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At Honeywell Cable, our entire line of cable products is designed to better enable the daily success of Architects and Engineers (A&Es), Security Designers, and Consultants. Giving you the confidence to specify the exact right cable for each and every application - and supporting you every step of the way - we provide optimal connectivity to integrated video surveillance, access control, intrusion, fire alarm, and intelligent building systems.

Backed by a Fortune 100 company that sets the standard across numerous industries, Honeywell Cable delivers high-performance products, hassle-free installation, robust warranties, and everything you need to succeed.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Security Cables

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Security Cables

Ensuring you have the right cable for the right application, our multi-conductor cables are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge sizes, shielding configurations and ratings including plenum, riser and general purpose to meet a wide range of security demands. Get cable you can count on for critical applications like alarms, as well as reliable wiring for intercoms, speakers and other low-voltage circuits that are power limited.

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Access Control Cables

Our highly engineered PROFUSION access control cables use a revolutionary twisting scheme to hold pairs together without binding, preventing deterioration and making for easier installation just tape the ends and pull. This represents the most cost-effective solution for bundled cable applications.

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Video Surveillance Cables

Honeywell™s Genesis™ Series CCTV Coaxial cables are engineered to deliver sharp, smooth video signals at an optimal value.

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Network & IP Cables

Honeywell Genesis Series Cable satisfies a wide range of power demands with its well-rounded, versatile category cable portfolio now including Cat 6A and Cat 5e/6 Plus shielded cables. With options for increasing signal speed, improving interruption-free connectivity and strengthening overall data security, there's a category cable for virtually every application.

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Fire Alarm Cables

Designed for optimal safety, Honeywell Fire Alarm Cables are manufactured in a wide variety of gauge sizes, shielding configurations and ratings. We also manufacture fire alarm cables that meet the requirements of New York City Local Law 5 and New York State Toxicity requirements.

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HVAC & Thermostat Cables

As the world's leading thermostat manufacturer, no one knows home comfort systems better than Honeywell. Homeowners seeking a dependable HVAC system will only think about the wiring if it fails. Ensure that it doesn't by selecting cable from a manufacturer that has the most enhanced and efficient cabling available. The flawless connection of Honeywell's thermostat and mini split cables throughout the home provide the reliable comfort that homeowners value and you can count on. The new Hybrid thermostat and mini split options, including SPINALCORD' metal clad, are specifically engineered to tackle the evolving demands and functionality of thermostats and AC units. Plus, they now come in 50' convenience packs for easier handling.

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Intelligent Building System Cables

As energy and security systems become increasingly intelligent, quality cable becomes an even more important factor. Communication cables used to network controlled circuits must be able to support high-speed data transfer for long distances. Because of this, it's important to select the right cables that have low capacitance and correctly matched characteristic impedances. Produced in our state-of- the-art facility, Honeywell Cable also offers specialized IBS control cables that meet the requirements for Lutron® systems, BACnet and Echelon® LonWorks.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Irrigation, Tracer & Lighting Cables

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Irrigation, Tracer & Lighting Cables

Designed for underground applications where harsh conditions may be encountered, tracer wire is ideal for buried applications as a way of easily identifying pipes and cables with a specific color code. Approved for direct burial and sunlight resistant, landscape lighting cables are perfect for low-voltage direct burial lighting applications.

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Audio/Video Cables

Our wide range of application-specific cable options assure the best performance in high-end home theater installations, incorporating HDTV and digital video, audio, stereo, professional audio systems and home theater systems.

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Multimedia Cables

Honeywell Cable offers multimedia cables to support voice, video and data in a single cable. Multimedia cables are composite constructions designed to minimize the number of cable pulls, reduce installation cost and shorten the time required for the pre-wiring of residential systems.

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