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Thermory is the union of science and design. Decking, cladding and porch flooring with unequalled longevity and lasting natural beauty. When you don't want to settle, you want Thermory.

We are driven by a desire to lead the industry in innovation and efficiency. Our standards are high, and our process has been proven by decades of consistent performance.

Our raw materials are carefully sourced in order to preserve forests and provide unrivaled products. Our lumber standards exceed industry grading standards so that our products exceed your expectations. Using only heat and steam to enhance each board, we're committed to sustainability from start to finish.

We strive to offer reliable solutions through a deep understanding of our process, products and the needs of our customers. We study the industry and anticipate needs in order to offer valuable product solutions that exceed expectations.

Our truly natural products have no equal, and we may just change the way you think about wood.


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Benchmark Ash Decking image

Benchmark Ash Decking

Thermory Benchmark Ash decking is beautiful, but we know you know that's not enough. That's why it's also exceptionally durable and dimensionally stable, and it's easy to install. You get the deep, rich color you want from a natural wood deck, the rot resistance you need, and unlike many tropical woods, Benchmark Ash is easy on your tools. In short, Benchmark Ash is your timeless, stunning, long-lasting, installs-in-a-breeze, real wood dream deck.

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Benchmark Scots Pine Decking image

Benchmark Scots Pine Decking

For more than 2 decades, Benchmark Pine decking has been defining expectations for softwood decking. Unequalled in durability and stability, our thermally modified Scots pine decking features distinct knots, beautiful golden brown color (or, let it naturally age to stunning silver!), and no visible sapwood - just the rich appearance of heartwood from edge to edge. Easy to install, low maintenance, and decades of rot resistance mean our Benchmark Pine decking is raising the bar for softwoods.

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Kodiak Spruce Decking image

Kodiak Spruce Decking

Like the Kodiak bear, Kodiak decking is the biggest board in the forest. Kodiak comes in 8 inch wide boards, wider than standard real wood decking boards, showing off its outrageous strength and stability and making installation a breeze. Brushed for a rugged texture and embracing the natural knots inherent to spruce, Kodiak's wide sizes create fewer seams than standard widths, and offer the hardy look and feel of the wilderness under your feet while retaining the sophistication of meticulously milled real wood.

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Benchmark Ash Cladding image

Benchmark Ash Cladding

Thermory's Benchmark Ash cladding offers the classic, timeless sophistication of real wood combined with the exceptional durability that results from our thermal modification process. When it comes to rot resistance and stability, our Benchmark Ash cladding will take on any other real wood product, including tropical woods and other modified hardwoods. Meticulous milling means clean lines, tight seams and easy installation. With Benchmark Ash cladding, you're guaranteed to have a well-clad wall.

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Benchmark Scots Pine Cladding image

Benchmark Scots Pine Cladding

Clad your walls in something beautiful, durable and surprisingly easy to install with Thermory's Benchmark Pine cladding. It combines all the big must-haves for real wood building materials - decades of rot resistance, distinctive knots, dimensional stability, and the natural beauty of wood. Our milling ensures clean, straight lines for tight seams, and, left alone, your cladding will gradually age to a stunning silver (without losing strength or stability in the process).

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Kodiak Spruce Cladding image

Kodiak Spruce Cladding

Kodiak Spruce cladding combines the rugged texture of rough-sawn wood with the sophistication of our expert thermal modification and meticulous milling processes. At 8 inches wide, a Kodiak clad wall has fewer seams, creating a clean, modern look and installs in less time. The brushed texture is still gentle to the touch, but adds a hint of ruggedness and edge to create the hardy, natural look you want. Kodiak cladding adds a touch of the wildness to your walls.

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Drift Spruce Cladding image

Drift Spruce Cladding

Drift gives your walls the stunning look of reclaimed wood without the unknowns. Reclaimed wood is beautiful, but risky and often difficult to find. Get the same look, with the added benefits of our thermal modification process and reliable distribution. Available in 6 cravable colors, Drift cladding helps create the perfect aesthetic for your project without sacrificing ease of installation, rot resistance or stability.

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Ignite Spruce Cladding image

Ignite Spruce Cladding

Ignite by Thermory mimics the beautiful, traditional look of shou sugi ban with the added benefits of thermal modification. Our process is deceptively flame-free, creating boards that only look charred. Ignite cladding is created from thermally modified spruce and brings the bold look of burned wood to your walls, without any risk of messy residue and not a flame to be found. Ignite cladding is durable, stable and long lasting cladding for those who want their walls to truly stand out.

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Benchmark White Ash Porch Flooring image

Benchmark White Ash Porch Flooring

For a porch that's not only stunningly beautiful, but also outrageously stable and rot resistant for decades, a Benchmark Ash porch floor is the clear choice. It's stability comes not just from our expert thermal modification process, but also from the built-in expansion beads on every board, giving you the tight seams you crave while leaving enough space for the natural movement of real wood without risk of warping.

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Benchmark Scots Pine Porch Flooring image

Benchmark Scots Pine Porch Flooring

Benchmark Pine Porch Flooring is the beautiful choice that outlasts all other softwoods available. The thermal modification process leaves it highly rot resistant and stable, and the built-in expansion beads give each board a little wiggle room to account for natural movement and prevent warping. You get the stunning appeal of natural pine, with added confidence that your porch floor will outlast and perform other softwood decks - when tested, our Benchmark Pine products deliver 20+ years of rot resistance.

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The Gathering Place image

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place was George Kaiser's gift to his hometown. Funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation and designed by MVVA, the 64-acre park is located just outside of downtown Tulsa and was aptly named to describe its intentions - to become a city hub that would draw people into the city and revitalize the area. The park features unique, man-made topography to bring new life to the landscape, local stone elements paying homage to the many quarries scattered around the Tulsa area, and an abundance of program and event spaces to engage visitors of all ages. The Gathering Place is unifying the suburban sprawl of Tulsa, creating a brand new type of public park, purposefully designed to bring people together.

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Yoki Treehouse image

Yoki Treehouse


, a green-design, custom treehouse architecture firm, operates Cypress Valley Canopy Tours outside of Austin, TX. This unique and lofty eco-retreat features 5 luxurious but sustainable treehouses for guests to rent and enjoy a few rustic, unforgettable days. Even though they describe themselves as micro-architects, treetop architecture is no small feat. And for ArtisTreeĀ®, sustainability and function are top priorities. When designing and building their Yoki Treehouse for the resort, they were after a sophisticated feel without compromising their core values.

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    Rustic Seal Beach Home image

    Rustic Seal Beach Home

    Homeowners in Seal Beach, CA had chosen Thermory Benchmark cladding for the exterior of their home, and opted to let it age naturally instead of oiling it to preserve the color. When remodeling the living room, their open design and large windows meant an accent wall would be visible from the outside. Their modern sensibility required a simple, contemporary material to bridge the gap between the natural outdoor setting and the clean indoor aesthetic.

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    The Waterfront, Stavanger, Norway image

    The Waterfront, Stavanger, Norway

    The Waterfront, a stunning residential building featuring 128 flats, convenient shops and cafes and a gorgeous promenade along the water, features Thermory Benchmark Pine cladding, decking and roofing to create this multi-faceted facade. Stavanger has a long and proud history of natural woodwork. The thermally-modified wood products used were left unoiled, furthering the tradition of naturally-aged wood as it slowly transforms to it's final, beautiful silver patina.

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    Port of Helsinki, West Terminal 2 image

    Port of Helsinki, West Terminal 2

    Helsinki's new ferry terminal was designed to meet the needs of the growing Helsinki-Tallinn sea traffic. This major project aimed to combine functionality with high-level architecture and design to create a modern, radiant hub for millions of international passengers.

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    Lawrence Manor Contemporary House image

    Lawrence Manor Contemporary House

    These homeowners are modern art collectors, and they wanted their home to be seen as a modern sculpture. They used high-end products on the exterior of the home, and it was important for the outdoor area to maintain the same high-end, functional appeal.

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    Gardens by the Mandalay image

    Gardens by the Mandalay

    The rooftop Gardens by the Mandalay was designed to be a serene outdoor retreat from the bustle of the commercial spaces that surround it. The outdoor sanctuary had become dated over the last few decades. It needed to be completely revamped in order to provide the experience desired, including gardens, landscaping, sitting areas, fountains, koi ponds, firepits, and extensive winding walkways to provide peaceful, beautiful access to wandering visitors.

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    For over 20 years, we've been solving the industry's biggest problems with advanced innovation and stunning results. Thermory products have been the used in some amazing ways - see for yourself, then see what you can do with Thermory!

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