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In a time where businesses are focused on producing cheaper products to improve profit marginand minimize Quality Assurance to rush items out the door, it's clear that this is not the Surface Shields® model. It's the jobsite professionals that matter - those who bust their back day after day to get the job done right. It simply makes sense for us to do the same.

These men and woman set the bar for us, especially when it comes to product performance. It is essential that our products are developed to outlast the rugged environments that construction sites present. We model our products after the workers that dig through the pain, long hours and jobsite elements that fail to slow them down. They are truly tougher than the jobsite.™


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Paper Board image


The most resilient paper board on the market. Builder Board eliminates the need for hefty, cumbersome sheets of Masonite and rolls out flat. It's 100% Breathable, drip resistant and eco-friendly!

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Floor Protection image


Sturdier than both red rosin and kraft paper, jobsite surface protection is easy with Builder Board™; Project Edition. Ideal for domestic or even minor commercial projects.

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Kraft Paper image

Kraft Paper - KRAFT SHIELD

This kraft paper is the preferred alternative to "Red Rosin" paper. Protect many types of hard surfaces, cabinets and counter tops from foot traffic, paint and spills.

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Floor Protection image

Floor Protection - MULTI SHIELD

Thick, reusable, light-weight, breathable, liquid-resistant, impact and slip resistant! Everything a surface protection product should be.

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Protection Film image

Protection Film - MULTI SURFACE™

Take advantage of defending numerous types of surfaces and counters with just a single roll of Multi Surface Protection film. It's simple to use and comes in many lengths.

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Neoprene Runner image

Neoprene Runner - NEO SHIELD

Neo Shield is durable neoprene runner that can be used over and over again. Custom designed to protect against high impact drops, spills and foot traffic.

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Floor & Wall Protection image

Floor & Wall Protection - PLASTI-SHIELD

Light corrugated plastic sheets that are ideal for defending walls, floors, windows and doors. Plasti-Shield is easy to shape, move and a perfect substitute to masonite. Available in standard and new fire retardant verities.

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Reusable Floor Protection image

Reusable Floor Protection - PRO SHIELD

Keep job site floors and counters protected from harm and trash. Pro Shield is light weight, adaptable, anti-slip and prevents liquids from penetrating with a water-proof backing.

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Hard Surface Protection image

Hard Surface Protection - SURFACE SLED

Move heavy objects easily across hard surfaces. These Surface Sleds have a felt, flexible bottom that glides across any type of hard flooring.
Water Resistant Paper image

Water Resistant Paper - WATER SHIELD

All the advantages of kraft paper plus protection from water and numerous liquids. Water Shield is a great substitute to Red Rosin paper.

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Temporary Carpet Protection image

Temporary Carpet Protection - CARPET SHIELD®

Carpet Protection sheeting keeps floors free from damage and clean while building, painting or remodeling. This self-adhering film is highly resilient to rips and does not shift.

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Self-Adhesive Film image

Self-Adhesive Film - QUICK SHIELD™

The textbook solution to protect the most at hazardous areas - along baseboards and near walls. Quick Shield is a carpet protection film that goes down quickly, is self-adhering and fits on most paint applicators.
Carpet Protection image

Carpet Protection - SURFACE SLED

Move large objects effortlessly across carpeting. Surface sleds have a pliable footing over an extra smooth base, that floats over carpeting.

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Tacky Surface Mat image

Tacky Surface Mat - CLEAN MAT

Stop dust and debris from spreading during new construction or renovations. The Adhesive backing prevents the mat from moving.

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Self-Adhesive Film image

Self-Adhesive Film - DUCT COVER SHIELD

Defend all varieties of ductwork with this adhesive duct protection film. Duct Cover Shield will not leave any adhesive on the metal after removal and is extremely resilient to perforations.

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Extendable Containment Poles image

Extendable Containment Poles - DUST SHIELD PRO™

Construct partitions easily to trap dust or provide protection against oversprays. Dust Shield Pro The adjustable poles mean that Dust Shield Pro can lock tightly against the ceiling. Available in 10, 12 and 20 foot lengths.

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Skid and Scuff Protection image

Skid and Scuff Protection - SHOE COVERS

Protect surfaces from mud, scrapes, and boot marks. Surface Shields offers boot covers for all types of jobsites. Available in cloth, plastic, and PE coated materials.

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Reusable Tacky Clean Mat image

Reusable Tacky Clean Mat - STEP N PEEL™

These adhesive mats attract dust and debris from shoes, leaving surfaces clean and dirt free. Includes a refillable board that holds 30 or 60 tabbed sheets.

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Self-Adhesive Film image

Self-Adhesive Film - VENT MASK

Keep vents protected from debris and other contaminates by blocking floor or wall registers during construction and renovations. Rolls are perforated for quick and easy application.

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Self-Adhesive Zippers image

Self-Adhesive Zippers - ZIP N CLOSE ZIPPERS™

Create direct access to tarps or temporary enclosures. These zippers have an strong adhesive backing to safeguard your area and make sure that it is completely contained.

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Self-Adhesive Film image

Self-Adhesive Film - WINDOW SHIELD

Stucco, residue, mortar stains, oversprays, all can ruin windows and glass. This window film is easy to use and remove.

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Door Jamb Protection image

Door Jamb Protection - ENTRY SHIELD

Surface Shields offers both paperboard and plastic door jamb covers. Entry Shield is a great supplement to Door Armor.

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Tape Applicator image


Install Builder Board 60% faster with Surface Shield's exclusive innovation, the Builder Board™ Seamer. Made tough and proudly built in the U.S.A.

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Self-Adhesive Film image

Self-Adhesive Film - MARBLE SHIELD

This marble protection film was developed with exact adhesive levels to ensures a spotless removal while protecting against nicks or scrapes.

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Durable Film Dispenser image

Durable Film Dispenser - MULTI-APPLICATOR

The definitive tool for applying rolls of protective film. The Multi-applicator was planned with a convenient push button loading feature that makes switching out film rolls quick and easy.

Document Protection image

Document Protection - PLAN SHIELD

These translucent, water resistant pouches will defend any floor plan or important document while you're on the jobsite. Plan Shield is easy to load with a zipper on the side of each pouch.

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{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Ahesive Tapes

Medium Tack Adhesive Tape image

Medium Tack Adhesive Tape - ALL PURPOSE BLUE TAPE

With a medium tack rubber adhesive, All Purpose Blue Tape will not leave a adhesive residue. It's perfectly formulated for clean removal when exposed to direct or indirect sunlight.
High Tack Adhesive Tape image

High Tack Adhesive Tape - BUILDER BOARD TAPE™

This tape was formulated to compliment Builder Board with Liquid Shield Technology. It has an aggressive, high tack adhesive that can join Builder Board together for months. It's durable, malleable and lays down flat.
High Tack Adhesive Tape image


Prevent cure lines and let vapors escape by seaming with the strong, tacky hold of Builder Board™ Breathable Tape.

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Non-Adhesive Tape image

Non-Adhesive Tape - CAUTION TAPE

Keep employees safe with this non-adhesive caution tape for both indoor and outdoor use. It's made with a heavy, strong polyethylene plastic and does not rip or break easily.
Duct Tape image


For enduring staying power look to the contractor grade series. This duct tape is 11 mil thick and counterattacks delamination. This tape is perfect for abatement projects.
Cloth Tape image


This is a 13 mil cloth tape with a two sided rubber adhesive foundation. It's been formulated for the convention and flooring industry, but has numerous other uses in a multitude of industries.
Perimeter Marking        image

Perimeter Marking - DANGER TAPE

Danger tape is a must for construction sites with dangerous areas that require boundary marking. It's made with a durable and rip resistant polyethylene plastic.
General Purpose Tape image

General Purpose Tape - DOUBLE SIDED TAPE

This everyday double sided tape is formulated for joining, mounting and splicing. It's 3 mil thick with a paper release liner, and has a rubber based adhesive.
General Purpose Tape image

General Purpose Tape - ECONOMY GRADE DUCT TAPE

This polyethylene coated fabric tape is great for all purpose packing and seaming. It's 7 mil thick and has an even and reliable unwind.
All Weather Electricl Tape image

All Weather Electricl Tape - ELECTRICAL MARKING TAPE

This is a rain-or- shine electrical tape that is exceptionally flexible while keeping good adhesion. It's UL listed and is 7 mil. It is available in numerous colors.
Utility Grade Tape image

Utility Grade Tape - FILAMENT TAPE

This utility grade filament tape is used for packaging bundles, palletizing and banding. It resists edge bleeding and is a high tensile reliable glass scrim tape.
Adhesive Tape image

Adhesive Tape - FLATBACK TAPE

Flatback tape has a sturdy, supple and malleable backing. It resists crimping, scratches, liquids, and has a thermoplastic rubber adhesive.
Electrical Tape image


General purpose electrical tape was formulated for electrical and mechanical jobs. It's a 7 mil, rubber based adhesive vinyl tape, rated at 600 volts.
PE Tape image


General Purpose PE tape is perfect for stucco masking, joining poly sheeting and kraft paper. It has a rubber based adhesive and is available in both 7.5 mil and 9 mil.
General Purpose Tape image

General Purpose Tape - MASKING TAPE

This is an adaptive, 5 mil tape that's simple to use and conforms to a number of surfaces. It has a custom rubber adhesive that has been formulated for easy peel off.
Duct Tape image


Multi purpose grade duct tape is a cloth tape coated with a polyethylene outer layer. It conforms well to irregular surfaces and is a durable 8 mil thick.
Drywall Mesh Tape image

Drywall Mesh Tape - PATCH PRO™

This drywall mesh tape is a fiberglass scrim tape with a self-adhesive backing. Seaming drywall joints and masking for stucco application has never been easier. Patch Pro tape is available in wide array of sizes ranging from 2" to 36" wide.
Pliable Tape image

Pliable Tape - TRIM SHIELD™

Trim Shield is malleable for stress free application and perfect on glass surfaces metal, vinyl clad, or aluminum. It will not rip or tear upon removal and is 6 mil thick.
All Purpose Double Sided Tape image

All Purpose Double Sided Tape - ULTRASTIK™

Ultrastik is a multiple sided, scrim strengthened acrylic adhesive tape. It's ideal for attaching base trim, mounting of molding whether it is wooden, plastic or vinyl. It's also non-toxic and adheres to almost all materials.
Duct Tape image


This is a duct tape with a high tack adhesive bond. It's made with a adaptable polyethylene coated cloth and is easy to tear.

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