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The TerraCORE Panels System is a state-of-the-art reinforced wall panel cladding process that incorporates the beauty of natural stone with an array of CORE materials. The various substrates provide enhanced durability, unparalleled impact resistance, water impenetrability, significant weight reduction and lower project costs. As such TerraCORE’s system is the stone and porcelain cladding product of choice by many architects, general contractors, engineers, interior designers and developers throughout the world.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, TerraCORE Panels occupies a 7,000 square foot office building where Marketing, Engineering, Customer Service/Support and Project Management are performed. Strategically assigned independent representatives located throughout the United States and the world handle both domestic and international sales and support.


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Surfacing System image

Surfacing System - TerraCore

In 2008, our company was founded by a group of partners that together shared more than 75 years of experience in the natural stone industry. Using the extensive knowledge that we had of stone applications, we formed a revolutionary surfacing system that is state-of-the-art, cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and now internationally recognized.
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Stone Panels - TerraCORE

When it comes to adding durable, aesthetically pleasing stone panels to your home or business, it is important to find the best. At TerraCORE Panels, we offer lightweight honeycomb backed panels that are designed to provide a higher strength and faster installation. Our stone panels can be used in a number of ways to help add a beautiful finish to a number of areas. Whether you want to improve your interior or exterior, we can help.
Substrate image

Substrate - CORE Substrate

TerraCORE Panels offers a variety of CORE substrate materials that strengthens stone veneer panels while maintaining the authentic natural beauty of the stone. The CORE substrate options include: Honeycomb, Ceramic, and Glass.
Kynar500® Finish Metal Panels image

Kynar500® Finish Metal Panels - Kynar500®

At TerraCORE Panels, we can install metal panels that are finished with Kynar, a high-quality fluoride that comes with plenty of benefits to you and your building. Because we utilize only the best products for our customers, you can trust that the Kynar finish has been tested and proven to be top-of-the-line when it comes to various aspects. In fact, this finish has shown great results after having been exposed to ultraviolet radiation for more than 25 years. This is the kind of quality that you need and deserve for your metal panels.
Porcelain Panels image

Porcelain Panels - TerraCore

In addition to natural stone, TerraCORE also provides high quality, environmentally-friendly porcelain. Inspired by the beauty of natural stone, TerraCORE incorporates large-cut porcelain and our honeycomb backing to provide a more durable surface and a simple installation process. Our honeycomb has been ASTM tested, perfect for the strength and appeal of porcelain and the many options it has to offer. TerraCORE believes in responsible use of materials, which is why we strive to bring to the marketplace quality and sustainability to endure through generations. Imbedded deeply within TerraCORE's values is a commitment to protect the environment, using eco-friendly materials to maintain aesthetic wonder and at the same time protect the earth.
Finishes Textures image

Finishes Textures

TerraCORE Panels offers an unlimited stone choice from almost anywhere in the world, including granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, and sandstone. The finish textures offered are: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush hammered, Sandblasted, Antiqued, and Acid-washed.
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Color Choices

Provided a slab can be quarried to fit the desired honeycomb panel size, TerraCORE Panels can supply many of the 9,000+ stones available worldwide. As TerraCORE Panels is a global company, our standard selections are but a small representation of the wide range of natural granite, marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, and sandstone slabs available.

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Hospitality image

Hospitality - TerraCORE

TerraCORE Panels feature a revolutionary prefab paneling system, providing a spa experience at an affordable price. Prefab panels are cost effective, install quickly and limited only by your imagination. Prefab wall panels are constructed with a Honeycomb Backing; flooring is reinforced with Fiberstone for durability. TerraCORE uses a unique state-of-the-art sturdy robust system that incorporates the splendor of natural stone designed for allure, strength and is waterproof, providing a solution for shower and bath areas.

With proven high-speed production we can offer remarkable results in a fraction of the time compared to traditional installation, as the majority of work is done in our factory. Lead time is short, Installation is fast, panels are easily retrofitted, quality is improved and there is no wet work required on site.

Building costs are significantly cut from transportation to clean up with the use of less natural stone, utilizing lightweight materials that attach easily to existing dry wall. Because our stone panels are prefabricated, fewer skilled workers are needed on site, making it easier on the environment. Download a free PDF overview of TerraCORE's Prefab Paneling System.
Commercial image

Commercial - TerraCORE

TerraCORE Exterior is an aluminum T HoneyComb substrate bonded to a natural thin stone veneer. Sandwiched between the honeycomb and the stone is a 1mm thick, highly elastic, interwoven bi-directional fiberglass cloth that is saturated with a high strength epoxy resin that is used to bond these two materials together. Once cured, this is the strongest and most rigid CORE backing that TerraCORE has to offer.

TerraCORE-HCT is primarily used as an exterior application, however, it can be used as an interior panel as well. TerraCORE-HCT has an impact strength up to 60 times stronger and weighs 80% less than 2cm stone. The honeycomb is typically 3/4"(18mm) thick, but may vary in thickness depending on the architectural design intent, project site limitations, and/or restrictions. When used as an exterior panel, the aluminum backing lends both rigidity and stability to the overall flatness of the panel, while simultaneously acting as a radiant barrier. Competitors that use a fiberglass cloth back skin naturally bow, making them harder to install using interlocking channels and virtually impossible to adhere.

Click Here for TerraCORE Exterior LEED Product Information
TerraCORE Interior image

TerraCORE Interior - TerraCORE

TerraCORE Interior is an aluminum ™I™ HoneyComb substrate bonded to a natural thin stone veneer. TerraCORE-HCI can ONLY be used for interior applications. TerraCORE-HCI has an impact strength far greater than dimensional stone and weighs approximately 80% less than 2cm stone. The honeycomb is typically 3/8"(9mm) thick, however, it may vary in thickness depending on the architects design intent, project site limitations and or restrictions. The aluminum back skin lends rigidity and stability to the overall flatness of the panel. Competitors that use a fiberglass cloth back skin naturally bow making them harder to install using interlocking channels and virtually impossible to adhere.
Elevators image


TerraCORE's lightweight reinforced stone panels are the solution to the Elevator industry's dimensional stone design problems. Whether it's new or retrofit construction, we save our clients thousands of dollars in mechanical equipment costs, recalibration and time. When you stop to consider a product that is 80% less weight, longer lasting, impact resistant and can be prefabricated for immediate installation on any wall, floor or ceiling without the use of mortar, TerraCORE easily becomes the right choice.
Returns Corner Joints image

Returns Corner Joints

TerraCORE Panels offers 3 types of joints that can be used where outside corners adjoin. The first, and most common joint is an outside 90-degree finished corner that is prefabricated in the factory and shipped assembled to the job site. For an additional cost, this corner can also be fabricated with a greater or lesser degree of return. Note, generally a typical corner return leg is 3″ to 6″, however they can be made as long as 23″ in either direction when using a honeycomb substrate. Returns on any other substrate should be limited to 2″. They can go up to 4″ but risk possible breakage during transportation.
Mitered Corners image

Mitered Corners

It's no secret that the intent of using lightweight honeycomb reinforced stone panels is to have the building look like it is clad with thick substantial stone. Since our panels are flat and never more than 1" thick, we (and our competitors) rely on mitered / factory assembled corners to give the appearance of thick stone.
Curtain Walls image

Curtain Walls

TerraCORE Panels offers a lightweight reinforced stone cladding system that can be used as a spandrel or as an infill panel in virtually any curtain wall system. While the details may vary slightly from system to system, these lightweight panels weigh less than a 1” piece of insulated glass and can easily be “glazed” directly into a mullion pocket. This is especially beneficial because the engineering is already complete.

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Projects Gallery

Completed Projects by TerraCORE Panels.

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