Curtain Wall and Multi-Sliding Doors. We also manufacture an extensive line of Heavy Glass Shower Enclosures, Spandrel Wall Panels, clear and colored laminated glass, bullet resistant, unique heavy glass tables, custom designed sandblasted glass and fabricated mirrors.Our metal division, PRL Aluminum, produces a variety of architectural metal products that include railing systems, pre-glazed storefront doors and custom handles. We are one of only two companies nationally that manufacture UL certified Tubular Panic Devices for All Glass Doors.

Our fabrication lines include three glass tempering furnaces, a laminating line with a 96 x 153 furnace capacity, a Lisec robotic insulating line, an Opaci-coat spandrel line, a 2400 ton aluminum extrusion press and a 55' long aging oven. These are complemented by a full force of glass polishing, beveling and CNC fabricating machines as well as metal fabricating and polishing machinery.

An example of what can be manufactured complete, in-house, and ship from PRL within a matter of days, as opposed to a matter of weeks, is 3/4"or 5/8" tempered, oversized, low iron glass and doors with panic hardware installed, insulated low-e tempered units, stainless steel clad perimeter storefront framing, laminated canopy glass, brake formed metal wall panels and pattern cut heavy tempered glass handrail systems.

PRL's fleet of trucks deliver regularly to Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Palm Springs, Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Crated shipments leave our facility daily to all parts of the United States including Hawaii. We consider it a privilege to supply our customers with superior quality products and service. We promote a positive, service oriented work ethic that our clients acknowledge and we are very proud of our team at PRL. Our goal is to be the best single source supplier of residential and commercial glazing products in the United States and we look to the future with great enthusiasm!


{{}} {{this.hide}} Architectural Glass (Anneal or Tempered)

Clear Glass image

Clear Glass

Clear Glass offers excellent optical properties with high light transmittance and visibility.

  • Misco Wire Glass- ideal for areas where safety is a factor, since it maintains its integrity when fractured.
  • Laminated- alternative glass with unlimited makeup options.
  • Mirror
  • Low Iron- Practically colorless for unlimited applications
      o Starphire
      o Diamante
      o Optiwhite
  • Low-E- Provides excellent thermal performance with a consistent clear-neutral appearance
      o Sungate 500
      0 Guardian SN68
      0 Guardian SNX62-27

Clear Glass Gallery image

Clear Glass Gallery

Architectural Glass ( Anneal or Tempered)
Architectural Spandrel Glass image

Architectural Spandrel Glass - ICD OPACI-COAT 300 and ICD OPACI-COAT 300 METALLIC


ICD OPACI-COAT 300 is a water base silicone rolled coated glass coating product that is supplied as flowable, thixotropic emulsion. Upon evaporation of water, the applied coating will cure to a tack-free silicone elastomeric film which provides opacification in any color to glass and related construction materials.

IICD OPACI-COAT 300 METALLIC is applied with dedicated automatic spray equipment. We can utilize the full range of metallic effects and colors the OPACI-COAT-300A® METALLIC has to offer. This adds depth to your exterior and interior coated glass use.

Architectural Textured Glass image

Architectural Textured Glass

We offer over 25 different types of Textured Glass including Low Iron Textures. These are great for restaurant partitions, showers enclosures, sneeze guards or room dividers.

Various 5/16-3/8 glass patterns are available to choose from.

Architectural Reflective Glass image

Architectural Reflective Glass

A Pirolytically-coated glass for improved solar control, UV ray protection and blockage of solar heat.
Architectural Tint Uncoated image

Architectural Tint Uncoated

Provides excellent solar control with a versatile range of tints. Offers high levels of natural daylight while lowering solar heat loads.
Shower Glass image

Shower Glass

PRL custom glass for frameless glass shower doors come in a wide selection of styles and designs. PRL adds exclusive protective coating technology that seals the glass surface to resistant corrosive actions of moisture, humidity, and chemicals found in household cleaners.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Aluminum Storefront

Aluminum Storefront image

Aluminum Storefront - 400 Series

The 400 Series (1-3/4 x 4 system) is an economical systems designed to efficiently meet industry standard performance requirements, all the systems components are designed to allow interchangeability making them ideal for either exterior and interior applications. This series are industry standard center glazed systems that receive all standard entrance door hardware and doors types with single or double action door hardware.

This system will receive 1/4 glass in a  glass pocket width and can be shop of filed fabricated. The extrusions can be reinforced to meet more rigorous performance requirement.

Aluminum Storefront image

Aluminum Storefront - 450-Series

The 450 (1-3/4 x 4-1/2) series is most versatile for exterior applications, since its design to meet higher performance standards. All the systems components are designed to allow interchangeability making them ideal for either exterior or interior application. The series are industry standard center glazed systems that receive all standard entrance door hardware and the door type single or double action door hardware.

This system will receive 1/4 glass in a glass pocket width and can be shop or filed fabricated. The extrusion can be reinforced to meet more rigorous performance requirement.

Aluminum Storefront image

Aluminum Storefront - 250-Series

The 250 is versatile and economical center glazed system designed specifically to be glazed with 1-inch insulating glass furnished in a complete line of extrusion and accessories to accommodate most job conditions.

This 250 glazing systems available in 2 x 4-1/2 sections with 1-1/4 glass pocket width. Entrance doors may be adapted by use of filler insert especially for this glazing system.
Aluminum Storefront image

Aluminum Storefront - 401 Series

The 401 Series is an offset glazed system designed specifically to be glazed with 1/4-inch glass furnished in a complete line of extrusion and accessories to accommodate most job conditions.

This glazing systems is available in 1-3/4 x 4 sections.

Aluminum Storefront image

Aluminum Storefront - 201-Series

The 201 series is a versatile interior/exterior offset glazed system designed specifically to be glazed with 1/4 glass furnished in a complete line of extrusion and accessories to accommodate most job conditions.

201 glazing system is available in 2 x 4-1/2 sections with  glass pocket.

Aluminum Storefront image

Aluminum Storefront - 251-Series

The 251 series is an offset glazed system with frame/glass faces slightly on plan for a minimal frame protrude and increase aesthetics/performance values, designed specifically to be glazed with 1-inch insulated glass furnished in a complete line of extrusion and accessories to accommodate most job conditions.

This glazing system is available in 2 x 4-1/2 sections and glass inserts may be positioned inward/outward for custom application. The systems will accommodate most PRL Entrance Doors.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Aluminum Curtain Wall

Aluminum Curtain Wall  image

Aluminum Curtain Wall

PRL's Curtain wall is a rain screened, pressure equalized, high performance product for buildings that require the highest of performance and quality.

Additional Features

  • Structural glaze verticals
  • Structural glaze horizontals
  • Vertical sunshade options
  • Horizontal sunshade options
  • Light shelf adaptable

{{}} {{this.hide}} Insulated Glass Units

Insulated Glass Units image

Insulated Glass Units

PRL is equipped with state of the art machinery to assist you with complete IG units, providing you with the fastest lead times in the industry. With the capability of fabricating standard dual glazed and triple glazed units and supply them with standard or sculptured grids. PRL IGS units are a high quality, total energy performance product that translate into reduced energy cost and increased comfort. Our IG unit manufacturing capabilities are maximum sizes are 96" x 137" and minimum size of 6" x 6". Our IG units have been tested and certified by IGCC.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass image

Laminated Glass

PRL is excited to have an In house lamination line and we are able to offer you custom made laminated glass with the fastest lead times in the industry. Laminated glass is another option used when safety glass is required. It can be manufactured using glass that is annealed, heat strengthened or tempered and can be made up using different glass types including: tinted, reflective, patterned, and or mirror.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Edge Work

Edge Work image

Edge Work

PRL enhances natural glass elegance with innovative hand crafted edges. Various shapes are offered from ground to polished bevel for a wide range of application. Customize edges are available upon request. Please consult PRL for details.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Shower Door Hardware

Shower Door Hardware  image

Shower Door Hardware

We offer an exclusive complete system of shower doors. Complete with glass and shower door hardware at a very competitive price. Ready for installation.

  • Hinges
  • Clamps
  • Channels
  • Handles
  • Towel Bars
  • Knobs
  • Wipes and Seals

{{}} {{this.hide}} Shower Doors

Shower Doors image

Shower Doors

PRL's Shower Division offers you the highest quality frameless shower door units in the industry with an elegant design for all your custom or standard frameless door enclosure applications. We manufacture complete all glass shower doors, enclosures and hardware that are completely designed to your specifications and configurations. Our custom all glass fabrication on shower and steam units will meet the most creative luxurious designs. All frameless glass shower door / enclosures are manufactured with our 3/8" or 1/2" tempered glass. We provide easy installation solutions and competitive pricing.

Shower Door Gallery image

Shower Door Gallery

Offering easy installation solutions and the best systems in the industry.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Contoured Series Shower Sliders

Contoured Series Shower Sliders image

Contoured Series Shower Sliders

Sliders are fabricated in detail to practically any geometric configuration.

  • 1/4" & 3/8" Glass
  • 60" Tub /72" Shower Std Heights
  • Designed for heavy glass load
  • Standard single T-Bar/Single Knob
  • Custom configurations for any condition
  • Engineered for Precision assembly
  • Std and custom Finishes
  • In-Line 90/135 & Custom angle configurations

{{}} {{this.hide}} Entrance Door Hardware

Entrance Door Hardware image

Entrance Door Hardware

Simplifying your purchasing with PRL by offering complete hardware from one source, simply supply us your commercial custom, dual tone or specialty door handle and pull specifications and let us take care of the rest. Combine your order with the tempered/laminated glass, IG units, bullet resistance and you will receive a complete package door opening ready for fast and easy installation. Hardware:

  • Hinges
  • Handles/Panics
  • Pulls
  • Closers
  • Locks
  • Pivots
  • Thresholds

{{}} {{this.hide}} Glazing Products

Glazing Products image

Glazing Products

Our mission is to simplify your work by offering all the glazing products you will need to complete your entire glass and metal projects (one stop shop). On your next glass or metal order ask to have all your glazing supplies delivered directly to you.

  • Hand Vacuum Cup
  • Glass Cutter
  • Sealants-Silicone/Polyurethane
  • Grinding Belts
  • As well as many other Tools and Glazing Products and Supplies you will need

{{}} {{this.hide}} Panic Hardware

Panic Hardware image

Panic Hardware - PL-100 Series

PL-100 Series Panic Device runs from the center of the door up, latching at the door header. It has a contemporary design offered primarily for all Glass Door/Entrance Systems with a minimal 1-1/4" tubular housing latch mechanism.

All of our Panic Devices go through various quality assurance processes and meet industry standard test UL305 and ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2008. Made in the USA.

Panic Hardware image

Panic Hardware - PL-110 Series

PL-110 Series Panic Device is floor latching panic device application with a contemporary design offered primarily for all Glass Door/Entrance Systems with a minimal 1-1/4" tubular housing latch mechanism.

All of our Panic Devices go through various quality assurance processes and meet industry standard test UL305 and ANSI/BHMA A156.3-2008. Made in the USA.

Panic Hardware Gallery image

Panic Hardware Gallery

Revolutionary & Adaptable Panic Hardware.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Tiffany Sliding Doors

Tiffany Sliding Doors image

Tiffany Sliding Doors

Our most popular unique system features hardware with Circular Patch Fittings and a Head Facial application. The top-hung, heavy-duty, narrow track is the perfect solution for limited head space. The tube suspends the glass in its heavy duty track creating a floating effect (ceiling or side wall mount). The sliding frameless systems are for single or bypass doors for commercial or residential applications. It's a simple yet unique system that will bring elegance to any application.

{{}} {{this.hide}} MAX Sliding Door

MAX Sliding Door image

MAX Sliding Door

Built to spec and extruded in-house, our Max Sliding Doors are designed and engineered with the vision of creating maximum height sliding entrance systems that would allow for the maximum view possible, all while providing heavy duty advantages for air infiltration, water penetration, structural integrity and forced entry.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Ruby Sliding Doors

Ruby Sliding Doors  image

Ruby Sliding Doors

Ruby Interior glass sliding doors offer architects and designers the freedom of choice between a top hung sliding glass door system and a pivot system. Ruby's unique all glass door system ensures minimal obstruction from hardware and framing to provide customers with the largest viewing area through the glass with a clean finished appearance. The Ruby Pivot System has a high-tech appearance and can be used as a free swinging door or the swing can be controlled by adding a floor closer. PRL's Ruby Pivot system is available with overhead panel and sidelight connectors, which give the freedom of adding a transom and/or sidelights to your opening. The Ruby is suspended from above, leaving a trackless and uninterrupted floor.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Accordion Bifold Door System

Accordion Bifold Door System image

Accordion Bifold Door System

Accordion Bi-Fold doors can satisfy a wide spectrum of design and functionality requirements. These glass doors can be used in a range of applications and configurations. Accordions are flexible, offered as a top hung system with a floor guide and a reliable weather protection with an innovative seal system. These Accordion Bi-fold doors obtain the ability of being stacked, creating a completely obstructed opening. Engineered with the highest quality material.

  • Versatile
  • In-Line / Multiple Panels
  • Custom Configurations
  • Weather Resistant
  • Thermally Broken
  • Dual Tone Finish feature

{{}} {{this.hide}} Handrail / GuardRail

Handrail / GuardRail image

Handrail / GuardRail

Complete architectural handrail and guard railing systems in house manufactured. Leading the handrail industry in options to fit all your dry set, wet glaze, offset, standoff, and floor mount application designs:

  • Precision bolt assembly Dry Set system
  • Complete Wet glazed guard and handrail systems
  • Stainless steel post support or stand offs systems
  • Manufacture of ASTM 6063 T5 or 6005 T6 Aluminum guard and railing systems
  • Offering Large varieties of glass handrail styles and architectural design specifications
  • Architectural manufacture of Std top cap mounts
  • Complete Handrail specifications to meet all your glass offset mounts
  • Leading California Handrail Manufacturer of exceptional Wall mount systems
  • Specializing in Architectural Specifications and Shop drawings to meet all your one stop shop handrail and guardrail manufacturing needs
  • Custom Engineering and Design

{{}} {{this.hide}} Infinity Railing System

Infinity Railing System image

Infinity Railing System

PRL dexterous Aluminum Infinity Railing series contributes to an immaculate composition to any top rail style. This series is engineered to offer strength for comfort and stability.

  • Standard Glass Railing
  • Topless Glass Railing
  • Fencing
  • Custom Railing
  • Handrail
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Wind & privacy Wall
  • Gates

{{}} {{this.hide}} Table Tops

Table Tops image

Table Tops

PRL custom tabletops have contributed to complete tasteful and refined decor.


  • Standard Geometry
  • Complex Shapes
  • Overlay
  • Custom Insert

{{}} {{this.hide}} Sandblast

Sandblast image


PRL sandblast artwork enhances glass elegance with surface or deep carved custom design such as follows

  • Surface Sandblast
  • Ornamental
  • Mythical
  • Artistic
  • Border Sandblast Designs
  • Logos
  • Oceanic
  • Nature
  • Custom Artwork & Designs

{{}} {{this.hide}} Glass Specialties/Fabrication

Glass Specialties/Fabrication image

Glass Specialties/Fabrication

Aesthetically and challenging astestic concepts are meet by a liason b/w expert craftmanship and computer control fabrication offer CNC precision and jewel like artistical edge fabrication.

Variety of glass countertop allow natural light to fill interior spaces while still practical by allowing the view of fine decorations.

Custom tabletops with multiple hole drilling, compound shapes, pattern cuts, exotic edging.

Custom displays offers unlimited adaptablity to unique design the beauty & strength with complex pattern cutting.

Sinktop with perfect match to modern gravity support elements with exotic edges, free form shapes, hand polishing, opaque glass and color coated background.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Architectural Metals

Architectural Metals image

Architectural Metals

We provide custom manufacturing such as; break formed shapes, panels, flashing, aluminum/stainless handrail top cap, base shoe covers, column covers. With the capabilities of manufacturing complete brass and stainless steel clad storefronts and clad doors. Also offering, aluminum extrusions, custom metal fabrication, machining and metal finishing services. We stock brass, stainless steel, clear & bronze anodized sheets.

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