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When the family business was founded, the blacksmith used to be planner, designer and engineer. However, today requirements are more complex and Trendelkamp has adapted to those changes.

A motivated team of experts develops solutions to a variety of technical challenges at Trendelkamp using advanced technologies. Our in-house capabilities in planning, design and manufacturing allow Trendelkamp to be highly focused on quality, something our family business is very committed to for our customers. Our passion for innovation and visionary ideas shine through our projects worldwide.

We invite you to contact us and experience it for yourself. Together we can create solutions that move.


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As the pioneer for Chairtracks, Trendelkamp started a new seating experience era in comfort and safety. Patents and ongoing development mark the success of Trendelkamp Chairtracks. These systems can be found in very diverse places and are well known in parliaments, assembly halls, auditoriums and meeting rooms worldwide.

Chairtracks, a device that automatically retracts a chair back to the table after use. It is therefore a fixed yet movable seating solution.

The key benefits of Chairtracks are:

  • Uniform seating appearance and architectural appeal
  • Aisles are free from chairs in case of an emergency
  • Highest seating comfort
  • New creative opportunities for designers and architects
  • Flexibility to easily accommodate handicapped access
  • Reduction in time for rearranging chairs and cleaning floors

Trendelkamp also provides design, spatial planning and project management services to enhance your individual seating challenge.

Contact us to take full advantage of our expertise and experiences.

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Chair Track System - CTS-GS

The Spacious.

The CTS-GS system is used for maximum comfort and spacious environments. The retraction force can be adjusted according to customer preference.

  • Long travel distances
  • Steady retraction speed

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Chair Track System image

Chair Track System - CTS-TS

The Standard.

The CTS-TS system is available with adjustable retraction force and travel speed.

  • Short travel distances
  • Adjustable retraction

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Chair Track System - CTS-IP

The Natural.

The CTS-IP systems retraction mechanism is gravity driven, thus enabling natural movements.

  • Short travel distances
  • Economical advantages

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Chair Track System image

Chair Track System

Gravity Activated.

The CTS-GP system is a unique combination of two features. Once seated, no retraction force is present and the chair can slide effortlessly along the travel path. Off the seat and the retraction force brings the chair back to its home position.

  • Retraction only when unseated
  • Resistance-less flexibility when seated

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