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Arcoplast has been pioneering the use of fiberglass reinforced composites for the architectural and design community. Since the beginning, we have stayed true to our mission to research, design and produce composite-based interior finishes that would become the industry solution for highly specialized and complex environments.

Whether it’s hygienic issues in the Food and Beverage industry, aseptic conditions in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical cleanrooms or safety and security issues in BSL-3, 4 and high containment facilities, Arcoplast provides permanent solutions for the most demanding situation.


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Composite Panel Surface Finishes image

Composite Panel Surface Finishes

Arcoplast interior composite wall and ceiling systems are critical for high-risk, high security, and processing areas that demand the highest performance in surface finishes. Designed for contamination controlled environments, Arcoplast™s non-hygroscopic premium gel coat is the highest standard in Arcoplast wall and ceiling surface finishes. Arcoplast interior wall liners, partitions and ceiling panels are all manufactured with this high quality gel coat that meets and exceeds USDA, FDA, cGMP, GLSP, NIH and CDC specific guidelines pertaining to surface finishes for maximum containment facilities.
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Arcoplast load bearing and free standing composite panels are constructed utilizing vacuum bag technology, allowing the wet lay-up process to thermo-set into a rigid, multi-layered substrate, forming a fused and remarkably strong sandwich panel.Arcoplast fiberglass reinforced composite panels can be configured and manufactured with polyisocyanurate insulation foams or honeycomb cores layered with non-combustible cement or plywood substrates to suit user requirements and environmental constraints. Arcoplast lightweight composite panels are ideally suited for the construction of interior walls and partitions in new facilities and retrofit projects. The large composite panels are offered in a wide range of dimensions and can be easily cut, drilled and machined in the field, making project changes simple, easy and cost effective.

Wall Liners Modular Panels image

Wall Liners Modular Panels

Arcoplast modular fiberglass reinforced composite panels are designed for maximum containment facilities, cleanrooms and contamination controlled environments. The factory pre-finished panel edges are coupled with our innovative joining system to make high-quality installation simple and economical in both retrofit and new construction. Our composite fiberglass panel joints and radius junctions are sealed with Arcoplast's exclusive finishing compound, creating the ultimate performance in monolithic interior shell construction - essential for primary and secondary barrier applications.

Ceiling Tiles – Insulated closed edge ceiling panels image

Ceiling Tiles – Insulated closed edge ceiling panels

Arcoplast's patented, high-density, insulated closed-edged drop-in ceiling tile is revolutionizing suspended ceiling systems. The added thermal performance of the closed-edged tiles provides significant energy savings while reducing condensate formation on the ceiling's surfaces - critical in high containment processing facilities. With the edges permanently sealed, they also prevent moisture penetration and infiltration of airborne contaminants that could potentially lead to serious contamination issues. Arcoplast ceiling tiles can be removed and re-installed for plenum accessibility without damage, creating long term savings by reducing replacement panels. Designed to withstand high pressure washes and sanitizing compounds, our panels are engineered to outlast the life of the building.

Walk-on ceiling panel system image

Walk-on ceiling panel system

Arcoplast large walk-on ceiling panels were developed for facilities requiring full accessibility in the plenum or interstitial space. Load-bearing capabilities can be engineered for punctual loads of up to 250 lbs as well as distributed loads ranging from 10 lbs to 70 lbs.

These large walk-on ceiling panels allow unrivaled access for servicing, inspecting and exercising sanitary controls. Arcoplast sandwich composite panels provide an unobstructed surface that facilitates free air flow, resulting in greatly reduced condensate formation on the ceiling surface.

Arcoplast's antimicrobial gel coat provides a mirror-like finish, with an astounding 97.3% light reflectivity (based on 85 degree light source). This contributes to better lighting, reduced electrical costs and the ability to easily identify surface contamination.

Direct Attach Ceiling System – Modular Ceiling Panel image

Direct Attach Ceiling System – Modular Ceiling Panel

Arcoplast's modular composite ceiling panels provide architects, engineers and interior planners with tremendous flexibility in design and conceptualization, as well as providing permanent sanitary solutions for demanding environments. For facilities with low ceiling areas and the need for a hard ceiling system, these panels are recommended for any application where limited access to job sites makes using large panels troublesome and costly.

Composite Fiberglass Insulated Doors image

Composite Fiberglass Insulated Doors

Dimensions: 3''-0" x 7'-0" and 4'-0" x 7'-0"

Arcoplast reinforced fiberglass insulated doors are manufactured utilizing Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) technology to fully encapsulate surfaces and edges - eliminating potential delamination or deterioration. Arcoplast doors incorporate a metal stile reinforcement in each edge, making it extremely rigid, durable and fully reversible for continuous hinge application. Arcoplast service doors are finished with our exclusive high-gloss antimicrobial gel coat for a permanent finish that is easy to clean, resists fading, requires virtually no maintenance and provides an unequaled aesthetic appeal.

With Light

All Arcoplast molded fiberglass doors have the pane print section built in the mold. The print relief configuration in the door is sloped, resulting in a ledge free, sleek appearance. And when required, the molded blank panel is removed and fitted for a window gasket that can accommodate a single pane of 6mm glass or an acrylic sheet. The creative design of the slope and rounded edges for the light installation is well suited for easy maintenance and sanitation procedures.

Fiberglass Channel Support Systems and Fasteners image

Fiberglass Channel Support Systems and Fasteners - Arcostrut

Arcostrut fiberglass non-metallic strut support system is a versatile high-strength and corrosion resistant line of fiberglass channels, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps and accessories.

Made from entirely non-metallic, corrosion resistant resins and glass strands, Arcostrut can be used in demanding environments where steel strut systems have traditionally failed. Its lightweight components can be installed quickly and easily using standard metal working tools.

It is used successfully in food, beverage and pharmaceutical facilities, wastewater treatment, refineries and chemical plants, pulp and paper, desalination facilities and in underground vaults. With Arcostrut, there is no rust, corrosion or debris caused harsh environments. They add an extra level of security to facilities where contamination or deterioration could affect the processes taking place within.

Fiberglass Reinforced Window Frames image

Fiberglass Reinforced Window Frames

Arcoplast fiberglass reinforced window frames are designed for existing or new wall construction. The sectional tunnel frames allow for varied wall thickness ranging from 3™ to 10™ wall depths with the vision panels carefully fitted to an innovative rubber gasket that accommodates 6mm glass or acrylic pane. The rounded corners, interior section and radius edges are manufactured with our high-gloss antimicrobial gel coat finish that is easily sanitized while providing unmatched durability. Arcoplast window frames are available in two standard dimensions: 24™ x 24™ and 40™ x 40™.
Insulated Beam Covers image

Insulated Beam Covers

Arcoplast one-piece, molded reinforced fiberglass beam covers offer architects and facilities engineers a permanent solution against the paint chipping, corrosion and structural beam decay created by harsh production and processing environments. The "U" and "V" shaped covers feature our high-gloss antimicrobial gel coat and are available in different dimensions to accommodate most existing and new structural members.

Lightweight and durable, they protect your commodity, processes and environment from condensate formations and falling debris generated by exposed structures. Arcoplast beam covers also extend the life of your building's steel and concrete members by insulating them from the working environment.

Arcoplast beam covers are a permanent solution to the costly maintenance of exposed structural beams.

Access Doors image

Access Doors

Ideal for accessing ceiling plenums, interstitial spaces or wall chases, Arcoplast double wall access panels are available sizes:

  • 16" x 21"
  • 16" x 40"
  • 21" x 21"
Finishing Compound image

Finishing Compound

Arcoplast's unique resin-based finishing compound is a high performance, ultra-white adhesive and sealant. This highly impermeable, non-sagging compound was developed specifically for coving and finishing details at all wall, ceiling and floor junctions and for sealing penetrations critical to high containment facilities.

Arcoplast finishing compound has exceptional environmental and chemical resistance yet is easy to apply and tool - delivering state-of-the are interior finishes in environmentally challenged facilities.

Trim Rings image

Trim Rings

Arcoplast addresses penetrations and cut-outs with chaffing and trim rings. Inexpensive, yet highly effective, they are crafted from durable ABS and Luran and come in an array of different shapes and sizes. The available mating pairs are ideal for trimming out or eliminating the chaffing of penetrations in wall and ceiling panels, resulting in an attractively finished, long lasting installation.
Pultruded Moldings image

Pultruded Moldings

Accessories such as pultruded door frames, cover joints, and interior and exterior angle trims are a necessity for critical processing areas subjected to constant moisture and chemical attack. Arcoplast pultruded shapes are manufactured using the most advanced technology and raw materials available and offer great strength, rust and corrosion resistance for your facilities.

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Animal Care Facilities image

Animal Care Facilities

Animal care facilities in the biomedical field must address and meet the safety and security guidelines of not only human personnel, but of the animals it houses. Continuous waste production, feeding and handling procedures, as well as the research that goes on demand stringent sanitation of all surfaces in the environment. With this comes the need for walls and ceilings that provide a highly durable and impervious containment barrier.
Beverage image


The filler rooms and bottling areas in the dairy and beverage industries are continuously challenged by uninterrupted production schedules. High temperature variables, extreme moisture and harsh sanitation regimens strip years of life away from typical interior finishes, making the environment vulnerable to airborne contamination, corrosion and outside elements.
Biosafety Laboratories (BSL) image

Biosafety Laboratories (BSL)

Biosafety laboratories (BSLs), depending on their level, must meet and conform to specific NIH, CDC and biological safety guidelines associated with work and research on infectious materials, toxins, and exotic/dangerous agents. Containment areas such as BSL suites, anterooms, airlock, showers and laboratory rooms, necropsy and procedure rooms in these high-risk, high-care facilities require hermetically sealed environments capable of withstanding decontamination procedures and preventing infectious materials form escaping high containment areas. There are a number of hygienic practices that contribute to the successful operation of a BSL facility, such as protective clothing, negative air pressure, emergency backup systems, etc. Yet none are effective without properly constructed barriers in place to contain them.
Food Industry image

Food Industry

Food preparation and processing facilities face demanding challenges in maintaining a clean and contaminant free environment while mass producing products destined for human consumption. Excessive condensation, foreign debris, or airborne pathogens could result in costly product recalls; sending a shockwave through a company that could cost millions to correct as once-loyal customers lose faith and turn to the competition.
Healthcare image


The healthcare industry is increasingly engaged in pharmaceutical compounding to personalize medications for patients. The prerequisite for compounding operations is compliance with USP 797 Pharmaceutical Compounding - Sterile Preparations in the USP national Formulary. Arcoplast Wall and Ceiling Systems are designed to provide the specialized sterile environment for compounding operations. The anti-microbial surfaces do not support the colonization of fungus, mold or bacteria. In addition, the impervious nature of the panels creates a highly cleanable surface that is resistant to Steris Spor-Klenz RTU and other disinfecting agents used in high containment bio security labs. Arcoplast provides the perfect solution for the sterile requirements of pharmaceutical compounding.

Pharmaceutical image


The specialized facilities for researching, processing, and packaging drug products must adhere to cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) and FDA guidelines. Sterile and aseptic processing environments in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and biotechnology industries are required to ensure effective contamination control. Because of such a high standards of cleanliness, interior wall and ceilings are subjected to brutal daily wash-downs and disinfecting procedures. Therefore, a surface finish must be highly durable, impervious to outside elements and resist impact, moisture and corrosion.

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