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Environment One Corporation (E/One) is an operating company of Precision Castparts Corp. (PCC), a worldwide manufacturer of complex metal parts and industrial products. With corporate headquarters in New York and regional offices and distribution throughout the industrialized world, E/One is a manufacturer and provider of products and services for the disposal of residential sanitary waste and Utility Systems for the protection and performance optimization of electric utility assets.



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E/One Sewer System

The E/One Sewer system is a pressure sewer system that is powered by E/One grinder pumps. A pressure sewer system uses small-diameter pipes and grinder pumps, which are often installed at each home. The grinder pump station collects all of the wastewater from the home and grinds it into slurry. The wastewater is then pumped to a larger sewer main or directly to a wastewater treatment plant.

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E/One Grinder Pump

Sewage grinder pumps collect all of the wastewater from the home, grind up solids, and send the wastewater to the sewer line or treatment system. They are commonly used gravity sewer systems, septic tank and other wastewater systems cannot be used or are too expensive. 


The grinder pump is automatically activated and typically runs for very short periods several times per day. Electrical consumption of the grinder pump is low -  a household that uses 250 gallons of water per day should use between 6 kwhr and 23 kwhr per month to run the pump. (Actual water and power usage will vary depending on the system pressure.)


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D-Series: Grinder Pump Stations with a Dry Accessway image

D-Series: Grinder Pump Stations with a Dry Accessway

The D-Series is E/One's most popular line of grinder pump stations. The tank design features a dry accessway; pumps are mounted on a transition that separates the wetwell of the tank from the accessway. A range of station heights is available to accommodate shallow to very deep burial requirements for cold climates. Simplex and duplex grinder pump stations are available. Capacities range from 70 to 500 gallons, depending on the model.


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W-Series Grinder Pumps

The W-Series is E/One's most flexible product line. A range of basins, covers, discharges, inlets and panels are available. Stations are available with up to four pumps, depending on the tank chosen.


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The Gatorgrinder reduces all forms of sanitary waste to a non-clogging slurry and pumps it through a network of small-diameter pipes. Designed specifically for operation in warmer climates, the Gatorgrinder is an efficient, economic station for single-family homes.


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IH091 - Basement Grinder Pump Station

The IH091 sewage grinder pump station is designed to be installed indoors - in the basement or mechanical room of a home. Its attractive design fits in with other household mechanical devices.

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Air Release Station (ARS)

Air release stations are required on large sewer systems. E/One's Air Release Station (ARS) uses the same rugged HDPE tank and lid as E/One's W-Series grinder pump stations, but have an open-bottom design.


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Upgrade (U-Series) Replacement Grinder Pump image

Upgrade (U-Series) Replacement Grinder Pump

The Upgrade (U-Series) from E/One is a replacement grinder pump engineered to fit into virtually any grinder pump wet well. Universal design allows easy drop-in conversion, ready to connect. The Upgrade is a complete replacement for all of the troublesome components of a centrifugal pump, including slide rails, pump/motor, float switches, piping and motor control devices.


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Lateral Kits

E/One's sewer system lateral kits, often called "curb stops" or "check valves," feature all components commonly needed to connect an E/One grinder pump station to the sewer main. 


Available in 1.25-inch and 2-inch sizes, UNI-LATERAL is an integrated unit consisting of a check valve, ball valve and cleanout all in a compact module - a first for the domestic market. The versatile design greatly reduces opportunity for leak paths - simplifying and speeding installation, while meeting all codes and regulations. UNI-LATERAL's advanced design effectively protects against potentially harmful backflow.

  • 1.25" or 2" full-port design
  • Designed for use with PVC (1.25" UNI-LATERAL only) and HDPE pressure sewer piping
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Available with or without fittings
  • Designed and tested to 235 psi service pressure


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Alarm Panels

E/One offers a line of alarm panels for its grinder pump stations. Panels are available with a range of options and can also be customized.

  • Supplied with audible and visual high level alarms
  • Easily installed in accordance with relevant national and local codes
  • Standard panels are approved by UL, CSA, CE and NSF to ensure high quality and safety
  • Corrosion-proof, NEMA 4X-rated, thermoplastic enclosure
  • A padlock is provided to prevent unauthorized entry


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Extreme Series Accessories:  E/One Extender  image

Extreme Series Accessories: E/One Extender

The E/One Extender provides a quick and easy way to add 6 inches of height to an already-installed E/One grinder pump station.

If a grinder pump station has been installed too low into the ground -- where the lid sits directly on the grass, or slightly beneath the grass -- the station will be prone to infiltration. The vent may also be blocked, which could interfere with proper pump operation. The solution? The E/One Extender. The pre-engineered E/One Extender provides protection and meets warranty requirements for most Extreme and 2000 Series grinder pump stations.



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Extreme Series Accessories: Decorative Rocks image

Extreme Series Accessories: Decorative Rocks

Don't want to see the grinder pump lid in your yard? Cover it with a decorative rock from E/One Sewer Systems. Lightweight and durable, the rock is a simple solution to disguise the lid, or make it blend into the landscaping.


Why use the rock from E/One? This particular rock, which is available in two sizes and four colors, has been chosen and approved by E/One: it is durable and, most importantly, has built-in vents that will allow air to circulate beneath the rock, allowing the pump to operate properly.


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Design Assistant 9 from E/One Sewer Systems image

Design Assistant 9 from E/One Sewer Systems

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