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Ojmar is a leading company in the development and manufacturing of locking solutions for furniture. It is now the market leader in Spain, and is a prominent benchmark in international markets.

Our service concept results in a management model based on client needs. It covers from the initial idea to its marketing including its development and manufacturing. Our commitment to design and personalised solutions based on the latest technological progress provide our clients with high-added value.


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OCS Touch Lock image

OCS Touch Lock

Technology and design come together in this easy to use, key-free lock, where users simply have to choose a 4-digit code to operate the lock.

Available in models for assigned use, rented lockers with rotation or free selection and coin operating option to prevent improper locker reservation, the OCS Touch Lock is the ideal solution in facilities that require an operative, key-free autonomous system, problem free in wet areas.
OTS Advance.RFID Lock image

OTS Advance.RFID Lock

Our RFID locks will complement perfectly any access or management system implemented in a facility. It is the technological alternative to mechanical locks.Its operation using a proximity device whether it is a key, a wristband or the Wellness® key is really easy.

Its operation using a proximity device whether it is a key, a wristband or the Wellness® key is really easy.
Wireless Locking System image

Wireless Locking System - NEXO® NLX1

The first real-time wireless locking system for lockers. Wi-Fi enabled. On-line locker lock without cables. System works as stand-alone if the Wi-Fi network goes down.
Combination Mechanical Lock image

Combination Mechanical Lock - LOCKR® COMBI

Combination lock for 4-digit lockers that allows the user to choose his/her code. Based on a fixing system that allows assembling it on 1 mm to 20 mm thick doors.

It stands out for its 10,000 possible combinations and 1400 master keys. Its cylinder is interchangeable.
LOCKR Multifunction image

LOCKR Multifunction

Designed for intensive use in both dry and wet areas, it comes in three main product families with their corresponding varieties according to their function and type of cylinder lock.

1. Coin model: With return or payment
2. Coin model: Offers different potential applications. Coin selection, leaving 2 coins. With or without payment.
3. Card model: Use of card or combined with coin.

The entire Lockr. Multifunction range is manufactured with an exchangeable cylinder locker system, a safety device in the event of losing the key.

The anti-reservation or penalty master key function is standard in locks for wet areas.
Classic Coin Locks image

Classic Coin Locks - LOCKR® CLASSIC

Our entire range of coin-operated locks is furnished with interchangeable cylinder, an important security feature in the event of key loss or theft.

On the other hand, the master anti-reservation key can be used in case of an emergency to attend to the customer, but also as an efficient element to avoid locker reservation.

Allows opening and closing without the need for a coin, which means that the user will lose his or her coin if he/she does not vacate the locker when appropriate, ensuring locker availability.

Coin size is not an issue either since the optional, adjustable version of the coin lock supports coins of diameters from 21mm to 28mm.

The Ojmar coin lock can be converted into a coin collect lock by simply fitting a coin collecting box to it.
Hasp Lock image

Hasp Lock

Designed for lockers up to 20 mm thick, and heavy duty use in collective installations.

Equipped with anti-rotation system.

Optionally with backplate if the customer wants to use another system in the future (Coin lock, OTS proximity lock, etc.).
Cam Lock image

Cam Lock

Lock range especially indicated for damp environments. The use of stainless steel pins makes them highly rustproof and resistant to constant use, and represents a singular solution in the sector.
OTS Peripherals image

OTS Peripherals - AXO® AT1, TURNSTILE

The AXO®AT1 Turnstile is a universal access control unit. It authorizes or refuses access depending on the data contained in the transponder media concerned. It has a compact design and can be installed in turnstiles or doors.
OTS Peripherals image


The Infoterminal is an information point for users who, for example, forget their locker number or wish to consult their remaining credit balance, etc.
OTS Peripherals image


Bracelet retrieval is a priority in facilities with a large number of occasional users. The AXO®AR1 Strap Return Unit is specifically designed to prevent users from taking their bracelet with them when they leave the premises.
OTS Peripherals image


The programmer is a read & write unit designed to read from and write to transponder cards and bracelets.

Although normally installed in reception and linked to a PC via an RS232 interface, it can also function as a portable programmer for connecting to locks (for the purpose of testing, fi rmware updates and other events).
Peripheral Accessories image

Peripheral Accessories - RFID BRACELETS

The user may move around the centre, using the bracelet for a number of functions: access control, parking, lockers, electronic payment...

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Interchangeable Cylinder image

Interchangeable Cylinder

The main characteristic of this system is the possibility to remove the cylinder or lock housing by means of a special key.

Its advantages are: Safety - it allows assembling or changing the cylinder after installing the furniture; Comfort - it allows changing the cylinder without having to disassemble the lock; the extraction key opens the lock if the user has lost the keys; Master key automatically included.
Rosettes image


Designed not only to hide flaws, they are trims with their own personality. Their orthogonal lines and variety of bright or neutral colours provide a pretty tone to make the part stand out and personalise the furniture. An attractive extension of our "classic" shield range.
Sliding Door Locks image

Sliding Door Locks

This is a group of sophisticated and intelligent solutions for all types of sliding doors, whether they are made out of wood, metal or shuttered. This lock range is adapted to all types of customer needs, as they can be used in either one or two door cupboards. In addition to the different designs, they allow locking in the middle, at the sides and at the bottom and the top.
Hinged key  image

Hinged key - K UNO

In addition to our conventional key range, we offer a key that is unique in its category - The new K.UNO is a new concept of the folding key. A part that provides all the advantages of a compact and slender design, always perfectly combined with functionality and comfort. Our K.UNO key is available in clear, black and grey plastic.
Adapters image


Accessories for extending our locks' application range. Designed to compensate different wood and metal panel thicknesses.
Cam locks image

Cam locks

Cam locks belong to the "classical" lock range, used in hinged doors, cupboards and blinds. All these locks can be adapted for both wooden and metal furniture, and are the ideal solution given their versatility and adaptability to all of our clients' needs.
Rim locks image

Rim locks

Rim locks are an elegant and sturdy alternative for furniture with hinged doors or for individual drawer locking. These locks perfectly combine functionality, flexibility and design. We have locks for right-hand, left-hand doors or locking on "drawer" position.
Centralised Locking Systems for Pedestals image

Centralised Locking Systems for Pedestals

Ojmar has a wide range of centralised locking systems for sets of drawers. They are systems that are adapted to different client requirements - assembly on either the side, the front or the edge of the piece of furniture. Of all our systems, the reliability, flexibility and safety of our SISTEMA 1038 product should be stressed.
Central Locking Systems for Pedestals  image

Central Locking Systems for Pedestals - Interlocking SISTEMA 1038

The 1038 system represents the state-of-the-art in anti-tilt locking systems. (interlock).

This system prevents the simultaneous opening of two drawers, and hence preventing the pedestal from tilting. Suitable for surface or let-in mounting. The system's cam clipping allows using it as simple centralised system. Other advantages of the 1038 system are its sturdiness, quick and efficient assembly and versatility for usage.
Central Locking Systems for Filing Cabinets  image

Central Locking Systems for Filing Cabinets - Interlocking SISTEMA 1038

The 1038 system for filing cabinets can be adapted to different types of guides and drawers on the market. Suitable for surface or let-in mounting.
Espagnolette Locks With and Without Knob image

Espagnolette Locks With and Without Knob

This is the perfect lock for hinged doors. Elegant, discrete, functional and practical. A refined and minimalist design. The straight lines and flat surface favour the integration of the lock and the piece of furniture, creating an innovative and minimalist design.
Bolt locks with and without knob image

Bolt locks with and without knob

The perfect alternative to the traditional espagnolette lock. Following the same functionality concept, it has been given an innovative and elegant design. This combination sets the bolt apart from the rest due the purity and elegance of its lines.
Glass Door Locks image

Glass Door Locks

The complete range for any glass application. From conventional locks to locks for hinged glass doors with no drilling. Our range of locks represents an integral solution for any type of furniture and commercial equipment.
Electronic and Access Locking Systems image

Electronic and Access Locking Systems - NEXO® RFID LOCK

Wireless RFID locking system for applications in wood, metal and glass. Specially designed for tool carts and cabinets, drug carts, hospital, lab and office furniture as well as commercial display cases.

The electronic system consists of: antenna, electronic control unit, blocking unit, battery case with three AAA batteries or one rechargeable lithium battery (not necessary when hardwired).

Automatic closing and opening by means of an individually programmable RFID transponder card (user card).


The SPHERIO®, software system installed in a PC.

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