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Coverall Stone is a full-service stone fabricator who

  • specializes in functional and custom stone design.
  • work closely with architects, designers & contractors bringing their projects to realization.
  • stock a full line of stone fountains, placement pieces and specialty stone creations.
  • sources and produces many products domestically and may be able to help achieve certain LEED objectives for regional materials Coverall Stone manufactures and distributes landscape materials which includes:
  • decorative pebbles
  • beach glass
  • pebble tile
  • basalt and granite paving materials
  • dimensionally cut stone.
Coverall Stone's has a state of the art fabrication shop
  • Is outfitted with a wide range of saws, drills and polishing equipment.
  • Stocks a large variety of stone types which allow you to find the perfect size, color and shape for your design.
  • Creates a myriad of custom stone pieces that are in stock and ready for your project
Coverall Stone ships anywhere in North America and beyond.


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{{}} {{this.hide}} Basalt Columns and Fountains

Basalt Columns image

Basalt Columns

Basalt is a volcanic rock and one of the most common types of rock in the world. Although it is common, it is rare to find the long solid columns of basalt that we use in our products. The skin or crust on the outside of the columns will have a patina that ranges from beige to red to black and will often contain a multitude of colors. The inside of basalt is black and polishes up to a rich luster.

We create fountains, furniture and paving material out of the columnar basalt. It is a dense crystalline material, weighing in at 188 pounds per cubic foot, about 10% heavier than granite. In the state of Washington there are many basalt column formations. In some areas the flows cooled at a relatively rapid rate, forcing them to contract which caused horizontal fracturing. This gives basalt columns their unique 5 and 6 sided shapes.
Chiseled Fountains image

Chiseled Fountains

We make these modern looking pieces by hand chiseling granite and basalt columns. Each fountain has been slightly tapered from the bottom up, promoting good water flow, sound and action. Available in Salt & Pepper Granite and Basalt.

Columbia Basin Basalt Colunms & Water Fountains image

Columbia Basin Basalt Colunms & Water Fountains

Columbia Basin Basalt Columns are the largest columns available, with diameters ranging from 24" to beyond 48". Ideal for use in custom monuments, water features and public use projects. Diameter: 24 - 30". Length: up to 30'. Weight: ~750 lbs per linear foot

Dish Rocks / Polished Bowls    image

Dish Rocks / Polished Bowls

  • Natural bowl on top to hold water.
  • Excellent as one of a kind water features, birdbaths and placement stones.
  • Available in 3 diameter sizes: 14-20", 20-26" and 27-60".
  • Heights vary, please inquire.

Grand Coulee Basalt image

Grand Coulee Basalt

  • 18-24" diameter.
  • Heights up to 12". Longer columns are sometimes available, please inquire.
  • Available as fountains or placement columns.
  • ~500 lbs/linear foot.

Mini Basalt Columns image

Mini Basalt Columns

  • 3-5" diameter.
  • Placement stones up to 60" tall.
  • Smaller fountain sizes available. (up to 30")
  • Available in a natural top, flat top and angle top.

Red Bluff Basalt image

Red Bluff Basalt

  • 10-18" diameter.
  • Heights up to 12"
  • Available as fountains or placement columns.
  • ~200 lbs/linear foot

Gold Creek Basalt image

Gold Creek Basalt

  • 2 diameter choices: 5-7" and 8-12".
  • Heights up to 5".
  • Available as fountains or placement columns.
  • 5-7" diameter weight: ~20 lbs/linear foot
  • 8-12" diameter weight:~90 lbs/ linear foot

{{}} {{this.hide}} Decorative Pebbles

Aggregate Stone image

Aggregate Stone

Aggregates are certainly a great way for transforming any area, be it a pond, path, driveway, or garden. The natural appeal of aggregate can perfectly complement the existing landscaping and features.

It not only beautifies the place but also enhances the value and appeal of your property. Aggregates can also be used as mulches. Spreading a layer of aggregates on the soil can not only help in moisture retention during the summer season, but also provide better insulation from extreme temperature fluctuations.
Beach Glass image

Beach Glass

Place them in a vase or bowl as a centerpiece to beautify a table setting, make interesting trinkets & accessories or use them to create a one-of-a-kind coffee table design. The options are limitless. Beach glass can also be used to create wonderful mosaic pieces to decorate your walls. They are also great for art and craft projects. We offer our beach glass in a variety of colors, including Cobalt, Sky Blue, Emerald, Tinted Green, Clear, Ruby, Rose, Black, Brown, Gold, and our popular Sea Mix.
Beach Lava Pebble image

Beach Lava Pebble

Beach lava pebbles are formed when the hot lava of the volcano meets the sea and gets hardened. These pebbles are light in weight and have a fairly coarse surface, which lends them a rustic feel. You can use them in or near a fireplace or add them to your fountain or pond. It is the unique appearance of these beach lava rocks that makes them so distinct from all the varieties available. They are available in a range of sizes from 1/2" up to 6" and 2 colors, Black or Red.

Mexican Beach Pebble image

Mexican Beach Pebble

Mexican Beach Pebbles are a cost effective design element that will give any landscape design that finishing touch it might otherwise lack. Their smooth matte finish is visually soothing without overpowering the space.

We carry a wide selection of colors and sizes to accommodate a variety of applications and can typically fulfill orders of any size. We source and ship our Mexican Beach pebbles directly from the coast to our storage facilities in Southern California and then on to your jobsite or facility.
Polished Pebble image

Polished Pebble

The amazing variety of polished pebbles we stock are great for adding a sophisticated and elegant look to your decor, whether you are looking for options to redecorate a home or an office space. At Coverall Stone, we strive to provide the most amazing range of pebbles, catering to the needs and preferences of a diverse range of clientele.

The polished pebbles are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. You can easily find a variety matching your preferences.

Sea Glass Pebbles image

Sea Glass Pebbles

Each and every detail of a project adds to the overall beauty of the decor. Using our stunning sea glass pebbles is a surefire way to enhance those subtle details considerably.

Seaside Beach Pebble image

Seaside Beach Pebble

People who love the view and feel of a beach will definitely find these Seaside Beach pebbles to be a pleasant addition to their home decor. You can add these to a water feature, like a fountain or a small pond to bring an appealing touch to the whole area.

Using these in the garden around plants and trees will help to control the growth of weeds, thus reducing day to day maintenance.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Custom Stone Work

Stone Fountains image

Stone Fountains

Coverall Stone, Inc. is a prominent name offering the finest quality fountains and fountain accessories. We provide a complete range of different types of fountains in amazing designs and styles.

With the aim of providing maximum satisfaction to our clients, we make sure to offer you the best products at highly reasonable prices. Our vast experience in designing and manufacturing water fountains makes us capable of providing the most unique and innovative creations to suit the taste and preferences of our valued clients.
Other Custom Work image

Other Custom Work

Coverall Stone, Inc. is a pioneer in offering an extensive variety of stone works and our expertise lies in creating items which rate high in quality, durability, and style. With many years of experience and zeal to offer the best services to our clients, we have been setting new benchmarks with our exclusively designed and professionally finished items, which are adorning the gardens and landscapes of many. Basalt, granite, and stone are some common materials that we use for creating wonderful items. From fountains to tiles and signages, these amazing materials can be crafted into any form that you can think of. However, the most amazing use of these materials is for making furniture. Chairs and tables in many attractive forms can be created to add an appealing feature to your indoor or outdoor space.
Stone Monuments  image

Stone Monuments

A large variety of landscaping materials is available in the market these days, which can help to make your surroundings more attractive. It is true that landscaping is not limited to plants and trees only, but there is whole range of elements which can give a completely unique look to an outdoor area. At Coverall Stone, Inc. we offer our clients an amazing range of stone items, creatively designed and manufactured to serve aesthetic and functional purposes. Monuments are structures, which have some text inscribed on them and can be placed in parks, lawns, and garden as memorials. Their dimensions can vary depending on the requirements and the place where these need to be placed. We incorporate the best techniques and finest quality materials, along with our skills and expertise, to create monuments which are truly unmatched in terms of visual appeal and durability.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Stone Lighting

Basalt Lights image

Basalt Lights

  • Each of our Basalt Lights is a unique piece of geological art.
  • Available in all of our basalt types, 4"-24" diameters.
  • Heights dependent upon column type, please inquire.
  • Custom sizes available.

Chiseled Granite Lights image

Chiseled Granite Lights

  • Hand chiseled into squared off lights.
  • Available in Dark Grey Granite and Salt & Pepper Granite.
  • 3 diameter options: 4", 6" and 12" bollards.
  • Varying heights, please inquire.
  • Custom sizes available.
Polished Granite Lights image

Polished Granite Lights

Our Round Granite Lights are brought to a fine polish for a very refined, classic look.Available in Dark Grey Granite and Salt & Pepper Granite.3 diameter options: 4", 6" and 12" bollards.Varying heights, please inquire.Custom sizes available.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Stone Furniture

Basalt Furniture image

Basalt Furniture

  • We cut and polish different facets of raw basalt columns to create our elegant line of basalt furniture.
  • Benches, tables and seats available.
  • Custom designs welcome, submit drawings for a quote.
Granite Benches image

Granite Benches

  • 16" tall x 14" wide. 4" and 6" tops available.
  • 5 color choices: Dark Grey, Salt & Pepper, Midnight, Salmon and Golden Ore.
  • Polished tops and chiseled sides.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Basalt and Granite Paving

Honed Basalt Tile image

Honed Basalt Tile

  • 1/2" thick.
  • Stocked in the following sizes: 12x24", 24"x24" and 24"x36".
  • Black w/ matte finish.
  • Unique and modern, they are great for applications large and small.

Flamed Basalt Tile image

Flamed Basalt Tile

  • 3/4" thick.
  • Stocked in 12x12", 12x24", 24x24" and 24x36".
  • Textured finish for grip.
  • Dark grey in color.
  • Custom sizing available.

Flamed Basalt Pavers image

Flamed Basalt Pavers

  • 2" thickness.
  • Stocked in 8x8", 8x16", 16x16" and 16x24".
  • Textured finish for grip.
  • Dark Grey in color.
  • Custom sizing available.

Basalt Slabs image

Basalt Slabs

  • Multiple finishes: Polished, flamed or honed
  • Stocked in 4 thicknesses: 3cm, 2", 3" and 4". 6-8" long, 24-30" wide.
  • Larger custom slabs available
  • Typically the 2 long sides feature the natural basalt crust while the short sides are chiseled. Other options available.

Basalt Planks image

Basalt Planks

  • 2" thickness
  • Stocked in 26" and 30" widths. Lengths are from 6" to 8"
  • Flamed top and sides
  • Can be fabricated in house to custom sizes.

Honed Salt & Pepper Granite Tile image

Honed Salt & Pepper Granite Tile

  • 1/2" thick. Matte finish.
  • Stocked in the following sizes: 12x24", 24x24" and 24x36"
  • Contains large black flecks with quartz throughout.

Flamed Salt & Pepper Granite Tile image

Flamed Salt & Pepper Granite Tile

  • 3/4" thick.
  • Stocked in 12x12", 12x24", 24z24" and 24x36".
  • Textured finish for grip.
  • Custom sizing available

Flamed Salt & Pepper Granite Paving image

Flamed Salt & Pepper Granite Paving

2" thickness Stocked in 8x8", 8x16", 16x16" and 16x24". Textured finish for grip. Custom sizing available.

Custom Granite Paving image

Custom Granite Paving

  • Direct from our overseas factory.
  • We have had 50+ successful direct granite orders over the past 5 years.
  • Many color choices, with a focus on 6 of them. Dark Grey, Midnight Black, Salt & Pepper, Salmon, Golden Ore and Sienna.
  • All projects welcome, submit drawings, sketches or ideas for a quote.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Pebble Tile

Basalt Mosaic Tile image

Basalt Mosaic Tile

The unique color and feel of basalt is now available in a mesh-backed tile, giving you the following:
  • Strong, clean lines and patterns.
  • Modern feel that favors contemporary designs.
  • Subtle, yet bold tones of basalt that work well with a vast pallet of colors.
  • 5 colors to choose from.
Stacked Pebble Tile image

Stacked Pebble Tile

  • Gives the appearance that each stone was hand set.
  • Great for use as vertical cladding.
  • Most stacked tiles have a corresponding color in a floor tile.
  • 14 colors to choose from.
Micro Pebble Tile image

Micro Pebble Tile

  • Made with smaller pebble than most pebble tiles ~3/8" pebble size.
  • Flexible enough to handle curved surfaces.
  • 15 colors to choose from.

Cut Pebble Tile image

Cut Pebble Tile

  • Pebbles are double cut and tumbled to smooth out the edges.
  • The pebble shape is retained while creating a flat surface.
  • Desirable in any application that requires a flat surface.
  • 11 colors to choose from.
Seaside Pebble Tile image

Seaside Pebble Tile

  • Made from Indonesian beach pebbles.
  • Slightly rounded and smooth, making a superb walking surface.
  • The matte finish can be enhanced by choosing a sealer that gives them a semi-gloss look.
  • 15 colors to choose from.
Mosaic Pebble Tile image

Mosaic Pebble Tile

  • Versatile line of natural stone tile.
  • Made from smooth and unique angular stones, creating a pleasant natural pattern.
  • Great for use on floors, walls and backsplashes.
  • 9 colors to choose from.
Large Mosaic Pebble Tile image

Large Mosaic Pebble Tile

  • 18" x 18" size.
  • Made with the same material as the Mosaic pebble line, only larger.
  • Applicable for larger indoor and outdoor installations.
  • 6 colors to choose from.

Porcelain Pebble Tile image

Porcelain Pebble Tile

Kiln fired ceramic, with shapes bearing similarities to natural pebble tile. Wide range of colors, from vibrant blues to stark black and whites. Great for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor decks and pools. 12 colors to choose from.
Polished Pebble Tile image

Polished Pebble Tile

  • Made from rolled and polished pebbles.
  • Spans the contemporary to classic spectrum of design.
  • 7 colors to choose from.

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