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US Formliner was formed by two leaders in the industry, Nawkaw Corporation and Reckli International. Because today's architects and precasters demand consistent color, as well as diverse pattern selection, it was only natural for them to unite the cutting edge formliner technology from Reckli with the U.S. based sales network of Nawkaw.

Now, architects, precasters and design professionals have greater selection than ever with regard to concrete textures, patterns and custom formliners. Using the most advanced mold making techniques, superior materials, and backed by 40 years of experience, US Formliner is your best choice for reliability and value. Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Athens, GA.


Made from high quality polyurethane, our formliners capture minute detail allowing it to be faithfully reproduced in concrete. Pattern and texture combine to make your architectural statement loud and clear.

  • 40 years of manufacturing expertise
  • Technical assistance available
  • VProducing both 100x and 10x use formliners

Liquid Rubber

Designing your own pattern? Whether you are sculpting a texture from scratch or casting an existing element you will find our liquid rubber(s) easy to work with before, during and after the mold making process.

Additional Products

US Formliner also offers a complete line of de-molding materials, adhesives, cleansers, fillers, thickeners--everything you need to complete your mold making project.


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US Formliner offers more than 300 concrete formliner patterns, meticulously crafted by Reckli, world renowned for unmatched quality. These 10X and 100X use formliners deliver superior detail and performance.

With so many patterns, textures, and custom formliners, the possibilities are endless. Enhance your next architectural project with aesthetic textures that add a whole new dimension to design. 

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Custom-made Formliners

Nowadays builders and designers not only have to build their structure but have to be aware of its impact on the immediate environment. Concrete is still one of the most durable and most economical building materials. When being liquid it offers nearly unlimited possibilities for architectural designing.

In this respect, the RECKLI system, i.e. the elastic stripping of concrete, offers both planner and constructor decisive advantages.

The elasticity of the formliners makes removal from the mould possible without breakage either to the concrete or the mould. This system gives architects , planners and property developpers the freedom in being able to realize almost any requirements in designing. The reusability of approximately 100 times guarantees economic efficiency.

RECKLI formliners are available in more than 200 standard designs. Beside this large range, we can also manufacture special moulds and formliners to the customers''own designs. This brochure illustrates the variety of its application by a selection of some one off patterns.

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RECKLI Artico® neo image

RECKLI Artico® neo

Architectural Concrete with a depth effect: Light-independent visualization of photos and graphics in the concrete surface. For unlimited freedom of design.

The faCade is the external appearance of an object. It can tell a story and arouse curiosity, make the hidden visible and emphasize the purpose of a building. It can excite or shock, inspire and fascinate.

artico® neo complements the creative freedom for architectural concrete with an essential component. Photos, images, custom designs and graphics can be made visible with this procedure. The influence of light and shadow is irrelevant. That is why artico® neo is also excellently suited for use in the interior.

The process is simple: artico® neo is a plastic foil on which graphics or photos are printed with a high-quality concrete activator. The concrete activator causes the concrete to set at a different time so that it can be washed out on the surface after demolding. The uppermost cement skin is partially removed. The contrast between the washed out and smooth surfaces makes the graphics or photos visible. The foils are intended for single use.

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Photo-Engraving Formliners

A building or structure facade is an advertisement for the designer or architect. It can also be a popular landmark and depending on the location of the building its initial visual impact can be considerable. The use of a patterned or textured concrete facade allows the architect and designer to produce subtle nuances of light and shadow to the building.

The use of elastic RECKLI®-Formliners for texturing the exposed face of concrete surfaces has attained a high degree of acceptance in terms of quality, ease of use and economic efficiency.

Many millions of square metres of this type of finished concrete are the proof of this. The elasticity of our formliners removes the risk of damage to the hardened concrete allowing intricate details to be used. This system has given architects, planners and designers the freedom to realize unlimited ideas in their designs for the past 40 years.

The new generation of RECKLI® Photo-Engraving Formliners expands these possibilities in a previously unknown way. 

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CNC-Graphic Patterns

Design principle CNC technology allows graphical representations to be produced using line structures of different local density and depth. This is based on a relatively homogeneous basic structure (for example parallel lines, concentric circles) which consist of non-inters- ection elements and which fills presentations plane. This line structure forms the background. Textures are transformed according to defined mathematical algorithms, i.e. they are differentiated from the background structure by changes in the distance between the lines and in the direction of lines (nicks, curves). The lines remain non-intersecting, however, even after whole series oftransformations. Different editing planes give rise to a greater plasticity of the space and the transfer of superordinate structural information allows the representation of most elements of planar geometry, such as print characters or hatching. The creative versatility of this principle lies in the combination of individual transformation algorithms (sequence, foreground and background, depth and width). The following examples are intended to provide a small insight into the almost unlimited possibilities. Three such textures are included in our standard program. Let them inspire you to design your own textures.

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Make-your-own Formliners image

Make-your-own Formliners

Instructions for Make-your-own formliners:

  • 1. Mould making or procurement of the 'master' or model
  • 2. Mould preparation for pouring of the elastomer
  • 3. Choice of the most suitable RECKLI-PUR-Elastomer
  • 4. Mixing and casting of the formliner
  • 5. Demoulding of the formliner
  • 6. Preparation of the formliner for casting

Benefit from our long-standing experience and request our technical advice.

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RECKLI CR Type N image


RECKLI CR Type N is a solvent-based concrete surface deactivating agent used to produce fine to coarse exposed aggregate concrete using the negative or positive process. RECKLI CR Type N is available in twelve different washing depths.
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RECKLI CR Type PV image


RECKLI CR Type PVis an aqueous concrete surface deactivating agent used to producefine to coarse exposed aggregate concretes applying thepositive process. Its particular feature is its integrated sealingcompound, which serves as an effective means to protect theearly-strength concrete against premature moisture release andweather impact, as well as against any other actions that mayhave a deleterious effect on the concrete structure. This sealingcompound is required to ensure uniform build-up of strength inthe concrete. Our RECKLI CR Type PV range is available ineleven different washing depths.

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RECKLI CemGel K image


RECKLI CemGel K is a viscous, gel-like product consisting of surface-active acids that is used to achieve a micro-washing effect or slightly roughened concrete surfaces.

Preferably using a soft broom, the easy-to-stir RECKLI CemGel K is applied to the concrete, which, ideally, should have been poured two to three days before and pre-wetted. The process can be repeated several times to achieve greater washing depths.
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RECKLI CemGel KS image


RECKLI CemGel KS is suitable for the same fields of application and has the same benefits as RECKLI CemGel K, but has a higher concentration of surface-active acids. For this reason, this product is applied wherever a deeper acidification is desired right from the beginning, or whenever older concrete elements need to be acidwashed.
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RECKLI Surface Protection Systems image

RECKLI Surface Protection Systems

RECKLI surface protection systems are used to provide protection against moisture penetration and/or other chemical actions, for example on precast concrete faCades, cast stone structures, terrazzo floors, and in bridge and tunnel construction.

The main cause of weathering and damage to buildings is water because it promotes the penetration of concrete surfaces by pollutants, micro-organisms and salts, which, in turn, may lead to severe damage to the building fabric over time.

With our products, we contribute to protecting concrete in the long term in accordance with the specifications defined by the client whilst also creating special visual effects if so requested.

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RECKLI Baluster Moulds

RECKLI baluster moulds are made of an elastic synthetic material with a Shore hardness of approx. A 55 which enables easy demoulding without damage even of the most intricate balusters. The elastic moulds consist of 2 parts. The two halves have a slot and key locking system. This prevents slipping and holds the mould together tightly, thus preventing leakage and reducing to a minimum the subsequent treatment of the seams. The two slightly conic halves of the mould can be held together with the aid of boards and clamps for casting the baluster. However, it is simpler and safer to use the appropriate one-piece sheet steel supporting form which we can also supply, at a surcharge.

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Standard Formliners image

Standard Formliners

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Special Formliners image

Special Formliners

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Before & After Staining image

Before & After Staining

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