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AC•Tech products and solutions are backed by a 15 year labor and material warranty. We can stand behind that warranty because 1) we have products that truly perform, 2) we provide technical support during all phases of a project's execution, and 3) we work exclusively through a network of Technical Sales Representatives and Recommended Applicators who have earned AC•Tech "approval" by completing our comprehensive training program.

We do not cut corners. We do not leave our customers hanging. We believe in building long-term business relationships where everyone succeeds. Reputation is Based on Performance. Yours and Ours.

AC•Tech, Allied Construction Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We actively collaborate with AB-Polymerchemie (Germany) and Chowgule Construction Technologies (India) to develop, manufacture and support specialty coatings for construction, industrial, commercial, residential, and infrastructure markets in the US and around the world.


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Zero VOC Moisture Mitigation Epoxy image

Zero VOC Moisture Mitigation Epoxy - AC•Tech 2170™

12-Hour Cure
AC•Tech 2170™ is a 2 component, 100% reactive solids, vapor reduction epoxy that has been tested to contain ZERO VOC emissions and almost no detectable odor, making it ideal for sensitive and soon-to-be-occupied areas.

A true one coat system that requires no sand broadcasting, ACA•Tech 2170™ is compatible with most flooring systems and adhesives.

This easy-to-spread epoxy resin remains bonded to properly prepared concrete with sustained alkalinity levels as high as pH 14, and moisture levels as high as 100% RH (ASTM F2170) with no upper MVER limit (ASTM F1869).

15-Year Labor and Material Warranty. Technical Support before, during and after project completion.

Fast Curing, Zero VOC Epoxy Resin image

Fast Curing, Zero VOC Epoxy Resin - AC•Tech 2170™ FC

4-Hour Fast Cure
AC•Tech 2170™ FC contains all the attributes of the original AC•Tech 2170 system ... but in a 4-hour cure formulation.

AC•Tech 2170™ FC (with its ZERO VOC emissions, no perceptible odor, and fast curing times) is used extensively in projects where workers, patients, children or customers are in areas adjacent to the flooring application work or where flooring systems are being laid during downtimes (overnight or on weekends).

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Fast-Curing Vapor Reduction System image

Fast-Curing Vapor Reduction System - Go-Early AC•Tech 2170 FC

Go-Early Technology™ is built on the AC•Tech 2170™ Fast-Curing, Zero VOC, 100% RH tolerant Vapor Reduction System that has long been recognized for its ease-of-application, high performance and consistent results in the concrete construction and resilient flooring industries.

Now, this same German-engineered ISO 9001:2008 manufactured epoxy resin has been formally tested here in the United States as a Type 1, Class C Liquid Membrane-Forming Curing Compound in accordance with ASTM C1315-11 testing standards.

This means that ACA•Tech's Go-Early Technology™ offers Fast Track Construction Projects a One Coat, Division 3 Solution to Concrete Curing, Slab Protection and Vapor Reduction.

Consider how the following Go-Early Technology™ process might help bring more innovation to your Fast Track Construction Projects.

  • Place concrete. Do NOT use silicates. Do NOT hard trowel.
  • Apply Light Broom Finish at initial concrete set (5-10 mils depth)
  • Apply the Go-Early Technology™ resin at 12 mils within 24-72 hours of initial concrete set.
  • Cure 4-hours for Foot Traffic -- 12-hours for Mechanical Resistance -- 48-hours for Chemical Resistance and Shore D 82 Slab Protection.

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AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ (OBS) image

AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ (OBS)

Concrete slab contamination is a vexing issue for remodeling & renovation contractors, flooring contractors, facility owners, maintenance engineers and risk management officers. Until now, the only reliable solution was to demolish the contaminated concrete and replace it with a new concrete slab. Obviously, the "Jackhammer Method" incurs tremendous costs in terms of labor, materials, work interruptions, and hazardous material removal and disposal.

The AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ Detergent (OBS-D) is a biodegradable cleaner that is sprayed onto mechanically prepared concrete with cold water. Mechanical preparation (via shotblasting) creates the porosity necessary for the cleaner to penetrate deep into the concrete substrate.

Once the OBS-D has turned clear (usually within an hour) the concrete is cleaned with a high-pressure, high temperature washer with a floor spinner attachment. This allows the OBS-D to bind with the hydrocarbons and other organic contaminants deep within the slab and "float" them to the top for removal. This cleaning process may need to be repeated several times, depending on the level of contamination.

Most floor spinners have vacuum attachments so that the waste-water can be vacuumed-up for disposal in accordance with federal, state and local hazardous material regulations.

AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ Coating image

AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ Coating

AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ Coating (OBS-C) is applied immediately following the cleaning of the contaminated slab with the (OBS-D) Detergent.

The OBS Coating is a dense, zero VOC, two-part epoxy which effectively seals any remaining hydrocarbons and organic contaminants within the concrete and prevents them from causing future bonding issues and flooring failures.

The OBS-C is mixed, spread via a notched squeegee, and back-rolled to ensure even, consistent coverage. After 15 minutes, the OBS-C receives a silica sand broadcast to prevent possible amine blush and delamination of subsequent coatings.

Once the AC•Tech Oil Buster System has fully cured, a self-leveling underlayment, patch or feather finish can be installed directly to the cured system.

At this point, flooring installation can proceed as normal without worry of oil-related failure.

Backed by a 10-year materials and labor warranty, the AC•Tech Oil Buster System™ offers a long-term solution to oil, hydrocarbon and organic chemical contamination in concrete. NO JACKHAMMERS REQUIRED !

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Bionic Corrosion Protection Solutions for Steel Structures image

Bionic Corrosion Protection Solutions for Steel Structures - AC•Tech AB-COR™ 950 SW

AC•Tech's AB-COR™ Corrosion Protection System is a ground-breaking, single coat anti-corrosive coating system for both industrial and commercial projects. The AB-COR products were developed with state-of-the-art bionic engineering and nanotechnology based on a sophisticated realization of natural chemical & physical principles.

Features and Benefits

  • Revolutionary Bionic Technology
  • Advanced, Nature Based Properties
  • VOC & Solvent Free
  • True Single Coat System
  • No Primer Necessary
  • Innovative Nanotechnology
  • Nano-Particle-Surface Properties
  • No Plastisizer Migration
  • No Corrosion Migration
  • Prevents "Corrosion Creep"
  • Excellent Adhesion Strength
  • High Chemical, Mechanical

Low Viscosity Corrosion Control Coating image

Low Viscosity Corrosion Control Coating - AC•Tech AB-COR™ 950SW N

AC•Tech's AB-COR™ 950 SW-N is an innovative, 100% solids epoxy coating which is especially suitable for the protection of steel surfaces / pipes. AB-COR 950 SW-N uses bionic nanotechnology adapted from the adhesion techniques of the Gecko and the Sea Mussel to apply a tight bonding, hydrophobic, coating. It is especially suitable for corrosion protection of steel structures and construction in hydraulic applications such as: flood gates, steel sheet piles, water tanks, water treatment plants and other industrial marine areas. AB-COR 950 SW-N is also used as a highly mechanically and chemically resistant coating that offers excellent anti-corrosion properties. AB-COR 950 SW-N can be applied with airless spray equipment or with a suitable brush or roller. AB-COR 950 SW-N is inert and completely harmless once cured, making it safe for local ecosystems.

Self-Cleaning Acrylate Top Coat image

Self-Cleaning Acrylate Top Coat - AC•Tech AB-COR™ 971

AC•Tech's AB-COR™ 971 is an acrylate polymer based, weatherproof, think film coating which is suitable as protection of most surfaces. AB-COR 971 uses Nano-Particle-Surface Technology, adapted from the techniques of the lotus flower, to apply a hydrophobic, scratch-resistant, and durable topcoat to most surfaces. AB-COR 971 also protects surfaces from harsh and adverse weather conditions and UV damage or discoloration. AB-COR 971 also has excellent self-cleaning properties, making it a suitable choice as a topcoat. AB-COR 971 is resistant to water, saltwater, lubricants, fuels, diluted acids and alkalis, and dry heat up to 175A degrees F. AB-COR 971 can be applied with airless spray equipment, flow heaters and heated hoses and is suitable for high build application in one coat (multiple coats also possible). AB-COR 971 is inert and completely harmless once cured, making it safe for potable water and local ecosystems.

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