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Structurflex is one of the world’s leading producers of fabric architecture. We design, engineer, fabricate and build coated PES, PTFE and ETFE tensile membrane tensile structures and tensile facades for customers throughout the world. Because we understand the close connection between architecture, engineering and construction, our tension fabric structures set a very high standard in detail and functionality. We make sure the customer’s needs are at the forefront of every decision.

While tensile fabric has several distinct advantages over more traditional materials like glass, one of the most important may be its ability to withstand severe weather events. Our tensile structures and tensile facades in Miami, Jacksonville, Houston, Fort Worth, Waco, and Atlanta did not sustain any damage or require any repair despite enduring events ranging from tropical storms to the 185 mile-per-hour winds of a Category 5 hurricane.

Structurflex utilizes industry-specific engineering software to analyze wind speed loads per locale and project systems to make sure the resulting project is as durable and efficient as possible.


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Tensile Facades image

Tensile Facades - FlexFacades

Tensile facades are an innovative, cost-effective way to incorporate screening and shading to office buildings, parking garages, and stadiums. These tensile materials are an economical alternative to perforated metal and metal mesh, at 50% of the cost of installed screening.

Building Envelopes image

Building Envelopes

Tensile building envelopes have the ability to synthesize form, expression, and utility. They complement the existing architecture and natural environment, and are a more cost-effective solution.

Open Air Projects image

Open Air Projects

Open air structures provide the best parts of an outdoor experience with protection from the elements. Whether you're designing a golf resort, amphitheatre, outdoor mall, or even a wharf, tensile membrane structures provide year-round protection from solar glare, heat, rain, and snow.

Stadia & Athletic Facilities image

Stadia & Athletic Facilities

Whether a stadium or an indoor athletic facility, tensile fabric solutions create optimal environments for both spectators and athletes. From the optimization of daylight to shading and thermal control, there's no sport that can't benefit from tensile fabric.

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Special Use Facilities

Special use structures fabricated from tensile materials combine the thoughtful presence of a permanent structure with the economy, easy assembly, and mobility of a temporary structure.

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Transform an interior space with sculpted tensile fabric elements. Lightweight and economical, tensile fabric can be customized to create a unique visual experience.

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Tensile membranes are an ideal choice for iconic outdoor sculptures. They can be formed into almost any shape and retain their structure over time without any slacking or buckling.

Environmental & Other Projects image

Environmental & Other Projects

Tensile fabrics can create solutions to common environmental disasters. Lightweight and easy to transport, tensile fabrics are ideal for rapidly creating easy-to-assemble command facilities and emergency response shelters in times of environmental crisis. Our experience designing, engineering, and fabricating oil booms, flexidams and tanks, waste containment bunds, and geomembranes means we can respond quickly and effectively.

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Coated-PES Fabric image

Coated-PES Fabric

Coated-PES membranes " a coated polyester base fabric " often have additional protective PVDF fluoropolymer coatings on both sides, which helps protect the surface, and also creates a membrane that is easy to clean. This fabric is the most common in tensile architecture because of its lifespan exceeding 20 years. Coated-PES structures typically offer the owner the best overall value.

PTFE Fabric image

PTFE Fabric

The most durable membrane used in tensile membrane systems consists of a woven glass fiber-base fabric coated with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE fabric). This coating is highly inert and generally unaffected by environmental contaminants and ultra-violet light. Additionally, it has superior fire resistant properties. The lifespan of PTFE is proven to exceed 30 years.

ETFE Fabric image

ETFE Fabric

Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) offers a creative and lightweight alternative to glass. It is a transparent extruded film, or foil, with similar light transmission to glass, but is just 1% of the weight. With a lifespan of over 20 years and excellent weathering properties, it's no wonder ETFE foil has been used on many high profile projects and stadiums around the globe. Structurflex has been at the forefront of mechanically prestressed systems using ETFE and has experience in pneumatically prestressed systems, also known as ETFE cushions.

ETFE Case Study image

ETFE Case Study

KCPL Canopy and Facades

The Power & Light Entertainment District in downtown Kansas City, Missouri is home to three Structurflex projects: the KC Live! Roof, Elements Courtyard canopy, and the P&L District towers facade.

Coated-PES, PTFE and ETFE Solutions image

Coated-PES, PTFE and ETFE Solutions

Our tension membrane structures offer new answers to old problems. Bring us your challenges and let us apply engineering discipline that is evenly balanced with inspired creativity.

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